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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    Just installed this and it works great. Question, what happens if you need to manually close the frunk. Say it opens but won't shut. The lifts don't budge when you push it.
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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    Order In
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    Anyone use the CCS from South Korea on Refresh Model S?

    there was an older x using one maybe on Reddit
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    Installed a little plaid in my Plaid

    What did you screw the buttons into on the seat?
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    Installed a little plaid in my Plaid

    What is the marine button kit? I would love secure mine like this
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    S Plaid Amplifier....Where Is It?

    Curious about the plug on the amp. The amp itself, Shape wise it looks similar to before, so if the plug remained the same you could maybe try the amp. Location may be easier to access, my 100D had the screw heads holding the amp facing toward the outside of the car so it was impossible to remove.
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    S Plaid Amplifier....Where Is It?

    Are you sure they are not talking about MCU2 cars? They just revised their amp last year for that
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    Plaid wheels on my 2014 s85

    Fronts will rub
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    CarPlay workaround

    Saw this on macrumors. Uses a raspberry pi and the Tesla browser. Steering wheel controls work too. Developer Showcases Apple CarPlay Workaround for Teslas
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    Any Plaid owners with FSD?

    I got it on Christmas
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    Winter tire recommendations

    Has anybody tried fitting a pair older 19s to a Plaid/LR? I need to get winters this year, and I'm hoping that tesla offers something soon. I found a cheap pair of the original split spoke 19s off a model S, before I buy want to make sure they fit on a Plaid. I noticed that for TSportline...
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    Has anybody tried older 19s on the refresh? Looking for winter wheels

    First time I have ever had a car with summer tires, my ran my previous model s on all seasons. Living in Colorad, going to need to get some winter tires soon. I am trying to decide if I will just get tires and have them swapped to the stock wheels or get a set of winter wheels/tires. I am...
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    Model S Refresh: Homelink multiple signals?

    im still having the button responsiveness issue on 32.22. its weird because when i back out of the garage it takes two taps, but when I pull back in and the car is in park it only takes one.
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    Model S Refresh: Homelink multiple signals?

    So the double homeland action appears to be fixed, at least for me. My current issue is inconsistency with tapping the close button. I don't use auto close on my car, mostly because my garage is a little tricky to get out of. When I tap the the close button, I usually have to hit it twice to...
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    Refresh Model S - No subwoofer Option?

    it was dded with32.5. just wait for the update, it will come
  16. V

    Autopark is missing

    Ah, ok. I was reading EAP as “enhanced autopilot” which was making me confused why they would have autopark and FSD did not.
  17. V

    Autopark is missing

    I do have FSD. Still no autopark on 32,5
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    Plaid replacement tires?

    Picked up my plaid on 19s 1 week ago. Tonight I get a low pressure warning and find a nail in a rear tire. I'm going to discount this morning to see if I can get it plugged. If not, what is the best way to get a replacement tire? I can't find these Pzero elect anywhere.
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    Autopark is missing

    Updates to 32.5 tonight. Still no autopark
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    Autopark is missing

    I’m on 2021.12.4.9 and don’t have auto park. Also have FSD
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    Blackvue DR650GW-1CH dashcam $75

    Blackvue dashcam. Have shifted over to using Tesla dash cam software. 1 channel camera, includes power cord that has pins to connect to the free plug in the headliner microphone area. Does not include sdcard $75 shipped.
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    Light Harmonic MCU2 amp and soundqubed sub $950

    Light Harmonic premium amplifier and soundqubed subwoofer. $950 for both. Do not want to separate.. This amp is a direct replacement for the stock UHFS amplifier. There is one plug, just unhook the stock amp and plug the new one in. This is a class-d amp with 1200 RMS watts. My version of...
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    2013 model s p85 ludicrous?

