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  1. Lexdysic

    Audio drops out and audible clicking sound

    Since the last update to 2021.44.30.21, I've experienced a strange issue with the premium audio system in my M3. Regardless of source, the audio drops and there's approximately 2-3 seconds of a clicking sound. The audio then returns. It's very similar to what was briefly described in this...
  2. Lexdysic

    Increased Car Prices and $12k FSD...Just Insanity!

    I don't believe I've yet found "a wife" who enjoys the FSD experience. In fact, I'm now wondering about divorce rates among Tesla owners. For the record, my wife has forbidden the use of the FSD beta while she's in the car. Highway FSD is still begrudgingly accepted, for now.
  3. Lexdysic

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Anyone know why he was banned? He certainly was annoying, but he never really crossed a line with anyone that I'm aware of. AFAIK, he kept it clean and never resorted to name calling, threats, etc. I hope he wasn't banned from participating simply because he was disagreeing about the common...
  4. Lexdysic

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Just as many people don't use as many exclamation points as you, many also may not have your apparent cat-like reflexes to avoid an accident after being distracted by trying to defog the windshield. (or any other number of tasks that are now slightly more complicated) That is not preference...
  5. Lexdysic

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    While it may not be dangerous for YOU, it very well could be dangerous for others. "Dangerous" is a collective condition.
  6. Lexdysic

    SiriusXM radio on Model 3

    Sometime last fall, I was trying to decide how I wanted to add SXM to my M3. Someone posted about how they purchased the Amazon Echo Auto, and in tandem with their iPhone, can change SXM channels through simple voice commands. (Alexa) I decided to do the same, and I've gotta say it's been...
  7. Lexdysic

    Everything wrong with V11 update / user interface.

    Am I missing something? I cannot find the compass on the display now. Prior to this awful v11, you could switch views to north always up, or direction of travel. It was a quick and easy way to see what direction you were going, at a simple glance. Unless I’m missing something, they did away with...
  8. Lexdysic

    Autopilot/NOA on road trip

    This is really annoying. The car is currently obsessed with high beams. It will switch even for just 2 seconds. I can only imagine how distracting this can be for oncoming traffic.
  9. Lexdysic

    Waypoints, FSD, and the importance of being able to save routes with waypoints as favorites

    THIS! When you put an address into Google Maps, it gives you route options. Apple Maps- same. Hell, even the old Mapquest on Netscape Navigator gave us options. Tesla? No. You WILL take this route, and you will go nowhere else. It would be nice if they would either offer us a choice of...
  10. Lexdysic

    Hertz buying 100,000 Teslas

    Tivoboy, you're absolutely right. I forgot about that. But what a project that will be if they intend to retrofit every single supercharger with a payment module. Perhaps they'll figure out another way to direct bill to non-Tesla owners and the rental market.
  11. Lexdysic

    Hertz buying 100,000 Teslas

    Just rented a M3 on Turo this past weekend. Was told to supercharge normally. The supercharging of course is billed to the owner, but was told the cost would then be added on to my Turo account/card on file. I imagine Hertz will do something similar. I don't see Tesla changing how the direct...
  12. Lexdysic

    Any 99 Safety Scores receive FSD Beta yet?

    Ahh, sorry. Somebody on this thread improved up to 100 and actually got the FSD beta downloaded. That's how I'm leaning. If Elon delays again, I can always try opt out/back in later. Good advice, thanks. Anybody know if I leave an iPad mini in my car while it's parked in the airport garage...
  13. Lexdysic

    Any 99 Safety Scores receive FSD Beta yet?

    Wifi. If it was parked at home, I could download from the app. At the parking garage, it won't be connected to wifi.
  14. Lexdysic

    Any 99 Safety Scores receive FSD Beta yet?

    Needed 70 perfect miles to get my 99 back, and wound up doing 94 miles for a small buffer. Now I'm wondering if I should just do the opt out/opt in trick to get to 100. According to the spreadsheet, I would need over 4,000 perfect miles to get to 100. Do I need 100? Who knows. I stopped...
  15. Lexdysic

    Safety Score

    A little ridiculous? This is f'n insanity. I had a perfect 100 until shortly before v10.2 rolled out. Then, just a few days ago, I lost my 99. Now, apparently I have to drive 86 perfect miles to get it back. Here I go, on to a Maryland toll road that is lighter traffic than the beltway. I'm...
  16. Lexdysic

    Safety Score

    At the onset, I had a 100. Nursed the 100 best I could, but construction zones, rush hour traffic, and DC drivers conspired against me. Just 2 days prior to the rollout of 10.2, I slipped down to a 99. Didn't get the beta. I've been trying like hell to keep that 99. Today, I was cut off by...
  17. Lexdysic

    Blog Musk Gives Details on FSD 10.2 Beta Release

    Apparently, there is a Tesla driver out there who feels this is a zero sum game. Yesterday, on the beltway in DC, a black model S cut me off TWICE, a few minutes apart. I think this guy is driving around, seeking out Teslas, and then cutting them off in an effort to drop their scores.
  18. Lexdysic

    Safety Score

    Driving on a side street near my house, I was forced to brake hard because a child started to run into the street from between 2 parked cars. If I had chosen to hit the child and continue, my score would've remained 100. Instead I'm at 98. This is insanity.
  19. Lexdysic

    Fed up?

