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  1. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Amusing how the all the Bedford planning board members, even reps for the proposed service center, dance around naming the company. For now, guess the only officially sectioned "T" word is "Tenant"...... As my wife was quick to read in the fine print, this is what's written on the border of each...
  2. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-15 - SLC-40

    As well as another awesome landing. The booster video feed stayed crisp and steady, from the start of the landing burn thru touchdown on the deck of JRTI.
  3. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Axiom Mission 1 - LC-39A

    Not at all surprised by this report. From the first introduction of Ax-1, I had the sense that the crew was trying too hard to legitimize their presence on the ISS. They immediately rejected the label of 'space tourists'. Only real astronaut wings would be pinned on this crew....Not trying to...
  4. Nikxice

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing developments

    He said, she said....Boeing versus Aerojet, putting blame to Starliner's sticky fuel valve problems. Also, apparently this is not the first time for Boeing's Commercial Crew project...."The feud with Aerojet is not Boeing's first Starliner subcontractor quarrel. In 2017, Starliner had an...
  5. Nikxice

    Charity bet #5: First Starship Booster Intact Landing

    Going long with a prediction here. The first Super Heavy to be successfully grabbed by Mechazilla will be a sight to behold. Until that happens, further rocket iterations and/or environmental impact delays could possibly eat away months for this still unflown booster. Charity wise...thinking...
  6. Nikxice

    New Charity Bet: Date of first time Starship reaches orbit.

    Congratulations to @adiggs! Today (5/6/22) was supposed to be the first successful launch of an orbital Starship. Apparently Elon and the FAA didn't get the memo. Technically, I have up until 5/19, but we all know that ain't gonna happen. adiggs, feel free to name your charity. Thoughts for...
  7. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Crew 3 - LC-39A

    Today, just after midnight in the Gulf of Mexico, a successful Crew-3 splashdown and recovery. Would also note that with this flight and the recent splashdown of Axiom-1, SpaceX has demonstrated perfect reefing of the four main chutes. No laggards!
  8. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Crew 4 - LC-39A

    Axiom-1 is scheduled to splashdown today at 1:06pm EDT. Coverage will start about 12 noon on spacex.com or their YouTube channel.
  9. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Speaking of avoiding NH tolls, this old photo came to mind. A Signature Red hitting the quinella in Hooksett. No tolling around with early adopters using FUSC. Classic! ;)
  10. Nikxice

    SLS - On the Scent of Inevitable Capitulation

    I think future projections of NASA launching SLS once a year will prove overly optimistic. Whenever Boeing seems to get one hole plugged, eventually another area springs a leak.... If this thing were a ship, it'd already sunk to the bottom. First posted here two years ago by @e-FTW, this Eric...
  11. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Here's a yahoo news link to that article. When a board member makes the statement, "We need a charging infrastructure in this country, and I think the companies that are making and selling electric vehicles need to step up and provide charging stations to the public", it reflects a lack of...
  12. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    So, it's "unfriendly" for this proposed Tesla Service Center to not supply car charging? Sheer ignorance on the part of the Bedford planning board. Hope next meeting someone reminds them about the number of gas pumps available at the Jaguar Land Rover dealership across the street.
  13. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    Actually that credit goes to my wife. She picked up on the print when zoomed in on one of the pdf pages. While I was in the weeds, she was reviewing the site plans for species of trees and plants. Part of Tesla's Bedford site landscape proposal. She's ordering her MYP this year. Been following...
  14. Nikxice

    Service Center - Bedford NH

    The left border on each of the 25 pdf pages state, "Tesla Concept Design/Production Drawings".....Would love to see Tesla push to start the project soon. They could also save a few bucks by avoiding overwinter site stabilization work, required after October 15th.
  15. Nikxice

    New Charity Bet: Date of first time Starship reaches orbit.

    There's only one chance for a possible tie.... on 5/5/22. After that the math only works for me until 5/19/22. Can always hope that Elon is sandbagging the launch timeline!
  16. Nikxice

    “ it was 20 years ago today…”

    Interesting that SpaceX lists 3/14/02 as their founding day. Suppose sharing it with Pi day makes it harder to forget. When I was deciding on a Starship orbital charity date, I checked into SpaceX's founding anniversary. Last year, sources on the always reliable internet :rolleyes: displayed...
  17. Nikxice

    Delivery to southern New England Woes

    If you're in CT, you probably already know about their archaic dealer franchise laws that forbid direct sales from Tesla. Still, your delivery issue is the same as every new Tesla vehicle owner in CT, ME, NH, VT. The only realistic option to pick up your car is to get to NJ. ME, NH, VT are still...
  18. Nikxice

    New Service Centers Coming To The Northeast!

