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  1. axhoaxho

    Model S 'Vent' only opens windows but does not close them?

    Hi, I have a 2019 Model S 'Ravel' Long Range. The recent software (Version 2020.40.4) and iPhone Tesla App (3.10.8) added a 'Vent' icon on my iPhone Tesla App. I tabbed the 'Vent' icon and all 4 windows of my Model S rolled down to vent. However, the 'Vent' icon wouldn't allow me to close...
  2. axhoaxho

    Ordered my MS Plaid

    I might consider replacing my Raven for a Plaid when it comes out. The $134K price-to-performance factor makes it sound like a bargain. It might sound cheesy, but somebody should make a T-shirt that says.... 'Once You Go Plaid, You Never Go Back.' :D
  3. axhoaxho

    Reveal of My Ruined Tesla....

    I think it is stunning. Love it.
  4. axhoaxho

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    It happened on my Model S LR when I took delivery of the car. The back hatch would attempt to close but immediately reopened itself. It turned out was the 'rear trunk parcel shelf cargo cover' not seating correctly, it stuck out a little and caused the rear hatch sensors to think some cargo...
  5. axhoaxho

    SpaceX releases online Crew Dragon/ISS docking simulator

    I did it! Took me a few minutes to get familiar with the controls using my Apple Magic Trackpad (on my iMac.) At the SUCCESS screen, it has a link to see the actual interface used by crew.
  6. axhoaxho

    2020.12.11.1 Incoming

    Installing now. Car is 2019 MS Raven LR FSD.
  7. axhoaxho

    What is this new icon?

    The new icon is at the same location of the old Sentry Mode icon, so I assume it would be the 'new' Sentry Mode icon. I like the old Sentry Mode icon more though.
  8. axhoaxho


    This morning just updated to 20201.12.5. Car is 2019 MS Raven LR FSD. I played with the Dashcam View, it was a nice new feature.
  9. axhoaxho

    Model Y - Hands On

    Congrats! Your MY looks awesome.
  10. axhoaxho

    Software Update 2020.12

    Just installed 2020.12 on my 2019 MS Raven LR. Same Release Notes as the last update.
  11. axhoaxho

    Firmware 2020.8.1 Incoming...

    I have the same in my Release Notes. Mine is 2019 MS Raven LR.
  12. axhoaxho


    Just installed the 2020.8.1 last night on my 2019 MS Raven LR. I noticed in the Release Notes, it said the Regenerative Braking now increases how much energy is actively returned to the battery. Would it contribute to the higher (est.) range?
  13. axhoaxho

    Cyber Truck Model/Diecast

  14. axhoaxho

    Seat Belt Shoulder strap anchor point too high

    My wife uses this, and she is happy with it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07H8D1M1N/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. axhoaxho

    Model S Drivetrain Issue

    I have a 2019 Model S Raven Long Range. Car is smooth and well, I don't notice such issues mentioned.
  16. axhoaxho

    State Farm Dropped My Insurance

    2019 Model S Long Range, and with State Farm here in CA. I checked with my agent, no problem. The State Farm premium is alway a littler higher, but I like that I can walk into the agent office (which is close to me) and talk to them in person if I have any questions. My State Farm agent has...
  17. axhoaxho

    Additional Vehicle Information in 2020.4.1

    Just updated (2019 MS Raven LR.) Mine showed the Autopilot computer as 'Full self-driving computer' instead of version number.
  18. axhoaxho

    2020.4.1 incoming

    2019 MS Raven LR FSD. Downloading 2020.40.1 now.
  19. axhoaxho

    Attempted Theft smashed window!

    Sorry to hear that, OP. In addition to the good advises in this thread, I also put this inside-glass-surface sticker on the small windows. The sticker says, "WARNING. Audio and Video Recording in Progress." Just another layer of measure to make the bad guys think twice before breaking the...
  20. axhoaxho

