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  1. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Sorry we haven't had time to post anything lately! We've been really, really busy but we promise to have more content soon. We did make a fun video on our other YouTube channel that is Tesla related, in case you've ever wanted to see an adult squeeze into a tiny car :)
  2. Jool

    My best autopilot commute ever after firmware update

    Looking forward to trying out the new Autopilot tweaks when I head out of town tomorrow morning! Autosteering has been pretty well-behaved since the last few updates, but I'm curious to see how they've tweaked the TACC.
  3. Jool

    Is it possible to recolor wheels?

    Thank you! Yes that is my vehicle :) It's just the normal black Plasti Dip with a couple coats of the graphite metalizer sprayed on top. Looks pretty good and is totally reversible! Expect to see some damage to your Plasti Dip work if you have your Tesla aligned. Mine have some ripped bits from...
  4. Jool

    Regular 90D 0-60?

    If anything, the 85D/90D will have more consistent performance off the line and in general thanks to the dual motor all wheel drive. The grip on this car is insane! I think the P85 would have difficulty depending on road conditions, while my 90D can put down power in almost any situation.
  5. Jool

    Your thoughts on Pearl White

    The loaner Tesla in Pearl white that I had for a week didn't have any yellow cast to it. Lovely color - much nicer than the standard solid white :)
  6. Jool

    Regular 90D 0-60?

    Yes, that's the fastest I've seen the 90D listed at. It's definitely very quick! I've had a P85D loaner on a couple occasions and while the P85D is faster from a dead stop, they feel very similar past 50mph or so.
  7. Jool

    The Most Insane/Futuristic Tesla Model S Tuning I have seen !

    Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. :eek:
  8. Jool

    "Secret Sauce" power upgrade coming - beyond Ludicrous

    I recall seeing that video popping up in my recommended videos feed. Looked like click-bait to me. The fact that it was taken down just solidifies my stance on that.
  9. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Sorry, was over in Vegas all weekend so I didn't see these posts until now! Yes, still very happy with the tint and service there at Monumental Workx! It was really great meeting you guys, I'm always happy to help out with whatever I can! And yes, we should totally get our cars together for a...
  10. Jool

    Cautionary Tale - Buying a used Tesla from a used car Dealer

    The dealer needs to take the car back and give all the money back to your friend. That car sounds like a huge disaster.
  11. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Put together a quick Autopilot video while I was stuck in a load of traffic last weekend. Check it out if you're interested!
  12. Jool

    OMG - Supercharging standard in all Model 3's - wowsers

    Definitely sounds like the Autopilot hardware and associated safety features come standard, but convenience features like the adaptive cruise and auto steering will probably be a paid upgrade. As for the supercharging, it sounded like they'll all come with it for free. But it's a long, long...
  13. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Sorry for the lack of updates, been really busy and also really sick! Here's a short video with my thoughts on the reveal of the Model 3:
  14. Jool

    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    Exactly. The San Diego supercharger is just in the Qualcomm corporate parking lot - no real way to set up a nice organized line without blocking access to parking spaces or entry into the lot.
  15. Jool

    Rage at a Supercharger Station

    I've never had any serious issues at the San Diego supercharger, only had to use it a few times coming back from out of town. But it can get pretty busy around lunch time and after people get out of work. Mostly local chargers, if I had to guess. Still, no reason to fight over a freakin'...
  16. Jool

    Those who switched from a muscle, sports, or performance car to a Tesla...

    The instant torque of the Model S' electric motors blows away the feeling of pretty much every vehicle I have ever been in. Handling-wise, the Model S does pretty well especially for its size and weight, but I wouldn't call it sporty. But I wouldn't consider something like a Camaro a handling...
  17. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Always happy to help! Hope you love your tint as much as I love mine!
  18. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Cool! We'll try to get there a little before 11, have some other things to do that day but we don't mind showing off the tint for a bit :)
  19. Jool

    secondhand factory center console installation

    Oh man, I wish I had seen this way earlier. I installed my center console by myself and had to figure it out too! You basically just have to remove the lower tray and yacht floor and the console should slide in pretty easily. I didn't use the screws either, it feels very secure as is!
  20. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Hmm, will have to check with the girlfriend if she's down for Mexican food (she's picky) but I think we can at least stop by that area to show off the tint :)
  21. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    I'm waaayyyy down south but depending on where you are I could drive closer to your area. Don't want you spending money only to end up hating it! Won't have time until the weekend but let me know how your schedule is and we'll try to figure something out.
  22. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Wow, that is waaayyyy too expensive! My Spectra Photosync was about half that price, including Photosync 75 on the front. Speaking of the front windshield, I haven't had any clarity issues with the tint. I'm sure it isn't perfect compared to the stock windshield, but I spend a lot of time in...
  23. Jool

    Two more Model S's with more hardware spotted.

    I recall seeing a photo of a test car with a similar big red button on the dashboard, plus what looked like sensors all around the wheels. The self-parking option for Autopilot was released months afterwards. Man, the wheels in the old photos were messed up!
  24. Jool

    Fell asleep using Autopilot - admission from a Model S owner

    It's very possible to nod off when driving normally or with Autopilot on. But I would much rather have Autopilot covering my back instead of likely veering off the road or into another vehicle. If you're that tired, pull over and stop please! I would hate to see anyone get hurt.
  25. Jool

    vinyl wrap covering sensors

    I was planning on asking this exact question! I want to wrap the nosecone with vinyl but wasn't sure if the wrap would affect the ultrasonic sensor performance.
  26. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Hey guys, sorry I was out of town and couldn't check anything on the forum! Bert is right, I went with 55 on the sides and rear since I didn't really want the dark look on my car. They have 35 too if you prefer the windows to look darker. All my communication with Monumental Workx was with Theo...
  27. Jool

    Autopilot 2.0 test hardware sighting?