    I believe the only time FSD disappears (vaporizes) from the vehicle is when it is traded in and becomes the property of Tesla. If someone sells their car to a private party, or trades it in to a non-Tesla dealer, FSD remains.
  20. Lexdysic

    Blog FSD Beta 10 Rolls Out to Testers

    While I agree with your summation that AI isn't truly "intelligence" but rather programming, it's really just semantical. It's kind of like FSD isn't truly self driving (car making decisions based on non-programmed events), it's just a word used to convey a product that is able to automate...
  21. Lexdysic

    Jeda V4 Wireless Charger

    So I just sent them a request for a refund through their website and came across this: Seriously? Blaming Covid for a delay in responding to email? Tells you everything you need to know.
  22. Lexdysic

    Jeda V4 Wireless Charger

    Ordered the v4 pad this past May 11th. Still nothing. Got an email from them a few weeks ago saying it would ship on 9/6. Of course it didn't. No update or explanation since. I'm now leaning towards asking for a refund. Sounds like it's junk anyhow. I blame myself. I thought I'd give them...
  23. Lexdysic

    Can I view my iPhone photos on screen?

    The only way I can think of displaying iPhone photos on your Tesla display, is to launch the web browser and go to your iCloud account. From there, you should be able to access your photos.
  24. Lexdysic

    Will the "Model 2" have a steering wheel and pedals?

    Huh? I believe you missed my point.
  25. Lexdysic

    Any webaccess to Tesla controls?

    Teslafi, and other 3rd party apps will allow this. Since you won't have your phone, a web based app such as Teslafi is probably your best bet. In fact, with Teslafi, not only can you send commands to control various components immediately, you can also set schedules to do it automatically.
  26. Lexdysic

    Will the "Model 2" have a steering wheel and pedals?

    That's an incredibly insulting, offensive, and frankly stupid thing to say. My wife earns over $230k a year and drives a 10 year old Elantra that she bought for $15k. You honestly think most people in the $25k price range can't afford a monthly payment and live paycheck to paycheck? We may...
  27. Lexdysic

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    Do you have a strong wifi signal where you park? Are you parked on the street, or in a garage? If your signal is strong, confirm the car is actually getting the wifi signal. If everything looks good, I'd contact Tesla. Over a month on that software version doesn't seem right.
  28. Lexdysic

    Tesla releases big, new software update with Disney+, Car Wash Mode, remain connected to wifi, and more - 2021.24.x

    It’s always been this way. I’ve had my car for a year now, and when I first took delivery my software was several months back. The computer is manufactured with current software, but by the time it’s shipped to the factory, waited its turn in line, finally assembled into a car on the line, and...
  29. Lexdysic


    All true, but nobody is touting this as L5. Only the foolish types will “blindly trust” this supposed imminent release. (And we’ll likely see the results of their idiocy on you tube) Driver will still be required to maintain control/awareness at all times. I’d guess there will be no changes with...
  30. Lexdysic


    I read somewhere that what is v9.3 will become v10. I don't know- something this time tells me we might actually see it. No, not in 4 weeks, but maybe early October. Elon's gotta sense the level of hostility at this point and he knows he can't BS much more without some repercussions. Or, maybe...
  31. Lexdysic

    Nice tweak to Dogmode

    I'm sure it took them all of 2 minutes to change "owner" to "driver." Your post comes off as whiny and from someone who hates animals.
  32. Lexdysic

    tesla app on Apple Watch [not available - third party options only]

    As much as I like Stats (and already paid for it), I like Teslafi better. Even the Stats developer told me the 2 of them don't play well together. I tried adjusting all the settings, but still couldn't get the car to stay asleep consistently. Another culprit was using the Stats widget on my...
  33. Lexdysic

    Shout out to Abstract Ocean, great company!!

    I have the "Noise Reduction Kit" and haven't noticed any issues. (although I haven't really inspected it closely) It's rubber- how did it cause any damage?
  34. Lexdysic

    Odd 2024.24.1 update issue?!

