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    Premium Connectivity Model 3 SR+

    Huh, are you getting that in the car or via your Tesla Account? I cannae find anything. A shame, but it was bound to happen sooner rather than later.
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    Luxury Car Tax RIP - Budget 2020

    Wonder if it’s worth asking for money off my current lease... won’t be much, and I very much doubt they’d alter the bill, but still!
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    Went to Nottingham from the West Midlands (Shrewsbury way) and found that the route is pretty piss poor for SC’s, with Telford being the only one. It’s a bit of a black hole, which is strange seeing as Nottingham is one of the greenest cities I’ve been to. Queen’s Drive Park and Ride was closed...
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    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    Argh, Agile looks so good, but unfortunately unworkable for me. I'm sticking with Go as the other half and I WFH. Agile does creep up high when there are a few computers and multiple monitors on in the house... could end up costing us more.
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    Considering getting a Powerwall

    I take the view point of "if you can afford it, definitely" - mostly because those of us who can shoulder the financial burden should aim for more renewable sources of energy - EV, solar, house batteries, biomas boilers etc. I would if I wasn't renting!
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    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    I've never been able to find anything for less than 14p a unit for electricity... no idea where you're nicking it from ;) Thing is that we're saving a lot of money on Go, it's a lot cheaper than all the other suppliers we've had in the past.
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    New Octopus Go tariff and off peak options?

    We switched to GO this week after the smart meter install last week. Using a 3 pin plug to charge (we both work from home, so low mileage) I'm using the car to initiate the charge at 0030 and the StatsApp to stop it at 0430, all going well so far. My local rate was also 2p per kwh cheaper during...
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    Ionity, LOL. 67p/kWh from 1st Feb

    TBH, I'd pay a yearly "fair use" subscription for the Super Charger network. Something like £20 a month or £200 for a year, or even scale it depending on usage. Seeing as the average M3 (I'm SR+) charge session is around, what... £7.50 a pop? Seems reasonable.
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    Ionity Charger Sites in UK [megathread]

    I used one in Barry, South Wales. Was alright, the battery doesn't pre-condition, so was slower than your average Supercharger session (albeit, my last half a dozen SC sessions have been awful - max 65kW)
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    email from Taptes?

    Yeah I got it too, but I have bought stuff from them. A second set of RHD Model 3 mats came to my house last night - I've had mine since early december, so if anyone is looking for any send me a message and we can negotiate (you can pay for postage, basically!)
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    UK - are you rotating tyres? + “servicing”

    May I query how much folks are getting charged for wheel and break services at the SCs? Or does it depend on vehicle to vehicle?
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    Tesla as only car on West Coast Scotland?

    I charge my SR+ via three pin plug - I get up to 11mph.
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    Model 3 Seats Comfort?

    Very comfortable, but this is my first luxury car, so can't compare to others in the same vein.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    I emailed my broker and they said it was a gift and not part of the agreement. So, even if it is in some small print I couldn't see, I have it in an email.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    I got that, too. I gifted the dashcam for a christmas present.
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    M3 Car Wash?

    I have a handpump and snowfoam coming today... gonna look like a loon pumping it to hell every 5 seconds and swearing.
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    M3 Car Wash?

    Christ on a bike, didn't think of that. Would you recommend a small handheld one (like this) or a bigger one the likes you use for weedkiller (like this)? Noted, cheers.
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    Insurance UK

    Cheers. I'll just get it now - they offer the intial rental of the lease (which was £3,144 for my SR+) - P11D & the aforementioned deposit = £138 for 3 years. Good deal in my eyes.
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    M3 Car Wash?

    Can I get a hallelujah, like, or £20 for using the search function? Quick Q - I'm a rented tenant so can't fit an external water source for a hose (I do have a karcher with a foam attachment which is annoying). What's the best for getting really stubborn 'mud dots' off the car? Don't want to...
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    Insurance UK

    If you can get the first year of your insurance to cover the costs (i.e. I don't need GAP) of a potential write-off, can you just wait a year to get GAP?
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    Roof Bars

    Is this the official Tesla one? Lots of YouTube vids out there. Some folks have cracked their roof pane, so be wary of that!
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    Winter is coming

    Had same spiel about the blindspot detector cams. The B pillar cams do fog up, but it all depends on how quick they resolve - blah blah within tolerance.
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    Insurance UK

    I have an SR+ and my renewal is £840! I'm in shropshire, <10K miles a year, 7 years NCD (accident in 2017 not my fault - guy went into the back of me), both work from home... I think it's because I'm 29, so a smidge under the 30 threshold. Everywhere's high!
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    Insurance UK

