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  1. Z

    Using only superchargers

    You're still in your investigating phase. Check out plugshare.com to see what charging options are around other than Superchargers. There might be a convenient Level 2 close to you that can provide 30-40mph charging that you won't mind if you're off doing something else. There are some...
  2. Z

    Unknown clunking noise after exiting Model Y

    Any way you look at it, if it was ice it should have been kind of a fluke condition. Moisture can get to the area and may refreeze in the right conditions - like moderate freezing weather turning very cold. The radiator doesn't run extremely hot like an ICE radiator, so may not develop...
  3. Z

    Unknown clunking noise after exiting Model Y

    Depending on your temperatures that could still be radiator fan hitting against ice in the cowl of the fan. That would explain why it went away when temperatures warmed. Otherwise I don't have ideas.
  4. Z

    High mileage check-in

    Pretty incredible. Just extrapolating the kind of numbers this would result in ~90K miles/year ~8-9 hours on the road per day I expect you're in a courier business. Would it be accurate to say you need to supercharge twice an average day along with home charging overnight? It's encouraging...
  5. Z

    Tesla scan on 120V charging in cold weather

    There are definitely mixed messages in this thread. The chart shown is at -11C for 240V charging, which the charging system can easily overcome. There just isn't enough power available at 120V-12A to charge the battery and heat it at temperatures under 14F, -10C unless you have a lot of time...
  6. Z

    High mileage check-in

    If you haven't found what you're looking for, one cheap option is a kitchen "flavor injector". I haven't done mine yet but will next rotation.
  7. Z

    Help me think this through for buying a model Y

    There are a ton of variables, but '17 Q7s are selling near me in the 26-35k range, so you probably aren't as far ahead as you'd hoped. Carmax, Carvana, or other sites will give you a much clearer idea. I'm assuming you bought used a couple of years ago and two years in you've decided you want...
  8. Z

    Tesla Waze no longer works in browser

    This was one of the first things I noticed as well. That's one way to help us not pay for the connectivity package.
  9. Z

    My Model Y won’t charge at supercharger

    Two ideas for things that might help without a service visit. A full power disconnect, rebooting all computers may be in order. If this resolves the problem, there was nothing a Service visit was likely to accomplish anyway. See the video on battery replacement for the technicals, but you're...
  10. Z

    SR+ stuck in snow

    Sounds like you might have just been in a stuck situation where something like DYNO mode might have turned off enough electronic nannies to get you out. What's lost on most posters is that the NYC climate (and mine) will have 5-10 days a year of potential driving on snow/ice pack. Hard to...
  11. Z

    High mileage check-in

    I look forward to seeing more of these kinds of threads when more 3s start to get past bumper-to-bumper warranty and battery warranties. I'm at 53k miles. Mine has had only an upper control arm replacement at 30k miles and first set of tires at 26k. I can highly recommend the General Altimax...
  12. Z

    Big Preconditioning Change

    I'd be thrilled if I had the extra time to get ScanMyTesla running when these events happen, but it just isn't a priority. Heat in the battery makes a difference in cooler temperatures when you have a heat pump that can take advantage of (some would say NEEDS) the excess battery heat to work...
  13. Z

    Big Preconditioning Change

    What's up with the big Preconditioning for Supercharging change? My last big road trip in cooler weather was in April, but I just had preconditioning on for 80% of a 110 mile gap between superchargers last week. That's maybe 10kWh of power used for a small charging speed benefit at the next...
  14. Z

    Upper Control Arm Sealing DIY?

    2019 LR AWD Model 3. Drivers side replaced around 32k miles. Passenger still okay at 49k and I'm wondering whether I should actively do something with it. It's the only maintenance that has had to be done on this car, other than a routine tire replacement at 26k.
  15. Z

    Upper Control Arm Sealing DIY?

    Just wondering if anyone has done this sealing of the control arm ball joint area DIY. From the pictures I've seen it's just applying a sealant around the metal seam between the wishbone and ball joint part of the upper control arm, although I'd probably slather some on the center of the ball...
  16. Z

    Supercharger - Haubstadt, IN - Ruffian Way

    Coming through next week. I guess it's not promising that this will be done by Wednesday :(
  17. Z

    Supercharger - Triadelphia, WV - Gantzer Ridge Road

    Status as of 9/12. Still in plastic.
  18. Z

    Supercharger - Triadelphia, WV - Gantzer Ridge Road

    Not sure this is true. I was just there about a half hour ago and there was no sign of power. Device in first image still had it's plastic covering.
  19. Z

    AltiMAX RT43 Installed today.

    Follow up on my thread and next rotation 20k miles into the Altimax RT43 tires. All tires are still in the neighborhood of 8/32, so it looks right now that these could be legitimate 60k mile tires on the Model 3 18s compared to the 26k I got from the OEM tires in my driving conditions. Any...
  20. Z

    Any suggestion for rear quarter panel dent?

