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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    IMHO the Radio/Music interface could be much nicer. what they have for Radio displaying the stations is extremely boring. They could make it look way cooler by copying some WinAmp skin and putting some equalizers that move on it....and give more space for the RDS text.
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    Financing Tesla vehicles in Canada

    Last year at this time I got 2.49% with Scotia thru Tesla. Some others got a bit lower. It really sucks that rates are going up, and it's just the start of it :(
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    2022.12 looks promising!

    Now they need to bring back the cards and enlarge some of the fonts. From what I see people have been asking for larger (or adjustable) font sizes for years, yet the trend is for Tesla to introduce smaller fonts and even make the colour of the fonts grey - harder to read. I hope for a...
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    Sentry mode viewer takes forever to load

    I noticed it got slow after the V11 update. Before that it was much faster.
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    Still hate v11

    I don't mind changes as long as they make sense. Many of them in V11 just don't. It's a step backwards in terms of usability and functionality.
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    Still hate v11

    It's designed by 20'something year olds that don't actually drive a Tesla or maybe even own a car. They were probably told to "simplify" and "de-clutter" the interface and that is what they came up with, without living in reality, doing any usability testing or anything else. "Oh it looks...
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    Garage Door Closed on Trunk of my Y right after software update.

    Yep that Cold Weather tip is a stupid idea - the fact that it comes up EVERY TIME with no way to prevent it from turning on again. What, so 7 months of the year I have to deal with this now? It's something I would have expected from a legacy automaker, not Tesla.
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    V11 questions

    Agreed. This just reinforces that they just made changes for changes sake. Maybe the Management said the goal was to "de-clutter" the GUI. So the software guys just say, "hey we can remove these buttons and put them all in a single screen". They did not THINK about these changes and the...
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    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Here is my take...I agree with many this in many critical ways is a step backwards: 1) Controls should be customizable on the bottom, just like Apps are. You should be able to place front/rear defrost, heated seat control, etc, on the bottom row. Removing them to a secondary menu when there is...
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    Sorry, I actually like the new UI :)

    Here is my take on the GUI. Nice update, but for sure room for improvement. 1) Controls should be customizable on the bottom, just like Apps are. You should be able to place front/rear defrost, heated seat control, etc, on the bottom row. Removing them to a secondary menu when there is ample...
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    Request for "Delay Air Conditioning Start for 30 seconds"

    Yes well it would depend on your situations. I have a busy family life with kids and you would be surprised (or not maybe) how busy you can get, thus the need to get things from the car unexpectedly (or not). I'm not saying it's every day.
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    Request for "Delay Air Conditioning Start for 30 seconds"

    I was wondering what anyone else things of this or if this happens to them. I park my Model Y in my garage every evening. It may so be the case that for various reasons I have to go to the car to get something. I forgot my wallet. I forgot my glasses. I forgot XYZ. Or you need to quickly...
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    Well mine started to get the stretch marks after only a few months...but it's only in that specific location. So likely due to wear and tear. But for the life of me I cannot find a seating position to get out of the Model Y without hitting that part of the seat every time. I've tried...
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    I don't think anything can fix the "stretch" marks though... :(
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    Ceramic coating interior white seats

    I have white seats in my Model Y. I notice I am constantly rubbing/hitting the part of the seat closest to you as you get in the driver's side. I have to push with my right foot "up" a bit to lift myself out of the car. I have not found a seating position yet that makes it super easy for me...
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    MCU & Screen reboot while driving

    I have a 2021 Y with about 3000 miles on it so far...never had my screen reboot. I'd have the car checked with Tesla Service.
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    2021 Quarter 2 Model Y Delivery Experience Discussion

    Let us know if your new car has the PPF and mud-flaps pre-installed. Some CDN deliveries in the last days have had both of those installed/included.
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    Standard Range in Existing Inventory all over U.S.

    Yes I guess hilly/mountainous terrain would make a big difference. Where I live it's mostly flat. We do get alot of snow, however. But many people drive without AWD and just have good snow tires.
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    Standard Range in Existing Inventory all over U.S.

    I don't know, just got mine in March. But from what I have read as long as you have a good set of snow tires on you'll be fine.
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    Standard Range in Existing Inventory all over U.S.

    My SR included the carpet floor mats, yes. Of course I swapped them out immediately for better mats being in a Northern Climate...
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    2022 Austin Model Y vs 2021 Fremont Model Y

    Are you sure? History tells otherwise. Look at the initial price of the Model S and look at the price now. Tesla has a history of cutting lower spec models, leaving only the higher end / larger battery versions remaining, which cost more. Model Y Standard range is a recent example.
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    Model Y test-drive experience (not a current Tesla owner)

    Just to chime in here, I do find the Model Y ride very precise and certainly harsher than other recent EV's I have had. What I mean by that is you will feel every crack and bump in the road, and you do feel "bobbly" at times. If you are after a smooth comfortable ride then the this car isn't...
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    Realizing that I have an oddball 2021 MY

    Why do you think it's an oddball? This was a typical build at that time. They changed to the new console on or after Feb 7th 2021. At some point in late 2020 (like perhaps December) they started putting in the heated steering wheel and double pane glass. Many of us has the same config as...
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    Model Y standard range actual range

    I recently took a 90 mile trip in my Model Y SR and it used 49% of the battery. This was mostly a highway drive with average speed of 70 miles per hour and light tail winds and about a 300 foot elevation advantage. Climate control was on set to 72F. Temperature outside was about 50F. That...
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    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    Ahh ok. So it was not a net new SR they would need to produce....you scooped up someone else's order! Gotcha. Enjoy! I'm loving my SR!
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    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    You are still able to order a Model Y Standard Range (off menu?) Different than what we've been told here in Canada, at least as of 3 weeks ago.
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    Vendor Floor Mats

