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  1. Chisale

    Turning Live Camera on in the app causes Sentry Mode to become stuck on recording, resulting in hours and hours of video footage

    Thanks Shoom. Glad I am not alone. Since posting this I have just not used Live Camera mode anymore. Never found any solution besides that.
  2. Chisale

    Advice for new FSD Beta drivers?

    Great advice from Twiglet and Supcom above. Especially about the school zones. It will just roar right into a school zone at the non-school speed. So be prepared to turn it off or start forcing the speed down well before you get there. Just one other thing. Just because it does handle something...
  3. Chisale

    'If you don't show up, we will assume you have resigned': Elon Musk's ultimatum to Tesla office workers

    Another instance where Musk says something in a crass, polarizing way and then it makes the news. And draws even more negative attention to Tesla. I'm not here to argue for or against forcing employees to come to work. But if your position is to force them to come in, then as with everything the...
  4. Chisale

    Hydroplaned and crashed. Driving for 50 years. Never happened before. Thoughts?

    The "top of George Washington's head on a quarter" test is 4/32". Most tire manufacturers and sellers recommend replacement at that level. Frankly, you could probably drive a little beyond that. But you've got to particularly careful, especially in wet conditions. And, as others have said, I'd...
  5. Chisale

    Supercharger - Indianapolis, IN - East Southport Road

    It's live in the Navigation now.
  6. Chisale

    How many times has your car been in service?

    M3 LR AWD. 51k miles. I've had 1.) the windshield replaced due to a rock hit. 2.) new tires at around 40k miles (along with rotation about every 10k miles) 3.) three windshield wiper sets replaced 4.) flat tire repaired 5.) something like 40 car washes. That's it.
  7. Chisale

    Automatic emergency braking is disable

    I've gotten that a couple times on my M3. It always goes away on the next drive. I'd say if you put it in park and re-engage drive and if it goes away then it's just a glitch warning. But if it stays on then I'd have it looked at. When that happens, my daugter wants me to set up hay bales and...
  8. Chisale

    So I reserved a Lucid Air

    So if you're saying $70,000 then you must have reserved the Air Pure right. Currently their website is saying Q4 2022 for that model though that's the quickest and it varies depending on features you want. Be interesting to see if they hold to the current time lines they are advertising. The Air...
  9. Chisale

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    FWIW, mobile service will do it for only around $30 more than the cost of the battery. My bill came to $121total! Plus they fixed a couple other small issues for FREE. That's not much for peace of mind and not getting stranded somewhere.
  10. Chisale

    When Did You Need to Replace Your 12V Battery?

    I did mine proactively once I reached 50k miles and it was out of warranty. That occurred almost exactly at 2.5 years. A service reps told me that the most common time for them to fail on the M3 to right at 3 years.
  11. Chisale

    Did tire shop mount this wrong?

    You are supposed to put the bottom of the "T" pointing towards the air valve. If you're really getting particular.....
  12. Chisale

    First flat tire - could be intentional

    It's certainly possible that somebody did that. But I've had nails much longer than that stuck in tires before under situations where I know it wasn't done on purpose. I had one a long time ago that was like about a 9 inch long nail that you use to hang up gutters!!! That did a number on the...
  13. Chisale

    How does Turo renting work with Tesla's?

    Like EVRider-FL, I've rented Teslas on Turo but just in the US. I've always just used the key card and not messed around with the app since it's always only been a 2 or 3 day rental. Yes, of course, the renter could check on where you've been. They could also pull up the dash cam and see where...
  14. Chisale

    Supercharger - Lexington, KY - Meijer Way

    I agree with bjhinkle. That is the affluent side of town and a lot of travelers head from Lexington to destinations south and southwest. I still think they will need to add another one up close to the Horse Park and I-75/64 north junction at some point in time given the number of Teslas in the...
  15. Chisale

    Turning Live Camera on in the app causes Sentry Mode to become stuck on recording, resulting in hours and hours of video footage

    It's possible that it did in fact over write older Sentry events. There was like 2 Gb left on a 128 Gb device. So it's possible that it starts overwriting slightly before being quite full.
  16. Chisale

    Turning Live Camera on in the app causes Sentry Mode to become stuck on recording, resulting in hours and hours of video footage

    Correct. Turning on the live camera mode locks it into a state where Sentry Mode is just constantly recording even though there's absolutely nothing going on around the car. What this results in is sometimes 3000 or 4000 "Sentry Events" with them being partitioned into 2 to 3 minute intervals...
  17. Chisale

    Turning Live Camera on in the app causes Sentry Mode to become stuck on recording, resulting in hours and hours of video footage