    Key Fobs

    My 2019 Model S LR came with two key fobs. It didn't come with any key bands. I took delivery of the car around end of September. Here are couple pictures of the key fob. Hope it helps.
  21. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    My Tesla drives itself to me. :)
  22. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    It is just sad to see the Taycan fanboys fighting tooth-and-nail to defense its poor numbers.
  23. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    You are wrong assuming me don't like ICE. My current truck has a 5.7L V8 with cat-back exhaust, which I love. Yes, the Taycan is hard to beat, except the range.
  24. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    I am a P-car owner too. I have had numerous P-cars, including the Panamera Hybrid and 997.2 GT3. I also have a 2019 Model S Raven LR with the 'Adaptive Suspension' and 21-inch wheels, which I enjoy 'driving' it very much even comparing to my P-cars.
  25. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    Seems you were not following the development of the upcoming 'Model S Plaid.' There are much information on the web, please search it.
  26. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    We do know one thing: "Never Bet Against Elon Musk." :)
  27. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    How do you know the Model S Plaid will not have good driving experience?
  28. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    If the Model S Plaid prototype could run ' Ring in 7:13 ' as mentioned at the above Road & Track link, the driving experience shouldn't be too shabby.
  29. axhoaxho

    Got to test drive the Taycan Turbo

    I would hold my horse on the Taycan for now. The Model S Plaid is coming, the performance and handling should be interested.
  30. axhoaxho

    Video of truck bed cover opening and closing

    That's pretty cool, thanks for sharing. Does anyone know if the Cybertruck would have a power rear window, like the Toyota Tundra?
  31. axhoaxho

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    Up the hill at the East Bay Hills. Nice view. :)
  32. axhoaxho

    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    I assume Tesla might offer just the usual 5 colors on the new Roadster... black, white, red, blue, grey? If so, I would prefer mine in white color, and then I would wrap the whole car with the 3M 1080 SP10 Stain Pearl White wrap.
  33. axhoaxho

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    Building my house on a 1/3 acre lot. So much to haul, cannot live without a pickup.
  34. axhoaxho

    Which voice commands do you use most?

    - Open Rear Camera. - Navigate to Home (or Work, etc.)
  35. axhoaxho

    Porsche Taycan EPA range

    Are there any reviews out there comparing the features of the latest Tesla Auto-pilot (with FSD) and Porsche offers on the Taycan?
  36. axhoaxho

    Porsche Taycan EPA range

    $209,400 with 192 miles!? Wow.
  37. axhoaxho

    Text Message reading in 2019.40.5 Early Access!!!

    It seems the voice commands can do more than I thought.
  38. axhoaxho

    Model 3 totaled in hit and run? I can't tell... [PHOTOS]

    I am sorry to hear that. Cannot really tell from the pictures.... Here is an idea of what the frame looks like on the Model 3. Please keep us posted on what the repair shop says. Best wishes,
  39. axhoaxho

    Might switch to Taycan

    I have been a P-car owner since the 1980's, my last one was a 997.2 GT3. Recently got a 2019 MS LR (with FSD.) It came with Premium Interior, free lifetime Supercharging, 373 miles range, and the latest adaptive suspension. I enjoyed it so much, I never looked back.
  40. axhoaxho

    2019.40.50 Release Notes

    Cool! Monday is our garbage day. My neighbors will be seeing me driving up and down the street, giggling while pointing at those garage bins. :)
  41. axhoaxho

    Porsche Taycan EPA range

    Thanks for the video, Jason is always very informative. The Taycan Turbo is just too heavy and not efficient enough, the range is rather low and the price is pretty high. Frankly, if I were to spend my money on a Taycan Turbo, I might as well just go for the Panamera Turbo or Panamera Turbo S...
  42. axhoaxho

    Pin to Drive privacy question

    If really worry, change the PIN after suspicious passengers in the car.
  43. axhoaxho

    Car is always dirty ....?

    Yes, somehow my car likes to attract a thin layer of dirt/dust on the paint. For a quick-and-easy clean up between full car washes, I like to use this Waterless Car Wash kit. It does a pretty good job. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00X04JRMU/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  44. axhoaxho

    Looking for license plate frame recomendation for rear

    I have this one on my Midnight Silver Metallic. Nice quality, I am happy about it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07S5H9S2K/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  45. axhoaxho

    10.2 coming

    Yesterday my car (2019 MS Raven LR) was updated to 2019.40.50.1. Today my Tesla app showed that my car will receive 10.2. I am confused.... Are 2019.40.50.1 and 10.2 the same? If so, why different version number? Thanks,
  46. axhoaxho

    Does new software voice commands include suspension height changes?

    Voice command for suspension height change would be nice.
  47. axhoaxho

    Text Message reading in 2019.40.5 Early Access!!!

    Screenshot of the new Adaptive Suspension Damping AUTO mode, on version 2019.40.50.1.
  48. axhoaxho

    Work truck funtionality for construction

    There are many aftermarket rack companies for truck & vans. Won't be surprised if some of them already working on racks for the Cybertruck.

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