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  1. MrJones390

    Squealing Brakes....

    This happened to me too. They told me it's from never really using the brakes due to regen, then pressing them so lightly (like while backing up). Try getting up to speed and SAFELY pressing the breaks very hard a few times to give them some wear. If that doesn't work, Tesla will replace them.
  2. MrJones390

    Everything is for sale

    Everything is for sale
  3. MrJones390

    Model S 2013 black Quarters panels, charger, front and rear rail ....

    please confirm the passenger side mirror is in full working condition and I can swap it out for my busted one. I'd like to purchase and ship right away please. Phone number in DMs thx
  4. MrJones390

    2012 2013 2014 TESLA MODEL S Right Passenger Side Mirror

    Hello, I need this passenger side rear view mirror right away. Please contact me. Austin 310-910-5451
  5. MrJones390

    Question for those of you running lowering links

    Yes it's very noticeable. Same as each stage.
  6. MrJones390

    5 day old Telsa Rock Chip

    I don't want to hear anything about scratches after coming back to my car in Venice Beach to this... Looks like someone keyed their gang sign above the passenger side handle. I have no words...
  7. MrJones390

    Question for those of you running lowering links

    My car is super low and adjusts height at all settings. Normal setting is now lower than factory Low, and when I choose Low it dips down even further. I think this is what you are asking?
  8. MrJones390

    Red Brake Calipers Wanted

    Just have someone paint them red for $300 it's super easy
  9. MrJones390

    Door handles and wrapped car

    looks fine to me. Vinyl isn't perfect
  10. MrJones390

    Shout out to my(your) Los Angeles HPWC installer

    LA Solar. Have them do your solar panels and EV charging set-up at the same time.
  11. MrJones390

    Used car lookout

    Look at and around all the exterior panels to make sure nothing has been re-painted Check for swirls in the paint Tire tread -- may need replacing very soon Make sure it comes with extended warranty
  12. MrJones390

    Car Freshner

    I put this in the cup holder: Tobacco & Patchouli Apothecary Jar Glass Candle 8 oz. Everyone loves it. Doesn't smell like tobacco or patchouli IMO
  13. MrJones390

    Tesla won't send me my own logs

    The deer that we hit literally ran in front of the car like a linebacker tacking a runningback. Not a chance to even see it or swerve.
  14. MrJones390

    Status of my Model S P85 after 3-plus years and 55,000 miles

    I take it as charge to 90% unless going on a road trip and keep the car plugged in as much as possible.
  15. MrJones390

    An Update to our Supercharging Program

    There's going to be such an incredible flood of Model 3's that I'm not sure this along with building out the infrastructure will be enough. Really hope I'm wrong. My Supercharger experiences (mostly Mohave, Inyokern, Lone Pine, Mammoth) have been SO nice, peaceful, uncrowded and I hope they...
  16. MrJones390

    3 days left to decide.

    Go all glass! The new, cool thing. Wish I could retro-fit. I have RWD and of all the things I wish my classic car had, dual motors is not at the top of the list.
  17. MrJones390

    Tesla won't send me my own logs

    Aww man, totally dislike that video, poor guy. I was a passenger in a WRX going 70 that hit a deer and totaled the car. Learned a lot during the experience, most importantly that you are NOT supposed to swerve to avoid hitting it. People have really hurt themselves doing that. Insurance...
  18. MrJones390

    Buying Models S that has 60K mileage

    Almost 90k miles on mine and feels/looks/sounds new. Just missing the smell. People in the future will realize that with this car, mileage ain't nothin' but a number that's actually a badge of honor.
  19. MrJones390

    Back Up Camera Foggy

    Service Center fixed my foggy/blurry backup cam after I sent them pics of the problem.
  20. MrJones390

    Pano or all glass

    I have pano and would opt for all-glass due to wind noise, visibility, cool-factor and I just plain don't open the sunroof very much.
  21. MrJones390

    Letter to Mr. Musk from a 1-day old outdated Model S owner

    You are free to sell your car and buy the newer one if it means that much to you.
  22. MrJones390

    My outdated 2016 Model S

    It's great that Tesla's innovations provide such compelling reasons to upgrade. iPhone, on the other hand, has provided less compelling reasons to upgrade with the last few iterations, causing people to hold onto their perfectly working older phones longer. In my business, we capitalize on this...
  23. MrJones390

    White model S rims and calipers wrapped, chrome deleted

    Next try white calipers. Everybody has red!
  24. MrJones390

    White model S rims and calipers wrapped, chrome deleted

    Great choices. This is similar to what I did to my last car. The name for this style is: STORMTROOPER! Hope you have AWD :cool:
  25. MrJones390

    More praise for Tesla service

    The SC on Centinela in Los Angeles deserves a lot of praise as well. Without going into too much detail, I can say that they surpass my expectations whenever I contact them!
  26. MrJones390

    Newbie question - Is this a good configuration for my current needs?

