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  1. Sans-gas

    Compass and navigation

    Thanks. I love your red car (but I’d rather blend in when it’s mine).
  2. Sans-gas

    Compass and navigation

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but because you’ve had a prior M3, I’d like your take on amount of “phantom braking” in newer one vs your prior one. Some have said theres much more yet others report no different.
  3. Sans-gas

    How to make Cruise control "stupid"

    When I look at this forum it seems new owners have the most complaints about their car and it’s technology. I don’t want to dismiss your concern, but let me suggest you give it some time. You will learn what it can, and cannot, do for you on your drive, and it settles in, as well. Tesla...
  4. Sans-gas

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Wow, half! Good to know, but probably better than borrowing hubby’s pickup.
  5. Sans-gas

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    I love that your M3 has a bike rack. Was it offered on your order form? I didn’t have the option in 2019, but this may draw me into needing an update. The last time I started the order form I didn’t see it as an choice available at order time.
  6. Sans-gas

    First EV Road Trip 700+ Miles Roundtrip - Some Observations

    In my experience, the car does that figuring for you. Enter your destination and it’s very accurate projecting your rate of charge (or range) at arrival.
  7. Sans-gas

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Quite an ordeal! I requested a 12V replacement when my car was 2 yrs old, they said no need, you’ll get plenty of warning. I think I want that replacement since I don’t want to be stranded. Now I still want that replacement and it’s 3 yrs old and there’s a recall to remedy, as well.
  8. Sans-gas

    Driving down Route 16 in Washington State, my 2020 Tesla S started screaming and flashing at me to take control and drive to a safe stopping place.

    The only issues I had with my M3 were when it was new. It did some freaky frozen screen several times. Nothing since then. It would concern me that the SC couldn’t sort out what caused the problem, however. I must say though, having had many vehicles in the past, all purchased new, there...
  9. Sans-gas

    Scary glitch backing up

    I let my car do for me, what my neck no longer does. If you camera isn’t working, service is in order. Too many blind spots. It does kind of sound like the trunk recall issue.
  10. Sans-gas

    As of about three hours ago, I'm a Model 3 owner!

    Fun times ahead. Smile as you drive past the gas price signs. You’ll get past the issues with your paint, gaps, etc. Not perfect, and yet you’ll kind of forget as you drive (float) through traffic.
  11. Sans-gas

    Still hate v11

    Ditto, and I’ve tried. The mobile messaging is the last stray. I want the old one back..... whinnning.
  12. Sans-gas

    V11 Transition Guide

    Don’t even ask how I dislike the HOME LINK revision! Grrrr. They obviously either have very tiny fingers or didn’t bother to test it. Both location and format size are wrong.
  13. Sans-gas

    Cruise control inappropriately slamming on brakes

    But I see you may also have my vintage M3 (2019)? I’m trying to sort out if a new M3 is more prone to phantom braking, not that I’m eager to give up my current ride.
  14. Sans-gas

    V11 Transition Guide

    It’s not an improvement when we have to go looking for what used to be visible.
  15. Sans-gas

    V11 Transition Guide

    It rains a whole lot here in W WA. I just push the left stalk and controls pop up. Seldom does Ms Tesla keep up with the spray and torrents. I do miss the % remaining charge on Nav screen.
  16. Sans-gas

    2022 Model 3 Long Range compared to 2019 Model 3 SR+

    Are you experiencing any more phantom braking than your 2019?
  17. Sans-gas

    M3 LR RWD 2019 thinking about replacement with M3 LR 2022.

    After reading some comments about the newer M3 phantom braking w/o radar, I am thinking I’ll stick with my 2019. I very seldom have phantom braking and have a feel for when it’s likely to occur. I have basic autopilot. I hope Elon will change back to radar (I can dream).
  18. Sans-gas

    M3 LR RWD 2019 thinking about replacement with M3 LR 2022.

