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  1. Pricedm

    Coolers for long weekend/week in trunk

    @Watts_Up I removed the subfloor, was able to load cooler. Will be a bit cumbersome when cooler is loaded. Confirmed 17.5 inch cooler height. Picture with cooler "stuck" is when subfloor in-place, prior to removing. Picture of loaded cooler with rear seat in "passenger" mode. @Ther0ck yup I...
  2. Pricedm

    Coolers for long weekend/week in trunk

    My 17.5 inch tall (specs say 18") RTIC 52 cooler is about 1/2 too tall to fit in the Model 3 trunk opening. Based on printed specs, looks like the RTIC 45 would fit.
  3. Pricedm

    Bad delivery experience

    Did you use the kits from North Tints | Precut Window Tint | Precut PPF Kits or...? thanks
  4. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    You're in the higher mileage subset with >40k miles on the stock tires. I had 24,500 with minimal hard acceleration events; all four tires were down to 2 - 3/32. I had a $1,200 quote from Tesla service center 4/2022 for stock Michelin tire replacement. Kinda interesting the cost variance...
  5. Pricedm

    Do you use a windshield sunshade?

    I have a Covercraft UVS100 custom-fit sunscreen. Cost was around $80. Folds up and fits between trunk and trunk liner (Tesla/ WeatherTech). I also found a all-glass cover on Amazon, which I use when sleeping in the car. Have not tested for heat reduction. This item is out of stock, but I bet...
  6. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    Yes....DIY tire rotation (easier than dumb oil change!) to balance out the torque wear on the rear tires. I rotate tires every 5k; takes 15 minutes at home with a decent floor jack and cordless impact wrench. Discount Tire = Tire Rack = Tires.com are the same company. If range (plus improving...
  7. Pricedm

    "I rented an electric car for a 4-day road trip." -Fox Business Article

    how about email her directly? [email protected] I am impressed over the amount of research you put into this effort. Unlike Ms. Wolfe.
  8. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    Discount Tire had a $70 and $110 discount on Pirelli tires, including these, the week around Memorial holiday. Maybe again for July 4th...? But yeah, Michelin sale seems to be every month. I haven't seen any other discounts.
  9. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    100% agree. I only have one 150 mile mountain drive on the Pirelli A/S Elect, so watt/mile consumption is "too soon to tell." But initial data shows similar or less w/m compared to OEM Michelin. Road dynamics are significantly better with the Pirellis.
  10. Pricedm

    I Ordered a Taycan

    Agree. Buttons, switches, and knobs....must be a German car. No thanks!
  11. Pricedm

    Cabin camera broken

    I had this repair done under warranty, so no info on cost. Here's the part numbers: ASY,HARN,GLASS 1068787- 00-E ASY, SECURITY CAMERA 1098383-00- G
  12. Pricedm

    I Ordered a Taycan

    I realize this thread is predominantly Taycan v Model S, but for USA drivers, I'd also consider Lucid Air. If "luxury performance" was my desired car, I would probably get a Lucid Air. Faster than Taycan (speed, charging, range), more 2nd row interior room than most cars. I was really looking...
  13. Pricedm

    Autopilot Takes Curves Dangerously?

    Lane "centering" is an interesting problem to solve. I get a bit frustrated with FSD Beta driving either too close to parked cars on neighborhood/25 MPH streets, moving into the gutter for right turns (WTF!), and yes occasionally non-FSD Autopilot struggles with non-constant radius road curves...
  14. Pricedm

    Taking delivery of a Austin-built model Y on 6/14 at 1:30pm.

    @ColoDave is your delivery at the Aurora CO delivery/service/sales center or...? I'm certain a lot of locals would enjoy taking a look
  15. Pricedm

    Tire replacement shop near Portland, OR

    Tire Rack now has the Pirelli available, if you don't have local tire shop availability. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=P+Zero+All+Season+Plus+Elect
  16. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    I'm getting a set of Pirelli A/S Elect installed 6/10. Will update here with energy consumption, etc. once I get some miles on.
  17. Pricedm

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    "2) People say M3P get worse range because it has a more aggressive rear motor..." Not the case. Early Model 3 LR AWD and Model 3P have the same exact rear motor-- 980 model. There are multiple threads on TMC talking about the various rear motors on the Model 3 variants. Hardware...
  18. Pricedm

    Tesla 2022 Model 3 Tires

    Tire specs at https://www.hankooktire.com/us/en/tire/kinergy/gt-h436.html 235/45R18 - (there are five listed, each with different "Material Code" All show Max Load(lbs.) 1477 Load Index 94 UTQG - Tread Wear 540 Material Code 1031546 --> Foam Y (so this is most likely what is on the Model 3)...
  19. Pricedm

    Thoughts on adding additional support to a bike rack to overcome the 120 lbs weight limit?