    Looks good! I'd ditch the "UF Sound" and go 3rd party (Reus) if you can. Much more bang for the buck. I have air suspension and although I love it, you won't regret going coil (unless you want to raise the car for a steep driveway or lower the car for aesthetics). Also, go with the bigger...
  27. MrJones390

    Dilemma - need advice?? (color vs battery)

    Get the bigger battery with next gen seats and wrap the car any color you like.
  28. MrJones390

    Full body wrap, and the sensors...

    you left the chrome?!
  29. MrJones390

    Karstyle Facelift Price Reduced to $2,500 on Website. Deposit reduced to $500.

    Any reason this won't work with Lighted T? Should look v cool...
  30. MrJones390

    how to remove "60D" emblem?

    Take it all off, including shiny plastic T logo. Clean and stealth, with added mystery :cool:
  31. MrJones390

    Questions for Drivers of Teslas

    Here you go! What made you buy an electric car? Word of mouth, hearing people talk about it Have you become more aware of environmental issues since owning an electric car? In what ways? Yes, keeping up with Tesla news online inevitably brings up environmental issues Have you become more aware...
  32. MrJones390

    Help...My horn is stuck on!

    For a horn lasting longer than 3 seconds, please consult a Service Center.
  33. MrJones390

    how to remove "60D" emblem?

    Not to hijack the thread but... It took me over 4 months to get my letter in the mail -- just have to be patient. Once you get it, bring the letter into the DMV (I lined up about 30 minutes before they opened), wait 2 hours while everyone with an appointment goes before you... Bring in your...
  34. MrJones390

    New Evannex cubby compartment?

    Tesla 'CubbyCap' Product Review for Model S
  35. MrJones390

    What's your home charging setup?

    Sorry if this is about to cost you $25k, but I recommend getting solar panels and having the solar company install your HPWC or outlet for free. I had over $4k worth of electrician work done for free as part of the contract.
  36. MrJones390

    Vanity Plate - Which one would you pick?

    I have no experience with this type of thing and was able to it, but it's very involved. I'll send you PM as not to derail this thread too far ;)
  37. MrJones390

    Vanity Plate - Which one would you pick?

    I bought it second hand off someone who purchased and never installed it; but you can find it new here: Lighted T for Tesla Model S Evannex started selling it after I purchased mine. I wired it to the DRL AND headlights so it's always on when the car is on. I have headlights set to stay on...
  38. MrJones390

    5 Aftermarket MUSTs for new S

    You guys have great taste! ;)
  39. MrJones390

    Leave fog lights on?

    I only turn mine on in fog. Seems the most logical.
  40. MrJones390

    5 Aftermarket MUSTs for new S

    Chrome delete Reus sound system All weather mats Interior lighting (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FKPJLAK/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1) Leather key fob holder Coat hooks
  41. MrJones390

    Has anybody removed front plate and then added after film...

    I use this tape for all car needs https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002JOVUO0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  42. MrJones390

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    I don't get the appeal of buying an aftermarket wheel that looks stock. On the other hand, I purchased an aftermarket sound system from Reus that looks stock and I love it.
  43. MrJones390

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Did you guys lower this one? By how much? And did you use air suspension lowering links?
  44. MrJones390

    I got a ticket for no front license plate

    I don't think the front plate looks so bad :cool:
  45. MrJones390

    Re-engineering tires, seat belt

    Model S is the best car I've ever owned, and makes such vast improvements in pretty much every area over normal cars. The technology, performance and environmental friendliness are years ahead of its time; however, two places it is the same as other cars are the tires (wear and tear, road...
  46. MrJones390

    Tesla Loaners

    I've had 3 loaners from the SC by LAX and they've all been top-of-line brand new. I think they are trying to get me to upgrade ;)

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