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  1. TydalForce

    Cheated on Tesla for 10 minutes

    Honestly this just sounds like the experience I'd expect from a GM Dealership, EV or otherwise EV market is still young and traditional dealerships don't know what they're doing. In a few years tho, there will be more choices both good and bad. I agree on the Model 2. I'd love a dual-motor...
  2. TydalForce

    Accelerator relay clicking?

    I took it in, service center was maybe 40 minutes away (not great but tolerable). Car has been fine since, so far. At 1.5 hours, I imagine mobile service could do it
  3. TydalForce

    should I not get the South Korean CCS1 combo adapter?

    It looks like yes, the CCS adapter would take care of this situation for you - assuming your car is CCS Enabled, of course. A couple other options: - I see a couple Level 2 charging places in Dewitt, such as the town offices (Town of DeWitt Offices | PlugShare). If these are convenient enough...
  4. TydalForce

    Accelerator relay clicking?

    Closing the loop here; Tesla Service lubricated and tightened some bolts on the rear axle and the sound went away.
  5. TydalForce

    Accelerator relay clicking?

    Since the weather has been nice, I've been driving with the windows down and I'm hearing a prominent "click" when I press or release the accelerator. I'm guessing it's a power relay to the motor? Directly tied to pressing and releasing the pedal. It's not a continuous click-click-click, just...
  6. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    These are valid points. Battery was not full; I charge to 80% It's just pavement there; there was no snow or rain nor is there typically gravel or similar (though I can't say 100% for sure what might have been there). This isn't a "No Regen at all" situation, but rather "regen was slowing me...
  7. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    No it was a clear dry day, temp was probably mid-50s or so
  8. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    The initial service tech didn't find anything obvious in the logs and has sent them up the line for a deeper analysis I can see the event in my TeslaMate logs, which helped narrow down the timestamp It's only happened a few times so it's hard to pinpoint a trigger, but it didn't happen before...
  9. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    I’ve been using hold as long as I’ve had the car I think (December 2019). It’s always been fine. It never did this until this year, but to be fair we’ve only lived on this street since July. Pretty sure I’m hitting some bug or fringe scenario they didn’t think to test. But I guess it could be...
  10. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    Hold. Also with standard regen (not low, or whatever the options are called)
  11. TydalForce

    Phantom "unbraking"

    I don't know what to call this; I tried searching and couldn't find anything similar. Thought I'd share in case it happens/ed to anyone else A few times now my 2020 Model 3 has stopped braking efforts just before reaching complete stop. The street I live on ends in a T intersection, and...
  12. TydalForce

    New Tesla Store Location Coming to West Chester, PA - 2022

    I hope they do. A common gripe I see throughout the forum is "X service center is Y hours away!". I think as Tesla's popularity continues to grow, having accessible showrooms and service will go a long way. For most brands of cars, there's a convenient dealership nearby, easy to go see them...
  13. TydalForce

    Solar In Suburban Philly

    Hey all, was hoping for a local perspective. We're out in Chester County and seriously considering solar with battery backup (especially after yesterday's storm knocked our power out for the whole day!). Do any of you locals have experience with solar installations, Tesla or otherwise...
  14. TydalForce

    New Tesla Store Location Coming to West Chester, PA - 2022

    Thanks for the update! I don't exactly drive past that like I used to, but it's still much more convenient to me than Devon
  15. TydalForce

    TuneIn Issues

    Occasionally mine gets stuck with the loading wheel... Sometimes, hitting "back" with the wheel on the steering wheel kicks it to reload and work OK. Occasionally my solution is to switch to FM (suppose any other input would work) and then switch back. Minor annoyances tho; rarely has it...
  16. TydalForce

    Poll on V11 interface

    I kinda dislike sliders for most things; it's difficult to be precise - even on your phone or computer when not moving. Sliders are great for scrubbing back/forth but should come with an additional control like +/- or a number box etc.
  17. TydalForce

    CCS Adapter for North America

    "Not Installed" 2020 Model 3 Dual Motor Manufactured December 2019 (for some reason I think it was on the 8th; I took delivery on the 17th)
  18. TydalForce