    Just curious if you are accounting for the difference in the seat risers on the 2020 Y vs the 2021 Y? You may need separate (longer) mats for the 2021 Y driver side and front passenger side. I ran into this issue with 3D Max mats from tesloid.ca. They don't quite fit my 2021 Y. Too short.
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    Under car question

    Hey everyone. I was looking under my Model Y SR (2021) yesterday and noticed on either side behind the rear wheels there is a hole where it looks like a plug/bolt would go. But there is no bolt or plug there....is it the same on your Model Y's? Also, I noticed there are some pretty obvious...
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    SR available on Tesla's website

    I saw it and 10 minutes later it was gone..but it was up while this was posted for those 10 minutes!
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    SR available on Tesla's website

    There is a White/White SR on Tesla's website right now here: https://www.tesla.com/new/5YJY216_d4ae4cfa964f6a2dcfefa8d159249698?token=$2y$10$rUAi6tw.DHTUMtnhjE3i0uLD66loTneLh9/A1F0wQuQOBXHam6T4K&redirect=no Only one I found. Get it before it is gone! I have the exact same car (White/White)...
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    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    Unfortunately I never saw my window sticker....they removed it before I took delivery.
  32. D

    SR Y paper says 2 motors?

    Here is a photo from behind my Model Y Standard Range front wheel. I don't think I see a motor arm/shaft there.... Darren
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    SR Model Y 7 seater waiting room

    I have a SR Model Y and it has fog lights and rear heated seats and a heated steering wheel. I did only get one month of premium connectivity, yes, but the vehicle is otherwise identical to a LR minus AWD/front motor and cost, of course. Same tires too.
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    Picked up Model Y SR today 2/26

    Interesting my car is the same as yours (white/white SR), VIN 109xxx build date 1/21 and I also had the scratch on the tow hitch cover....mobile service is replacing it next week. I did have some additional issues - see my post in this forum, but they have since been resolved by a SC visit. I...
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    Mud flaps & Model Y

    Exactly. And I have kids...so the door sils were a must. I do feel alot better driving the car around knowing I have the PPF, especially the full front bumper, headlights, hood and door areas. I may do the full doors in the future too. I live in an area with lots of home construction so there...
  36. D

    Mud flaps & Model Y

    I got the Tesla Mud flaps, they are working fine so far. For PPF I got full front bumper, headlights, hood, mirrors, lower sides of both doors with a flare out like the Tesla PPF. I also did door sils and the small area at the trunk opening. I didn't do any of the back bumper...wondering...
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    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    Ok by 3/21 you mean? Because March 21st hasn't happened yet...unless yes Skynet is real :)
  38. D

    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    My VIN is 109xxx with a build date of January 21, 2021. Old console but everything else is there. I don't mind the old console. I even have the double washer nozzles on the wipers :)
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    California LR AWD Waiting Room

    Schedule Service through the Tesla App on your phone, upload photos, describe issues, etc ?
  40. D

    Took No-contact delivery today 2/6/21 vin104xxx

    Great to hear! My vehicle (VIN #109xxx) had some of the very same issues and also other issues and they were all fixed by my local SC. Check your steering wheel as well, mine was slightly off (to the right) when driving in a straight line and they have made it better but it is still not 100%...
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    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    I just picked up my Model Y SR last weekend, VIN #109xxx and it has the old console. It was obviously a car the Service Centre's already had in inventory, because I got it in about a week. Anyway, I'm ok with the old console. I did get the heated steering wheel, double pane glass windows, and...
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    Took delivery of my MY SR this past Saturday

    Picked up my White/white MY Standard today at Kitchener, Ontario. Staff were friendly and I inspected the car with my checklist before signing. I did find some issues but not nearly enough to reject it. VIN 109xxx. Old console with heated steering wheel. 1) some scratches on lower rear...
  43. D

    Any luck with recent Y SR orders?

    I ordered an "in stock" MY SR 5 seater (white/white) on Feb 26th. Offered delivery dates of March 2/3/4. I selected March 4. Got a call yesterday they don't have the car yet (it's beeing shipped about 100km from a different SC). Re-scheduled for March 6th. Hopefully that sticks. Vin 109xxx...
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    Scheduled Departure for AM Commute---uses more than saves?

    Are you plugged in overnight? I would have thought the car would pull the power from the wall, or maybe it's still not enough. Not sure if you are using L1 or L2...
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    White Interior Door Panels Are Going Away Soon.

    If I'm going to pay extra for a White Interior I like the original look better.
  46. D

    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Sorry to hear that. From what I am reading it seems these later VIN cars are actually worse in fit and finish/quality...probably they were rushing things for the end of year/quarter quota to be reached. Good you refused it. If enough customers refuse delivery maybe things will change... For...
  47. D

    Model Y ride comfort?

    Thanks yes...and it would be interesting to know if the newer Y's are actually less rough or not. So far this thread seems to indicate the Y is a fairly stiff ride, which for me is not good news.
  48. D

    Model Y ride comfort?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. If it's not worse than my Outlander PHEV then it is probably ok. Ideally I will test drive it first.
  49. D

    Model Y ride comfort?

    Hi, considering purchasing a Model Y....curious about how it rides over bumps and uneven pavement, etc.? I would get the 19" Gemini wheels as I have read these can be a bit softer than the 20" wheels. I do prefer a bit of a softer, comfortable ride. Right now I own a 2018 Nissan Leaf SL, and...

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