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  1. FindMyElectric

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    Having the option to deduct sales tax from the value is nice--it's true that some states don't allow this, and it definitely influences a trade-in decision. Tesla is generally the lowest, that's a fairly common theme.
  2. FindMyElectric

    7 seat waiting room

    This isn't uncommon, especially if you had a 7-seater (they are in high demand). It's also true that Tesla is often the lowest.
  3. FindMyElectric

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    This is true--definitely more of a seller's market now than a buyer's market, but it's still possible to find good deals even in these crazy times!
  4. FindMyElectric

    2020 Model Y LR AWD, 13,800 miles, Uberturbine Wheels, Spoiler, Hitch (Atlanta)

    That's part of a common complaint with the "big box" algorithmic instant offer companies; that they don't give credit for Tesla-specific features like rare colors (Obsidian Black Metallic), various software features, and other things that you've added or done to the car (and it's something that...
  5. FindMyElectric

    Need Advice - 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black/Black

    That damage doesn't look bad at all. It's clear why they'd replace the battery, but no frame damage etc. Generally speaking, you probably have a bit less mass appeal with aftermarket suspension etc., as more people than not are looking for a stock Tesla. That said, there are plenty of people...
  6. FindMyElectric

    Couple questions before ordering.

    Tesla generally tends to be the lowest (although not 100% of the time). We'd also agree with your statement about them "not liking" being in the used car business! A lot of the "big box" buyers (CarMax, Carvana, Vroom, etc.) are very heavily algorithmically-based, and you may find that offers...
  7. FindMyElectric

    Need Advice - 2021 Model 3 Long Range Black/Black

    Hi there, happy to help! Bummer that you ran over a rock--but it happens; we see minor/non-accident damage all the time in listings; life happens. How much does it affect the price of the vehicle? This depends on a few things: 1) Do you have all the repair records? 2) What was the extent of the...
  8. FindMyElectric

    Can I sell my brand new tesla to someone the day I take delivery?

    This range is fairly accurate based on our latest data for the Model 3 you're describing, although this literally changes daily--especially in this market. That said, when looking to "flip" a Tesla--a lot of people don't take sales tax into consideration; we get this question all the time. If...
  9. FindMyElectric

    Vendor Looking to Sell Your Model S3XY? Check Out Find My Electric! The #1 Used Tesla Site on the Web!

    Great question, Jake! Let us shed some light on that... There are four main factors that really influence the time to sell a vehicle: Price (asking price, and final agreed upon selling price) Photos (this is huge--people often don't put enough time into their photos) Seller responsiveness...
  10. FindMyElectric

    Looking to possibly sell my 2016 Model X with Unlimited Supercharging for life.

    It's possible that you've sold by now, but just putting this out there since you're asking (and for anyone else to see)--we have the #1 trafficked used Tesla site on the web, and it's totally free to list with us and request an instant offer. Nothing to lose! Check us out at FindMyElectric.com...
  11. FindMyElectric

    November Orders

    This, for sure! A lot of people ask us this question when selling a Model 3 SR+...and we always say, you aren't competing so much with other sellers, but you're actually competing with Tesla... When someone asks too much for an SR+, people will just buy a new LR for a couple thousand more from...
  12. FindMyElectric

    Need help from those who sold to 'givemethevin.com'. Thank you.

    Hope this worked out OK for you! It can be tough dealing with unknowns in situations like these, and also having to take a "leap of faith" as you said. Focusing on excellent customer service so important!
  13. FindMyElectric

    Best paid used car site to list?

    Hi there! Chiming in here since you're asking for a specific recommendation/solution that relates directly to our service :) We offer 3 ways to sell your Tesla and have a totally free option as well. Additionally, you can request an Instant Offer from our EV dealer network (many people are...
  14. FindMyElectric

    Looking to buy a used Model S. Looking for clarification on years.

    1) Free Unlimited Supercharging ended in early 2017. We have pretty in-depth posts about it here and here. If you drive a lot or like to travel, it's a wonderful thing to have. 2) Tesla started making AP2 cars (the hardware version that can be updated) in late 2016, around the October/November...
  15. FindMyElectric

    Ioniq 5

    We were just talking today with the FME team about how the IONIQ is at the top of various EV charts for a lot of different reasons, many of which you've mentioned here. With the tax credit an all, many consider this to be a no-brainer as well! Congrats on locking one up!
  16. FindMyElectric

    Vendor Looking to Sell Your Model S3XY? Check Out Find My Electric! The #1 Used Tesla Site on the Web!