    Map orientation in Navigation Mode

    Mine seems to remember my last setting; at least for me, I always use "Guidance" (map aligned with car) and it sticks.
  19. TydalForce

    Poll on V11 interface

    I haven't had a lot of drive-time with it yet but first impressions: Overall, I like it (just a few things to get used to) but there were two things that jumped out at me that I don't like: - The +/- controls on fan speed are gone - it's just a slider, and those are tricky to manage while also...
  20. TydalForce

    Regen limited warning while driving and battery not near full

    I might be mis-remembering but I think recently I've had that warning appear not when I started driving but when I was using regen to brake. Kind of a "hey, okay I'm doing this, but it's not as good right now" note
  21. TydalForce

    PA State Inspection?

    Oh I'm sure you can find places closer to Kennet! Last year I took the opportunity to check out United Tire on Westtown Road in WC. They got the job done, I have no complaints, but intangibly something about them felt a little... gruff? IDK. I'm not saying I wouldn't go back. We moved to...
  22. TydalForce

    Wall Connector Decision

    This may be a bad idea but figured I'd share it anyway and let you all weigh in (c: The Gen2 connectors have a dial inside to set the max amperage. If the intelligent sharing won't work between a Tesla-plug Gen 2 and a J1172 Gen2, would it be a valid configuration to have them both set to a...
  23. TydalForce

    Help with 128gb microSD card and reader please, not mounting

    Folks over in this thread: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/help-i-need-suggestions-for-solving-usb-device-malfunction-error.239605/ seem to think there's some recent software issues
  24. TydalForce

    Sentry mode without flashing lights?

    IMHO the flashing lights only serve to bring more attention to the car, and not in a good way. It's been suggested that the flash is required by law to indicate that it's recording, but I don't know that as fact. I would turn the flashing off too given the option.
  25. TydalForce

    Help with 128gb microSD card and reader please, not mounting

    I had something similar happen recently. Using an SDXC card with a Sabrent USB adapter. The adapter had slots for both the SDXC card and an SD card. When plugging it into the Tesla, I also got "plug in only one device at a time". I'm wondering if it has anything to do with having more than...
  26. TydalForce

    5000 Mile Road Trip Lessons Learned (Tesla Road Tripping for Dummies)

    I did a 5000-ish mile road trip back in April. I agree that some of the supercharger locations were less than ideal - one was behind a hotel, with nothing within reasonable walking distance (except across a very busy 4-lane road with no crosswalks), and the hotel even had a sign saying no...
  27. TydalForce

    Test Drove Still Researching [whether to purchase a Model 3 performance or LR]

    I went with the LR/Dual Motor in part to save a little money, and in part because with the 18" Aero wheels there's better range / lower cost per mile. IMHO it's plenty peppy and fast, but I came from a little Subaru Impreza so almost anything is in comparison (c:
  28. TydalForce

    How many didn’t press the FSD button?

    I haven't. Since the beginning of COVID I've worked from home and basically never leave the house - maybe 2 or 3 times a week tops. Figured I wouldn't be much of a contributor...
  29. TydalForce

    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    In late 2019 when I first got my Model 3, I installed a 14-50. It was a short cable run (less than 25') and I don't recall there being a significant cost difference between that and a 6-50. But we moved 2 months ago, so I had to do it all over again - with a longer run (65-70 feet) and the...
  30. TydalForce

    New Tesla Store Location Coming to West Chester, PA - 2022

    Just spotted this. Tesla moving into currently Jaguar dealership location in West Chester (Westtown). Route 3 @ 352 I literally just moved from a house less than a mile from here. https://www.mychesco.com/a/news/business/colliers-arranges-new-tesla-location-in-west-chester/
  31. TydalForce

    FREE EV charging at GIANT Supermarkets

    Saw one of these maybe 2 months ago at the Giant in Westtown, PA (Route 3)
  32. TydalForce

    PA Safety Inspection

    I just moved from West Chester; I got my first inspection done at Curtis Automotive on West Chester Pike. Last time I got it at United Tire and Service on Westtown Road. Both handled it fine. I'm in Coatesville/East Fallowfield now so if anyone has any suggestions for ME, I'd appreciate it (c:
  33. TydalForce

    Model 3 Air Filter Ok to Use?

