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    Detroit Electric

    Because why not? Contrary to popular belief, Electric motors do not have infinite torque at every RPM. A multi-speed transmission can still be beneficial for extracting the most performance. 6-Speed might be a little excessive, though. 3 or 4 speeds would probably be the sweet spot.
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    Is there an overview of full-electric cars?

    No, it simply doesn't. The sticker price of a vehicle is not 100% battery cost, there are many other components and price driving factors to consider. To divide the total cost of the vehicle (that accounts for the body, chassis, interior, sales margin, drivetrain and everything else) by just the...
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    Is there an overview of full-electric cars?

    Eh, I wouldn't go that far. The way it's calculated on that chart (total vehicle price/battery capacity), it's a nearly meaningless metric. The only time this can be used for a meaningful comparison is between vehicles of the same type and class (eg. Focus Electric vs Leaf) and even then it's...
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    Mullen 700e (CODA reborn)

    The paint job is all wrong too. Makes the car look like a plastic toy. The cheap looking wheels don't help either.
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    Mullen 700e (CODA reborn)

    How the hell do these guys already have 6 products in the pipeline and how are they all so hideous? The Carbon Fibre GT is especially and assault on the eyes. $150 for that? You're joking right? Looks like a Miata competitor not a supercar.
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    Comments from Renault-Nissan CEO

    The Cruze probably isn't a great example of an American diesel, it's a Korean designed car with a European diesel engine. The fact the diesel option wasn't even available in the US until last year is testament to that.
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    Btw, I can't be the only one who sees this when looking at the Model X's fascia.
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    Oh lord, I had already wiped that monstrosity from my brain. Thanks for reminding me it exists. >: (
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    Model X Design: Ugly or Sexy? Prius?!

    I think it's pretty ugly, but then again I think that of most SUVs and CUVs.
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    Fisker changes name to Karma Automotive

    Not unheard of, it's just like the Land Rover Land Rover. Either way, a much better brand name than Elux.
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    Reactions to Model X reveal event

    This isn't really a realistic suggestion. The Falcon Wing doors and the surrounding bodywork needed to facilitate them are so structurally different from what you'd see on a car with regular doors that in order to make them optional, Tesla would literally have to engineer and manufacture two...
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    Will the second row seats fold flat? If so, how?

    Something a lot of people appear to have missed: That little grove there suggests that the seats will tilt forward with the hinge mounted internally in the base. It would also means that the point where the seat is mounted to the frame is around the centre, not at the bend as you would...
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    Regular Car Reviews, reviews the P85

    Language Warning, NSFW. I think he likes it.
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    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S now in Tesla Store

    I wasn't aware that there was such an issue with the centre consoles (again not an owner) and I can emphasise with you're frustration but I can't imagine the development of these scale models affects the development of the centre console in any way. Trying to draw any sort of connection between...
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    1:18 Scale Diecast P85 Model S now in Tesla Store

    Wow. US$210 is a lot but the detail is exquisite, you can see exactly where the money goes. Very tempting, might be the closest I ever get to owning a Model S.
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    Resolved - Chevrolet "Bolt" name trademark issue

    The Mitsubishi Colt already exists so that could be an issue.
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    Cold Fustion TV = How big is Tesla

    Holy... I went to highschool with the narrator. Was not expecting to hear his voice today. Small world.
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    Tesla's Paint Shop Upgrade

    Has everyone read this yet? Is it being discussed on this board somewhere? Source (not a great source I admit but I can't find the original) Looks like we finally have our answer on what this is all about. Seems like this upgrade is mainly about reduce time and cost though hopefully that's not...
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    Anyone in Perth?

    Just got back home from Electrikhana. Great event. If any of the owners who exhibited are here I'd just like to thank you guys, you were awesome. Had a really great chat with the owner of the Red Roadster and the converted e30 on display. Also a special thank you to the owner of the Red S85 who...
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    Anyone in Perth?

    Yeah, I'll be there too. Look forward to finally seeing a Model S in the flesh. :D
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    Tesla in Australia

    I guess if you really want a 2 door with kers, it's still considerably cheaper (and easier to attain) than a 918, P1 and LaFerrari. Also better looking than an NSX, though that's subjective.
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    Tesla in Australia

    Oh wow, are you the first owner in Perth? Also sounds like your not far away from me either so I can't guarantee I won't start stalking you. :tongue:
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    Where is the Model X Test Mule? Is there one?

    Model X beta/production prototype unveiling will actually be on the 9th of Feb, exactly 3 years after the original concept unveiling. You heard it hear first.... Actually I have no idea, I just think that would be a cool way to do it.
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    GM Chevy Volt

    Dear god, no. That concept car is beyond hideous. I'm really glad GM didn't go with that.
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    Bidness, Etc article -- what is the white car in the photo?

