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    FSD for 10k, is it worthwhile

    Elon Musk is the BEST salesman ever! Legacy dealerships should have their sales staff learn from him. Musk can convince people into buying lots of things, many of them more than once, Lol.
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    Why so many Tesla’s in the span of a few years?

    But then there are answers above yours that said prices for used Teslas are more than new.
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    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    Well, thinking that you have the charisma of Johnny Depp by using his cologne is a far, far cry from thinking that you actually have "full self driving" in your car. In the former scenario, the worst that can happen is the pretty girl tell you to beat it. In the latter, you can kill yourself...
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    How Tesla Will Fall - Ben Sullins

    In other words, vaporware.
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    2021 Holiday Update - GARBAGE!

    I still remember Tesla touting OTA as the killer feature that would allow their vehicles to be constantly updated, and thus would NOT become outdated like, a "legacy" car.
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    Ordered MY, second thoughts

    OP, do you still have the Mach E?
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    Discussion: Hertz orders 100,000 Model 3's

    Hertz better have a trained staff knowledgeable about EVs in general, and Tesla in particular, because the average Joe/Jane will encounter problems with how the car works, and its quirks, and issues.
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    Laziness is winning, about to go to touchless automatic wash

    I'm curious about these "touchless" carwash places. I've observed a few in action, and they're not really "touchless". There are still 3 huge rotating brushes that contact the car, one on top and two for the sides. I'm not sure what the "brushes" are made of, but from afar they look like strips...
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    Brand New M3.... Towed away today

    by fanboys.
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    Over 100 attempts to bill me for FSD today

    Well, Tesla is very proud to be the "disruptor". In your case, they're doing a fine job of disrupting.
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    Tesla Service - Getting worse by the day....and weirder

    That's called fanboys club. roblab and uncle paul are founding members of that club.
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    Makes me sad to hear many reviews of the New S complain about build quality!

    0-60 times are vastly overrated. Gets boring after a couple times. Per your checklist, the Lyriq seems like a good fit. At least on paper and in early photos.
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    Plaid Owners PSA: Ifhate the Yoke/Turn Signals/Horn, please complain to the NHTSA

    What is "PSA"? I googled it and the answer was Prostate Specific Antigen. Surely that's not the correct meaning in this thread.
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    I don't really understand everything that's involved with charging :-(

    What's the speed on the onboard charger? Thanks,
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    Ah, that makes sense. I was thinking of parking lot attendants.
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    Parking attendants can do that?
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    Is the front plate required in California???

    What are they gonna do? Report to the police?
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    Canceled 2021 S Model for good reason

    And we were all told that buying a Tesla vehicle online is so easy and trouble free, unlike those evil traditional dealerships. Lol. The reality of the Tesla sales model and their propaganda about it are not even close. Maybe early on in the formative years, when they still cared about...
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    Huge Model S software glitch...

    And Tesla (and fanbois) tout the OTA updates as a huge plus over other cars/manufacturers, making fun of others that their cars don't "improve" over time. It's just as likely that Tesla's "updates" can fix a prior issue as introducing new ones.
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    Complete shut down of computer system

    Unfortunately, a Tesla vehicle doesn't suit your requirement. Reliability, dependability, and predictability are not Tesla's strong points.
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    Sold my Tesla yesterday - No Sellers Remorse Yet

    I'm an EV fan, not necessarily a Tesla fan. This was not the 1st reason why I have an EV, but it has become the #1 reason, especially since my summers tend to be very hot. I sit in the car during lunch, AC on, feeling no guilt at all. I'd hate to do that in an ICE vehicle. I still have other ICE...
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    Out of Warranty Drive Unit Replacement and Cost

    I know, right. Only 66K miles. Maybe Tesla should add this cost analysis into the overall price of their cars, just like how they add "gas savings" into the net price. Imagine an ICE car needing this much of an expense just 66K miles into ownership, many people would be pissed off. Definitely a...
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    Should I Buy a Used 2013-2014 Tesla Model S?

    There's a huge difference between Toyota and Tesla regarding quality control. Not even close.
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    1st Tesla - Shocked at process

    It's funny reading this type of response, and I've seen it a lot on this forum. Whenever someone complains about a Tesla screw-up, for sure someone else will bring up some other issue with another manufacturer. The person who has a beef with Tesla does NOT care if another manufacturer has problems.
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    Double-charged by Tesla?

    Good luck to you guys who were scammed. I've seen Tesla take months to refund money to customers, and the amount was nowhere near this much. A large, influential business should take care of this asap. One customer? Maybe forgivable. But multiples?? And where is the Tesla customer service...
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    Model S total coolant failure

    Don't think OP cares what happened to your (I assumed) BMW. Totally irrelevant. OP: what'd the SC say?
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    Lease or finance for the habitual car changer?

