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    Opinion, momo, ohm, or vertini wheels?

    I wanted OHM too but I believe they are all in back order without clear available date...
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    Can I avoid paying sales tax in Nevada..........

    Seriously? I get that taxation sucks but please do not exploit the loophole.. I am not sure if this is tax evasion or not but jeez.. if you are going to do it, just keep it yourself... or pay the fair share since you are getting a nice vehicle!
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    Model Y Auto Pilot Nearly Unusable

    Hmm... this is interesting.. I was about to say, 'adjust your following distance!!!!' but you have already owned M3 so you know this part.. I have 20 MY LR (radar) and 21 M3 (Vision) and I really don't have much problem with Tesla Vision aside from obvious shortcomings like speed limot to 80...
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    Tesla interior color different from ordered

    I just let it be. I was not going to fuss about extra 80 miles on the car 😂 I mean I bought brand new car with much higher miles from dealers before. Instead, I was extremely glad that the build quality was flawless. Maybe this was why I didn't complain 😉
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    Tesla interior color different from ordered

    It is possible that they might have delivered the wrong car to you (aka wrong VIN). This happened to my wife's m3 SR+ this June. Delivery specialst called me the day before the delivery and apologized that he delivered my wife's car to someone else and mistakenly added 80 miles to odometer... so...
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    Model Y 2022 - what should Tesla offer ?

    This is what I call delusion...
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    Damaged Aeroshield

    I see where you are coming from. I mean it does not hurt to ask SC and see if they are willing to cover it under the warranty. If it does, then let us know! 👍
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    Damaged Aeroshield

    Sucks it happened to you.. I believe this will not be covered by warranty like above comment. I think you should file a claim with your insurance... Hope it is not too expensive of a repair..
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    Wanting a model Y from Texas

    I am not trying to be a douchebag. I am just being honest with you about purchasing Tesla. It is not the most customer-oriented experience as you already experienced it. What you experienced could be one of the many annoying things that you might experience. So take it as a joke rather than...
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    Wanting a model Y from Texas

    I agree. You should probably not get Tesla if you are already having issue/frustration with test drive. I bet that you won't survive the anxiety/frustration of waiting for delivery, picking up, and possible servicing... Good luck with other options! 👍👋
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    Ordering model Y

    If you follow the recent news, 4680 battery is still months if not years away from full production.. https://www.google.com/amp/s/electrek.co/2021/07/26/tesla-update-4680-battery-cell-production/amp/ So answering your question, there is absolutely no way for you to get MY with 4680 battery at...
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    Buying 20" Induction Wheel+Tire in DFW area!

    Bumping this up for potential sellers in DFW area!
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    Seeking Opinions on MY vs alternate

    This is my 2 cents. I owned MY LR for about a year now and ended up getting M3 SR+ 2 months ago for my wife after test driving pretty much every other EVs out there. 1. Road Noise - Tesla is not the best car out there but is also not the worst in this category. I think the road noise is just...
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    Buying 20" Induction Wheel+Tire in DFW area!

    Thank you! This could be a great alternative/cost-saving way to change the wheels!
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    Model Y - Is my car totaled?

    Hope you are okay... Re MY, yikes... damage seems to be pretty bad.. however, I cast my vote that the vehicle will not be totalled as long as battery remains intact.. Regardless, hope for good outcome!!
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    Buying 20" Induction Wheel+Tire in DFW area!

    As title suggests, I am looking to buy 20" Induction Wheel + Tire in Dallas-Fort Worth area! I have been riding on Gemini for awhile and want to switch things up a bit as my car is looking at 1 year old soon 😉. Send me a pm and/or comment below!
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    How to evaluate a used Y

    Looking at current market, you will likely pay more for used ones.. I sometimes see ad for used MYs in my area and they are outrageously more expensive than new ones..
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    Hard braking for no reason

    Phantom braking does occur time to time. There are numerous threads about it in this forum. As Tesla and many others testified so far, AP and FSD are not perfect at this point. Thus, it is important to stay alert all the time so that you can apply the accelerator right away to maintain the...
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    SPV in Texas ... or whatever it's called

    It will be determined based on MVPA that Tesla will send it to you after taking the delivery. In simple term, the price that you agreed to pay when you placed the order.
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    Anyone able to pick up directly from Fremont, if live close enough?

    It is destination fee. Not delivery fee. There are other threads in this forum that asked the same questions. All answers pointed that you still have to pay $ regardless of picking up locations.
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    Registration in Texas - Registration Packet

    For your reference, I took delivery of my M3 on 6/19. Received and registered my vehicle on 7/13 at Tarrant county. I dont know if paying full in cash matters in getting the doc faster but I paid in cash so def had less paper. When I took my MY last year, it also did take about 3 weeks. Hope it...
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    Model Y or Model 3, Which one is better for camping?

