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  1. djp

    Discrepancy between Gateway solar CT and Enphase

    Same, it’s been almost a month for me with no word from Tesla no change in the underreporting.
  2. djp

    Discrepancy between Gateway solar CT and Enphase

    I think the bug was introduced in 21.39.1 which was rolled out at the end of November. I’m now on 22.1.1 which came out in February, but I still have the same problem.
  3. djp

    Discrepancy between Gateway solar CT and Enphase

    My guess is this is a bug introduced with the Nov 30 firmware. My system was fine before that, but started reading 20% low when the new firmware was installed.
  4. djp

    Discrepancy between Gateway solar CT and Enphase

    I have an identical issue with my Powerwalls. Starting in December my solar production has been underreported by 5kW and my house consumption has also been underreported by 5kW. The house numbers are sometimes driven to zero when the panels are producing. I called Tesla Support, they logged...
  5. djp

    Tesla app version 4.0.0 has app re design for both car and energy

    This is my biggest problem with the new app too. The monthly numbers only show net grid usage, not import and export. There isn't a way to download this data either.
  6. djp

    Powerwall self power mode with net metering.

    In Ontario we have 1:1 net metering, but the feed-in and grid usage are treated as separate transactions with tax charged on grid use and no corresponding tax credit on feed-in. Pretty much equivalent to the round-trip losses in self-powered mode.
  7. djp

    Off Grid

    What exactly is the difference between “off grid” mode and “self powered” mode? I haven’t seen any documentation from Tesla on the off-grid option.
  8. djp

    Today's Roadster Orphan

    Congrats @pz1975, great to hear that 939 has a new home! The car is perfect for twisty mountain roads, I'm sure you'll love driving it as much as I did. Feel free to send me a direct message if there's anything you'd like to know.
  9. djp

    broken soft top tension wire

    I replaced mine with a length of non-stretch Spectra line. Cheaper than cable and available at any marine store.
  10. djp

    Canadian Roadster for sale

    With the arrival of my Model 3 I'm considering parting with my Roadster. This is a rare opportunity to own Tesla's first production car, only ~50 Roadsters exist in the Canadian market and Tesla is no longer converting US cars for import. The car is a 2010 Roadster 2.0 with 55,000km on the...
  11. djp

    First Trip Roadtrip

    Good luck! One word of advice from my experience with longer road trips - try to avoid freeways and take more direct routes on two-lane highways where possible. The shorter distance and lower speed both help to minimize the time spent recharging. Smaller highways are also more fun to drive...
  12. djp

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    @vinko - on the Roadsters we have access to the log files and service menus so we can directly read the Calculated Amphour Capacity (CAC). For the Model S you'll need to rely on the displayed range. My Roadster is now eight years old and the battery capacity is at 97% of original, I think both...
  13. djp

    PEM Fans

    Error 1144 could also be the wiring harness or the connector. My service centre tried three different fans before they realized the harness was the problem. It was an easy fix to swap it out.
  14. djp

    Car does not find new CAC after battery exchange - help please!

    Another option is do a range charge and then let it sit in the garage for a day with the cabin heat running on full. You don't need to take the SOC down to "unknown range", the bottom 20% (in the red) is enough to trigger a recalculation.
  15. djp

    #1144 PEM fan problem

    I also had an intermittent 1144 PEM Fan error on my Roadster, it would come up randomly and seemed unrelated to PEM temperature or driving conditions. Tesla Service was able to fix it by replacing the PEM wiring harness. It could be a loose connection in your case too.
  16. djp

    Approaches for cooling the motor?

    The battery cooling is more aggressive if you charge in Range mode. It won't run continuously, but it does target a lower temperature than a standard charge.
  17. djp

    Tesla Roadster in zero degrees temps; What precautions 4 battery protection ?

