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  1. Blastphemy

    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    Then why would you respond just to tell me that?? Sheesh!
  2. Blastphemy

    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    How does the Model Y sound system compare to the 2021 Model X sound system? I noticed a significant improvement between my 2018 Model X and my 2021 Model X. If the Model Y has the same audio system as the Model X, my musician wife will be thrilled and will likely buy it when her current lease...
  3. Blastphemy

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    If the yoke just had a proper horn in the center, I wouldn't be so bent out of shape about it. But good luck trying to find that tiny little capacitive horn icon in the middle of a turn when you have less than a second to honk the horn to prevent an accident. I really wanted the next generation...
  4. Blastphemy

    Need someone to check something since update yesterday

    I can confirm this happens on my Sept 2018 Model X 100D (pre-Raven). It's a small annoyance, and I suspect Tesla will fix it shortly with a future firmware update (a phrase no one can post about any other car manufacturer!)
  5. Blastphemy

    Tesla Model X P100D Full Review

    Haven't we seen enough "full" reviews of the Model X? Is there something compelling about this particular 13-min video that I should watch it?
  6. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    I see an i-Pace at work every day, and it's really really nice. But one day it parked next to a Tesla Model 3, and I was shocked that they were almost the same size. So I'll never buy it, since it's too small to replace my Model X. I will never understand why at least one forward-looking car...
  7. Blastphemy

    Why can't a $100K Raven X do what a $50K Chevy does with its cameras?

    I've had 360-degree camera views in my cars since 2007 when it was first offered in the Infiniti EX (as Around View Monitor). Years went by before any other manufacturer offered this. First only SUVs had it; now almost every vehicle I look at has it.... except for my Tesla. However, Tesla is...
  8. Blastphemy

    Rain on rear view camera

    Cadillacs have this feature (at least the CT6 does) and it works perfectly.
  9. Blastphemy

    Last few updates, strange MCU/car behavior

    Me too. I had an update fail, and it's been doing what you describe ever since. I have an appointment in June (because it's impossible to get one any sooner!)
  10. Blastphemy

    TeslaTags (MP3/FLAC Retagger for Windows)

    So if I have a movie soundtrack where every artist is different, I'd have to set all artists to "Various Artists" (or whatever I choose), and there'd be no way to see the actual artists unless I put them in the song title field? So this example... 1. "Footloose" / Kenny Loggins 2...
  11. Blastphemy

    TeslaTags (MP3/FLAC Retagger for Windows)

    What is the secret metadata field that will force an MP3 compilation album (or any album with multiple artists that the Tesla music interface annoyingly splits into one album listing per artist)? How about for FLAC, which has the same problem (that the "Album Artist" field isn't prioritized over...
  12. Blastphemy

    Making Sentry Mode even better

    I'd be happy if Sentry Mode would turn on automatically. Half the time I completely forget to enable it.
  13. Blastphemy

    Making Sentry Mode even better

    When I get in the car and see "2 Sentry Mode events," it sure would be nice to be able to view them right there in the car! If there's a way to do this, I haven't figured it out. If something happens to the car and I want to show the cops the video, there doesn't appear to be any way to do that...
  14. Blastphemy

    Directions for creating a USB drive

    When I formatted my 16GB thumb drive on my Mac (Mojave OS) for Tesla's dashcam, I selected: Name: TESLA Format: MS-DOS (FAT) Scheme: Master Boot Record Then I created a folder at the root named "TeslaCam" to store the videos. I also put several FLAC files on the drive to see if the car could...
  15. Blastphemy

    Anyone got their CA "purple" stickers yet?

    My check was finally cashed on February 27th. Hopefully not too long before I receive the stickers.
  16. Blastphemy

    Anyone got their CA "purple" stickers yet?

    I feel a little better since I sent in my application on January 9th. However, I haven't seen my check get cashed, so I'm still a little concerned... My wife's Model X red stickers took less than three weeks last October :(
  17. Blastphemy

    Anyone got their CA "purple" stickers yet?