    So the efforts from thugs at Hoffman Auto Group, while facing a weak kneed East Hartford, CT Planning & Zoning Commission, have successfully squashed the proposed Tesla Service Center at 300 Connecticut Blvd. The town denial comes close to a year after Tesla had received unanimous approval. They...
  19. Nikxice

    Starlink and Ukraine War discussion

    I'll cut Scott some slack here. He works full time, plus has a busy family life. He doesn't rely on income from YouTube, in fact has given a large chunk of it away. Despite a hectic schedule, the guy is always looking to take on more. For over a decade he's shared his knowledge of rocketry...
  20. Nikxice

    Starlink and Ukraine War discussion

    Dave Lee does a nice job summarizing Elon's recent tweets related to Ukraine and Starlink. Concerning possible cyber attacks/signal jamming, perhaps only half-jokingly Elon indicates this war is a good Q&A test for SpaceX. It's typical of Elon to act on behalf of the greater good of humanity...
  21. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-8 - SLC-40

    Weather in the booster recovery area has pushed the launch to Monday. Now targeting 2/21/22, 9:44am EST.
  22. Nikxice

    SpaceX investor's thread

    For years I worked for a large, private US transportation company that split shares of stock many times over decades. Ironically, since going public 20 plus years ago, we haven't seen any splits....Once private Google and Facebook are a couple other recent companies that split before going public.
  23. Nikxice

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Somewhat relevant to the charity bet. Elon did mull over Eric's question concerning hardware readiness for the first Starship orbital launch attempt. Assuming the FAA gives the thumbs up, Elon indicated both should be ready about the same time, in a couple of months. I'd interpret that to...
  24. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    Yes, plus the sun angle was in the goldilocks zone for grabbing those visuals. Sunset had occurred just 10 minutes prior. With ground cameras shooting from the shadows, the vehicle trajectory appeared to remain in direct sunlight well past MECO.
  25. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    Yes, the visuals at MECO were fantastic! That’s the first time I can recall seeing a ground camera pick up the solid orange heat signature from the second stage vacuum nozzle.
  26. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - CSG-2 - SLC-40

    Yup. The Hold was called out at T-33 seconds. Apparently the Coast Guard tried, but couldn't reach the cruise ship inside the red zone. Will try again for Monday, believe they're still looking at a 24 turnaround....Boy, these three tightly scheduled launches are becoming quite the clusterfleet...
  27. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.5 - 4-4 - SLC-4E

    At least the east coast can now avoid the Oh Dark Thirty get up to watch!
  28. Nikxice

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    I'm sure those workers knew what they had signed up for. Except for a few, most probably won't will spend their entire career at SpaceX. Imagine, to have that experience listed on their resumes..... priceless.
  29. Nikxice

    First details of starship's first orbital test flight!

    Reposted the conference video here. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/falcon-super-heavy-starship-general-development-discussion.101390/page-70
  30. Nikxice

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    This link should work. It's only missing the first few minutes. Elon began by rolling a video of familiar Starship scenes.
  31. Nikxice

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Elon seemed relaxed and animated with the Zoom format, especially during the Q&A. He mentioned there'd be maybe 12 to 15 Starship test flight next year. That sounds like plenty of iterating will be happening during 2022. Quite optimistic about future success, but he's less certain that the first...
  32. Nikxice

    First details of starship's first orbital test flight!

    Elon will be discussing the latest Starship developments tonight, 11/17/20. It's a virtual meeting, hosted jointly between the Space Studies Board and the Board on Physics and Astronomy. Elon's scheduled between 6:00 - 6:30pm EST, the last speaker on today's calendar. Other than giving Tim Dodd...
  33. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.5 - 4-1 - SLC-40

    The fog surrounding the base of the F9 made for a spectacular morning launch! Worth rewinding, first indication was the plume of exhaust rising rapidly out from the flame deflection tunnel. The ASDS landing was nominal under clear skies. Video freeze, hope SpaceX can eventually develop a...
  34. Nikxice

    NASA Announcement for the Moon

    Surprised this thread has been dormant for almost a year. Ironically, the gap might coincide with the extra months Bill Nelson just added to the first human moon landing attempt for NASA's Artemis program. No surprise, 2024 is now off the table. Poor Jeff Bezos, his wasteful HLS lawsuit against...
  35. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Crew 2 - LC-39A

