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    Tire Bump safety

    good thing i spotted the bump taking off the wheel to rotate. She has no ideas if she hit anything smh. Guess new tires coming soon lol 😂
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    Tire Bump safety

    I just spotted this on my wife's car. It's continental extreme contact tire. Is this a must change asap or can wait a little. The tire still has very good treads on them.
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    2019 Model S LR (Raven) FSD, Warranty, Extras, Pics!

    Free supercharging ?
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    WTB Looking to buy (1) or (2) 21” sonic carbon turbine rims for spare tires

    Looking to buy 1 rims or 2 rims sonic carbon turbine rims to use as spare times. Let me know. I’m located in Orange County, CA
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    WTB Looking to buy (1) or (2) 21” sonic carbon turbine rims for spare tires

    Looking to buy 1 rims or 2 rims sonic carbon turbine rims to use as spare times. Let me know. I’m located in Orange County, CA
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    Rear doors water leak

    i have the exact same problem on the right side. I was thinking of getting the sealant to find the leak too, after getting quoted $1800 to replace the whole chrome trim plus the small rear window which i dont think has anything to do with it. Thanks for this tutorial
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    FS: CA Dreamcase travel bed for Tesla Model S

    Not at the moment. I don't have time right now with my work schedule. If it doesn't sell locally in a few weeks, I'll consider shipping.
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    FS: CA Dreamcase travel bed for Tesla Model S

    Dreamcase bed for Model S. Box has few light scruff marks but no big damages. If you're wondering what it is, please see the youtube link below. I bought this from another member here in brand new condition. I took it the cleaner for steam clean after i bought it and it has been sitting in my...
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    FS: CA 21" Silver Model S Arachnid Wheels w/Tires

    I'm in orange county, CA. Rims are like brand new. The wheels are staggered. Bought both rims and tires brand new. Had on for around 2.5k miles before i decide to sell my car. Comes with everything pictured. $2000 Local pickup only. Im in Irvine, CA • 2 x 21X8.5J Silver Arachnid wheels • 2 x...
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    CA Orange County: Brand new Tesla Model X front sunshield

    Brand new. Local pickup in Orange County, CA. $60
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    CA Orange County: Tesla Model S Slipstream 19" rims

    Excellent condition. No major damages. No bents or cracks. Normal wears and tears. Please see pictures. Comes with 4 tires. 2 tires are still decent, 2 needs to be replaced. No TPMS sensors. I'm in Orange County, CA. $440 local pickup
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    Tesla model 3 wheels hubcaps/covers

    Local pickup in Orange County, CA. No damages. $50
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    Partial Swap: Silver 21" Arachnid Wheels

    Me too, anyone wanna trade me their 2 fronts for my 2 back rims ? Mines are pristine condition, no curb rashes or damages. I'm in SoCal
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    WTB in CA 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Tires for Model S

    I don't want to look like I'm lowballing you. What is the absolute lowest you'll take for it ?
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    WTB in CA 19" Sonic Carbon Wheels and Tires for Model S

    Looking to buy a set with little to no big scratches with or without tires. In SoCal or NorCal is fine
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    Back/lift gate glass replacement

    My back window cracked across and needs to be replaced. Have anyone used safelite to replace the back glass ? I called and they quoted me for aftermarket glass and they say it's the same as the OEM one but cheaper. I'm thinking of going thru insurance but my deductible is $500, that's almost the...
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    Model S Trunk load floor

    $140 pickup
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    Like New Tesla Model S Trunk Subfloor cover door

    Like new condition Model S subfloor cover door. Located in Orange County, CA. Local pickup only. $140 pickup
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    Tesla Model X/S 20" Slipstream rims with TPMS immaculate conditions

    For sale: set of like new condition Model X Slipstream 20" rims. These can also fit Model S with the right tires. No scratches, Dents or cracks. Located in Orange County, CA. Local pickup only, no shipping. Comes with all 4 TPMS OEM sensors. $650 pickup
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    Traction/Braking/Stability/Emergency Warnings

    I did the same thing you did every time they showed up but things just got worse over times where rebooting or hard resetting won't do it. My car was shutdown and car will not even go into park several times. There isn't anything you can do that can fix this except rebooting or hard reset every...
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    Traction/Braking/Stability/Emergency Warnings

    Mine got really serious to the point They took my car in and it took them almost a week to trace the problem. They took apart my whole car, all the way down to the bare metal. I came to get something out my car and they took me in to see it. It looks like someone just stole my car and took it...
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    Mismatched tires on AWD

    Thank you for your help. Learn something new every day :)
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    Mismatched tires on AWD

    Does anyone know if mismatched tires affect AWD Tesla. Like say, 2 continentals in the front and 2 Michelin in the back. Or does it have to be all the same brand and type all around. I'm about to replace my dad tires for the front and we have 2 new continental tires kept as backup for blown tires.
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    Model S complete interior floor mats

    Excellent like new condition mats. Located in Orange County, CA. No damages or rips. $95
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    Rocker panel

    Anyone knows what the part number or what this is called? Mine is kind warped and messed up from bottom, looking to replace it
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    Dash speakers removal

    I'll do some research before I take on this task, sounds like a lot of work trying to reach that speaker.
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    Backseat seatbelts plugs

    That's what I figure too but there's no wires connected to the cushion once I pull it off the metal frame. In my wife's model 3, there are these sensors. I'm just trying to figure out if the wires are missing from my car or that my car doesn't come with this feature
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    Fastener clips

    i have so many of them turquoise clips. Turquoise clips fit good for the liftgate but everywhere else it's slightly too short to make the gap look original. i tried ordering different ones but none of them fits as good. These blue one i have in the picture is the clip used in the door sill...
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    Fastener clips

    i have lots of the turquoise one with the amazon link you have above. On the door sill panel and the kick panel, they don't fit as good as they are slightly shorter than the one i have in the picture.
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    Fastener clips

    Anyone knows where I can find clips like this with the same lengths. These are pretty common in the panels. I broke some of these taking panels off. Bought a bunch different ones on amazon but none of them fits as good as these.
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    Dash speakers removal

    So just hard pull the front of the dash up and the mesh part can be removed ? I just need to replace the middle speaker, it has so much statics. Is there any bolts that secures the front down ? Thanks for your help
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    Dash speakers removal

    Anyone knows how to remove the dash and replace the speaker ? It seems like the dash are just clips, a hard pull up ??
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    Backseat seatbelts plugs

    I don't think these are the rear seat heaters plugs because each of them is wired to the 3 buckles. I think they're sensors but there are no plugs attached to the seat I took out that can be connected to the 3 plugs attached to the metal frame
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    Backseat seatbelts plugs

    Took off my backseat today to fix the squeaky noise and I just noticed there are 3 white unplugged plugs going to the seatbelts buckles but no cable is attached to the seat to connect to those plugs when I take it off. Is this normal or is there something missing ?

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