    I mailed my application and payment for purple stickers in early January. The check still hasn't been cashed and I haven't received anything. Does anyone know if there's a way to check on the progress of an application (or to even confirm DMV received it)?
  18. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    That's because most of the people on here are more invested in the EV aspect of their Teslas than the luxury aspects of the Jaguar. For me, the moment the Jaguar was announced, I was done with Tesla. I only had a Tesla as a temporary solution until an actual EV luxury car was released. (The...
  19. Blastphemy

    Tesla v9.0 interface (2018.39.7) also has a new Easter Egg

    Since when are ventilated seats back? I only just ordered a Model X 100D last month and there was no option for ventilated or cooled seats.
  20. Blastphemy

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    Well, thank goodness that Tesla listened to the unhappy majority and will be returning the camera to the top. Guess the UI future you envisioned wasn't that popular! lol. Tesla starts releasing Navigate on Autopilot feature with disappointing caveat, update with UI changes "The 2018.42 update...
  21. Blastphemy

    Auto lowering when park is engaged?

    I can set Auto Raising locations anywhere I want, but of course because I want to set Auto Lowering locations, Tesla doesn't have a way to do that. I don't understand why Tesla software is so frequently half-baked.
  22. Blastphemy

    Is there a way to block software updates?

    I'm quite happy to be "left in the dark of any future features/updates" if V9 is any indication of what Tesla is going to change. I expect my car to get better each update, not get worse.
  23. Blastphemy

    V9 Shrink Nav? Split Screen?

    Does the V9 media player pick up where you left off when playing from the USB? In V8, once I turn off the car, it completely forgets that it was playing music or an audiobook from the USB source and loses the position entirely. Did V9 fix this?
  24. Blastphemy

    Tesla offered early lease end opportunity

    Thank you, Jeff! That was the answer. After sending the final lease bill to Ownership, Tesla wrote me back and said everything would be taken care of and that I didn't need to do anything else.
  25. Blastphemy

    Tesla offered early lease end opportunity

    I didn't get any instructions like that. Dylan made it sound like they'd just send me a check automatically. I guess I'll try e-mailing it to him (not that he responds to my e-mails anymore).
  26. Blastphemy

    Tesla offered early lease end opportunity

    Did anyone deal with Dylan Favazza at Tesla corporate for their early lease return? He assured me that I would receive a check from Tesla to cover the close-out bill from USBank that's due on the 28th, but I haven't received a thing. On top of that, Dylan is now unreachable! When Dylan was...
  27. Blastphemy

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    And yet another case of cognitive dissonance (i.e., the pot calling the kettle black). Everything you wrote above can be applied equally to you, but you don't even realize it because you're blinded by your own opinions. Are you sure you understand what "statistical analysis" is? Because it...
  28. Blastphemy

    Apps for Model X - beta

    Apple Carplay and Android Auto are not available "in one form or another" in the Tesla interface. That's why it's the highest one in the poll.
  29. Blastphemy

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    Based on your comments in this thread, I've come to the conclusion that you are indeed a UI Designer, but a very bad one. The purpose of a GUI is to (i) enhance the user's experience, (ii) provide the most convenient interface for performing tasks and selecting information; (iii) and allowing...
  30. Blastphemy

    V9 Shrink Nav? Split Screen?

    We just received the V.9 update on our 2018 Tesla. We are very disappointed that we are no longer able to display the rear-view camera on top. We always have the camera on top and music/radio on the bottom. We almost never use the map. But with V.9, we're forced to always have the map visible...
  31. Blastphemy

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    I always have the camera on top and something else on the bottom. I rarely use the map. I agree that Tesla should fix this fix! I can't understand why Tesla thinks sticking the camera only at the bottom (and only if the Media, Calendar, etc. aren't showing) is somehow an improvement. Everyone...
  32. Blastphemy

    Atari Games in V9.0!

