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    Tesla Aftermarket rims and tires. Company supplying rims/tires posted pre-COVID

    Yes. Ordered a set of 19 inch rims. My 22’s got 37k miles so they were not bad. Just time for a new set of shoes Thanks, T

    Tesla Aftermarket rims and tires. Company supplying rims/tires posted pre-COVID

    People posted about a company run by Tesla enthusiasts that is selling tires and rims. I want to purchase BUT I lost the thread. I noticed it sometime about the start or just pre-COVID-19 pandemic. I want to buy their 19" rims with runflat tires for my 2017 P100D. I absolutely want runflats...

    MPH speedometer wanted

    It is am standard Lotus Elise/Exige speedometer IIRC

    The way to open Roadster trunk by Force

    I just used my key when the 12 V battery was dead.

    Do you own an eBike/eMTB being an X’r? Do you think ebikes are ok?

    I built my own E-bike folding suspended mountain bike. The advantage is it is not a recognizable brand and the battery can be worn in a knapsack, hiding what I am really riding. Placing plastic "hub caps" over the spokes can camouflage the rear motor, if you need. You can say you did it for...

    I want to sue Tesla..

    Maybe provide more details and less emotion? Just saying you're angry and want to sue provides absolutely no basis for any of us to be anything but cynical.

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    OMG!!!! Now I will need to swap the driver's wheel to the other side!!! Seriously, the design is left/right neutral to my eye, and I'm not sure why the link says that. I'm super happy with this as it is small enough for me to see a better view through the front windshield while it gives a...

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    Just installed my new rear view mirror. Small, adjustable, and way better than stock. Purchased from: Micro Mirror (Sector111) RHD. [Link posted in May 2020, for future reference when link "goes away" and/or product is no longer available.] Also installed OVMS recently. What an amazing...

    What have you done to your Roadster today (or lately)...

    Well, other forums have it, and I think that now that our vehicles are classics and require modifications and upkeep, we should have this type of thread also. What have you guys been doing to your Roasters? What upgrades? What maintenance? What repairs? This thread will allow you to boast and...
  10. TOBASH

    What are some place in Bay Area to try out Ludicrous Mode?

    I just got a disagree thumbs down from Dechidus for my post urging caution with a loaner vehicle that should not be used to speed around side streets. Perhaps Dechidus should treat the victims of trauma from automobiles injuries like I do as an Orthopaedic Surgeon prior to encouraging others to...
  11. TOBASH

    What are some place in Bay Area to try out Ludicrous Mode?

    Are you asking us on a public and searchable forum where you can potentially illegally drive "in excess of prudence", in a car that does not belong to you, on side streets? 0-60 MPH is best checked at an hour of light traffic at a highway on-ramp. Driving on side streets at that speed is an...
  12. TOBASH

    Where’s the rumor train?

    Rumors..... I’ll start one. ESP computer interface to allow mind control of car functions. No longer need to hold steering wheel. Glove compartment will contain a Aluminum Foil helmet to block mind waves for those who opt out. Seriously guys... predicting Elon Musk is like trying to...
  13. TOBASH

    Charging the Roadster

    I placed the car at 22 amps on 220 Volts. Will the sheets stay balanced this way? I always used the 110 V to keep sheets balanced, or was I mistaken? Thanks, T
  14. TOBASH

    What is a BSM Fault? What is going bad?

    No no no. Jason has the Golden Fleece and was with the Argonauts
  15. TOBASH

    Charging the Roadster

    In the Summer and in the Winter, is it best to keep my Roadster 2011 2.5 Base connected to a 220 Volt charger OR the 110 Volt charger?
  16. TOBASH

    Help! car won't charge

    Take a picture of the plug on your 110 Volt charger to see if it is "GCFI". We need a picture of the 110 Volt side and not the Tesla Roadster side. Post the picture here on this thread. If it is GCFI, the plugs go bad and require removal of the GCFI and replacement with a standard 30 amp 110...
  17. TOBASH

    What is a BSM Fault? What is going bad?