    Is there any disadvantage? I love my car, but wonder if this is the time to maximize my trade-in value. Only 40K on it. Are people happy with the 2022 with heat pump? Are there any noticeable changes in latest Model 3 over 2019 version? I know they’re all Dual Motor and slightly...
  19. Sans-gas

    V11 Transition Guide

    Why would Tesla feel changes were needed when others were more intuitive? New system is difficult for infrequent drivers. Yes, I can use it, but I’ll grumble as I do.
  20. Sans-gas

    Tesla center can't fix my M3 now doesn't reply back to me

    That sounds really awful! I had a minor issue and couldn’t reach anyone and found the most useful person was a salesman who’s name and number I had saved. He had someone contact me. Worth a try! It started progress in the right direction for me.
  21. Sans-gas

    Seniors wishing the glovebox had a physical button to open

    Though not thrilled with latest update (worst ever in my opinion), I know now I can say “turn on defrost, or wipers” and be able to see where I’m going, without sorting out where the controls have moved to. What’s with the weird new icons?!
  22. Sans-gas

    How are you liking update 2021.44.25.2?

    I usually like updates and minor changes, but not a fan of this one. I like to see seat heaters, if on, defrost, heat or air. I want my spouse to be able to easily drive it, though it is infrequent. Everything seems to be deeper and require more screen interaction. I hope some get...
  23. Sans-gas

    My First Tesla Roadside Experience - (spoiler - it wasn't great)

    Thanks for your report. I’ve been stranded with flats before, even with a spare, since I couldn’t remove the lug nuts! I like having the plug kit and have ordered my very own, just in case. I also have heard a horror story about “run flats” when in rural areas. I hope your's isn’t a...
  24. Sans-gas

    Tesla app won't run

    Have you tried rebooting car AND restarting the app as well? I’m guessing you have something more involved if their escalating your support to engineering, but heck, it’s worth a try.
  25. Sans-gas

    A series of unfortunate events led to a negative playing experience buying a Tesla

    Your complaints show Tesla’s ineptitude to train their SA’s to provide service. You had an awful experience. I hope you love you car.
  26. Sans-gas

    Tesla app won't run

    It definitely sounds similar to an issue I had last month with my Tesla App. I tried to view information about charge level for 2 days and couldn’t get up to update data. Finally I made an appt (using the app). Suggestion came through to reboot the car and app at the same time. That did fix it.
  27. Sans-gas

    Trip Report: Spontaneous 600 mile round trip from So Cal to Mammoth for dinner.

    Thanks for the info. Options are sometimes handy on a roadtrip. I have a Nema connector, which I’ve found works well for WA state parks, and the std Tesla connectors. I didn’t see where I could even get a CHAdeMo connector if I wanted one. Aren’t they the current standard in Western Europe?
  28. Sans-gas

    Trip Report: Spontaneous 600 mile round trip from So Cal to Mammoth for dinner.

    I enjoyed your writeup on your roadtrip. I am wondering if a Chadamo connector is often needed? I’ve had my M3 for over 2 years and not encountered a charger requiring it. Is it more common in California? I hope to make a trip down to SoCal, so it may be useful if I’m likely to encounter...
  29. Sans-gas

    App's "Last seen X days ago" stuck

    540 Vehicle server error UPDATE: Service shop msg said reboot car til T shows up and close down mobile app (restart phone). It works!
  30. Sans-gas

    App's "Last seen X days ago" stuck

    Update on 540 server error: I got a msg from service to reboot car AND close app (I closed down phone and restarted), then restart. It removed the error.
  31. Sans-gas

    Feasibility of Tesla for Job with a lot of miles

    I think if you drive the same routes you will be easily able to charge and utilize your charge time effectively to maximize your time during your stop (food, restroom, work, stretch, short walk). The car will give you a mini-thrill each time you drive making any shortcoming of your new EV...
  32. Sans-gas


    I just want to ask if there’s anyone who was offered FSD on 9/24/21 or thereabouts? I was so looking forward to trying it. I didn’t see what models it was limited to, but I’ve not seen any comments now a couple weeks later, either.
  33. Sans-gas

    Road trip and supercharger stops

    I once discovered the “preconditioning” process can be a big drain on your charge (dah!). I was in Christmas traffic, low on charge and very close to the SC. Unfortunately I sat in traffic longer than was needed to condition the battery. It quickly went from 25% to 13% before I got there...
  34. Sans-gas

    Skipping chargers with Navigation system - is it possible?