    Maybe it's just me but I always thought the beta resembled a bar of soap.
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    This must be an application for Tesla batteries: Launching NASA spacecraft

    I wouldn't be so sure of that. Material science needs to make a few breakthroughs first before that can be true. Right now, no existing rail gun can be fired more than a few times before the rails destroy themselves and need to be replaced. That's the big why rail guns are still haven't left the...
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    WA Electric Highway

    Awesome. Good on you RACWA, continuing to be great as always.
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    BMW i8

    BullS**t. I see at least 3 fluid reservoirs and the 12v battery under that hood. That's plenty reason.
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    Weekly capacity at Fremont will be at least 2,500 after upgrade of Body Line in 2015.

    Nah, RGB wouldn't work, or at the very least wouldn't work without being converted first. Paint colours are subtractive, not additive, so you need to use Magenta, Yellow and Cyan, like a printer.
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    Anyone in Perth?

    Oh yeah, that's not bad considerig how few EV's there are on our roads. I see that the charger I was referring to is on that plugshare map too.
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    Anyone in Perth?

    Really? The only one I've seen around the city is the one sitting outside the Nissan dealer I regularly deliver to for work. Needless to say the bay is chronically ICE'd (I've only ever seen a Leaf charging there once).
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    Anyone in Perth?

    I'm in Perth!... but I'm not an Owner-to-be. Maybe when Model 3 rolls around.
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    Formula E: Global Electric Car Series to Launch in 2014

    What exactly is "the transmission issue"? If you're talking about the issues that Tesla had with the Roadster 2-speed, then I'm sorry to burst your bubble but those had nothing to do with the Roadster being an EV and everything to do with the suppliers being subpar. Just watch Marc Tarpenning's...
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    Model R (Retro)

    I dunno man. Maybe it's different for those who actually lived through the 80's (I was born 1990) but to me I can't see anything resembling style in most 80's cars. They literally just look like three boxes on wheels to me. At least mid to late 90's cars had some curves in the sheet metal that...
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    How long until supercapacitors overtake batteries in EVs?

    How is 64 Wh/kg anywhere close to a viable solution? To put things into perspective, 85kWh worth of these supercaps would weigh 1328kg (2928lb) alone. That's almost as much as my entire 05 Subaru Legacy weighs. And that's not even taking into account how much volume this monster power pack would...
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    Model R (Retro)

    The 80's truly were a dark time for automobile design.
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    Tesla LIED to us! (I maxed out a dyno in my car)

    Isn't this a bit apples and oranges? All the other cars have had their torque values corrected for crank values whilst the Model S is the only one displaying wheel torque.
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    Motor Trend's Head 2 Head Ep. 54: 2014 Tesla Model S vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550!

    The Model S is once again featured on Head 2 Head. Enjoy.
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    Tesla faces $89k in fines for incident that injured workers at Fremont facility

    Well I'm not saying they weren't taking it seriously before, but clearly there's room to be more serious about it. Not providing the workers with proper PPE and having no equipment inspection policy is a pretty glaring and obvious oversight that suggests that Tesla was talking H&S a little too...
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    Tesla faces $89k in fines for incident that injured workers at Fremont facility

    Yeah this seems reasonable. Hopefully Tesla has corrected the hazard and will start taking health and safety more seriously in the future.
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    New Model S roof rack from Tesla

    Oh really? Well that sucks. As far as I'm aware no other manufacture has that sort of arrangement with Wispbar. I stand corrected.
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    New Model S roof rack from Tesla

    I don't understand how tesla can get away with charging so much for plain old Whispbars that you can just buy at any old aftermarket auto store. I work at one such store in Australia (Australia! where everything is normally twice the price) And we sell Whispbars for 300AUD plus 59AUD for the...
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    Robert Llewellyn's Fully Charged

    Damn, that caught me by surprise. I was so expecting the Model S to be the final episode of the season and we do know from the teaser there are at least 2 more episodes to go.
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    Transporting liquid nitrogen in the frunk

    I don't know if anyone has tried that in a Tesla but I can say that looks to be an Audi R8.
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    Volkswagens MODEL X doublette- Prototype Clipper, 560km range, EV, 9 seater, 2 motor

    The Model X solves this by having B-Pillars. Anyway, no chance in hell we're ever going to see a production car with those doors. If they do make the leap from concept to production, you can bet they will replace the doors with something more practical and much sturdier.
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    Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive

    That's not really true either. Pickup trucks are actually quite popular in many other markets too, such as Africa and Oceania (though admittedly the pickups we buy are a completely different breed from the ones Americans buy).
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    Tesla releases Model S price for China Market!

    Good on you tesla. Hopefully the same holds true for Australian pricing as well.
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    Will electric vehicles put parts/repair shops out of business?

    Hmm, maybe I am being a bit negative but I really don't see it myself. Yes there are plenty of non-ICE related components in my store but the truth of the matter is they are not big money makers for us the same way regular ICE service parts are and EVs don't exactly bring much new to the table...
  49. L

    Will electric vehicles put parts/repair shops out of business?

    As someone who actually works in an aftermarket automotive parts store, I'll answer with a resounding "yes". It's not a matter of adapting, without ICE components we practically have no business. Independent mechanics may be able to survive but it will definitely hurt their business too. Not...

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