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    Supercharger - Sun Valley, CA (24 V3 Superchargers, ePlan filed)

    You can drop off most Amazon returns at Kohl's. By the time you go in and drop it off, and go back, you're probably half full. There's also a Ralphs, which may be the first supermarket in the LA area that has superchargers. Maybe there are, but I don't know of them. 99 cent store here too.
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    Supercharger - Sherman Oaks, CA (under construction May 2022, 40 V3 stalls)

    It would be pretty dumb to put these 40 stations in a place that's going to charge you for parking, when there are dozens of other places they could put them around there.
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    Superchargers in Southern California (location speculation)

    If the valley in total has 1.5 million people. That’s very few locations to charge. we really need the promised studio city and Sherman oaks ones. “Promised”
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    Supercharger - Granada Hills, CA (LIVE 24 Dec 2020, 16 V3 stalls)

    We need some south valley love though.
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    Navigation Data NA-2020 48-12628

    This is the first time I remember a "get near wifi" notification for just a navigation update, with no software update. Is that new?
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    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    When on the surface street, and on autopilot, my car changed lanes when I activated the turn signal. I did not know it could do that. I don't think it did that on the last version, but maybe it did?
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    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    I love this feature. I was at the drive thru car wash the other day, and I was thinking what to turn off. Turned off the wipers, then went to fold the mirrors, and they were already folded, because I had saved it to fold at that location and forgot...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Seems like 2020.24.5.1 gets rid of the stop at green light “feature” when nearing a green light
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    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    Seems like .1 gets rid of the stop at green light “feature” of the traffic control feature
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    2020.24 with New Sentry Mode event trigger

    #1 missing feature imo. With the rearview mirror being small, and not great visibility in the back, when it's dark, and especially raining, i get really paranoid making turns on the freeway. It seems that adding it for turns, and for whenever you want is such a no brainer.
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    Charging for Las Vegas roadtrip

    Doesn't it depend on what battery he has? With the LR I would stop at Baker, because that almost guarantees you can get back to Baker without charging in Vegas. If you know you're going to charge in Vegas, than Yermo is fine, because Eddie's World is the way to go. By the time you go in, use...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    Requested upgrade on May 19, no parts. Got a text back yesterday saying parts are in, and appointment is Tuesday. I noticed a few people having it done via mobile service, and a few via the service center. I'd much rather do it mobile, but it seems my appt is at the service center. Was...
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I tried to get the update via service appointment, and hey said the parts weren't in stock. Has anybody gotten the same, but then at a later date had them contact you to install? I'm wondering if I should try again in a month or so, or just wait for them to contact me?
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    2020.12.11.1 rolling out...

    So this is HW3 only?
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    I do this with 911. I paid for that benefit.
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    Unpopular Opinion: The 3 is a $30k car and was built as such

    Like you wouldn't take a Democratic primary poll of 1 person, and then if they said Bernie Sanders you'd report that Bernie got 100%, the same is true for your car. Your problems, or your perfect car don't really matter in the long run. Saying Tesla has a problem based on your 1 car is...
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    V10 Impressions from those who have installed the update

    Netflix on LTE is temporary. It says it in the on-screen notes.
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    Smart Summon Home Screen “COME TO ME” Button?

    Had the same thing. Only was showing the update by searching for the tesla app.
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    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    I don't think they need an extra person. They just moved out one person from inside to direct cars to SC's for the middle of the day. It's clear that this place gets crowded in the middle of the day a few times a year, when people from LA and people from the Bay area meet in the middle. It's...
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    What's your top feature request that could be accomplished via software update?

    I want a small version of the backup camera on the lower left side of the nav screen, to always be on.
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    We had good renditions of the cars around us for over a year, what changed?
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    Supercharger - Las Vegas, NV (High Roller at LINQ)

    If you're using the supercharger, there's almost no way to even go gamble and get back in time to not incur idling fees. Now, if you're using the destination chargers, with no fees, that's another thing.
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    Supercharger - Pasadena, CA (LIVE 26 Nov 2019, 24 urban stalls)

    Shoppers Lane would be a good place for superchargers. Lots of fast casual dining that would be ideal places to eat while charging.
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    WTF with these SW updates??

