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  1. Ames

    Model X 12v Battery Replacement Frustration (long-winded)

    My 2019 Raven X (manufactured in July) gave me a 12v warning in December - it was delivered last day of September. Also happened to my sister's '18 X100D car right in the middle of pandemic border restrictions (Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE). I managed to get Tesla to courier a replacement 12v...
  2. Ames

    My Experience bringing a Tesla to Dubai

    They are phasing out the US spec chargers now. Just FYI. Last time I looked I found the old US stall was charging an EU car. I need to double-check if they moved it somewhere else but I doubt this arrangement will last. Also US spec cars are no longer supported. We have a lot of Teslas here...
  3. Ames

    1 wee with MYP, what do I miss from my Chevy Volt?

    1 wee with myP... (and you can't edit the title lol). Rear cross traffic alert is a cool feature. I'm sure Tesla could add it as a software update. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Ames

    Automatic braking take over

    This happened to me twice in 5 years of driving Tesla. The first one I am actually grateful the car did drop the anchors; I was already braking moderately as I had been trying to catch up to slower traffic crossing a green light. When the light turned amber, the guy in front slammed on the...
  5. Ames

    Model X's Insatiable Appetite for Tires

    Just to clarify, is this the 3rd set including the set that came with the car? If that is the case you are getting 27,500 per set which is great for a Model X. My X performance is at 18k miles now and the tyres are starting to get noisy.
  6. Ames

    I need a drink — badly :-(

    If you are still getting used to the dimension of your car, leave it for a bit...all my careless curb rash happened in the first 6 months of ownership.
  7. Ames

    Driving While Asleep Videos

    Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with 3 surface cover...weighted just right and hangs off the steering wheel nicely ;). I cannot upgrade to a new one as its too light.
  8. Ames

    "No Brake" Days

    It's hard not to use the brakes when you have Ludicrous mode...
  9. Ames

    Performance X World Record 1/8th Mile

    Incredible for such an enormous car...
  10. Ames

    Raven efficiency, even Performance

    I have an X performance Raven and I find it to be very economical. I'm typically getting around 289 wh/mi on my 40 mile daily commute (this of course precludes Ludicrous+ launches but still gets me into every slot in traffic I desire).
  11. Ames

    Homelink from Tesla App not working

    This is counter intuitive, but a simple fix is to go to the Summon Settings and check Use Homelink with Summon.
  12. Ames

    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    The cabin overheat protection will drain the battery even if it doesn't actually kick in, just because it keeps the car on. I recommend turning it off if you're not using it.
  13. Ames

    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    "Loosing 5%" I feel your irritation...and it is of course complete and utter BS. I'm on 2020.20.13 and I'm back to losing less than 1% per night. You will lose more % if you keep the key near the car, leave a door open or ajar, keep sentry mode on, or if you keep cabin overheat protection on...
  14. Ames

    v2020.24.6 update killed my X

    I'm going to bet the problem was your 12v battery.
  15. Ames

    Battery discharging after 2020.20.13 update

    I use the app / Switch Vehicle screen. It shows which of the cars are online, offline, or asleep. Probably doesn't work if you only have 1 car on your app. Since 2020.20.12 my 2019 MX Raven doesn't sleep - just like everyone else in this thread. Gone from losing 1% in 2 days to 4% per day.
  16. Ames

    Delivered finally Model S Performance

    Looks stunning. Congratulations. 0-60 in 2.3 :cool:
  17. Ames

    My Experience bringing a Tesla to Dubai

    Tesla has a service centre on Sh. Zayed road just opposite Dubai Mall. If you are looking for a body shop approved to repair then there is Technical Resources Centre in Alqouz. I can vouch for both as being excellent. Tesla has in the past always taken care of even imported non UAE spec cars...
  18. Ames


    I changed my suspension setting to Always Low + Comfort (no more Auto). It seems to work well. Had a vibration free week and without realising it I have started driving the car a harder.
  19. Ames

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    Haven't tried it yet on my Model X...saving it for the drag strip...
  20. Ames

    I tried "Launch Mode" for the first time today.

    When I first tried it, the thing I remember the most was that it took off with a BANG. It really does make a difference.
  21. Ames


    July 2019 build "Raven" Model X Performance Ludicrous. At 12,300 km / 7,600 miles I am starting to notice some roughness in the drive train with the suspension set on Standard and moderate acceleration. It starts at around 31 mph / 50 kmh. Set it to low and it is not noticeable. It doesn't...
  22. Ames

    Why Model X over other brands

    Nothing will impress your passengers quite like a Model X.
  23. Ames

    Picked her up this morning!

    I got a set of TSportline Arachnids, kept the tires, tpms, got a new set of lug nut covers and a new set of Tesla centre caps. Also got a chrome delete in satin black....before that my car looked like yours, only black.
  24. Ames

    2019.40.50.5 installing now

    HW3/MCU2 no changes over the .1 release...must be bug fixes.
  25. Ames

    2019.40.50.5 installing now

    UAE; we didn't see anything new in the release notes. Personally haven't tried it yet. Hoping the voice commands will start working for us!
  26. Ames

    Wipers work amazing!!!!