    @akacaj Thanks for doing the calculations....very informative. If I were carrying 4 bikes, would use a vertical solution....doesn't extend back from the rear of the car as far. https://www.1up-usa.com/product/recon-rack/ https://yakima.com/products/hangover
  20. Pricedm

    Thoughts on adding additional support to a bike rack to overcome the 120 lbs weight limit?

    Tongue weight = assumption of a trailer being used. Weight on tongue is supported by trailer wheels. Hitch rack = cantilevered load. Hence the note from 1UP: Note: For 2” Super Duty Double, with addition of two Add-Ons (sold separately), this rack can hold a maximum of four bikes when all...
  21. Pricedm

    Tire replacement shop near Portland, OR

    If your bias is towards range, check out the Pirelli P Zero All Season Elect. If your bias is towards "all season" aka some snow, check out Michelin Cross Climate. If your bias is towards "performance all season" check out Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 Discount Tire in Salem, OR has/can...
  22. Pricedm

    Need advice on 2020 MSLR tire replacement

    Summer tire, 20 and 21 inch sizes only at this time.
  23. Pricedm

    2021 Model S hit by bus

    Dang that sucks. Lots of threads here which discuss "diminished value" and how to add that to the insurance bill. I assume other driver is at fault and their insurance will cover the repair. Good to hear your car is already at Tesla approved body shop. And as others here will say, don't...
  24. Pricedm

    What's the fastest way to start a CCS charge session?

    Thanks for that tip. From the Electrify America mobile app: Account > Payment > Use Your Phone as a Pass > Add to Apple Wallet
  25. Pricedm

    Other Owners in Wyoming?

    Hello from Colorado. Seems like WY front license plate law is similar to Colorado: front license plate be mounted horizontally on the front in the location designated by the manufacturer Well, the Model 3 and Model Y don't have a "location designated by the manufacturer" which can...
  26. Pricedm

    Anyone have solar other than Tesla solar?

    @roblab who connected the panels to the grid? I could do panel install and low-voltage cabling. Connecting to grid...seems a big step. thanks
  27. Pricedm

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    Yes....My Model 3 alarm activated from a thunderstorm, and from loud exhaust system on ICEmobile doing a "rumble-athon" drive thru a parking garage. Vibration-triggered alarm.
  28. Pricedm

    Tires Designed for EVs

    FYI - Discount Tire is having a sale thru 5/26 on Michelin (frequent $110 off sales occur) as well as Pirelli ($70 off - first time I've seen in at least six months). Other tire brands (Continental, $70 off) are on sale as well.
  29. Pricedm

    Need advice on 2020 MSLR tire replacement

    FYI - Discount Tire is having a sale thru 5/26 on Michelin (frequent $110 off sales occur) as well as Pirelli ($70 off - first time I've seen in at least six months). Other tire brands are on sale as well.
  30. Pricedm

    Model 3 struck by lightning 3 times in one day?

    From those 1.21 gigawatts of power!
  31. Pricedm

    Need advice on 2020 MSLR tire replacement

    I'm going to try the Pirelli P ZERO All Season Plus ELECT. Has noise-canceling foam, 50k treadwear, designed for EVs. Probably similar ride characteristics as the OEM Michelins. A more performance oriented tire: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season.
  32. Pricedm

    Model S 19” Wheels and Tires from 2018

    PM sent. thanks
  33. Pricedm

    CHADEMO adapter worth it for summer road trip through Canada, USA? (CCS not an option, older 3)

    Chademo could be worth peace of mind, and then sell after the trip. Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter & CHAdeMO Adapter Plan on 10 days from order to delivery
  34. Pricedm