    The guy who both does Beach Buggy and Advanced Summon admitted that he accidentally mixes them up once in awhile
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    AC odor removal and cleaning

    I have the smell right when I get in the car. But I turn off recirculate air, and it goes away pretty fast. Recirculate air comes on sometimes when it's on Auto. I wish I could not have it do that.
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    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    I’m assuming it’s ok to bring food into the lounge? Also, is anything closed here on actual holidays? No baristas?
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    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    What times was this when there was a line, and the people who got to Kettleman with no line, what time was that?
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    Supercharger - Kettleman City, CA (LIVE 15 Nov 2017, 24 V2 + 16 V3 stalls, lounge)

    I'm curious how crowded it is during Holiday weekends? The 4th was a bit different because it was a Thursday, but did it get full on Memorial Day? Maybe this Sunday will be a similar type day?
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    I park in an underground condo parking with no signal. I drove 25 minutes to work today, and when I put it in park the update showed up. So it downloaded while I was driving. This was a small one, but the idea that it needs wifi to update, or it will be way long too download on LTE is not right.
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    Firmware 2019.16 features

    I really wish there could be the same audio feedback for this, but I don't think it has that capability.
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    Firmware 2019.16 features

    After it's downloaded, and ready to install, do you still have to be on wifi to do the install?
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    Sentry Catches Burglary of ANOTHER Car

    Pretty soon people will want to park next to a Tesla in hopes of thieves not wanting to be on camera.
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    Multiple Sentry alerts

    I got so spooked I can't find it. It's somewhere. This was me parked right next to the exit lane at Universal Studios
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    Multiple Sentry alerts

    I think I win.
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    View TeslaCam Videos in Browser

    This is great stuff.
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    Firmware 8.5

    I was using autosteer. Tried many more times, but still nothing.
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    Firmware 8.5

    Has anybody noticed that it seems that the normal way you might hold the steering wheel while in autopilot isn't enough for NOA no confirmation. It makes me re-grab it or grab it harder.
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    What’s up with Tesla’s release notes?

    I meant officially. On tesla.com or in the app?
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    Taptes Wireless Charger Not Working After 2019.8.3

    I switched mine so one Taptes cord is plugged into a 1 side of a splitter, and the USB sitck is on the other side. Unseen benefit is, it's much easier to grab the USB stick to check on videos, then when it was plugged in directly to the car
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    What’s up with Tesla’s release notes?

    Besides here, and reddit, etc...is there anywhere else official to get the release notes besides the car?
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    Firmware 8.5

    Still not quite sure what the stoplight warning is supposed to do. I clearly should have gotten one today after going about 40 up to a red light, with noone in front of me. I also think the 5% is noticeable. Even the sound the car makes is different. Also, no range increase...
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    Firmware 8.5

    Mine actually broke with this update. I came from 5.15
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    Firmware 8.5

    Does anybody still not have the increased miles in 8.5, or just get it in 8.5?
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    No-confirmation NOAP is here for the masses!

    Just tried it. Pretty flawless. It sped up and slowed down as needed. I noticed that my last turn to get ready to get off the freeway, it showed it was going to turn maybe 1 1/2 miles before it did. You do need to have your hand on the wheel when it makes the turn.
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    Nav knows onramp closings

    Today it routed me the normal way, and the onramp was open.
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    Drive Thru washes, LA SF Valley

    Are there any confirmed drive thru washes that work well? I want to have place to do a quick cheap wash, if my car needs it, but there's rain in the forecast, or just don't want to wait an hour. It's been awhile that it hasn't rained at least once a week, where I don't want to pay $25 for my...
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    Supercharger - Fontana, CA (LIVE 29 Mar 2019, 24 Urban type)

    I remember hoping that this one would be ready for my trip to Vegas LAST JUNE Now I hope it's ready for my trip to Vegas this June.
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    Nav knows onramp closings

    So Monday I turn onto the street where the freeway onramp is, and the onramp is closed. So i double back and go to the next one. Tuesday my nav routes me to the other onramp. I think, is this because my normal onramp is still closed? Does it know it's closed? Today I kind of ignore the nav...

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