    There are aftermarket replacement "HEPA" filters. I have some I got at Abstract Ocean. Not worth it.
  34. TydalForce

    [my] Home Computer screen flickers [ when i charge my car ]

    What do you mean by "flicker"? Is it going off and on real fast or are you seeing distortions in the image? (Can you take a pic or video?) Also how are you charging? What kind of outlet are you using / amps is it drawing, is it on a dedicated breaker, etc. I'm not recommending this as a...
  35. TydalForce

    fast charging at grocery stores

    There's a midwest grocery store, Hy-Vee, and they have superchargers at some of their locations. Stopped at a couple of them on a recent road trip. One in Davenport, IA - Hy-Vee - not mentioned on their store page They had some good food and clean restrooms, so it worked nicely...
  36. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    I'm gonna try the "Bugs N All" and see how that goes.
  37. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    I did spray with Turtle Wax Bug&Tar between the two washes, and all it did was leave a residue everywhere. however , I found the bottle in my basement and it’s probably really really old so maybe I should try again with a fresh one lol
  38. TydalForce

    Cleaning Off Dead Insects

    Ah I tried searching to see if this was discussed before, but "bugs" brings up a lot of "software bugs", and "insects" also returns results for "bugs"... I have a large graveyard of bugs splattered across the front of my Model 3, many from a recent cross-country road trip. I ran through the...
  39. TydalForce

    When is First Scheduled Maintenance for Model 3

    Sooner or later you'll also need to replace the brake pads, but with regen (especially high regen) they tend to last significantly longer than on ICE
  40. TydalForce

    9-day USA Tour

    With very few exceptions, the farther from Philly you get, the worse the cheesesteak. (I was in Reading once and they put some kinda sauce on it... c'mon....). My safe radius is about 25-30 miles, but past 20 it starts to get risky
  41. TydalForce

    9-day USA Tour

    Pat's and Geno's are tourist traps. Go anywhere else. (I'm personally fond of Jim's on South Street, but in all honesty it'll be hard to find a bad cheesesteak in Philly)
  42. TydalForce

    What happens if you don’t install a downloaded update?

    Keep in mind tho that by not applying updates, you could be setting yourself up for some trouble down the road. Bug fixes, sure. New features, sure. But also security fixes to help protect you from vulnerabilities, and various changes to keep your system compatible with related services --...
  43. TydalForce

    NJ Driver's License Road Test using Model 3?

    Couldn't you just go to a car rental place and rent something for a day or two? Or are there rules about ownership / using rentals / etc?
  44. TydalForce

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    Mac and oop I take back my previous comment; looking closer at com.docker.hyperkit it's taking a lot of memory on my box too I haven't noticed any issues on that box from running Docker; OS memory management must be doing its thing
  45. TydalForce

    TeslaMate Super Thread

    That doesn't sound right at all. I've been running it for ~1 year now and Docker storage is only about 10GB. It's currently taking maybe 70MB of RAM. I am still not terribly familiar with docker, or the technical workings of TeslaMate, but my initial hunch is something's misconfigured and...
  46. TydalForce

    Why does the navigation always want to go via the highway?

    Roadways in every GPS have a ranking; Major highways have top priority, then big arterials, etc, until getting down to local neighborhood roadways. Every GPS I've ever used likes to take me way out of my way through terrible stop-and-go just to get to a nearby Interstate. I was once traveling...
  47. TydalForce

    The new white space taking over screen is horrible

    Excessive white space in a UI has been a common theme in software development over the past few years - it's not just Tesla. Look at Facebook's recent redesign! Larger text, more white space, more scrolling required... annoying.
  48. TydalForce

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Love what you've done, and agree 100% - turn signals should be amber to help distinguish them from brakes (and while I'm ranting, what's with so many cars putting the signals real low like at the bumpers? Shouldn't they be higher and more visible?) I'd do this myself but I'm sure I'd mess...
  49. TydalForce

    Chipped display

    this screen protector is within the glass of the display. Almost exactly, but a tiny bit smaller. I'd forgotten it was there.
  50. TydalForce

    Chipped display

    I’ll check out the TesProtect when I can - thanks for the tip. the one I got is a “TopLight” I got on Amazon.

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