    Something else to consider: with a finance you pay the sales tax on the entire purchase price. In a lease, you only pay taxes during the lease terms.
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    Updates [questions about tesla order process and lack of feedback]

    I disagree. Amazon has excellent customer service. Returns are easy and simple. Returning a Tesla vehicle? good luck!
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    I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

    Wow. Imagine if someone's not an engineer to be able to do what you did, AND you have a lot of patience. I'm sure the infamous Tesla service staff would just brush them off.
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    1st Tesla - Shocked at process

    IF you go through with this purchase, be prepared for much worse service after the sale. And you WILL need service. After Tesla gets your money, it'll be like you no longer exist.
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    Service charging for cleaning inside body frame? Gravel Road issues?

    This is so ridiculous. It's far from uncommon to see daily traveled roads that are "uneven, rough, damaged, has potholes, debris,....". Pretty much par for the course with other vehicles on the road today. Tesla doesn't want you to drive in those situations. Such blatant CYA verbiage. If one has...
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    2015 Model S 90D Problems. Any others similar experience?

    Tesla makes the boldest claims, and doesn't always back them up. Other EVs don't do this from what I've observed. Reliability is likely better with other manufacturers.
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    2015 Model S 90D Problems. Any others similar experience?

    OP, I agree with you. Things like this shouldn't happen. Especially when Tesla puts out propaganda that it saves money when you buy a Tesla vehicle, Lol.
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    2015 Model S 90D Problems. Any others similar experience?

    That's your first and critical mistake. Don't believe the hype. Do a thorough research before giving Tesla your money. Once they have it, it's a roll of the dice if they'll remember you. IMO, every potential buyer should peruse this forum to set their appropriate level of expectation...
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    When will my Tesla be a robotaxi and generate 3k/day?

    I have the same question. If someone was "saved from accidents" 6 times, I'd have to wonder if they were texting, or doing something that took attention away from focusing on the task at hand, driving.
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    When will my Tesla be a robotaxi and generate 3k/day?

    What about the subpar service? It's not a matter of if, it's when these cars need service. Long turnaround time. Lack of parts. Ghosting of customers. Can a "robotaxi" owner afford to not having his car for a while? Weird behaviors while using "self driving " features will lead to accidents...
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    Trick to order parts?

    That sounds kinda explosive.
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    Battery Replacement Nightmare. Would like input!

    But it's not easy to prove. Tesla has the upper hand. They can say whatever they want, even if the damage happened in their care.
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    Model X - Falcon Wing Door hit Garage

    Is his insurance premium likely to go up if he files a claim for this? Just curious.
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    I think some dislike it maybe because Tesla strives to be mentioned in the same class as MB, BMW, Audi... with regards to public perception. The bagged looks definitively relegates this vehicle to another category altogether. I have never seen any of those other marques bagged, though I'm sure...
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    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    The thing with Tesla service centers, you never know exactly when your car will be done. Also, there are instances where you car is kept at the service center while waiting for parts, it just sits there for weeks.
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    Consumers disdain for “Self Driving”

    This would be a disaster of a situation if the car needs to go to the service center, and judging by how long it takes to get any resolution, if it happens at all, there's no way most people can tolerate a 1 Tesla vehicle per family (assuming there's no other vehicle in household).
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    FSD up to $10k on October 29, 2020??

    What? Seriously? Are you talking about "robotaxi"? There's no way this will be possible in 2021. Navigating the real world, safely and intelligently, is many years away.
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    FSD rewrite will go out on Oct 20 to limited beta

    Not bad at all. But, that was an empty parking lot, with 1 car crossing in front of it. The real test is when the lot is full with many cars coming and going, and from what I've seen, Smart Summon doesn't behave very smartly in that scenario.
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    Electrify America Strands Motorists

    Because the Tesla vehicle is still at the service center?
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    Help. Placed order and I'M TOO EXCITED

    You have tempered expectations, you'll be fine. There's good and bad in everything.
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    Help. Placed order and I'M TOO EXCITED

    Do NOT read anymore posts on this forum, because you'll invariably run into posts by people who have encountered horrible customer service due to poor QC of their brand new vehicles. Then, buyer remorse will set in big time. Remember, ignorance is bliss.
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    Leased X returned in May. Received invoice for $9800 in September!

    Wear and tear? Lol. Whatever myriad issues that customers have when picking up the car was considere " within spec", at the end of the lease, suddenly those same issues became "wear and tear".
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    Wow...Tesla service really is that bad....

    Don't know what Germany will do if there's any problem. Pretty sure, as they're wont to do, China will arrest anybody who dares complain of issues.
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    Model Y Roof flew off

    And this, from 2006 no less, is supposed to make the owners of 2020 Tesla Model Y feel OK ? What happened to Chevrolet back in 2006 has NO bearing on the crappy QC at Tesla. People who wear the rose colored glasses supplied by Tesla usually come up with rebuttals like this, if it happens to...

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