    BSM Faults 283 and 287
  18. TOBASH

    Extended warranty

    I for one will purchase the warranty. 5k is cheap compared to a battery or rear motor failure. I made the decision last month and am awaiting the Summer to sign up so the COVID19 curve is lower. IMHO....YMMV
  19. TOBASH

    Help adding stock subwoofer to 2016 X

    There are a few videos from guys in California who do stereos on MS and MX models. They have vids showing how to disassemble a dash and such. You should find the vids that were linked to on this site and consider trying to contact them to do this job for you.
  20. TOBASH

    What is a BSM Fault? What is going bad?

    My safe word is “stay on topic”
  21. TOBASH

    What is a BSM Fault? What is going bad?

    wiztecki had this issue years ago. I may have previously had it and it was supposedly fixed IIRC
  22. TOBASH

    What is a BSM Fault? What is going bad?

    OVMS has paid for itself... I was wondering why I was in storage mode BUT the charge fell to 83%. Roadster was plugged in using 14 gauge extension cord and 110 Volt Roadster charger with GSM delete. It is raining and about 60 degrees OVMS was not allowing me to turn on charge or swap charging...
  23. TOBASH

    Power Steering

    I’m happy you’re happy but this is not for me. EDIT - I think the thing is really a cool idea, just it is like $3K. But it sounds like you're really happy. I Thought about this upgrade BUT decided that for the minimum benefit of easier turns at low low speed it would be best to invest in a 3.0...
  24. TOBASH

    WTB...Looking for rear lights and light frame assemblies Right and Left...

    Thanks. Appreciated, but I have a set. From him actually. Best, T
  25. TOBASH

    New Roadster owner

    Are you sure that's not a picture of me when I was doing it earlier this month? Same method. Same socks. ;)
  26. TOBASH

    Power Frunk DIY Installation.

    My repairs are Winter temperatures related and I postponed my appointment until warmer temps hit and I can sit outside the service center and not inside due to COVID-19 fears. On the phone Tesla Service would not commit to an answer regarding this front trunk device.
  27. TOBASH

    Catastrophic Failure @ 1k Miles

    This falls into the catagory of "major" issue according to Lemon Laws. If they keep your car over a month or you have more issues, you can insist Tesla honor the California Lemon Law. My former vehicle was a BMW X6M package. First three weeks it had three flat tires (Pirelli Runflats SUCK), and...
  28. TOBASH

    Is it true CHAdeMO adapter can damage Roadster battery pack?

    I just spoke to the staff there at QC, and the CHAdeMO is NOT designed to handle CCS-Combo protocol. They are considering making an add-on that will attach to the CHAdeMO device, but they explained to me that CHAdeMO and CCS use different communication protocols that are not compatible. Best...
  29. TOBASH

    is it normal for the clunk noise from rear when accelerating/deaccelerating

    My 2011 2.5 base. I'm not aware of a clunk in mine, but I listen from the inside of the cockpit and not while standing below while she is on an automotive lift. When I am parked on a grade and release my handbrake I am aware of a clunk as the car backs up and hits the transmission lock out...
  30. TOBASH

    Is it true CHAdeMO adapter can damage Roadster battery pack?

    Please tell me how to access CCS protocols. I would ask Tony, but Tony is away right now. He told me he was going flying but I was told there may be another more sad reason.
  31. TOBASH

    Lost My Tool Pouch

    Time to place a "TILE" on my pouch. If I were you I would drive back and canvas the area.
  32. TOBASH

    Lost My Tool Pouch

    Pete Gruber collects totaled Roadsters. Perhaps he has one.
  33. TOBASH

    Catastrophic Failure @ 1k Miles

    This forum only works if we as a group accurately post and describe things. Sensationalizing things will make posts and the forum itself lose relevance. Think what you will. Click on disagree if you wish, but we as a group need to be accurate or else we might as well not even bother. This was...
  34. TOBASH