    If the car is going to be in storage for a few months you can change the charging mode to "Storage". This lets the charge level drop to about 20% and holds it there. A lower charge level is healthier for the battery over the long term. The cold shouldn't be a problem. The pack will preheat...
  18. djp

    Coolant System Problem ID:1447

    How far are you from the service centre? I wouldn't be too concerned about driving it short distances. The pack takes a while to warm up, especially if it's starting from a low ambient temperature. You can monitor the temperature of the max brick from the service screen. Take it slow, don't...
  19. djp

    Using a CAN Sr Roadster to Tesla2 adapter

    Yes, is the older version that doesn't support 80A pilot signals. The problem is definirely the old firmware.
  20. djp

    Using a CAN Sr Roadster to Tesla2 adapter

    The firmware version is displayed for a few seconds on the VDS when you turn on the car. Version is the one that enabled charging on an 80A pilot.
  21. djp

    Using a CAN Sr Roadster to Tesla2 adapter

    Check which firmware version you have installed on the Roadster. There's an update needed to charge off an 80A pilot signal, it's possible you're still on the older version.
  22. djp

    Roadster 1.5 A/C Compressor

    Here's the catalog: http://www.masterflux.com/userimages/Brochure/MasterFlux%20Catalog%20TC-001%20R1-web.pdf
  23. djp

    Roadster Sport will not stay in Performance Mode

    That section of the manual describes the Performance charging mode, not the Performance driving mode. A Performance charge is similar to a Range charge in that it charges the battery to 95%. Unlike a Range charge, a Performance charge doesn't chill the battery as it approaches 95%. The higher...
  24. djp

    Missing Home Link Button?

    You can add HomeLink controllers in the Settings menu (under the Wrench icon when you have the parking brake on).
  25. djp

    Could use some help before I visit repair shop re a nail in a tire

    The rubber buffers go on the calipers above and below the brake pads. Another thing you can try is to use your fist or a rubber hammer to bang on the underside shroud. I've found a few loose bolts in there that were bouncing around.
  26. djp

    Getting Really Frustrated

    No, that's not normal. My PEM generally runs at 20F over ambient temperature, and kicks out of Performance Mode when it reaches 113F. It sounds like you have a problem with either the airflow, PEM fan or PEM itself.
  27. djp

    Could use some help before I visit repair shop re a nail in a tire

    Yes, that's it. I've had to reapply it a few times and my rear pads could use another coat again. Next time I pull the tires off I'll use a rubber buffer on the back of the pads instead.
  28. djp

    Could use some help before I visit repair shop re a nail in a tire

    I think the best solution is to stick a buffer on the back of the pad in addition to using those strips on the caliper. I'm using the caliper strips with red goo right now, they help a bit but don't entirely eliminate the rattle. I've also found the red goo is more effective if you dry it with...
  29. djp

    Could use some help before I visit repair shop re a nail in a tire

    What type of brake pads are you using, and do you have anti-rattle shims? Does the rattle stop when you apply the brakes? The rattle sounds a bit like brake pads. I've noticed the red goo doesn't last very long with the Carbotechs, a tire blowout might have been enough to break it free.
  30. djp

    Roadster 3.0

    The larger pack will have less voltage drop during hard acceleration so will be able to deliver more power, even without changing the PEM. It's hard to say if this offsets the weight increase - agree we need to see a drag race!
  31. djp

    Speedometer and kW resetting

    I've had the same thing happen to my instrument panel a few times. It seemed to be triggered by hard acceleration but not easily repeatable. The IP NEEDLES RESET is a quick way to fix it, and can be done while driving (by a passenger of course).
  32. djp

    Contact address for Roadster Logs

    @markwj is correct, my Service Advisor confirmed that event logs are sent over-the-air for 2.x cars. Unfortunately Tesla let the data plan lapse in Canada so they're no longer collecting logs for Canadian Roadsters. The USB port is the only source.
  33. djp

    Wow, Roadster very rough - got shocks?