    That was an an interestingly slow inflation of the fourth main chute. Not surprised the two commentators held off mentioning it until they had more information. Watching live was kind of a "what the heck?" moment. At least someone promptly gave them the word it was still a nominal inflation. I'm...
  36. Nikxice

    Supercharger - Tyngsborough, MA

    We'd be happy if Tesla delivered under a parking lot kiosk at the Jordan's Furniture nextdoor. Our MY order awaits. Throw in a chocolate chip cookie and we can say screw to MA and the road to/from NJ!
  37. Nikxice

    New Charity Bet: Date of first time Starship reaches orbit.

    Very interesting. The once promising 2021 launch picks are almost eliminated. The tide has shifted, giving new life to those with 2022 entry dates.😉
  38. Nikxice

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    Listening to Bill speak after landing, very happy he had this opportunity to clear the Karman line. He was emotionally uninhibited sharing his experience. Unfiltered too! I was watching the BO live feed and became frustrated they offered nothing but happy talk concerning the two countdown holds...
  39. Nikxice

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    Also, the launch webcast link. According to BO's recent Twitter post, NS-18 is "now targeted for 9:00 am CDT / 14:00 UTC due to forecasted winds at rollout."
  40. Nikxice

    SpaceX - Auctions, Artifacts and Memorabilia

    Here's an interesting item recently listed on ebay that was consequently removed by the seller. A SpaceX M1D Merlin Engine circuit board (listed as an Engine Controller), with a starting bid of $500. Not known if it was flown or unflown, but the listing states the mounting pads show signs of...
  41. Nikxice

    Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) SpaceX and Boeing developments

    Great news for some frustrated NASA/Boeing astronauts! Hoping nobody gets pushed out further by astronaut Ballast Bill. The same exploitive guy who once said NASA shouldn't be run by politicians.
  42. Nikxice

    Blue Origin - New Shepard

    From a much needed PR perspective, Shatner launching on a BO rocket is probably as good as it gets. Milking his romanticized 60's Star Trek experience and 90 years on the planet will make for a compelling event...Bill's original 1957 Sputnik era toupee probably won't be featured, but would be a...
  43. Nikxice

    NASA wants a new Astrovan!

    This might work. A sleek combination of modern and retro. Future benefit, by the time SLS is finally ready for human spaceflight, NASA will be able to order the refreshed version!
  44. Nikxice

    Watch: SpaceX to Launch First Flight Crewed by Private Citizens - I4 Launch Thread

    Lucky location for capturing Inspiration 4 this evening in Charleston, SC. With the sun highlighting plumes of exhaust, both stages nearly transit the waxing gibbous moon. The video appears to begin right after stage separation. From a profile perspective, it's quite breathtaking to observe how...
  45. Nikxice

    Watch: SpaceX to Launch First Flight Crewed by Private Citizens - I4 Launch Thread

    Looks like it's posted below SpaceX's link to rewatch the launch. Not much detail, but can now see it crossing the US, having almost completed it's first orbit. SpaceX
  46. Nikxice

    Watch: SpaceX to Launch First Flight Crewed by Private Citizens - I4 Launch Thread

    I think the answer to lack of major media coverage is primarily due to the lack of interest in these 4 individuals. Branson and Bezos are well known personalities and the general public wasn't very familiar with their rockets. No Musk, no Milky Way TV. SpaceX has already demonstrated human...
  47. Nikxice

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink V1.5 - 2-1 - SLC-4E

    SpaceX just put up the video link. SpaceX
  48. Nikxice

    Wiki Falcon Super Heavy/Starship - General Development Discussion

    Imagine with only 2 entry/exit points engineers could probably mitigate Boca Chica tunnel flood issues. Before last night's flood, NYC probably wishes they had already implemented this giant airbag plug solution...
  49. Nikxice

    Virgin Galactic

    With this hand flown rocket ship it's just a matter of time. These pilots were faced with having to make quick decisions, best left for automation. It won't be the last time. I've sooo wanted to short VG stock. I've come around to conclude that attempting to profit at the expense of human life...
  50. Nikxice

    Blue Origin: Future Plans

    This news falls under BO's future plans. Further confirmation that Below Orbit is living up to it's suborbital name. They're partnering with Estes Industries to produce a flying model rocket, 1/66 scale of New Shepard. Jeff also can't resist trying to compete with Elon's sense of humor, pricing...

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