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    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    24.5k on the odo- dusty south most of the time - so the filter could well be clogged
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    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    Thanks guys - if anyone else needs the links - here is the Tesla how-to for the DIY filter replacement: https://www.tesla.com/en_GB/support/do-it-yourself-model-3#replace-air-filter ...and the parts (you need x2 @ £15 each): https://shop.tesla.com/en_gb/product/model-3-air-filter Anyone who...
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    Anyone had to recharge the aircon yet?

    Guys, My Dec 2019 M3 doesn’t seem as fast to cool. Used to be instant - now it seems hard to encourage to get going on Auto. I seem to have to set the temp lower too. Does it in the end ultimately. I was thinking “another SW update stuff-up’ - but it might be a more conventional recharge is...
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    Powerwall versus Givenergy batteries

    @Darreno - what was the lead time you managed to get for fully up and running? GivEnergy seemed to be August+ stock at the distributors as of a few weeks ago - and I’d assumed Powerwalls would be worse - but interesting to gauge. Thanks.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Times are Local Time - whatever your clock says. If you’re on “Octopus GO” - 0030LT.
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    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    @PITA/@RedMod3 - do you mind me asking what external compressors you have paired with those and how noisy/big they are? Thanks. I looked at a relative’s large external Samsung unit recently (air-to-water) - and once I got more than three or four metres away - I was thinking the local...
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    Car dropped to offline & has SOS error

    App couldn’t wake the car remotely earlier today here - late afternoon- had to go out. First time that happened. Fine now. Suspect servers too.
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    Supercharger routing to avoid waits

    Last weekend I noticed charger occupancy updates on the nav were only happening infrequently - perhaps only when I clicked the Supercharger ‘info card’ up. Data seemed ‘sticky’. Not sure if real or imagined. If real - would explain what you saw….the Long Wait was just old news.
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    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    1st April original rumour vs 1st May in-car display date: I’m going to be optimistic and assume my car’s Premium is being paid for my Leaseplan on a monthly basis - hence it is good until the 1st May now after the first monthly payment. I’ll know how correct that is if/when it rolls over to the...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    No bump-stops at Ferrybridge either (nice not to have to use slow/Parking Eyed Scotch Corner this evening).
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    China Model 3 Recall - faulty inverter

    I wonder what makes it Chinese market specific given import vehicles pre-Shanghai are involved?
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    Powerwall versus Givenergy batteries

    Can the Tesla Gateway 2 and/or app coordinate the solar/car to charge the car without grid or battery draw during the day? i.e. only with excess solar. Two different scenarios I might want to coordinate (1) the above - wanting the car to suck in excess solar during the day once the batteries...
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    Tesla app 4.7.1 slow to connect to Powerwall and car.

    Yep - same here. No PW to compare - but it seems to take an age to wake the car now from my phone (IOS). Feels like it’s been like this for months from my perspective. Didn’t use to take this long. Wonder if it’s a trade off to lower battery losses in some way.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Other action in that area - not necessarily Superchargers. Next to Scotch Corner and separate from the Designer Village (and its likely slow chargers): https://documents.richmondshire.gov.uk/civica/Resource/Civica/Handler.ashx/Doc/pagestream?cd=inline&pdf=true&docno=1701584 It’s a new filling...
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    Powerwall versus Givenergy batteries

    GivEnergy has the ability to supply emergency power when the mains goes down - needs a dedicated socket wiring-in: https://kb.givenergy.cloud/assets/EPS%20Configuration%20v2.pdf#viewer.action=download Looks like you can also manually island your house to power it. Also - in the same area I...
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    Powerwall versus Givenergy batteries

    Guys, In that EVM video (or the related one on his channel) - he says that the GivEnergy setup can solar divert to HW or his Tesla (might have been future tense - that it soon should be able to). I went looking around and can’t find any clues as to the mechanism or any marketing literature...
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    Intelligent Octopus

    (Quote from another thread - this one is more relevant for my question though) Does this mean I can be on IO and stop Octopus scheduling my charging? Do you lose the extra (otherwise normal-rate) slots at the cheap rate outside 2330-0530 as a result? I tend to charge my car only on nights...
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    Leaseplan - Unfair Charges for Excess Wear and Tear

