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    Rail Rust?

    Just washed my car and when I looking over it at dusk, I spotting all these tiny "smudges" all over my trunk, with looks like a little microscopic rust dots in the center of it. If you run hand over it you can feel it. Trying to google search keeps telling me its Rail Rust...but I keep going...
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    Sentry Cam Randomly Hyper Sensitive - 52 events in 1 hour?!

    Out of the blue, my sentry cam has become ridiculously ultra sensative. I just had 52 events in 1 hour after my neighbor told me lights keep blinking. All the videos are triggeredd by cars driving by several blocks away. Yet someone walks by my car and it doesn't trigger it all. Is this v11...
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    1k Roadtrip with MY - looks like my car was sandblasted.

    Took a roadtrip from San Diego to tahoe. Made this trip several times in my M3, never had anything crazy happen to the paint. I come back from this trip with my new MY and there is white paint chips all over the car. On the back wheels where you'd put mud flaps, it looks like someone...
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    San Diego to Tahoe on Goodyear F1 'All Season' - thoughts?

    I've made this drive from San Diego to Tahoe, several times in my 2019 SR+ on sport rims and never had an issue. Always been a fantastic experience. I now have a Model Y LR on 20". I saw a few caltran R1 chain warnings (the lowest level) in the Mammoth area on 395. Will my 'all season' tires...
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    Should I get trunk panel gap fixed? Scared..

    Long Range Model Y. Friend pointed tout trunk panel gap on delivery. Did not bother me, thought he was being to harsh. Now it kind of bothers me.. Had a service appointment today but had anxiety about it all night and morning after reading threads and horror stories about fixing gaps creates...
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    FSD sub worth it for holiday roadtrips?

    I know the term "worth" is very subjective, but I wanted to ask to those who've tried out FSD on long road trips, is it any better than the standard AP? I'm planning on making 2x 1000 mile road trips in the next month, both falling within 30 days of each other, so I'm tempted to get the FSD...
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    App is getting 500 server error. Cant connect.

    App currently cannot connect and has a "500 server error". Are tesla servers down?
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    MY Front Window Tint Only

    Been looking to get my front windows tinted to match the factory back window tint. I rarely if ever have passengers in the back, do not care about UV protection for them and I've never had it before for myself, so only looking to do it for cosmetic reasons. I'm in San Diego, CA and am set on...
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    Stalls magically doubled to 48 (San Diego)

    Woke up to charge @ my local SC in the Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego. Stall max was 24 for as long as it's been around and saw it somehow magically doubled this morning. Now I know I why! 🤣 Asked one of the construction workers when it goes live and he said they are not allowed to talk...
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    Walk Away Door lock greyed out after working

    Brand new LR MY. Has been working fine and today the app randomly had troubline connecting or finding my car. So I reinstalled.. And now it's greyed out. Apparently a known bug? Any fixes?
  11. M

    Vision AP Nag - anyway to adjust or turn off?

    Just took delivery of a LR MY today. Coming from a m3 sr+ - I don't remember the autopilot being this loud, red and or often. Its different than the regular nag. My friend said to turn off data collection but that didn't work. Its waaay too aggressive/annoying.
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    Scheduled Delivery for next week, questions

    Hello, I have some questions about the delivery/pickup process, as a lot's changed since I got my original Model 3 in Aug'19. Are you allowed to refuse (although with the wait times I dont see that happening) if there is major problems on pickup day? Or have they changed that? I know they got...
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    Anyone have experience buying/owning a 'fleet' vehicle ?

    I've had a few Tesla advisor's reach out to me because they know of my situation (car arson) and let me know they can match me with a fleet vehicle before the end of the qtr rather than waiting for the potential one I ordered to be made and delivered, with an eta now of Feb. Does anyone have...
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    Read window visibility? Coming from M3

    Wow, supposed to say 'REAR" - Hello, I just took a Model Y for a test drive last week and I was really surprised by how small the rear window was. I'm coming from a Model 3. To Model Y owners, do you just get used to the small size over time? Has it ever been an issue for visibility or...
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    Anyone have the newer SPORT RIMS and taken the black caps off?

    I had a 2019 MS3 with the older sport rim design and I took the black center plastic caps off and replaced them with the silver model s center caps and chrome covers. A few people have done it on here as well. Is this possible with the newer Sport Rims? has anyone tried? how does it look...
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    Tesla Insurance, Help/Insight/Opinions

    I made a thread a few weeks ago about my Model 3 burning down in an arson fire. I'm having a difficult time with the adjuster and would appreciate some insight, advice or opinions. I apologize in advance, its a long read. I didn't know where to put this thread, so mods move accordingly. It's...
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    Someone lit my car cover on fire and my Tesla Model 3 burnt to the ground.