    Anyone heard an update on this?
  33. Blastphemy

    Autopilot limitation/warning. FYI/PSA

    Emergency braking on Teslas is worthless. I don't ever trust my Model X to stop unless AutoSteer or TACC is on. Whereas in my 2010 Infiniti FX50 (eight years ago!), Forward Collision Intervention worked flawlessly, always bringing the car to a complete stop in emergencies where I didn't react...
  34. Blastphemy

    Autopilot dead center

    The biggest problem is in cities with carpool lanes. AutoPilot centers the car, frequently not leaving enough space for motorcyclists to split lanes (which is legal in CA) and pass the Model X on the right in the HOV lane. AutoPilot doesn't sense the motorcycle behind it, so if the driver is too...
  35. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    You'd actually compare Honda's Lane Keeping Assist System with Tesla's Auto Pilot? I sure wouldn't! Worlds apart, IMHO.
  36. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    I have the Cadillac CT6 Plug-in, which due to the placement of the batteries behind the 2nd row, doesn't have the ability to include SuperCruise (because that's where the hardware goes in ICE CT6s). The plug-in CT6 also can't have the Panaray sound system or magnetic ride control because of...
  37. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    My wife and I were able to see the touring I-PACE prototype this past weekend, and were allowed to turn it on and play with the sound system, A/C, buttons, etc, but weren't able to drive it. As someone who has a Tesla Model X, I can unequivocally say that the I-PACE is a lot smaller. I can seat...
  38. Blastphemy

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    I do not believe for one minute that my Model X has emergency braking that works. I've tried the test in that video with other cars, and every single one of them STOPS before hitting the box/tarp/mattress. Infiniti's system felt the most assured and safe of the ones I tried. Cadillac was OK, but...
  39. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    Here is the most comprehensive video I've seen that demonstrates all of the I-Pace's features and design:
  40. Blastphemy

    Jaguar I-Pace

    What is your source for that? The dealership to which I went yesterday indicated no such thing. Quite the contrary - if I had put down a deposit yesterday, I'd get my i-Pace in August or September (this year).
  41. Blastphemy

    Windshield tint

    If only the device about which you speak ever provided truthful information instead of alternate facts and fake news that deceive a large portion of the population, then perhaps I'd trust a Google search. I know you're just being funny, but did it ever occur to you that I used that device small...
  42. Blastphemy

    Vendor Model X Full Windshield Spectra Photosync

    Any Southern California installers you can recommend for this installation on a Model X front windshield?
  43. Blastphemy

    Windshield tint

    PhotoSync is a product. I need an installer.
  44. Blastphemy

    Windshield tint

    Has anyone in the Los Angeles / San Fernando Valley / Woodland Hills area had their Model X HW1 front windshield successfully tinted? If so, please provide a recommended as the person to whom I brought my car said it was impossible. Thanks!
  45. Blastphemy

    Any recommendations for quieter tires for Model X P90D?

    I took my Model X P90D to the service center last week and they replaced my Michelins with Continental CrossContact LX Sport tires. I don't see "Conti-Silent" anywhere on the tires, but they're definitely quieter than the Michelins. The technicians told the rep handling my service appointment...
  46. Blastphemy

    Any recommendations for quieter tires for Model X P90D?

    Are the Continental "CrossContact LX Sport" tires the same as the "Conti-Silent" tires to which some people are referring?
  47. Blastphemy

    Any recommendations for quieter tires for Model X P90D?

    Did they come with Continentals from the factory, or did you put them on later? My service center really doesn't want to replace the front 255/45R20 Michelins with 265/45R20 Continentals.
  48. Blastphemy

    Model X Ride Quality

    My 2016 Model X P90D with 20-inch Michelin GreenX 220 Latitude Sport 3s (255/45R20 in the front and 275/45R20 in the back) has a constant subtle "thunkety thunkety thunkety" vibration coming from the wheels, even on brand new smooth pavement. I'm hoping that when I replace those Michelins with...
  49. Blastphemy

    Navigation decided to freak out

    This just happened to me yesterday for the first time. I've had my 2016 Model X P90D for almost 1.5 years, and never experienced this before. I had to reboot the big screen to get it to stop.
  50. Blastphemy

    Any recommendations for quieter tires for Model X P90D?

    My service center will only replace tires with the same size. So the only way for me to get 265s on the front would be to go to a third-party tire installer. But the service center insisted that if I have 255s, I shouldn't put 265s on the front. Would sure be nice to get a definitive answer...

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