    Did they charge the amounts in the BVRLA guide? I did wonder when reading that if companies adhere to those numbers. I have two kerbed rims and a car park door dent to look forward to - wondering what the total might be. Which bits did you get accepted as fair wear and tear?
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    PSA - Make sure that you use manual headlights in poor weather

    I’d be happy with an auto setting at this time of year that means ‘come on all the time when driving - like a Volvo’. My car seems to be getting the auto judgement call wrong quite a lot (with the light sensor being up in the windscreen cluster, and up being quite clear - can’t see a better...
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    Long delay replacing Model 3 Windscreen

    Just curious if anyone knows if this is a UK only, RHD or global shortage even affecting the US.
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I’d love to know when I arrive at a >= 50% busy v2 which stall would cause least aggregate annoyance to paired users given where they are in charging. Found a half-full can of drink in the middle of the nearest Woodall bay at the weekend. Nice try at dissuasion whoever that was in the adjacent...
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    3LR charging issue

    Hi Hash, I have Go - but I’ve never used my wall-box’s timer functions. I’ve heard too much about buggy interoperability problems on both the Tesla and wall-box side of things. What I do is just set the Tesla to charge at 0030 - then add 4x10% to the current charge percentage as the limit for...
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    Tesla M3 boot mat design change

    Slightly off-topic: I’ve a boot mat in my 2019 M3. Have there been any changes to the boot that mean when I come to swap it for a newer one - I’m better off leaving it with the car? Or will it fit newer ones just fine. I’m guessing my frunk mat’s 50/50 given the changes there.
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    Model Y UK Delivery

    Does that involve just listening to Country Music?
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    Back end slipping/strange for some owners

    It’s not rained around here for a while - my car looks a right state - and it’s ages until its biannual wash. If the roads have the same layer of greasy surface film/muck as my M3, my summer tyres don’t stand a chance at five degs….
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    Can we have the Wh/mile odometer "card" back please?

    +1 I miss both cards
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    As we all know - the world can’t have enough Designer Outlets…so I was overjoyed to hear from my local relatives that Scotch Corner was getting one…. (Existing Supercharger red scrawl circle, Outlet to left) Works start on the 7th (electrical first I hear), so if you see stuff happening, now...
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    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    I think it a scandalous lack of imagination that after all your years providing excellent ship tracking services to their customers, Tesla didn’t dispatch a small car transporter boat up the River Avon to Amesbury to recover you.
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    Rear view camera stuttering

    Lodged a service request for this (just to promote them fixing it soonest). Didn’t think it was fit for purpose/thought the display misleading in the supermarket car park this morning. Video stuttered, and it was only the ultrasonics that saved me - and I don’t think I reverse fast.
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    Windscreen Scratch

    Mine’s a lease car. No idea what the fair wear and tear guidelines are for windscreens off the top of my head - but there’s a pdf guide available on the web somewhere from the leasing industry body. Also shows the recommended charges. I bet my car-park door-ding is more expensive than your...
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    Windscreen Scratch

    I noticed some light scratches a week or so after collection. They really stood out on the otherwise perfect glass (mostly when refracting sun, like yours). I have a feeling they originated in a sticker the detailers had left on around the bonnet-line, and I’d lazily not removed by then. If the...
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    Wiki [UK] V11 UI Changes and Features

    I was cautious in adopting - waiting and following this thread - which set my expectations low, and gave me a fair few work-arounds for fogs + wipers etc (thanks all!). Watched two videos: an overly-positive v11 walk through by someone who effectively said you were doing it wrong if you wanted...
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    Tyre Damage

    If you replace it, you’ll forget it within a week. If you don’t, every time you hit 70 on the motorway, Dirty Harry will appear in your imagination, and ask you, “Are you feeling lucky today, punk?”.
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    Wi-Fi will not turn on - Can't even access the connection settings.

