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  1. RowdyMY

    Smart Summon Question

    1. Make sure it's not public roads - or that the map data doesn't appear to indicate public roads - where you are trying it. 2. Troubleshoot the app. Do you have another authorized user with app access? Try from their phone. Force close and restart your app or uninstall and retry. 3. Are you...
  2. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.12

    I know you have the "highest non-fsd beta safety score ever" but wtf man...
  3. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.12

    I've said it before & I agree - as long as they keep paying to download the daily teraflops (or whatever massive unit it is) we should happily provide it. I do hope those with data caps are at least aware of the demands this beta places on their plans.
  4. RowdyMY

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Was that on FSD beta (red/yellow/grey) or NoA (blue/white)? That sounds distinctly like NoA behavior and I would be disappointed to hear you're seeing that behavior on FSD beta.
  5. RowdyMY

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Not according to TeslaFi, yet... Also - who here is 'the guy' that went from 10.6 to 10.12!?
  6. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.12

    Normal. Let it ride next time. Sometimes 10s of minutes. Does a check at the halfway point.
  7. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.12

    1. 690 posts in the thread before we hit wide release. The entire 10.6 thread was 190 from cradle to grave and 10.7 even got canx'd 😂 2. Can't test for a few days. Anyone get to see if it is still hellbent on staying in the left lane on divided highways that don't rise to the "limited access"...
  8. RowdyMY

    Vision only sucks ass

    After you engage autopilot at night, toggle the left stalk forward. It will disable auto-highbeams. Yes, with autopilot engaged. Annoying thing is that they toggle back on next time you re-engage AP (e.g. after a lane change on AP). Like mentioned above, my muscle memory now is two down on...
  9. RowdyMY

    Losing my mind over the random slowdowns

    Can confirm the brain is difficult to reprogram... I've shifted into neutral before at 75 MPH because I didn't get the normal disengagement tone when I thought I was in NoA. Fortunately you can 'shift' back into drive without stopping or double-clutching...
  10. RowdyMY

    Tesla Motorway Convoy

    True on the size issue. A*holes and indecisive/inattentive drivers will always be an issue. It doesn't take but 2-3 though to see huge gains. What if it was capped at, say 3 max? Back when I was younger, dumber, and bulletproof my buddy and I did this manually driving on I-20 from LA to TX. I...
  11. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11

    I don't think any of us has a handle now on their strategy. Would love to hear from an insider.
  12. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta Experience - Be Careful What You Wish For

    Raurele doesn't have FSD Beta. They're waiting as well... Plain ole AP is what they're using.
  13. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11

    My $0.02 is that it's long as they're still investing in the data I'll keep sending it. Zero clue what it contributes or improves but if they're paying to download and store it I'll generate it. I agree with you that on drives where I know it sucks I don't use it. I try to engage where I can.
  14. RowdyMY

    Long drives

    Can you actually quantify 'excessive' though or are you just noticing the "preconditioning" advisory. I'm not discounting what you're asserting here, curious your experience. This thread is the closest I could find: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/preconditioning-for-an-hour.222342
  15. RowdyMY

    Long drives

    Didn't the preconditioning glitch get fixed in the 2022.4.x or 2022.8.x release? Thought I remember reading that.
  16. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11.1 (2022.4.5.20) - Limited or Mass Release?

    Pretty easy to sort on TeslaFi when the next iteration drops. Would be an interesting case study. Especially since the last couple releases seem to be a departure from the pre-holiday new enrollment period. Sample size of 1 - from 10.4 to 10.8.2 I was always in the first wave. Now I'm about...
  17. RowdyMY

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    As if PB wasn't enough allow me to introduce its cousin (twice removed), phantom blinking. I'm still on 10.10.2 and experience the same in motion. Another one that amused me just Thursday was sitting at a left turn red arrow. The blinker was coming on for about 20", going off for 5-10, and...
  18. RowdyMY

    Long drives

    I do a 560 mile round trip about weekly. No problems. Autopilot//NoA has a noticeable positive impact on my fatigue and stress levels when I reach my destination on either end. I'm a ~33,000 mile per year driver and I love both the ADAS and electric drivetrain components of Teslas.
  19. RowdyMY

    Cruise Control / Autopilot unavailable after update?