    Hello TMC friends! Find My Electric here, with an update on our offerings... If you're looking to sell your Tesla, we have updated our offerings and features! We are the #1 trafficked used Tesla site on the web, and #1 rated in customer service (where else can you pick up the phone and talk to...
  17. FindMyElectric

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    This is solid advice. Everyone's cash offer program is unique and has something special to offer (for example, ours is focused on Tesla and EVs). That said, no one company is the highest 100% of the time, so you may as well check everyone and pick whoever has the best offer and best terms.
  18. FindMyElectric

    Why Model S have very low trade in value (Vroom,Carvana...) ?

    This is true for many commercial buyers, but not all. Part of the reason we created our IO program was to make sure that things like that were taken into account... Discontinued rare colors like Obsidian Black Metallic, pano sunroof, FSD, FUSC, etc. Those all add value to the car but aren't...
  19. FindMyElectric

    Where to post about help buying a tesla model s

    We'd be happy to help you. Feel free to DM us here, or reach out on our site :)
  20. FindMyElectric

    Carvana offered me $65k for my 2018 Model S 75D with 74.5k miles. EAP, 21” slipstreams, premium accessory package. This can’t be real?

    Carvana allegedly has an algorithm that's very biased toward a specific ratio of Model S:3:X:Y, and if inventory falls outside of the optimum ratio, they will vastly overpay in order to balance it. Also, they allegedly own the bank that finances cars on their site, so the money they earn from...
  21. FindMyElectric

    Where to post about help buying a tesla model s

    @jjrandorin - Thanks for the shout out! @PCMc - There are indeed rare situations (like yours) where FUSC isn't there, although they're not super common. That said, we try to cover the caveats in our posts and are constantly updating them with current information. Thanks for the feedback! We're...
  22. FindMyElectric

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Those are great questions--and since you're asking directly for solutions about a service we offer, it's relevant for us to chime in here :) First--you can sell a used Tesla privately anywhere, and there are different places that have various pros and cons. You can also list in multiple places...
  23. FindMyElectric

    Online resale referral??

    @WestWingBolt, we'd be happy to have you list your Tesla on our site! We do indeed have national exposure--in fact, we're the #1 used Tesla site in the US! That said, we don't get involved in the transactional side of things (paperwork, shipping, etc.) between buyers and sellers--and don't...
  24. FindMyElectric

    2019 Model S Performance; FSD, Very Low Miles, 8-yr/100k Warranty

    This is somewhat dependent upon the platform where you list... For example, there are a lot of automated processes (bots, etc.) that are specifically created for Craigslist and some of the popular, broader platforms. Some of these platforms do a better job of filtering than others (eBay is a...
  25. FindMyElectric

    Anyone looking to sell a roadster right now?

    We actually had to clear up with Gruber which Roadsters were still for sale, and which had perished in the fire, sadly. But that's all sorted out and up to date now! If anyone is looking for a Roadster, Gruber's for sale page is quite good as they are the Roadster specialists (and we also list...
  26. FindMyElectric

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    +1 for the username, Stewie. We thought about taking Peter Griffin, but figured we should stick with the brand ;) That's incredibly low, wow--hard pass on that!
  27. FindMyElectric

    Advice selling 2021 model 3

    A lot of people feel this way, and it's why instant offer programs (including ours) have become so popular. There's nothing wrong with not wanting to mess with the hassle of showing your car, negotiating/haggling, properly vetting the buyer, etc. Some people just don't want to deal with that...
  28. FindMyElectric

    Advice selling 2021 model 3

    @jjrandorin Thanks for the mention--we are here to help! @ShiftyChicken As others have mentioned there are a lot of different ways to sell a used Tesla--from instant offers to listing it yourself on a Tesla-specific site like ours, or selling on other more generic for sale sites too...
  29. FindMyElectric

    2014 Model S 85 AP1 FUSC for sale

    We can relate--it was -14F (yes, *negative*) here in Minneapolis 🥶 One thing that can help, is if you have a friend with a condo that has heated underground parking and you can pull into their spot for a day or two. That will allow everything to come up to temp in the deeper foam of the seat...
  30. FindMyElectric

    Best place to sell Model S

    Thanks for the mention--and happy to hear you received good leads and ended up selling! Congrats on the sale! 🚗🔌⚡
  31. FindMyElectric

    Best place to sell Model S

    Thanks for the mention! We are here to help with any questions about selling and have a big 50% off sale going for January! Feel free to reach out via TMC or directly on our site with any questions!
  32. FindMyElectric

    Where to shop for used Teslas?