    Model Y if you plan to camp inside the car. I own both 3 and Y and camp frequently with my wife and 2 large dogs.
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    2021 Tesla Y 21 inch OEM Performance Rims

    OP, are you the one selling?
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    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    Nope, I was referring to OP. He had a recent post in MY section re his seat issue.. so I was wondering if he also owned M3 and MY lol
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    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    Do you also have a problem with youe M3? I thought I saw your post re 'fake' leather issue with MY forum.....
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    UI upgrade

    I think I know which article you are referring to. https://www.google.com/amp/s/electrek.co/2021/07/06/elon-musk-tesla-ui-mind-of-car-view-fsd-computer/amp/ I believe Musk's tweet refers to FSD UI that is available with refreshed X/S will be tricked down to 3/Y in the near future. That does...
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    DANGEROUS MAPPING ERRORS ON CURVY MOUNTAIN ROADS [Correction: Tesla map accurately displays this section of I-8]

    I agree with GtiMart. Any maps could be different from the actual road to varying degree such as new construction, road closure and etc. Though map/navigation should be as accurate as possible, I believe it is ultimately driver's responsibility to remain focused on road to stay on correct path...
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    Tesla, please get rid of the fake leather and use real leather

    No worries 👍 I would be frustrated as well if my MY or M3's leather has an issue.. I am just hoping that my two dogs' constant drooling and my endless fight to prevent those drool marks will help keep my leathers intact while I own my Teslas 😂
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    Tesla, please get rid of the fake leather and use real leather

    Real leather has a high environmental cost compared to 'fake' leather. For a company that touts sustainable energy future, I do not think it will ever utilize the real leather... I would definitely suggest a regular cleaning regimen to maintain/expand the lifespan of the fake leather quality...
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    Hijacked Referrals

    If you refer yourself, you only get 1000 miles. This has been confirmed in other threads as well.
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    Model Y Vs Deer

    Very possible. The huge factor here is labor cost of certified bodyshop. Mine was relatively expensive compared to other places but I was satisfied with their work and insurance paid for it... so no complaints here 😉
  32. L

    Austin, TX Model Y Rental?

    Do you mean test driving in Domain location?
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    Model Y Vs Deer

    Yes, I was lucky since it was 2 am in rural Texas highway without any vehicles in either directions. My wife said whats that and I just slammed on brake asap (kudos to Tesla for brake performance). I was able to avoid hitting heads on but deer still somehow managed to ram into me 😑 Good thing...
  34. L

    Model Y Vs Deer

    Jeez.. Your deer accident is worse than mine I had in December even though I also hit the deer while going 55 MPH w/out AP... I guess me slamming my brake did mitigate the damage.. Anyway, I am glad that you are okay which is always the crucial thing in this circumstance. Car can be fixed well...
  35. L

    Significant loss in mileage

    People seriously need to just switch its setting to show battery percentage rather than miles/kilometers... Life is much easier that way...
  36. L

    Cleaning dogs saliva of the seats?

    Following. Being a father to 2 large dogs, I tried to minimize the date with door covers, dog seat mat, and putting towel behind the seats but the stain is not 100% avoidable..
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Today was the day. Tesla finally delivered my 2nd Tesla to my house at Arlington, TX - M3 SR+, white exterior/black interior, no FSD, and 18 aero wheel. Since this was 2nd Tesla (1st one is MY LR that was picked up in Sept 2020), I was not stressed about the whole procedure. There was one...
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    Supercharger - Car Body damage

    I feel you. I almost damaged my MY few weeks after picking it up when I went to Targrt nearby my house.. the car is surprising low considering the fact that it is SUV... I hope that the repair doesn't cost too much! 👍
  39. L

    Supercharger - Car Body damage

    I do not understand how this is Tesla or anyone else's fault.. It is vehicle operator's responsibility to park without damaging one's vehicle or surrounding objects.. I get that it is frustrating that parking block had a faulty installation or what not. However, it is still your responsibility...
  40. L

    Model Y Build Quality Improving?

    This was my thought process when I ended up getting MY last year after owning 2 BMWs, 1 MB, and 1 Audi. Despite known built quality issue of Teslas, am I going to be picky person that will be checking every single minor deficiencies and be stressed about those issues forever? I chose not to...
  41. L

    Serious paint flaws discovered after delivery

    I think 'serious' is a bit too much here. Re white compounds, I have those when I picked up my vehicle as well. As SC folk said, it was indeed polishing compound that was easily removed. Well, chip, SC should be able to address if it wants too. If not, make sure to get PPF. Don't be like me and...
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    Drive-ins in the Tesla will be great ... ?

    I have done it too. Much better experience with Teslas. Great tips above btw.
  43. L

    4680 battery packages available?

    Most likely when Texas Gigafactory goes full production mode.
  44. L

    My Model Y Range....is really good.

    Mine is 285 lifetime after 14K miles on it. Today, I experimented by driving 70 mph on interstate from Austin to Fort Worth (Approx 200 miles) and it showed a miraculous 258 😉 I was like, did my 2 large dogs lose weight?
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Fort Worth SC reached out to me today. Scheduled home delivery for 6/19 (Sat) at 8 am.
  46. L

    My Model Y Range....is really good.

    Sorry that Texas has 80-85MPH highways...
  47. L

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Even though this is my 2nd Tesla (1st one is MY LR that I picked up last September), the nerve/agony of picking up another Tesla is unreal..... so hang in there for all future Tesla owners!! 👍
  48. L

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I ordered mine on 4/23. SR+, White Ext/Black Int, no FSD. Got VIN about 4 days ago. Uploaded Insurance and paid cash yesterday. EDD is 6/13-6/20. I am moving to DFW area so I changed pick up location to Fort Worth few days ago.
  49. L

    Good wrap service in Dallas-Fort Worth area?

    Hello all, I am moving to Dallas-Fort Worth area from Austin for new job in few weeks. While my house is getting ready to move in, I finally have time to wrap MY LR after 9 months of ownership. Since I am new to the area, I have no idea which businesses provide quality + value wrapping...
  50. L

    Car won't start during software update

    That is a bummer and I hope everything went well for you.. However, Tesla does warn before the owner accepting the software update that the vehicle cannot be operated during the update..

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