    Very, very interesting. The LIDAR pucks on the side mirrors look a little too well-built to be made by a random third party. But the car seems to have regular plates, not the manufacturer plates you normally see on these test cars. Exciting stuff :)
  28. Jool

    used p85/p85+ vs used 70D

    I find that I use Autopilot way more than the speed of my 90D. If the Autopilot features interest you at all, definitely go for that 70D over the other options!
  29. Jool

    "Car may shut down unexpectedly" on a highway

    Wow, how scary! I'm really glad you didn't get hurt during any of that. I've heard of people having issues with the 12v battery but nothing like that...
  30. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Our first travel-related episode is up! We checked out the soft opening for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, it was great!
  31. Jool

    What are the limits of the current Autopilot hardware?

    I don't think lane changing will get much better due to the lack of a dedicated rear camera and rear radar. Without those, the car would have a very difficult time detecting vehicles coming up in other lanes.
  32. Jool

    AP -- Improvement So Gradual That You Hardly Notice, Until ...

    For me, Autopilot has been massively improved over these past months. Off the top of my head: -Camera detects lanes marked with just reflectors now -Handling of curves is much smoother -Lane centering is tighter -Traffic-aware cruise control accelerates and stops more smoothly Good stuff all...
  33. Jool

    Isn't it about time. . .

    Testing 7.2 right now. The car makes me waffles during my Autopilot commute. They're alright.
  34. Jool

    Long trip soon after delivery, any tips?

    It does? Hmm I'll have to check that out! For me, the trip planner tends to be a bit optimistic with travel times in traffic, so I just assume it takes more energy than what is stated. I prefer to be safe rather than sorry, especially with the way Southern California traffic is at times :)
  35. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Sorry for the delay in posting a new video, busy schedule and bad weather (yes, rain does happen in San Diego sometimes!) slowed things down. But here's an overview of Autopilot along with a demonstration of it on the freeway! I'll have some neat content from my travels soon.
  36. Jool

    Long trip soon after delivery, any tips?

    I always keep a buffer of at least 20% more miles than what I would need to get to my destination. It helps account for traffic, elevation changes, headwinds, and other things that sap range faster than normal. I keep my speed at 70 to 75mph, unless I'm zooming through the desert to get to Las...
  37. Jool

    Steaming Only: No Model 3 reveal event invitations sent out

    I received an event invite in my email today too! Hopefully I get in :)
  38. Jool

    Need Window Tint Recommendation in San Diego

    Monumental Workx did a great job putting Spectra Photosync on my car. Love it!
  39. Jool

    90D Range slowly declining

    I remember my 90% after delivery was about 256.
  40. Jool

    A Bad Idea, Whose Time May have Come

    Hmm, I dunno. I do love my Model S, but if I were in your position I'd probably reconsider. Kids are super expensive! I have no children so my monthly expenditures aren't nearly as high as other people :smile: I would say hold onto that Prius and drive it into the ground until the Model 3 is...
  41. Jool

    Tales From The Tesla - New YouTube channel

    Hey guys, is there still room for another Tesla-related channel? :smile: We'll mainly be focused on travel and neat places to go in the Tesla, although I'll also touch on some of the technology of the car as well. Right now I only have the channel trailer up, but expect lots of great content...
  42. Jool

    Real-world range anxiety - first experience!

    Sorry to hear about your experience! Those headwinds are a serious range killer. I've found that lowering my speed has the biggest impact extending range. Turning off the cabin heater helps a lot too! I wouldn't bother with turning off things like the center display or seat heaters, those don't...
  43. Jool

    90D Range slowly declining

    Just checking in again. My 90% charge went from 242 to 246/247 in the days since receiving the latest firmware update. Not sure if it's the software or rising temperatures here, but I'll take what I can get!
  44. Jool

    Feasible to get California to spend $ maintaining lane markings better?

    Totally agree with Caligula, as much as I'd like to have better lane markings in certain places the potholes are much worse. Seen a few that look like they'd eat the 21 inch wheels for breakfast *and* lunch! In my experience, the lane markings have been fine for the most part anyway. There's...
  45. Jool

    When Do You Open Your Roof?

    Love having the panoramic roof open for low-speed driving around sunny San Diego! But having it open on freeway drives just doesn't work for me - too noisy. Mainly got the roof for the added light and open feel that it gives the cabin, but enjoying the weather via open-roof driving is nice too...
  46. Jool

    Radio Flyer makes a Tesla Model S for kids

    I am so tempted to order one of these and squeeze myself into it.
  47. Jool

    Advice/feedback for an (atypical) prospetive buyer

    The speed of the 90D is more than enough to impress the average person. But if you're really into performance, the P90D would be amazing to own. The P85D loaners I've used felt so much faster than my 90D, I can't imagine what a P90D with ludicrous mode feels like. And totally agree with the...
  48. Jool

    Extended Service Agreements No Longer Transferable?

    Wow. If this is true, what a horrible decision. No way I would own this vehicle without a warranty. Private party sellers just got hosed :frown:
  49. Jool

    Is it possible to recolor wheels?

    Plastidip works great, as other people here have mentioned!

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