    Review - ShowerCap Rain/Dust cover and daVinci Art Print

    Where I live, by the ocean, that would immediately blow off and become airborne. It needs tiedowns IMHO. Also, It will over time catch dirt and leave tiny scratches.
  35. TOBASH

    Catastrophic Failure @ 1k Miles

    With all due respect, the OP's use of the word "catastrophic" is not appropriate, despite what he or you might feel. adjective adjective: catastrophic involving or causing sudden great damage or suffering. "a catastrophic earthquake" extremely unfortunate or unsuccessful. "catastrophic...
  36. TOBASH

    Fabrication Usb Extension - Wireless Charger

    I bought a 5 dollar lightning conversion adapter and my iPhone 8 Plus charges and connects to the radio just fine. I will fashion a simple plastic clip to hold it in place with a heat gun and scrap plastic. Wireless chargers would require that I wear a tinfoil helmet to prevent my thoughts from...
  37. TOBASH

    Catastrophic Failure @ 1k Miles

    P.S. - Catastrophic failure is battery fire. Catastrophic failure is brake failure causing serious accident. This is just about your car stalling out in a parking garage. Glad you're OK. Please don't use language that implies loss of life and limb.
  38. TOBASH

    Catastrophic Failure @ 1k Miles

    When my 12 Volt battery failed I had similar symptoms and similar warnings. A lead became corroded. They tried to blame me saying I drove through a flood. There was no flood and I insisted that they go through my logs to prove there was no puddle and no driving off the grid or in weird places...
  39. TOBASH

    Time for a new (used) SUV but think budget prohibits MX

    If you beat up a robust vehicle like a 2013 X5 to the point where it can't last another three weeks, you will have your @$$ kicked by the Range Rover. Buy a Ford F-150 or a Jeep or a GMC or Denali and stop kidding yourself. A Model X is not for you. I think your goals and understanding of what...
  40. TOBASH

    Replacing the 12V aux Battery

    OVMS on my app requires me to click on the image of the trunk lid in order to "wake up" the temperature sensors.
  41. TOBASH

    Replacing the 12V aux Battery

    Yes, they closed the border to prevent illegal Canadians from returning to Mexico. ;) Thanks for the part numbers!
  42. TOBASH

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Yes. There absolutely is.
  43. TOBASH

    stupid question but do all tesla model x have ludicrous mode

    I just noticed that on my Tesla App the P100D is underlined. I guess you can just look at the app and tell if someones vehicle has Ludicrous mode. I never noticed the underline on the car or on the App... LOL
  44. TOBASH

    4x service and not yet 7 months. Anyone tried filing lemon law?

    I believe you only have 6 months from purchase. COVID-19 might give you leeway to file ASAP. If it’s a lemon, make it go away. It needs to be three major issues in NY State. Not sure about your state.
  45. TOBASH

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    What they contracted to do and what they can actually do are separate issues MarkJ. 18650 batteries are no longer available and they need to engineer a work around or there will be legal repercussions. Apparently they are in violation of USA car manufacturers mandate to provide parts at least...
  46. TOBASH

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I do not have that contract NOR was I made aware of it at the time of purchase of my vehicle and warranty. I will of course forward to my attorney BUT either way, my 3.0 is not yet available and I don't want to jam up the process. By the time I get this upgrade, I wonder CHAdeMO will be gone in...
  47. TOBASH

    Roadster clear coat carbon fiber parts for sale

    You should go to the top of this thread and read the post from the OP.
  48. TOBASH

    Roadster clear coat carbon fiber parts for sale

    I believe he wants to move his existing CHAdeMO so as not to cut the carbon fiber part he just purchased. It is common to install the CHAdeMO chargers for Roadsters in the rear diffuser.
  49. TOBASH

    Does anyone regret their purchase?

    I bought my P100D Ludicrous when they were priced much more expensively in 2017. I like my car. I would NOT go back in time because I needed the car when I bought it. I think I will be keeping it until 2025. By then it will have paid for itself. Make a decision, accept it, and don't look back...

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