    @katic: yes I get/got the T. Didn’t pay attention on the last upgrade though. Rebooted and ran…so behaviours may have changed. Never tried it - but can’t you two thumb-wheel boot the infotainment system whilst driving? Booting any driving systems while underway would be daft - so for the ‘all...
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    Wi-Fi will not turn on - Can't even access the connection settings.

    Rightly or wrongly - I’ve never held the buttons and brake for any longer than it takes for the screen to blank.
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    Wi-Fi will not turn on - Can't even access the connection settings.

    It’s like the Tesla SW devs are deliberately trying to wrong foot us with arbitrary small changes….
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    Wi-Fi will not turn on - Can't even access the connection settings.

    If I do a two-button/brake reboot - I get a black screen for a while (exact duration varies I think - 1-2 mins tops) - then the T logo for a shorter while - then the map tiles load/things are back to normal. Total time 2-3 minutes I would say. I wonder if it panicked in some-way when you last...
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    Wi-Fi will not turn on - Can't even access the connection settings.

    Probably just being a pedant - but you’re doing two buttons plus the brake aren’t you? Just two buttons on their own reboots the infotainment stuff in my understanding. I know WiFi should count in that - but who knows! I always do the full works e.g. after an update to clear any other...
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    Clipped a curb this week

    As per Sparkeur’s advice - kerbing the near-side alloys is a monthly affair in my house (the tyres do not protect the rims). The 18” Aeros lend themselves to.a 2 minute touch-up paint job - which I do when I notice. Anything equivalent out there for yours perhaps?
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    Off to Kwik-Fit…

    Thankfully neither puncture fully deflated the tyre. This week’s took it from 42 to 34psi in ~22hrs. I didn’t need any of the gear I carry.
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    Off to Kwik-Fit…

    This week - picked up another foreign body - in front tyre this time….another replacement….sigh. Am well versed in getting the pucks into the jacking points for the fitters now though. Helps to make sure they use them right. Nothing for 20 months then two in short succession in different...
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2021 Megathread]

    As you run through the quote process there’s a para on the assumptions they make: one assumes you or your spouse or, or, or a lease company own/are the registered keeper but note the docs will show it is you. I then called them up once I had paid and asked them to note on the policy that a...
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    Have you switched to British English?

    I find it pretty good for Spotify as well - but I don’t rate it for control of wipers/lights/carling. Weird as the range of things to match against for Spotify most be so much larger.than relevant car command words.
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    Tyre pressure alert this morning - all values the same?

    Workaround: Get the wiper card up first using the wiper icon - then swipe the card. No spinning car.
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2021 Megathread]

    p.s. Once you go down the ‘cancel auto-renewal’ process-script with DL they ask ‘is there anything we could do for you on the price of the renewal?’. So - if you’re not comfortable with Peugeot - get their quote, and call DL up to cancel the auto-renewal before buying Peugeot….and give them the...
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    Insurance New Vehicle [2021 Megathread]

    Bought my Peugeot insurance on the 24th Nov - got an immediate email (Your Car Policy as subject, as opposed to the numerous Your Car Quote emails during quote process - confusingly similar looking emails, so easy to delete accidentally). Documents came today on the 2nd Dec - so nine days for...
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    Voice Commands

    Say ‘call’ like Andrew Lincoln/Rick says ‘Carl’ in The Walking Dead, the hammier the better. Carl Maaytt?!
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    Computer temperature causing fan/pump to stay on

    Sentry works on a continuous record to USB model from what I read here - check the flash drive is playing nice/try another?
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    Computer temperature causing fan/pump to stay on

    I know I’m teaching you to suck eggs - but a brake pedal/thumb wheels-reboot would clear a rogue process mining bitcoins…Elon doesn’t really need them anymore since his share sales. (i.e. is a process/subsystem is in a one-time funk to make a cooling demand happen?) p.s. you must try harder to...
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    Server Error 500 and what options to avoid potential issues

    Isn’t it weird that it was a HTTP/500 error - and 500 are being reported as locked out. Crappy non-news article - so I wouldn’t trust the hack involved not to conflate things - 500 down detector complaints != 500 locked out. Probably a handful of people really at most.

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