    No. No.
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    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    Looks like they are getting a shipment. Same window for same location
  25. V

    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    438, august 12-18
  26. V

    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    Got a VIN last night. Very stoked
  27. V

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Winner winner 19” VIN dinner!
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Agree. Have had a 14-50 for years and never thought I needed the wall connector. With the older cars there was a least a benefit to have 72a charging. I have a gen 1 mobile connector I got for $200 that is permanently plugged in so I can get 40a, charging. Paying hundreds more for 8a more is...
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    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    got a EDD of August 9-21 for my red plaid. Ordered in January
  30. V

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Got a date range for my red plaid on 19s, august 9-21. Ordered early March, converted to wood in June. Have had not any EDD since mid June. EDD showed up yesterday after I reached out to the Porsche about taycan cross turismo build allocations. The responsivenes and definite timelines of...
  31. V

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I bet the Taycan would win on a road course
  32. V

    Should Tesla be worried about the Mercedes EQS 580 4 Matic ?

    One thing not to discount is MB customer service. I have a plaid reservation since March with no updates and no idea of when I would get it. Tesla’s customer service is horrible, and I am hopeful that more options with a better customer experience will encourage tesla to get its act together...
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I think anyone waiting on 19s just needs to start spamming Elon’s Twitter asking what’s up. If we all post the same question repeatedly we may get an answer
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    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    I was thinking we should just start spamming him on Twitter
  35. V

    2021 MS 19” Tempest Delivery Tracking

    havent had anything in over a month. Had a late June range right after the unveiling, but nothing since.
  36. V

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Has anybody taken delivery of a refresh with 19s? I was wondering today if they are going to change them to the 20s in the parts manual and that is the holdup.
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    Plaid handling

    For those that own a plaid, how is the handling? I'm currently driving a 100D, and over the corse of owning 2 Ss, my biggest complain has been the holding. Its fun in a straight line, but is floaty and isn't as dynamic in the turns as I would like. I haven't driven a Raven but I have heard...
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    Light harmonic amp on MCU2

    Been using the amp for about a month. Still sounds great. No popping. Kind of sucks to get it working with my lease being up in June. Wondering what the new sound system in the plaid will be. If it’s not compatible I will be selling my amp
  39. V

    Light Harmonic upgraded speakers

    I installed my updated amp yesterday. Works the way it should. No popping or static. Bass bumps now. Too bad I will only have my lease another 4 months before I get a new car. I'm happy that LH pulled through and fixed the amps
  40. V

    Light harmonic amp on MCU2

    I just got mine installed today. Sent in my old amp over a year ago. So far so good.
  41. V

    Light harmonic amp on MCU2

    There was one person who got it working well with MCU2 but they lived right by LH were able to tweak it in person. The amp does work, I used it on my MCU2 car, but you get weird popping and static with powering up/down. I worked with them to try the tweaks, but it wasn’t ever perfect. My amp...
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    Charging cable slow to release. problem?

    In the past few months I have noticed that that when I push the button to release the charging cable it turns white, I hear a noise but it doesn't release. I either have to repeatedly push the button or hold it down for 10s or so to get it to release. Same thing happens if I try to release...
  43. V

    Loud power seat motor

    My drivers power seat is intermittently quite loud when using easy entry. Seats work fine. The noise seems to just be the motor sound, no grinding or scraping, I can’t figure out what causes it to get louder/quieter, can switch during the same day. Any ideas of what to look at?
  44. V

    S or 3?

    I would do anything I could to keep the NSX. That is now a collectors car. I’ve loved both my Tesla’s, the are fast but not really engaging to drive. It’s easy to drive them fast. If you drive the NSX regularly I think you might miss some the connected feelings of driving. I miss driving a...
  45. V

    What's the current situation with regards to yellowing Instrument Cluster displays (Not MCU)

    Question. Is there a specific wavelength that works best for this? I have a UVC lamp I could repurpose, and would prefer to do this vs buying a new lamp.
  46. V

    Light Harmonic upgraded speakers

    prepare to wait awhile. They have had my amp since late January awaiting a replacement
  47. V

    Light harmonic sub install

    how are you contacting LH? Do you have an email contact? Been trying to get in contact with them for a few months.

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