    We have filters for AP and you can use our keyword search for supercharging and air suspension. We also just added a filter for "Number of Seats" as a lot of users requested that (looking for 6/7 seat Model X/Y). :)
  33. FindMyElectric

    December 2021 order estimated delivery dates

    Allegedly, they list your car at a dealer-only auction as a "pending" vehicle. before purchasing it from you. Dealers are then able to bid on this pending vehicle. If it doesn't receive a high enough bid, they will lower the price in accordance with the bid range, claiming a variety of reasons...
  34. FindMyElectric

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    A few relevant points about Carvana: 1) They are heavily algo-driven and will substantially overpay (or underpay) at various times throughout the month depending upon their mixture of cars. Their algo is allegedly calibrated to keep a certain percentage of Model S, 3, X, Y, etc.--and if the...
  35. FindMyElectric

    2016 Model S P100D - Pearl White/Black, MCU2, HW3, Rear Facing Seats, New Full Warranty

    That's interesting--usually big box buyers *reduce* the offer when inspecting in person (for a variety of business-related reasons). But good for you--if the offer is good, take it! :)
  36. FindMyElectric

    Not sure if I should sell at this price

    KBB is an important data point to consider, but it's often wildly inaccurate for Teslas--especially in this market. That said, $45k is a good price. Most of the Model 3s with a similar configuration and miles on our site that have recently sold have been in the $46k-$47k asking price range, and...
  37. FindMyElectric

    2018 Model S 75D Midnight Silver FSD - NJ

    Since you're directly asking for offers, it's relevant for us to chime in here. We have an instant offer program with curated EV/Tesla dealers that's quite popular. Feel free to check us out here if you're interested.
  38. FindMyElectric

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    We've mentioned this before, but the Carvana algorithm is allegedly heavily inventory-biased. So, if they've got a lot of a certain model, the offer will be much lower. If they need Model S for example, they will overpay by a lot. They also allegedly own the bank that they use for their...
  39. FindMyElectric

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    The Carvana algo is calibrated to adjust to their inventory, so if they're short on a specific model, they'll overpay by a lot. If they have enough, then their offers will be lower than other vendors. Carvana also owns the bank that they do their financing with, so they can afford to overpay and...
  40. FindMyElectric

    Model Y - Accident

    Since you're directly asking--it's relevant for us to chime in here. We have an instant offer program as well, but it's tailored to the EV/Tesla crowd. You can check it out here. If you're simply doing pricing research, we have an "include sold listings" function on our listings page here that...
  41. FindMyElectric

    Vendor Looking to Sell Your Tesla? Check Out Find My Electric - The #1 Used Tesla Site on the Web!

    We've had multiple TMC users ask us where to apply our December promo code when checking out with a featured listing, so we wanted to post an update here on our vendor thread! Once you create your listing and select your package, the next page is the cart. From there, you can apply code...
  42. FindMyElectric

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    In most cases it will transfer. We wrote a pretty detailed blog post about this: Does Full Self-Driving (FSD) Transfer When You Sell a Tesla?
  43. FindMyElectric

    2022 Y feels different from 2021 Y

    So glad to hear you got this sorted out and didn't have to take any loss! :) We should've mentioned road force balancing! This actually solved a similar issue on a non-Tesla vehicle where we had a vibration problem. Vibration at 55-58 MPH, couldn't find a solution at all. Turns out the road...
  44. FindMyElectric

    Order on hold until March, email today order will be cancelled?!?

    There are some additional factors at play here as well...the flip itself (i.e. buying the car at a lower price and selling it for more to a retail buyer) isn't always what makes the money. One popular national dealer owns the bank which finances their cars to buyers, so they can overpay for the...
  45. FindMyElectric

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    This is definitely true. Why not check with everyone? It doesn't cost anything (but a little time), and no single vendor will be the highest all the time, as there are so many factors that play into offer calculations!
  46. FindMyElectric

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    Allegedly Carvana will overpay for Model 3s by significant amount when their inventory falls below a certain percentage because their algo is calibrated to maintain a specific mixture of vehicles. So, depending upon their inventory levels, you might be able to snag a really high offer from them...
  47. FindMyElectric

    Selling to Carvana - our experience

    A little insider info--there are a few reasons outside of the car shortage that make some of these "instant style" offers high... One of the popular car buying companies mentioned in this thread actually owns the bank that's used to finance their cars--so they can afford to overpay for them...
  48. FindMyElectric

    2017 Model X Tesla 100D Long Range 7 Seater Fold Flat

    We actually wrote blog post on this here: Does Free Supercharging Transfer When You Sell Your Tesla? Did you have Free Unlimited Supercharging listed on your original window (Monroney) sticker? That's a good indication of whether or not it'll transfer if it's listed there (i.e. if on the window...
  49. FindMyElectric

    2022 Y feels different from 2021 Y

    What a bummer to read your story and struggles with Tesla and getting this situation remedied. Have you made any progress with requesting a refund? Not sure what the buyback or lemon laws are in Pennsylvania, but this might be worth a look just to make you don't have an option to do anything...

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