    Model 3 and I'm on 2021.44.30.21 and Tesla App ver 4.6.0 on an Android system. Whenever I engage Live Camera Mode, usually just out of curiusity to see what's going on around the car, it causes Sentry recording to become stuck on from that point forward. This results in hours and hours if not...
  18. Chisale

    Object In Road while on AP

    Are you on FSD or traditional old fashioned AP? Seems like everytime I was on AP in this situation it disengaged rather quickly once you made a hard steer. But you can't be pussy-footing about it? If you're just mildly turning the wheel and it's not a true emergency then for sure disengage AP...
  19. Chisale

    "Proactive" 12v battery replacement - good idea or overkill?

    My 2019 M3 is 30 months old with 47K miles on it. I plan to drive it until 50k and if the battery has not died before then and thus under warranty then just replace and pay for it. From speaking with various people at the service center it sounds like getting 3 years out of a M3 12V is...
  20. Chisale

    Criminal charges against driver using FSD

    Traffic light control didn't come out until Spring 2020 so I would think that Tesla would have an out in the liability portion of the legal proceedings. The driver? I'd say he's about to be sent up the river.
  21. Chisale

    FSD Beta and Snow

    FSD can just barely manage driving under perfect road conditions, perfect lighting and hardly any other cars around. There's no way I would even remotely consider turning it if it was even wet out. Much less icy. Yes, a couple years ago I said wide spread level 4 driving was ten years away (at...
  22. Chisale

    Tesla App Upgrades and Charging

    Is there a blue snow flake symbol displayed next to the battery on both the app and the car? (What I personally call, being snowflak'ed) If so, what that means is that the car is holding some of the charge in reserve because the battery temperature is too cold. Once you start driving and the...
  23. Chisale

    Elon Musk, Time Person of 2021

    I don't care one bit who wins Time Person of the Year or not. But what I find really astonishing is the absolute vitriol that people across many different walks of life have for this man and who are using his nomination as Person of the year as an opportunity to vent about their feelings for...
  24. Chisale

    What happens after 3 strikes?

    So can you explain precisely what transpired for you getting a strike?
  25. Chisale

    40 amp maximum?

    I indeed got 40A service (50A breaker) on a 2019 install. It's plenty. That will charge you up at around 37 mph. I've honestly never had once instance where it really needed to be faster than that as far as the time it takes. Now if I could wave my magic wand and get 50 or 60 for the purposes of...
  26. Chisale

    Will Radar cars be stuck VO if you cancel beta?

    That is a great question and it's got me thinking of just backing out of even trying (I don't have it yet and I can't get my score above 97 due to driving in stop and go traffic so much). Just today for the first time since Safety Score started I rode as a passenger in a non-Tesla car. At first...
  27. Chisale

    Your Maintenance experiences / Cost to own

    Date Mileage Where Performed Service performed 2/20 10012 Michel Tires Plus tire rotation 10/20 23250 Tesla Mobile Service tire rotation 2/21 28034 Tesla Blue Ash replace back left tire w/ Cont original 6/21 35032 self changed cabin air filter to XTechnor Hepa 8/21 39554 Tire...
  28. Chisale

    Disappointed with "safety score"

    I really feel like the system was originally designed to ask a single question: Are you above 60 or below 60? (Or some number significantly below 100) To use this system as a criteria for who gets a feature and who doesn't and the differentiation is a single digit in the high 90s is absurd.
  29. Chisale

    FSD beta coming to 98?

    I finally got up to 98 after being on 97 forever. Then this morning a Charger starts revving his engine next to me at an interstate entrance ramp. The aggressive turning that I got caused my score to go back to 97. Was well worth though as I beat him to the double to single lane merge point.
  30. Chisale

    This service situation is getting abysmal.

    Agree. This is the major flaw in the company right now. (Though the botched roll out of FSD is giving it a run for its money.) Uber credits are passable for a day or two if you live in the city. I live in the country (and not even that far out) and you can get an Uber but it often takes a while...
  31. Chisale

    Rivian Preparing to IPO Next Week

    $60 billion sounds reasonable to me and I wouldn't expect it to settle in on that number after the initial IPO gyrations. That would put it somewhere around 12th place for auto makers in terms of market cap, slightly ahead of Lucid. I'd say both companies will be good buy and hold investments.
  32. Chisale

    I’ve lost my 3 and it won’t wake up

    I completely agree with DDuffey and believe people should stop assisting this person with any more information. The fact that the App says "Set up Phone Key" sort of gives it away.
  33. Chisale

    How dependable is Carvana's offer to buy?