    Same, I haven't noticed a difference in range. I'm sure it's slightly lower, but I don't ever push the range to a point where it would matter. The improvement in ride is well worth any impact to hypermiling. Although if I ever did a long distance road trip at the limits of range I'd pump them...
  34. djp

    Wow, Roadster very rough - got shocks?

    Dropping the tire pressure down to the Comfort settings (25psi front, 36psi rear) also helps compared to the standard setting (30/40). I think the standard setting is overinflated to help reduce rolling resistance and extend range, but it has the side effect of a harsher ride. I've been...
  35. djp

    TPMS Sensors

    Confirmed, I bought four sensors from my Tesla service centre last week. Cost was $26 CAD each, or about $20 US.
  36. djp

    Help with VehicleLogs concerning SOC

    Don't worry about the 85%, that's the normal level for a Standard Charge. A Range Charge will bring it up to 95%. The best measure of battery health is the Calculated Amp hour Capacity (CAC). As a first step, use Tom Saxton's parser to extract a summary of the log file. VMS Log Parser for...
  37. djp

    (For those that have), How are you mounting your front license plate?

    Check the underside of your nose, you might already have two holes there. I replaced the plastic bracket with two metal arms that I bolted into the same holes.
  38. djp

    (For those that have), How are you mounting your front license plate?

    I have a spare standard plastic mount. It's yours if you want it.
  39. djp

    Carbon Fiber Body?

    This PowerPoint presentation from the early years is a good reference. http://www.speautomotive.com/SPEA_CD/SPEA2009/pdf/KEY/K4.pdf
  40. djp

    Unplugged Roadster, how long is TOO LONG...

    Very bad. Unlike the Model S, the Roadster doesn't automatically disconnect the battery to protect it from fully discharging. If you completely drain the pack you'll turn it into a $40K paperweight.
  41. djp

    Losing maximum power in Roadster Sport - due to battery aging?

    Yes, the max power will fall as the battery ages. Over time the internal resistance of the battery increases which means you'll see more voltage sag on hard acceleration and less power. That might not explain the full loss though, there could still be other causes as well.
  42. djp

    Storage Mode - urgent-ish issue

    You have a ways go, it maintains the charge level around 20%.
  43. djp

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    You could still close one side of the trunk lid to keep the trunk closed and protected. Possibly even both sides if the cable is run through the center, the lid is fairly flexible. I live in a CHAdeMO desert so the port isn't that useful to me yet, but could be a very interesting add in the...
  44. djp

    Simplified Roadster Lift Adapters

    If you want to service your car using a four point hydraulic lift, you'll need spacers for the two rear lift points. The adapters align with guide holes in the car's frame and keep the car level on the lift.
  45. djp

    Driving in heavy rain

    The height of the windows is adjustable to meet the seal. Here's the section from the Owners Manual.
  46. djp

    Teslas on ebay

    Selling a Canadian car into the States isn't a problem, the import restriction is northbound only.
  47. djp

    Update: Model X has a single charger, but only 48A capable

    If it's a supplier issue and Tesla still intends to deliver 72A chargers, then they should make it an option. Start by building 48A cars for those who order the smaller charger, and phase in the 72A orders as the parts come on line.
  48. djp

    Update: Model X has a single charger, but only 48A capable

    ChicagoNext Chairman Mark Tebbe Got One of the First Tesla Model X SUVs
  49. djp

    Update: Model X has a single charger, but only 48A capable

    It's disappointing that Tesla has decided to go with an onboard charger that is less capable than the Roadster. Supercharger coverage is still very thin. And there may not be a Supercharger on your direct route even in regions that are well covered. With a 70-80A station you can get a...
  50. djp

    Where are you storing things in the Roadster cabin? Sunglasses clip?

    Under the floor of the trunk there are divided sections with room for small tools and an LED flashlight. You can also fit a tupperware container over the wheel well on the left side of the trunk.

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