    Ask service to repush the update to your car. In the meantime, try leaving sentry and summon off when you park it for the night today. Good luck!
  20. RowdyMY

    The catastrophe of FSD and erosion of trust in Tesla

    Same. I have confirmation off. Definitely requires torque at each instance of an auto lane change.
  21. RowdyMY

    Snippiness 2.0

    I feel like I've seen this guy before...
  22. RowdyMY

    Driver profiles to be stored in the cloud

    It will likely be an upcoming feature. Isn't live yet. Source This is an undocumented change in this release and a future feature that is under development. Tesla continues the development of 'Cloud Profiles'. Cloud Profiles will let you sync select vehicle profiles across various vehicles...
  23. RowdyMY

    AP/phantom braking.

    Not criticizing your method here but have you ever actually experienced an AEB engagement? It is 100% full anti-skid braking - a significant emotional event if you're not expecting it. You instantly perceive way more than full regen, seat-belts lock, and anything unsecured goes flying, even...
  24. RowdyMY

    V10.8 UI: navigate-on-autopilot button

    "Once enabled, the Navigate on Autopilot button appears on the map’s turn-by-turn direction list whenever a navigation route is active and the route includes at least one controlled-access highway. When enabled, the Navigate on Autopilot button is blue and the turn-by-turn direction displays the...
  25. RowdyMY

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    X is a completely different shape. https://driveteslacanada.ca/model-y/tesla-model-y-performance-without-spoiler-top-speed-limited/ https://teslaownersonline.com/threads/tesla-model-y-performance-to-be-delivered-without-trunk-spoiler-due-to-parts-shortage-top-speed-limited.19945/
  26. RowdyMY

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    This might just be ignorance on my part but when the MYPs were delivered without the OEM spoiler weren't they also software locked to 135 MPH vs 155? The conclusion I am inferring is that they do in fact provide some benefit based on manufacturer modeling. Thoughts?
  27. RowdyMY

    Beta FSD - Opting back in after opting out

    I get why you did it, but man did you time it wrong! Over three months since a confirmed new US admission. Any reason you didn't want to wait for V11? (All "two weeks" jokes aside...)
  28. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11.1 (2022.4.5.20) - Limited or Mass Release?

    I don't understand why you started this thread with that assertion given there is no evidence, circumstancial or otherwise, that indicates the intended breadth of this release. Care to share reason for your initial assertion and then doubling down on it a day later? Every update has followed a...
  29. RowdyMY

    Bad speed limit sign recognition

    Check here: Choose whether you want Traffic-Aware Cruise Control to engage at the detected speed limit, or your current driving speed. Touch Controls > Autopilot > Set Speed and choose either Speed Limit or Current Speed. Also, my preferred method of adjusting my set speed to the current speed...
  30. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11

    I wonder if it wasn't a larger issue with the 2022.4.5 branch. It looks like everything lower than 4.5.17 tapered off pretty quickly within a day or two and then a couple days later 4.5.17 & 4.5.18 started ramping up along with 2022.8.2. Might not have been FSD related at all?
  31. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11

    I'm still repping 10.10.2. Tesla is still taking ~40 GB of data from my car each week. Just over 4 yesterday. I don't think they'd want to pay for that much data if they weren't getting something out of it.
  32. RowdyMY

    False forward collision FSDBeta suspended

    I couldn't figure out what previous poster meant. Spent 280 miles today trying to figure out how cold temperatures pertained to beta lockout. Surely that's not it - right? 4 strikes for "hand-wheel temperature delta"?
  33. RowdyMY

    FSD Beta 10.11

    I was going to comment about how yet another thread is lost due to the "many definitions of FSD" folks subscribe to here and plea to get back on track - but 10.11 is already dead - so carry on. Waiting for 10.11.1 or 10.12 at this point is my vote as well. @EVNow let me know how your auto...
  34. RowdyMY