    You lost me on the second exclamation mark...what? Seriously though I think that's what I've been doing wrong, not being dramatic enough with the car. When I try to talk to it on my usual calm monotonous drawl it just falls asleep, doesn't even bother to tell me Command Not Understood...last...
  27. Ames

    40.50.1 update completely disabled all voice commands

    In the same boat here...voice commands are completely nerfed. It must be something to do with the server side. I noticed immediately after the update I was getting some of them to work. Also noted a change in behaviour - voice commands are only recognised if you don't press the button after...
  28. Ames

    Raven 2019.40.50.1 Adaptive Suspension update

    I left it in COMFORT last night but didn't notice on my commute to work this morning. When I remembered I checked the Suspension menu and noticed that it had not lowered at 120 km/h (75 mph) like it usually does.
  29. Ames

    Model X clicking, humming...

    The clicks are usually when the main battery is connected to charge the 12v battery or to power up the HVAC. If you are running Sentry Mode or Cabin Overheat Protection, or anything else that prevents the car from sleeping...even accessing from the app will do that. You can keep sentry mode...
  30. Ames

    Brake pads fused to discs

    It does - it reduces power but does not eliminate it; more than enough power to create drying friction.
  31. Ames

    Squeaky Windows

    I had this and found it be dirt on the inside of the window at the bottom in the area that is normally concealed when the door is open. I solved it by sitting inside the car with the doors closed and windows fully up, and cleaning the bottom strips of the windows. YMMV.
  32. Ames

    Brake pads fused to discs

    I have a profile I called "Car Wash"; no regen, no hold, no creep, and Chill Mode. Because I wash my car weekly at night before going to bed, I use it for a quick drive around the block where I drive slowly while gently holding down the brake (and letting the car complain about both pedals...
  33. Ames

    Model X 20" OEM Silver Rims - New - Middle East

    DHL are quoting AED 790 per wheel or 3,160. Which is CAD $1,132. Not worth it in my humble opinion.
  34. Ames

    Model X 20" OEM Silver Rims - New - Middle East

    Still available...
  35. Ames

    What a difference some paint makes...

    No way I'm going to paint my Cybertruck...
  36. Ames

    OMG that truck is fugly!

    I just came here to say I love it. Since the reveal, everytime I see a normal (and super fugly) pickup truck it makes me smile.
  37. Ames

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    After my sister put down a deposit, and then my wife, and then my mum asked for one too...well I didn't want to be the only one left in the family without an armoured personnel carrier. I'm in and find myself really excited about this vehicle; more so than even my first Tesla. This thing is...
  38. Ames

    Scheduled Departure Feature - Can You Change the Off-Peak Charging Hrs?

    And while we are moaning about this feature...why do we have to have the cabin preconditioned? Why is the only control on weekdays - we also have different weekdays in some parts of the world (other than Monday to Friday). If I was concerned a bout peak electricity I could simply set it to...
  39. Ames

    a new software update

    I usually get update notifications regardless of whether or not I'm on WIFI, but it does ask for WiFi before the download. Tesla usually pushes critical updates regardless of WiFi.
  40. Ames

    a new software update

    Me too. Haven't had time to install it and see what it does. Hoping for the enhanced regen to stop, charging for scheduled departure, improved performance and range...
  41. Ames

    Model X 20" OEM Silver Rims - New - Middle East

    Bump. If you got your X with 22" and don't like them, this is a great opportunity to get the new Raven look with this wrap kit, which I have included:
  42. Ames

    Model X 20" OEM Silver Rims - New - Middle East

    Recently took delivery of a Model X and wanted to change the rims to aftermarket. - 2 x silver 20" slipstream rims, 9" width for the front. - 2 x silver 20" slipstream rims, 9.5" width for the rear. - 20 x silver lug nut covers - Used for delivery miles - about 80 km. - No marks or damage...
  43. Ames

    [bug report] V10 car sprite

    Raising the bar of first world problems...I would contact Tesla and argue since your car has red blinkers you are entitled to Smart Summon.
  44. Ames

    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    Clever! The black is not so bad...I will probably let it go.
  45. Ames

    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    Thanks! I changed my rims to T-Sportline, keeping the same tires and tpms. Very happy with the look, even better in person...up next chrome delete and tinting.
  46. Ames

    Anyone received delivery of 2019 'Raven' Refresh?

    Well folks, after a little bit of worry (thanks in part to this thread), I received my Raven "Model X Performance Ludicrous". It was absolutely perfect, none of the issues shared by anyone else here, no panel gaps, damage, paint flaws, interior issues...etc. Mine is a six seat + console with...
  47. Ames

    Is it worth it getting panels gaps perfect?

    I think that's an easy fix...just choose a convenient time for yourself - it's hardly urgent. Personally I'd wait and get it taken care of with something else - if nothing else comes up in a month or so then I'd take it in. Giving up your Model 3 for a few days and driving an ICE vehicle again...
  48. Ames

    Cabin overheat protection greyed out

    Try disabling tilt/intrusion detection, then cabin overheat protection should be selectable...
  49. Ames

    Handling 21" v 19"

    Well here's another perspective...I have a P90DL with 21's, Continental tyres with sound deadening foam, and air suspension, and a 75D with coil springs and 19" Michelin, also with sound deadening foam. I have no issues with road noise with either car, and the P90D has a noticeably nicer /...
  50. Ames

    Bjørn Nyland (Teslabjørn) has been testing my Raven MXLR

    Thanks for lending him the car. The X LR Raven is an amazing piece of engineering. Don't know how you could part with it... I think if you change the rims to these, it will make your car look fantastic: Tesla Model X Aftermarket 20 inch Tesla Wheels You can keep your tyres, caps...

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