    I am incredibly sad and in disbelief right now..I was leaving for a huge, long planned road trip. There were 3-4 other fires lit in the area, the fire was on the frunk, battery intact. It had been parked and not in use/off for hours. What can I expect from Tesla insurance? 2019 SR+ 16,000...
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    Soft Reboot erased all my data, help

    So I did a soft reboot and lost all my data. Profile is gone, all setings gone, all radio stations gone, Everything. Care name, profiles, phone gone, different rims on the car on screen now. Pretty pissed off right now. Am I SOL? Is this kind of stuff recoverable? Looks like it reset itself to...
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    Dashcam icon frequently dissapearing after last update

    Model 3 SR+ w/ Samsung T5 ssd. Been working rock solid since I got it. Recently having very consistent dashcam icon dissapearing when I enter my car. Reboot usually fixes it but it's happening way too much now. Rebooting more than once a day.. Is the ssd going bad? Or is it a bug from the...
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    Model S refresh infotainment system powered by AMD's NAVI 23

    The diagram would confirm that Navi 23 for Tesla systems will have GDDR6 memory in 16Gb (2GB) capacity. This memory would be manufactured by Samsung (K4ZAF325XM). There would be 4 modules which means 8GB of memory in total. According to the diagram, the memory is 14 Gbps and is attached to a...
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    Sentry Cam no longer recording every event after update?

    After the most recent update for my M3 SR, 2020.48.35.5, my sentry cam no longer records all the events. Several times this week Ive got into my car to see there are multiple events, today was 8, and go to view on sentry viewer and there is only 1 video of me getting into my car. Sentry...
  22. M

    Anyone else dislike the new UI?

    As someone who doesnt have FSD or plan to get it, I am pretty frustrated with the design changes. Why did they make all the GLANCABLE relevant information so much more smaller and harder to read locations? Also now it just looks like my car is floating in a giant white space while driving. It...
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    What Chemicals too avoid for seats and interior?

    I recently decided to reactive my rideshare accounts to make some money this holiday, as my work has been shut down until the new year. They provided some disinfectant sprays to wipe the seats down at the start/end of the day or after a ride if I choose. And I remember reading threads in the...
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    Replaced Air Filters, still musty/old smelling.

    I replaced my cabin air filters using the popular Youtube guides posted elsewhere on this forum. I bought the can of foam and did everything as instructed. Even went through the frunk and cleaned out the instake (completely clean/clear already) It smelt minty and fresh right after I did it, but...
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    Car Cover Stolen right off my M3!?

    I use it everyday cause I dont have a garage and my neighborhood has been under constant street construction for over 10 months and the neighborhood is incredibly dirty...Car cover has worked wonders keeping off the dust, debris and asphalt dust in the air. I stepped out around 10pm tonight and...
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    I feel bad for Mobile Service Technicians

    Had an appointment to replace an interior part that was never properly installed and clips were damaged and smashed sideways (from improper installation and blunt force). Mobile technician showed up with no part "the part didn't arrive but my boss sent me out here anyway" Why? "to see if I...
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    Can't sign into YouTube Account, none of the tricks work.

    I've had this issue before and ws able to fix it in the past but have not been able to now. Tried plex browser trick and disabled 2 step verification on my Google account and enable less secure apps. Still get an error saying browser is insecure. Any ideas?
  28. M

    Updated to 36.10 - Now have Airbag deactived icon?

    Just noticed I after updating I have a new yellow icon in the right corner to the righ of LTE and Bluetooth icons there is a yellow icon with a 2 underneath and it says airbags deactivated. It's always on. Is this a bug or is this a permanent new thing? I dont like it.
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    Charging Screen Measurements Accurate?

    I've been meaning to make this post for a long, long time. I'm always charged more $$ than what my screen says for I've charged for. It's always 2-3 kWh off. Is this normal? Today on the completed screen it said I charged 25kWhs. I was charged $$ for 28kWh. It's like this every time I charge...
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    Loud pop, Model 3 died?

    Just woke up to go to the store. Driving 5-10 mph through my neighborhood. Loud pop like a flat tire and my car goes limp. No power to drive. Tried to restart and reboot.. Nothing. Posting an image of the errors. I just got my car back from service replacing the front facia. Is this just...
  31. M

    SR+ Heated Rear Seats Paid Upgrade live: $300

    Screw rear heated seats, bring on the Fog Lights Upgrade please!
  32. M

    SentryCam Not recording to SaveClips Folder

    I just got to my car and noticed 32 alerts from SentryCam. My car looked fine so I was curious what got recorded. When checking my SSD, I noticed there was no clips in the SaveClips folder. I thought every time SentryCam got triggered it saved clips to the SavedClips folder. If I had 32 alerts...
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    Backup Cam doesn't adjust exposure for night?

    I accidentally posted this in the Model S section, asked mods to move but never happened. Sorry for duplicate. After a recent service visit for unrelated issues I noticed my backup camera no longer adjusts exposure at night, like it used to. I didn't have the update yet so I don't think that's...
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    Backup Cam doesnt adjust exp. for night?

    I posted this in the Teslalounge sub but it got downvoted for some reason. I know there is a COMPLETE BLACK backup camera bug going around but that's NOT my issue. My backup camera works 100% fine during the day, it just no longer adjusts its exposure for night, so it's really dark. Its not...

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