    Service, Sales, and Delivery center. East Denver online 5/22

    Tesla has a new service, sales, and delivery center off i70/ Peoria ST in east Denver. Opened early May 2022.
  35. Pricedm

    The Golden Hotel Destination Charger in Golden, Colorado

    Confirmed. I've used it before, when I deliberately arraigned a business meeting to occur at The Golden Hotel, specifically because of the destination charger. Ask the front desk to activate it for your use. There are also multiple locations for City of Golden free public chargers close by...
  36. Pricedm

    Disposing of a car with a dead battery

    I might be interested in this project. Will send you a DM.
  37. Pricedm

    Random Roadster Sightings

    I was at the Littleton CO service center 5/17, walk-in parts order for my Model 3, and saw a technician parking a silver colored Roadster (#800-ish). I casually asked him about white Roadster #1112. It was--and still is--in for service. Parts recently arrived, and it should be back on the road...
  38. Pricedm

    SpaceX F9 - Starlink Group 4-13 - SLC-4E

    I'm tempted to take my Starlink hardware with me on upcoming "boondocks" off-grid camping trip, so I can connect to YouTube and watch. Pretty cool now that Starlink offers portability on a month-to-month basis.
  39. Pricedm

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    Thanks for this info; I find useful, as I'm considering a refresh Model S. Looked at a 4/2022 build date, appearance was impeccable.
  40. Pricedm

    FS Half Price Model 3 Aero Wheel Covers

    DM me with your mailing address, I will get an estimate. Likely will use UPS, possibly DHL, if I can figure out their website for non-commercial accounts. Thanks
  41. Pricedm

    Help with Model 3 FSD/camera issue?

    I would contact your service advisor--again--and ask they re-evaluate. I had my 10/2018 in for interior camera fault recently. Windshield wiring harness was replaced (Feb). Driving home from service visit #1, issue continued to be present. On follow-up visit, wiring harness was again...
  42. Pricedm

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    @mr-dmitry is your car scheduled for service?
  43. Pricedm

    Powering CPAP in MY

    For my dad to be able to do off-grid camping (7 day whitewater river trip) his set-up is a Goal Zero 500 battery, Goal Zero folding solar panel, and Philips 12v DC power supply (links below). The battery would power the CPAP for 2-3 nights with humidifier, before needing solar recharge. If your...
  44. Pricedm

    Refreshed Tesla Model X issues: frozen camera, brake fault, high voltage system fault, etc.

    @mr-dmitry "That's why I fully support those states that forbid Tesla to sell their cars directly to the customers." Thanks for letting us know what's really going on. For me, this explains your language of "...A severe accident leading to severe injuries or death may occur..."
  45. Pricedm

    3 Unintended Acceleration events when parking my Tesla S P in my garage.

    @gajafl There are too-frequent incidents where driver hits spouse "assisting" with parking, as spouse/assistant "helps" with parking. Driving isn't a team sport. You don't need "ground control" like large airplanes do, when taxing to the gateway. Please-- parking is not a team sport...
  46. Pricedm

    New Service & Sales Center: Superior, CO

    @b_ran_don thanks for recent photo.
  47. Pricedm

    Service Experience in Denver

    Excellent. My car was in last week for a minor warranty issue. Great communication from the service team. Lead time for appointment--maybe two weeks. Since my issue was minor, I didn't really pay attention to this aspect. When I picked up my car, one of the techs gave me a tour of a Plaid S...
  48. Pricedm

    Tesla runs into a PLANE while summoned

    Hey, neighborhood kids left it up, what was I going to do? Summon-ahoy! And yeah, I wasn't going to risk denting my hood with that thing. Maybe TMC can go-fund me for 4 pool-noodles for additional "height" testing.
  49. Pricedm

    Tesla runs into a PLANE while summoned

    Thanks for the laugh! "I only test with objects costing >$3m, so...PASS."
  50. Pricedm

    Tesla runs into a PLANE while summoned

    Here’s a quick test I did. Neighborhood kids set up this limbo pole, so I couldn’t resist testing Summon. My Model 3 appropriately stopped. Once I removed the horizontal pole, car proceeded with appropriate caution. IMHO seem dumb to experiment with an expensive car if you can’t see it, as was...

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