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  1. J

    Anyone coming from a Pilot?

    I had a 2014 Pilot before my MY. Surprisingly if you're not using the 3rd row, the 2nd row Y has more leg room than the 2nd row Pilot.
  2. J

    Model Y Roof Rack Whistling Sound

    the whistling stopped after taking the roof rack off so it's definitely that and not the damaged windshield. At least it's easy to install/remove. Will just be using as needed going forward.
  3. J

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Would it just be easier to buy new cameras and DIY replace? Can you just buy new cameras and DIY replace? It seems this should be a plug and play fix with almost no risk for around $250 for both cameras.
  4. J

    Model Y Roof Rack Whistling Sound

    I just installed my Tesla Roof Rack on my 2021 MY 7 seater. As luck would have it immediately after installing it I drove to work and a huge rock hit my windshield resulting in a hole, I heard a whistling noise at ~40 - 60mph which I attributed to the damaged windshield. Got the hole repaired...
  5. J

    Another price hike with EDD in May !!!

    I'm glad I got the $49,990 and $8k FSD pricing. Unreal how the price has increased by $9k since mine was delivered in March.
  6. J

    Wiki MASTER THREAD: Actual FSD Beta downloads and experiences

    Is there a setting with no speed based lane changes and do not exit out of passing lane? Beta seems to ignore NoA settings.
  7. J

    Safety Score

    I hit 100 at 7:30 cdt on Friday. 970 miles driven. No FSD beta yet :(
  8. J

    60% Daily Charge

    +1 for Teslamate. You can set it up on a free Google cloud instance as well. Works great! Here's one of the visuals from one of the many dashboards. I followed these steps and it worked perfectly: How to setup and run TeslaMate for free on Google Cloud - TeslaEV.co.uk
  9. J

    Missing Games / Latest SW Version

    My software was on that same version when I picked up 2 weeks ago. I've seen posts that it can take a couple of weeks to get initial software updates. I submitted a service request and my service center pushed the latest software update that night (2021.4.12)
  10. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Forgot to post about my delivery. Received car on 3/13. Overall it was great, I got to experience the lows and highs of Tesla service. Exterior and interior was flawless but had an issue with the 2nd-row seat sensor not detecting the seat was latched. Ended up being a loose sensor wire. I...
  11. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    My delivery on Saturday was eventful but ended up great at the end. Got to drive a ~2017 X for the day and have to say I like the Y better. My Y is now at home, no issues, and I got free Tesla all weather mats and 2 diecast cars for the kids for the inconvenience. It's a great car
  12. J

    Which do you prefer - old center console or new center console

    What I really liked about the new console is that it fits and charges my Note20 Ultra with the case on. I couldn't even fit it on the old console. I also have the abstract ocean sliding tray which is nice. Slides out of the way and hidden when not needed.
  13. J

    If I place order today, will I get the new console?

    Good to see, mine is vin 1316xx with build date of Feb 24. Picking up tomorrow and was hoping for the new console.
  14. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Highland Park IL
  15. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Ordered Dec 2019 but modified my order a few times in 2020 and added FSD in November 2020.
  16. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Delivery scheduled for 3/13. Can't wait!
  17. J

    Model Y and Model 3 Refreshed Center Console Tray Set

    I ordered one yesterday with screen protector and pedal set. Now I only need a Y! (Eta 2 weeks)
  18. J

    Model Y and Model 3 Refreshed Center Console Tray Set

    Has anyone tried the sliding abstract ocean tray for new console? Sliding Center Console Tray for Model 3/Y (2nd Gen Console)
  19. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    woke up this morning to a vin! 131,6xx! LRAWD / MSM / Black Int / 19" / Tow / FSD / Chicago area
  20. J

    Model Y SR gone from options and LR dropped 1K?

    Msm, black int, gemini, tow hitch, Chicago area
  21. J

    Model Y SR gone from options and LR dropped 1K?

    I ordered dec 2019 with fsd added in Nov 2020
  22. J

    Model Y SR gone from options and LR dropped 1K?

    Has anyone's LR w/FSD price been reduced by $1k? Mine still has the same as of tonight.
  23. J

    MY with new console spotted today

    Anyone know if the new console wireless charger is bigger (taller) than last Gen? Will a note 20 ultra with case fit?
  24. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    I wonder if I can get the 1k price drop and keep my lower fsd pricing. Emailes SA to ask for lower price, will see what they say
  25. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Congrats! Still waiting for a vin with my December 2019 reservation. No ETA even. Did your account have an ETA posted before the vin?
  26. J

    $7000 Tax Credit in 2021 - retroactive?

    I'm expected to take delivery in 2 - 3 weeks. I'm hoping there's more info out by then on timing. I'd wait on taking delivery up to 3 months to get the credit. I'd think now that this info is out people are going to hold off on buy EVs so hopefully that will get them moving this bill through...
  27. J

    MY with new console spotted today

    Sweet, I heard the new console has a better wireless charger. Hope the Note 20 Ultra fits!
  28. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    I added FSD in November when I still could for $8k
  29. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Got an email from my SA saying my current delivery estimate is first week of March. Still not showing anything on my account page. Ordered 11/2019. MSM, Black int, Gemini, tow hitch, fsd, pickup in IL
  30. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Same, ordered 11/2019...
  31. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    I wish deliveries happened by order date. Seeing orders from this month getting Vins while my Dec 2019 doesn't has me anxious. I get the whole region and spec differences but I just want my car lol
  32. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    Where are you all seeing a delivery estimate? I'm not seeing one on my account page.
  33. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    My SD advisor said there's no vin or ETA yet for my build. In midwest, MSM LR AWD, black interior, tow hitch, 7 seater w/FSD. I'm also waiting on my tradein quote but chances are I'm using Carmax. Anyone know if they wait to give a trade-in value until a vin is issued?
  34. J

    7 Seat Model Y (Video)

    Yup, my wife is 5'3" and have 2 small kids that are out of car seats so this will work great for my use case. Not for those with a tall family though I'd imagine.
  35. J

    Why I'm Not Opting for Full Self-Driving

    This is my first Tesla (waiting on 7 seat model y delivery). With the advances I've seen in the beta videos and my probability of keeping the car for 8 years I paid for the $8k FSD. We'll see if it was worth it. I'm also a techie that likes playing with the latest and greatest tech toys and...
  36. J

    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I really want the new console design comes but I've been waiting for my 7 seater for over a year. Not sure if I want to postpone or just take delivery as soon as I get a vin assigned. Wish there was some insight as to when the console change was going to happen!
  37. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    i1 Tesla posted a video where he built a 3rd row in the Y. Looks like it would be fine for occasional use by small kids. I'm sure Tesla may make more efficient use of space too (2nd row sliding forward).
  38. J

    7-seat config waiting room

    My now has the prompt for insurance too, didn't have this option before. Uploaded my current insurance. Good to see some progress after 11 months!
  39. J

    New Buyer Questions/Advice.

    Same config as me but I can't decide between black and white interior. I'm not getting FSD, not worth the price and autopilot is still great.
  40. J

    October delivery Dates

    Still hoping elons tweet of early q4 for 7 seater is accurate......
  41. J

    Who's waited the longest for a VIN?

    I've been waiting since November but I have a 7 seater on order so probably doesn't count. I'm sure there's some day 1 reservation holders for a 7 seat out there somewhere.
  42. J

    3 Reasons Not to get the White Interior

    This has me second guessing white interior which I currently have on order. I assume everyone has this same issue with white interior?

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