    I purchased overhead sun screens for my M3 for a planned trip to So-cal. They reduce heat driving in summer sun. I haven’t calculated the difference in WH to maintain temp inside. I think it’s significant, especially in hot regions. They’re simple to install and quick to removed and store...
  35. Sans-gas

    When will you upgrade?

    Diddo on most of that for me, too. I love my M3, LR which is nearly 3 years old. My “upgrade” would be one with the bike rack option, which wasn’t offered when I ordered mine. Love my car in every other way. I’m always looking forward to a road trip. It kept me sane during the lockdown, too.
  36. Sans-gas

    Ultimate EV Road Trip - Circumnavigating North America

    I am sooooo envious. I can’t get my spouse on a trip. I’d go anywhere.
  37. Sans-gas

    Does “Blocked _____ camera” mean something other than it says?

    I’ve gotten on screen messages on clear, dry days, that a camera is blocked so I can’t use the lane locking auto steer feature. Does this translate into some electronic disturbance other than what it says? I know my camera is not blocked. It’s been typically hiway speeds and then it will...
  38. Sans-gas

    How does Tesla find out about software issues

    I once had an issue I considered serious enough that I called a salesman at a svc center with whom I had chatted. He gave me a number and got me to someone who cared. I’ve kept his number close, and that of the svc center. I DO also do bug reports, where ever they go. You can put your issue...
  39. Sans-gas

    Teslas Headed to BC today

    I hope this gets to the eager new recipients of Teslas over the US/Canada border who are awaiting their new cars. 2 full car carriers full of pretty new vehicles passed through NW WA today headed your way (into BC). I did not get a good view but my best guess is that they’re M3s. There were...
  40. Sans-gas

    how normal is it for center screen to crash and lose functionality?

    I had several (maybe 4) screen crashes (froze) when my car was new. I’ve not had it happen since it was about 3 months old. I must say it kind of freaked me out a bit, though nothing scary happened. One time was was going over 70 and the screen froze. As I slowed it kept saying 73 mph. I...
  41. Sans-gas

    Wipers - a suggestion

    It may help to know the voice command will increase wiper speed. I haven’t tried it for decreasing. The auto mode doesn’t do well with mist and I often increase wiper speed as I pass trucks.
  42. Sans-gas

    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    I loaded it several days ago. I think it has to recalibrate side cameras because, though it was clear, it said side camera was blocked , first on one side then the other. The other oddity was that I had it set to charge to 80%, as usual, and it went to 83% (green bar was past my white line)...
  43. Sans-gas

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Take a deep breath. Your “odometer” goes backwards now instead of forwards. Now set your car to display %. Plan to charge when your at 20-30%. Charge to 80-90%. This helps keep you battery happy. Your new car will be at it worst for range over this colder part of the year due, but...
  44. Sans-gas

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Look for the app called “Tesla Stats”. It offers lots of information and some control features (window and climate controls, unlocked and open doors or windows warnings). There are other apps, but this is where there is a “Battery Health” graph that I found reassuring.
  45. Sans-gas

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    When you buy a new cell phone, laptop or any battery operated electronic device it begins degrading. All you can do is use the recommendations to reduce loss of range. Personally, I do check how things are looking by using the cool graph on Tesla Stats app, then I forget it. It’s a car. It...
  46. Sans-gas

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I’m posting this because I feel I should balance out the issues some owners have reported about range loss over time. I accidentally got a larger than usual charge on my car overnight. I generally set it for 75-85%, but woke up to see it was 94%. This only happened one other time, and I...
  47. Sans-gas

    Top Tips

    We saw a truckload of Teslas headed your way today. You’ll soon have some more happy Tesla drivers!
  48. Sans-gas

    Top Tips

    Congrats Emily. You’ll love your car. I wonder if the glass roof UV protection you’re thinking of is the 2 piece sunshield. I ordered it planning on a road trip into California, that’s not happened yet. I installed them (extremely quick and easy) and have decided to leave them in place as a...

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