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    Hello From Poland

    Where are you? I was just in the Lodge (no Polish letters) area.
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    I was on the road.
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    The account is the experience that leads to the question. On the road I'm thinking I'd rather take the time rather than efficiency.
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    Is there a way to turn preconditioning off? Yesterday I did an errand on the way home which has superchargers in the parking lot, so I set the super chargers as my destination. I thought I'd charge for the 15 minutes I was in the store. Anyway the preconditioning really took a toll on my wh/m...
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    Chill Mode Extending Range?

    Does chill mode do anything for efficiency? For instance, if I'm in autopilot and the car speeds up. Will it speed up at a slower rate? (moderator note: post moved to this thread as it is on the topic that was asked)
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    Hi. I just picked up an M3. Does anyone have a list of available rebates? South OC, SDG&E. Thanks Bruce
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    Master thread: Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    Picked up the M3 LR white yesterday. Very pleased with how everything went. Very minimal panel gap issues one or two dust nibs, not on the surface paint but on a return surface, such as on the return surface of the charging door. The door needs to be open to see. My biggest gripe is the door...
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    Windex with vinegar

    So I have some windex with vinegar. Is there any reason I wouldn't use this to clean the exterior of the windows. It's a windex product so I have to assume it's very dilute. I probably could check the concentration but haven't yet.
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    Just got my pin

    Delivery scheduled for the 27th.
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    Just got my pin

    When might expect a delivery date?
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    Current wait time

    Does anyone have a feel what the current wait/delivery time is for a M3 LR, white, Black interior. I ordered 2/20/21. Thanks
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    First California Vehicle Registration Renewal

    It;s tp make up for us not paying a gas tax. In the great words of the guy leaving. If you don't like it leave.
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    Tesla Insurance Experience Being the Not At Fault Driver

    Why wouldn't you have contacted the at fault insurance?
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    Frustration with Lack of Superchargers/CCS adapter

    My 2014 S came with an adapter I could use to use any other charger. It was in the glove box. Newer cars don't have this?
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    free supercharging when buying used

    Exactly what happened to me 220,000 miles and a kid hit and totaled me. I struggled with this also for the same reasons. I ended up getting a car from Tesla's used inventory. There was no question what I was getting and in the end I felt their prices were reasonable. From the web site choose the...
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    Internet radio

    My question would apply to any vehichle but I have an S so I'll post here. Anyway I have one internet radio station that started to fail to load a month or so ago. In the past, along time ago I seemed to recall resolving the issue by deleting the station from my list then calling it back up. I...
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    (Southern California) Tint Shop

    There's a great shop in OC around the 5 and 55.
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    30kw charge speed all stalls full 116 degrees

    May not even be 150 KW's. What's the rating of the site?
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    Question on 2018 Model S differences between months

    Personally if I were you I'd look at Tesla's used car inventory, I've found their pricing to be reasonable and you know for sure what you're getting.
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    Thinking of selling some of my shares, undecided

    I recently sold 100 of 300. When it corrects I’ll put it back in. I bought it because I got a car and felt they were on to something. I did invest though.
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    Used Model S

    Go to Tesla's web site and check out the used inventory. You can't go wrong.
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    Will it see stop signs etc.?
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    Based on the following what am I getting for an update? Parts Received ASY,HARN,HW3,RETROFIT,MSMX Part #: 1507950-00-A Delivered: July 3, 2020 Parts Outstanding ASSY,AUTOPILOT.ECU,3.0, MSX-FUSED Part #: 1655000-70-I Order Date: June 26, 2020 Ship Date: Pending
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    Free Unlimited Supercharging

    You go to Tela's web site look at the used inventory and choose unlimited supercharging as a filter. I jus bought a 100D with it.
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    Demo car vs custom order?

    My 1st Tesla was a demo/fleet car. I was very happy with it.
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    Regen causing unintended acceleration, according to new study?

    Didn't read the article. I've been driving Tesla's for 6 years and never had an issue.
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    Zapped while charging new Model Y?!

    Did anyone say "take this car into service immediately"?
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    Question about the manual

    I believe for sure the one in the car. But I really don't know. Sorry.
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    White interior

    No one has a white interior they maintain?
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    White interior

    "Recently purchased a 2017" implies bought used. I probably wouldn't have ordered it this way, but it is "growing" on me. Where are you by the way. I grew up in Braintree.
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    White interior

    Hello. I recently purchased a 2017 Silver 100D. Got it from Tesla, unlimited super charging and full self driving capabilities. Any way, it has the white interior that is really starting to grow on me. Please share what you successfully use to clean the interior. Thanks
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    How long does the Used Tesla buying process take?

    I'm picking the car up today. I put the 100 bucks down last Sunday.
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    Close to pulling trigger on 2018 MX (not sold by Tesla)

    I would get a used one from Tesla. Then there's no question on what you're getting.
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    Insurance Settlement question

    It's your money to do with as you wish.
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    White interior

    Thanks guys. If anyone else has any impressions please share.
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    White interior

    Thanks. These are in fact a man made product, so no leather conditioner etc. etc?
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    White interior

    Hi. Recently my 2014 S was totaled. I personally can't go back to ICE, the Tesla experience, for me, is irreplaceable. Any way I've been in the used car market and after realizing that the free super charging option can be pretty precarious as well as the cars themselves coming from re sellers...
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    Has anyone replaced their 12V battery yet?

    Mine came in around 120000 miles. You have to replace it. If it dies the car dies. I had Tesla replace it. It was expensive as I remember 259 bucks or so.
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    Unlimited supercharging on used cars

    Did this yesterday.
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    Unlimited supercharging on used cars

    I'm considering purchasing a 2016 S 90D. Is there a 100% way to determine wether the supercharging will follow the car?
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    Head lamp

    I forget. The tech package is nav etc.?
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    Head lamp

    My drivers side head light goes out after some time I want to replace the bulb. Does anyone know what bulb makes up the head light?
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    Tire pressure

    The recent update claims you can now view tire pressure. Do you need a specific hardware version for this? My car is mid 2014 I have not been able to find the tire pressure displayed anywhere.
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    Fix your door that won't open

    Does anyone know a source for the pre wired pair of switches?
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    Front door window

    I was really hoping that someone who knew what they were talking about would answer. Maybe latter.
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    Fron door, door handle module

    For those of you who've removed the module how did you get at that one at the top rear that's basically behind the window? I have the top trim off, I'm sure if I used a box wrench I could get it off, but getting it back in I could imagine a lot of frustration.
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    Front door window

    I'm not sure your bird is in the know. When the window is down the front clamp is behind the speaker. I took the speaker out and the clamp is there. There's no bolt and it's not clear what really secures the window.
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    Front door window

    Has anyone ever removed the front door window. I'm trying to do a fix on my door handle module and it seems it would be so much easier to get at a troublesome bolt if the window were removed I see a rear clamp with nut but for the front part is it just friction fit? That doesn't seem right...
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    Door handle module

    So I only scanned, but I didn't see where you remove the door handle module. Did I miss something?

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