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  1. Blue heaven

    Perth 2022 Blue LR Model 3 on Aussiecams

    The Tesla was impatient, number one rule is give delivery vehicles a wide berth as their likely to do something unexpected and dangerous. The white van wasn't brake checking, It's a sure bet the driver missed his exit and not keeping left compounded the situation.
  2. Blue heaven

    Practical kilometres in a M3 long range

    As distance per charge is partly based on your individual driving style and the normal routes you take the best approach is to compare the distance you get from your current usable SR pack and calculate how much a new long range pack will get you. For instance if the current usable pack is 50kwh...
  3. Blue heaven

    Perth 2022 Blue LR Model 3 on Aussiecams

    5 seconds of extra patience could have saved weeks without a Tesla while its repaired.
  4. Blue heaven

    Name your favourite Non-Tesla DC Fast Charging location in Australia

    Caiguna Roadhouse on the Eyre Highway, halfway between Adelaide and Perth.
  5. Blue heaven

    Labor Electric Car FBT discount

    At this point in time with demand outstripping supply at the present time and for at least the next 2 years I see no point in EV purchase incentives. I would much rather taxpayer money go towards building RELIABLE charging infrastructure in two areas, firstly DC fast charging on major roads...
  6. Blue heaven

    Tesla no longer including mobile charger bundle?

    I agree, there's no word that this will occur in Australia any time soon and even so those that have ordered a car will certainly get a complimentary UMC as per usual.
  7. Blue heaven

    Tesla no longer including mobile charger bundle?

    Is there any evidence that Tesla are removing the complimentary UMC from Australian delivered cars? If not you're just providing unnecessary commentary.
  8. Blue heaven

    Primacy 3 st tyres

    I've used Michelin PS3, Primacy 3 and Primacy 4, averaging 81,000kms per set, all great tyres but I couldn't tell any difference in wh/km or noise levels.
  9. Blue heaven

    DC/Chademo charging in rural areas

    CHAeMO still works on my 2015 mS, I used it recently at a Tritium 50kw when the CCS2 cable had an issue.
  10. Blue heaven

    I've been waiting years and years for fsd, and still zip, nada. Not even offered a beta test...

    The thread title is a bit long, better to call it FSD waiting room.
  11. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Margaret River, WA

    The positive check-in 3 days ago by Dave Smith is the last update I've seen on any format in the last 3 days.
  12. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Margaret River, WA

    Good idea, reports from owners down that way have changed the status from working to offline and back to working on a daily basis this past few days.
  13. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Margaret River, WA

    Margaret River Supercharger was switched on and charging successfully from February 23rd onwards, a few days ago it's was reported to be off line (maybe due to some cables still exposed to the public).
  14. Blue heaven

    Western Australia Plates

    Kingdom of Western Australia, given out for free with every tattoo of Mark McGowan.
  15. Blue heaven

    Model S Door handle DIY kits in Australia

    I've repaired 3 handles myself on a 2015, all had the broken paddle gear (handle stays in), its a $3 part but requires at least one hour of patience for each handle. I you're going to make the effort it may be wise to order a complete overhaul kit and rebuild the handle to a better standard than...
  16. Blue heaven

    How hard is it to drive a long trip in Australia (900+ Km)

    Barkly roadhouse, you must have missed it because the fuel price is so high.
  17. Blue heaven

    no regeneration on first trip

    Is this your model S? Are you getting regen at the start of the trip? What ever the cause the important thing is the car is protecting its battery pack.
  18. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Perth (Karrinyup) West Australia

    Perth now has an operating showroom, service centre and separate live Supercharger https://www.tocwa.org.au/2021/07/29/3-wishes/
  19. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Perth (Karrinyup) West Australia

    @Chuq is from the Australian state of Tasmania, another place in the world that has a Perth,
  20. Blue heaven

    Has anyone tried the QESH yet? It looks useful but it has css 2 and Chademo..

    Yes but the car needs to be booked into service for a few hardware additions to get CCS2 to work, all up its $480.
  21. Blue heaven

    How hard is it to drive a long trip in Australia (900+ Km)

    The safer but longer route and probably the route ABRP will take you is Emerald to the coast then directly south. If you have an extra few hours to spare the shorter more adventurous route is Emerald-Springsure-Roma-Toowoomba, use Plugshare, remove filters so every possible charging option is...
  22. Blue heaven

    How hard is it to drive a long trip in Australia (900+ Km)

    I see you're from Central Queensland @Chilli_Dog , what adventures are you planning? Karumba to Cairns is a good test.
  23. Blue heaven

    Angus Taylor won’t drive an EV

    Angus Taylor has the official title of Minister for reducing emissions but has spend his hold time in that position pushing fossil fuels and putting hurdles in front of renewables, he claims under his guidance Australia will reduce emissions by using technology rather than targets yet Angus has...
  24. Blue heaven

    Model 3 racing in the Australian bush

    Check out the TOCEVA model 3 handle the Big Brook Dam stage at Targa South West. That's completely unforgiving hardwood timber lining the roads and the navigator is a touch annoyed by the pea gravel accidentally flicked on to the track by earlier drivers
  25. Blue heaven

    Legitimate locations for superchargers in 2022/23

    A return day trip to Townsville or Cairns from where?
  26. Blue heaven

    ARENA Future Fuels Fund - fast chargers

    No funding allocated to the Canning stock route? Clearly those responsible for picking sites need to do some basic research and scroll the Murdoch media comments section.
  27. Blue heaven

    New Owner (To Me) 2015 P90DL

    Theres no benefit in Tesla removing Ludicrous mode, that's a potential selling point for curious passengers.
  28. Blue heaven

    Real life range figures?