    I'm installing 2021.24.2 right now. I've been on 2021.12.25.7. I'll probably go down to the garage to check the display once it's finished, but I'll wait until tomorrow for a joyride.
  35. Lexdysic

    Navigation Arrow pointing up always?

    Click it. It will toggle between displaying north up, and the actual direction of travel.
  36. Lexdysic


    I’ve had my M3 for just about a year now. Recently upgraded to 2021.12.25.7 and for the first time ever, I had to reboot. While driving, the display completely froze, so rebooted and everything appeared to be back to normal. I haven’t noticed any other bugs yet, but looking forward to getting...
  37. Lexdysic

    General An initial preliminary discussion - a Tesla owner campaign for FSD-license transfer

    Welcome to the group Tetrylene- you certainly picked a boring topic nobody really cares about for your first post! As someone who ordered FSD prior to delivery of the car, I can understand the frustration. I'm in the group that paid $8k, and it's kind of a steep price to pay to have the car...
  38. Lexdysic

    Is anyone using a screen protector on the display?

    Add me as another for Abstract Ocean. I went with the glossy- there are occasional fingerprints but I also bought the little pad that's super easy to run across and clean it in 10 sec. No need to put the display in clean mode either! Abstract Ocean is a great little Tesla shop. They're...
  39. Lexdysic

    Autopilot yellow light acceleration

    Definitely not a fringe case. Flashing yellows are quite common in rural areas, and also in suburban areas overnight. When driving at 5am and there’s a flashing yellow every 1/4 mile, it’s frustrating to have the car slow down somewhere around 10mph at each signal.
  40. Lexdysic

    Any way to play Youtube while in drive?

    There's a very good reason this isn't possible. Hacking safety features leads to deaths.
  41. Lexdysic

    2021.4.18.3 Many more false alarms, some positives

    Take your wife with you sometime while on FSD and then let the car exit on a cloverleaf. It's amusing, but there are some consequences.
  42. Lexdysic

    Autopilot Poor Highway Alignment on merge lane.

    Actually had a friend ask me about this. He mentioned that not once, but twice he encountered a Tesla driver who tried to block him from merging. No, it's not dangerous since we are presumably always in control, but it just seems that every time I'm in the right lane and there is a merge lane...
  43. Lexdysic

    Jeda V4 Wireless Charger

    It took 5 months for me to get my USB hub from them. They promised a 20% off code and a free spacer as a way of apologizing. Only problem is I never received the 20% off code or the spacer. Emailed them a couple weeks ago about getting the 20% off code so I could get the new v4 charging pad...
  44. Lexdysic

    Cross Country NY to LA road trip with V9 FSD

    Gaithersburg was just named one of America's friendliest cities! (I'm skeptical!) There has been a lot of growth here, and there are a lot of Teslas. We even have a supercharger near 270 & Sam Eig Hwy. at the Target in the Washingtonian Center. I'm in the Kentlands if you're familiar with the...
  45. Lexdysic

    Cross Country NY to LA road trip with V9 FSD

    Good luck on the trek. ABRP has worked well for me, and I've found it to be reasonably accurate. Remember, garbage in- garbage out. Try to get your added weight and other settings as realistic as possible. Will there be updates to V9 FSD for highway driving? We've heard of the upcoming...
  46. Lexdysic

    What happened to 2021.4.12.1?

    I also had a pending update for 2021.4.12.1. Said it would download once car was connected to wifi. I was out of town and my car was parked at the airport. I got home yesterday, but no update. I'm figuring Tesla canceled the update.
  47. Lexdysic

    YouTube TV

    Try signing into Google using another site in the browser. Some say signing in through Plex works. I signed in through RuneScape. You just need to find any website that you can sign into using your Google credentials, and where that site uses the old style Google authentication. Once you do get...
  48. Lexdysic

    Jeda SSD

    There is no end to the harsh criticism of Jeda in these forums. Just search JEDA, and you'll see all you need. They sell overpriced merchandise that routinely ships extremely late. They overpromise and underdeliver. And some have reported the hubs no longer working now. Caveat Emptor...
  49. Lexdysic

    Software on new delivery

    Hang in there. After delivery, it takes a little while to get your first update. It will come. Keep in mind that you won't get every single update. And occasionally you'll think you're stuck while everyone else gets updates. It happens to all of us. And then your car updates.
  50. Lexdysic

    Supercharger Prices

    I really like A Better Route Planner. I'm not sure about planning costs- if that feature is even available I haven't used it. But for long trips, I've found it extremely accurate. Of course, it depends on the information you're putting into it. Just be sure to put in accurate info like extra...

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