    Excessive “Upcoming Lane Change “

    👆 this fixed with the most recent map update for me. No longer tries to move out of the #1 lane a half mile before every express entrance (...in NOVA, on 95). Unfortunately doesn't help OP but could be a map issue none the less. Disabling NoA is how I dealt with the lane changes same as evrider-fl
  35. RowdyMY

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Good lord - that is an absolutely BRUTAL stretch to try and use FSD on. I know Tesla is trying to make a car that drives itself everywhere but in no way do I let FSD or NoA drive through that stretch. It's literally how Maryland gets to and from DC and if you're from the area, you know to...
  36. RowdyMY

    2020 MSM/white Model 3 SR+

  37. RowdyMY

    2020 MSM/white Model 3 SR+

    2020 M3 SR+. Premium wheels. We’ve also added ceramic tint to the windows (35% is the legal limit in NC) including the roof and will also include the weather tech mats. MSM exterior and a beautiful white interior. 25.8k miles. No damage or defects other than a rash on one of the rear wheels...
  38. RowdyMY

    New app shows charging stats

    That’s exactly how it is setup - including who has the 3 and who has the Y 😂
  39. RowdyMY

    Phantom Braking

    Not being sarcastic or disrespectful here, as I tend to agree with your arguments. Isn’t “I wouldn’t pay one additional red cent” a textbook definition of accountability in a free market? We shouldn’t be regulating every in and out of a company that implements a sub-standard iteration of a...
  40. RowdyMY

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    NoA and autopilot incidents do not count against safety scores. Period.
  41. RowdyMY

    Any way to have the walk away door lock exclude a location other than home?

    I wish I had three Airbnb cabins in the mountains…
  42. RowdyMY

    Turn signal display

    So don’t enable it? It is an optional feature. If your preference is to not have it then turn it off. Don’t have it “removed for safety reasons” because you don’t like it. I personally have a no merge area on-ramp in my morning commute, followed by that lane becoming exit only a quarter mile...
  43. RowdyMY

    Wiki FSD Beta v11.x: Anticipation & Discussion

    Been a few days since it was mentioned but still seems relevant to the convo. I’ve also brought it up before. Tesla collects insane amount of data from its (our?) fleet of FSD beta vehicles. If my car were representative of the entire fleet, based on the participation numbers from the earnings...
  44. RowdyMY

    New app shows charging stats

    I haven’t been able to spend enough times on the forum to figure out the difference BUT; Same app user, 4.5.1-864 with two cars. I have the Charge Stats option for the Y running 2021.44.30.10 I don’t have the Charge Stats option for the 3 running 2021.44.30.11 They’re both the 44.30 branches...
  45. RowdyMY

    Elon: FSD Beta tweets

    Sample size of 1 and yes I am late. 1992 Ford Mustang caught fire in our garage ~an hour after driving. Was in Missouri with an attached garage. We were super thankful that the pantry fire extinguisher was able to suppress the fire just long enough for the FD heroes to push the car back out of...
  46. RowdyMY

    Anyone else not getting 10.9?

    I would love if more and more got theirs. Really. This isn't going to get better without the edge cases that only you and I can provide. What I disagree with is the "I am owed mine" or "this is what I am entitled to". Desiring to see this tech more widespread. What I strongly despise is...
  47. RowdyMY

    Anyone else not getting 10.9?

    Entry Requirements are exactly as specified. You aren't entitled to anything. Per Elon "Tentative plan is 98 & above starts uploading Friday afternoon next week. If we see any concerns, uploads will pause while we investigate, so might take a few days before everyone with 98 safety gets beta...
  48. RowdyMY

    Anyone else not getting 10.9?

    Plan accordingly for what? To get into a program that has no entry requirements other than those distilled from twitter posts and YouTube? People "participating with a safety score for over a month" aren't entitled to sh*t and should be prepared as such. Either drive IAW with the rules or...

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