    Did that 110km drive take the battery down from 100% to 56%? I'm assuming the 110kms since last charge wasn't one continuos drive considering the last trip was 1.6km, how often did you stop and for how long? There could be a lot of vampire drain not recorded during driving. Your best test is to...
  29. Blue heaven

    Remote area EV charging with used cooking oil

    This will be a handy solution for the next 3-4 years until a consistent EV traffic flow allows solar plus batteries to be cost effective How biodiesel EV chargers could connect remote locations
  30. Blue heaven

    Superchargers in Australia

    Thanks for the consistant updates on the Australian Supercharger map @Chuq
  31. Blue heaven

    Real life range figures?

    A P85D has a 82kwh battery with 76kwh usable when new, with battery degradation that could now be down to 70kwh usable, the good news is the battery loss slows down significantly after the first 80,000kms.
  32. Blue heaven

    When buying your first Tesla, what would you do differently?

    1. Aircon can handle Australian summer, but do try and park in the shade when possible as a hot car takes longer to cool down. 2. After 215,000kms my model S has been extremely reliable, keep in mind the model X has a few different reliability issues that could arise. 3. Unlimited supercharging...
  33. Blue heaven

    Real life range figures?

    Typical range will show a lower kms remaining compared to rated but is much more realistic and achievable. I don't bother with the Tesla trip planner or ABRP, I just check the distance of each drive and add 30kms more range than needed taking in to account climbs or descents, that way if it...
  34. Blue heaven

    Real life range figures?

    Do you have 19 or 21 inch tyres? 21 inch consume 10% more energy on a P85D. Have you got the car set to rated or typical range? typical is lower and more accurate. Keep in mind you have just driven a journey with increased elevation, that will consume energy faster.
  35. Blue heaven

    Ovens site management encouraging ICEing of Supercharger stalls

    There's no incentive for future Tesla ownership if there's no supercharger in Ovens for any owners. This misunderstanding is doing the rounds on social media portrayed as a THEM verses US battle, multiple keyboard warriors posting fake negative reviews against the hotel will only antagonize the...
  36. Blue heaven

    Ovens site management encouraging ICEing of Supercharger stalls

    A storm in a tea cup created by a few Tesla owners lacking the diplomacy to have a reasonable conversation with the new owners and actually getting their point of view, luckily someone did as per the copied facebook post. Hopefully for the sake of future Tesla owners that wish to use the Ovens...
  37. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Williams (WA)

    Despite the Williams Supecharger being another few months away from being operational this week brought some good news for all electric vehicles attempting the 415km Perth to Albany route with the opening of a DC charger in Kojonup 263kms south of Perth. Even the shortest range Tesla driving in...
  38. Blue heaven

    Just pay the road user tax and then shut this excuse down.

    Once again due to a South Australian government announcement the EV road user charge is in the news again, the same old chorus line is rolled out in an article every few months across main stream media as an excuse to attack electric vehicles and divide opinion, of course both sides fall for it...
  39. Blue heaven

    Have you had MCU1 issues? Some good news today.

    This covers pre March 2018 model X and S vehicles with less than 100,000 miles Tesla to begin free Model S and X touchscreen replacements under warranty, also offering reimbursements - Drive Tesla Canada
  40. Blue heaven

    Should Teslas (& EVs) cop luxury car tax?

    I agree with you Nuke but this is not a site for politics, best we all gently encourage family, friends and work colleagues to move over to EVs and renewables by continuing to purchase such items due to long term financial benefits. They soon follow when it helps their bank balance.
  41. Blue heaven

    Should Teslas (& EVs) cop luxury car tax?

    No, keep the luxury car tax but raise the threshold to $243,212 for electric vehicles
  42. Blue heaven

    National and State Renewable Energy stats

    It may be only slightly Tesla related but for me this is the most interesting thread on TMC, thanks for the great work Vostok. PS: Are you broadcasting these figures on Twitter?
  43. Blue heaven

    MCU Failure AP1 car

    The part in the MCU1 that fails most commonly is a small memory card that is cheap as a part but labour intensive to remove and replace, the replacement process has been streamlined over the past few months. There's a high chance this will fail eventually on your car, it's not often instant and...
  44. Blue heaven

    MCU Failure AP1 car

    I'm assuming your car is out of warranty so have Tesla service stated the MCU needs repair or have they passed the issues off as being a minor malfunction that can be corrected with a reboot? Luckily due to the MCU1 failure being such a widespread problem with early model S vehicles it appears...
  45. Blue heaven

    EV Community funded DC charger is operational

    The 700km drive from Perth to Esperance in a reasonable time frame is now possible due to the kind donations of EV drivers from not only WA but also other states and territories. The Tritium DC charger in the small wheatbelt town of Lake Grace will reduce the journey time down to less than 9...
  46. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Williams (WA)

    Williams Supercharger coming soon – Tesla Owners Club Western Australia-
  47. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Perth (WA)

    It took 6 days for someone to check the location
  48. Blue heaven

    Supercharger - Perth (WA)

    44 Outram Street West Perth.
  49. Blue heaven

    Lack of EV Incentives in Australia

    They ARE the Australian Capital Territory government, the Greens hold the balance of power. Most decisions in politics involves back room negotiations, $50 million is peanuts for deal makers.
  50. Blue heaven

    Lack of EV Incentives in Australia

    $100? They're living the dream in Victoria.

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