    We sold my wife's car to Carvana and they gave us exactly what they quoted. The Carvana rep drove it around the block, about a 2 min trip and that satisfied him. It was $4000 over the dealer offer. $9500 vs $5500
  34. Chisale

    leaving your car at the shop....

    I had my car at a non-Tesla shop getting new tires recently and I made sure that Sentry was turned off, of course, But in the process of driving it into the repair bay the employee somehow reengaged it. (Probably by touching the 'eye" icon on the screen.) Now I have two hours of footage of me...
  35. Chisale

    How to use FSD/autosteer

    My personal opinion is that for relatively open rural interstate highways it makes it much more relaxing to make long drives. If you use it on crowded freeways in cities or on city streets then it causes that same level of anxiety as having a brand new teenage driver behind the wheel and you are...
  36. Chisale

    Suggestion for Tesla

    I would seriously doubt anybody at Tesla would read these forums. And if they do it's to laugh at the guesses people make on how things on the car work. They certainly aren't looking on here for bug fixes. But, I have reported a few bugs via the microphone button and at least a couple have been...
  37. Chisale

    Carwash mode? [not on software version that has this feature yet]

    Supposed to be available to all models 3 and Y. It is a little difficult to find. It's under the Service tab and I believe you have to scroll a little bit. I like it because I did have my charge port door pop open once in the middle of a car wash. So it's a nice feature in my opinion.
  38. Chisale

    Red Tesla 2021 Model 3 Long Range FWD (22,000 miles) for Sale

    How was the performance at the Indiana University School of Theatre and Dance?
  39. Chisale

    There was never a plan

    I agree completely with everything you've said. My guess is that this event might be relived in college management classes over the years as a case study in what NOT to do. First lesson: Don't run the company information releases via the CEO on Twitter.
  40. Chisale

    Understanding The Decline In Tesla’s FSD Take Rate

    Definitely agree with Island Roadster. If you're interested in seeing the advances in automated driving play out and have some extra money then it's fun being a purchaser of FSD. But if you ask the question: For the wider public is $10 grand for FSD a good deal? Then we all know the answer to that.
  41. Chisale

    TSLA and EVgo

    I've had an EVGo card for 2 years and I'd love to report on how their chargers work but I cannot because every time that I have ever visited one it's either been broken or ICEd. But mostly broken. Frankly, I think CHPT is a better investment at this point but I do hope they get their act...
  42. Chisale

    Charging at State Parks

    The state of Indiana has installed Tesla Wall Connectors at some of its state parks and every time that I have visited one, I have been able to charge. The ones I know of that have them are: Brown Co , McCormick's Creek , Spring Mill and Pokagon SP and all have nice trails.
  43. Chisale

    FSD: Good or bad for the Tesla brand?

    Right now FSD is a major drag on the brand. What's happened is they have made a huge marketing mistake. If they had sold their Autopilot capability as a "driver assist" feature just like every other car company is doing then they would have put themselves in way less trouble. The problem is that...
  44. Chisale

    Definitive OEM Tire Life Poll

    Just replaced at 36,000 miles. I probably could have gone a few thousand miles more but one tire has a slow leak and another was damaged from running over a 4x4 that fell off a truck just ahead of me on the interstate. Yes, a freaking 4x4 long piece of lumber. Luckily it wasn't factory fresh and...
  45. Chisale

    Tesla Sentry Storage

    Just curious how big the drive is that comes with the car now? I use a 128Gb Micro-SD card. That lasts at least a month or possibly more if I'm not parked too often in areas with lots of Sentry hits.
  46. Chisale

    If you have FSD, can you use auto lane change with just auto steer?

    It will work just as MY-Y suggested above. However, you cannot pass cars on a 2 lane road. Aka, it will not cross over yellow lines. You have to be on a 4 lane (or more) road. In addtion, some 4 lane highways it will work on and some not. 4 lane highways with lots of side access roads it will...
  47. Chisale

    Cracked Windshield

    I had same thing happen back in June. Got on the app to set up the service appointment the same day it happened. They've already pushed my appointment back twice back. Now it's set for mid August. The crack is now about 3/4 of the way across the windshield. I've had the check from the insurance...
  48. Chisale

    You guys think this is totaled?

    My guess is between $10-15K. Not totaled.
  49. Chisale

    250kW supercharger disaapointment

    I always precondition the battery when driving to a SC and I would say that very rough hand the time it takes to charge from 10-20% to 90% on V3 vs V2 is about 15-20 minutes less. That's not a scientific assesment since there are so many variables but with V2 you most definitely have time to...

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