    *sharpens guillotines* Yeah, I'm waiting for Novo and APlan to get back to me. Not holding out much hope, though. Will likely be a "swallow the £840 and take out excess insurance. On the subject of the latter, anyone know of good excess insurance? Ta.
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    Winter is coming

    They freeze and don't unfold unless de-iced first.
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    Insurance UK

    Yeah my quotes went from £650 to the point that my renewal is the cheapest than any other quote (yes, went quote hunting 21 days before) - £840 with an, ouch, £1050 excess (vol and comp)
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    Winter is coming

    2019.36.2.1 The amount of times I've had to log out and back in again to get my app to connect is silly.
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    Winter is coming

    Kinda touching on this - had one day so far where the ice was so bad the app couldn't connect to the car (guessing too much ice blocking signal?) and the wing mirrors had to be de-frosted before they moved - lukewarm/room temp water to the rescue!
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    Best Comments on EV Stories

    I was told by someone at a restaurant yesterday that mining the rare earth materials for an EV's battery releases more fossil fuels than fossil fuel cars. I couldn't stop laughing.
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    Cybertruck unveil (CYBRTRK)

    Hahahahahahahahahahahaha, it’s like when Homer designed a car.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Those who reserved themselves and transferred the RN - be warned, Tesla will likely F'up the invoice to the lease company, including the 2k deduction. Make sure your lease company knows about your reservation fee. I told Tesla weeks ago which account to put the 2k into and they still managed to...
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Same as most - I don't think cash purchase/PCP/PCH/Leasing have a difference in delivery. What seems to matter most is your spec i.e. wheel size, car type and tow hitch. On average, it seems to be 3 months.
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    Location unveiled for EU Gigafactory

    UK labour won't be cheap if a certain geezer comes along into power. But, saying that, wages will need to play catch up soon - been stagnant since the '08 banker balls up and the cost of living is ridiculous for most. Setting up in Germany makes sense as it's central Europe. Mid-point...
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    Model 3 is getting pedestrian warning noises (AVAS)?

    It’s not louder than an engine... That said, I got mine on the 6th and it doesn’t have a pedestrian warning noise. I am going to the SC on the 21st so will ask if that’s something that needs seeing to.
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    Location unveiled for EU Gigafactory

    We knew what we were voting for, it's fine! Wait until I tell Supreme Gammondorf Mark Frankwhatsit about those pesky Germans so he can wax lyrical about the war and use all those WW2 anecdotes.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    I'm fairly certain that it's universally paid for by the leasing company, but then they'll charge you via your payments that you've already signed for.
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    D-d-d-double post! Also, funnily enough, my car doesn't have pedestrian warning sounds. My VIN is on the older scale, though - 481xxx
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    Missing Type 2 Cables on delivery

    Same as above, same place. I just told them I need to do a long trip the following week (do have to go into the office once a month which is 240 miles round trip) and was given one.
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    Rubbish Wifi?

    Good shout, I’ll have a try tomorrow! I’ll have a look at that. My garage and driveway is about 10 to 15m away from the router as it’s detached.
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    Rubbish Wifi?

    Left wing mirror was already pointing towards it :(
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Panel mis-alignment, some blobs of paint, scratched underside, chipped hinges and door trim where I'm guessing they've tried altering the panels in transit, condensation in one of the pillar cameras. Possibly crap wifi, but not sure if that's a defect in the car I have or a general crap thing...
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    Rubbish Wifi?

    Hi folks, anyone else having trouble connecting their Model 3 to their Wifi? I've parked outside the house and it's giving nonsensical DHCP lease errors, even though I have plenty of room on our network. The router isn't even seeing the car, so it's almost as if it's not connecting properly. The...
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    Stats or Teslafi

    Personally prefer StatsApp - better value for money and does what I want!
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    Model 3 Leasing UK

    Yeah. Lovely machine. Got to go back for quite a few tweaks on mine, though.
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    More Uk-bound Ships?

    I counted 5 deliveries of M3s yesterday whilst picking up the car in Birmingham. Sounds like the deliveries are coming in thick and fast.
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    SR+ Charging Improvement

    Says it in the title. Now going up to 170. Tesla boosts Model 3 Standard Range+ Supercharging power to 170 kW
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    Leasing deposit returned?

    Very worrying - I paid my reservation on an old card that's been shredded. Bah!
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    More Uk-bound Ships?

    You should already have an email? I was told my reg number and delivery slot last week via text and on Monday via e-mail.
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Hmm, would love mudflaps, but I'm pretty certain the leasing company won't want me to drill holes... unless you guys have found a reliable set of flaps (steady now) that's sturdy without additional drillin'.
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    Leasing Model 3 by Salary Sacrifice.

    Ah, HR, the department of lazy sociopaths.

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