    You can see better than we can from the photo, but there doesn't appear to be a break in the paint, just a scuff with material from other vehicle on it. If that's the case you might get away with an inexpensive paintless dent repair.
  21. Z

    Rural Ownership

    No issues with local tire shops. They've been really good to me and receptive when I shared my lifting pucks to help them properly change the tires without impacting the battery location. Tires aren't likely to be any tougher to find than any other brand, although it's unlikely you'll put OEM...
  22. Z

    Thinking of trading my 2018 for 2021 Model 3. What would you do? [op moved to another brand]

    You appear to be infighting between the competing priorities in your automotive world. These are my opinions as I haven't reached the senior age threshold yet. Comfort - I value Comfort over Performance in general. As I get older, ease of entry/exit is becoming more important. This might...
  23. Z

    AltiMAX RT43 Installed today.

    SabrToothSqrl I'm glad you revisited this thread. This was the kind of review I wished had been more available when it was tire change time for me. I'm about 16K miles into my Altimax tires and they have still great in snow and rain. I haven't run a depth gauge anytime recently but there's no...
  24. Z

    Rural Ownership

    I'm in rural Appalachia and wouldn't/don't have concerns with the distances you list. In two years and 40k miles, which would have been 60k without pandemic, I have only needed Tesla service once. The closest supercharger doesn't really matter as long as you can do home charging, as long as...
  25. Z

    Trade In Value from Tesla? WTF?

    I looked but didn't see someone say this specifically. Tesla will match a CarMax quote for trade, you're just burdened with going to get it. In my case it was a $2K difference and I got to keep the sales tax benefit. [EDIT] I'm seeing instances where they may have stopped the CarMax match in...
  26. Z

    Warming battery icon in app

    I don't precondition much. I hope we're not all paying the battery heating penalty to benefit what the heat pump cars need, a reasonable battery temperature to provide cabin heat and some regen. Based on a couple of recent trips, I'm pulling some major KWs early in the trip - way more than...
  27. Z

    Master Thread: Definitive 14-50 NEMA Outlet Guide

    Holy repeated post! What bothered me most about the breaker box the first thread you posted this in was that the now known 8AWG cable in the 70A breaker looks exactly the same size as what's in the 50A breakers presumably for your range and other things. We originally thought and hoped it was...
  28. Z

    Any rubber options for a 2021 frunk mat? Thx.

    I got my Frunk and Under trunk mats from eBay and a seller named Bestone2014 and they look and work well. He still appears to be in business and his listings include a 2021 Frunk mat.
  29. Z

    Battery heating while preconditioning cabin

    I responded in another thread when I noticed this behavior and the battery heating icon in the app for the Model 3. Apparently it has existed (and worked) for quite some time in the Model S. I ran a test on a cold soaked Model 3 at 32*F, and per TeslaFi - not ScanMyTesla - saw the following...
  30. Z

    Warming battery icon in app

    I did a precondition yesterday at around freezing temperature to see the effects. Cabin heated and maximum battery drop by 10-15 minutes per TeslaFi. Car still pulling too much from 30A plug until 45 minutes to restore charge, presumably for stator heaters. I left precondition on and returned...
  31. Z

    If it isn't "range anxiety", how do I figure it out?

    Range is very dependent on temperature. A 2019 Model 3 (pre-Heat pump) is good for about 66% efficiency at 27*F. The good news is that at around 10*F I'm still at 60% efficient. For your car that would mean around a 190 mile range at 10 degrees assuming your drag losses are higher and heat...
  32. Z

    Warming battery icon in app

    Glad to see this. It wasn't on the 3 before, probably because of different battery heating method. Looks like they implemented a method to display the motor stator heating now with a recent update. I didn't notice this until 2020.48.10 on the 3.
  33. Z

    depreciation question

    There were resale arbitrage opportunities with the Model 3 because the rollout was slower initially. I doubt how realistic it would be for the Model Y to be without depreciation for very long. As we've seen with the Model 3, the depreciation starts in earnest when the next BIG thing comes...
  34. Z

    Supercharger experiences

    Sorry but 24x7 bathrooms are an issue in the age of COVID. If you choose to travel overnight, things get sparse between 10pm-6am. Many of the 24 hour locations are not open all the time any longer. My last trip this included two stops in Meijer parking lots.
  35. Z

    Mold in Trunk

    There are YouTube videos available on the process for removing the Trunk liner so you could see if this was something you're comfortable with. If you're comfortable with it, I'd suggest removing the liner and checking for problems with seam sealer in the under trunk if you think the moisture...
  36. Z

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    No worries - it was a bad math joke. I did run the comparisons at denominator 4, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, and 30 in a spreadsheet and cherry picked the one that looked closest to normal for the year and guesses for historical car values from 40k to 130k assuming good condition and average mileage...
  37. Z

    Big Snow Storm coming in NE USA! What to Do?

    Curious about charge port specifically from a thawing standpoint. The rest of the thawing performance should be similar to older Model 3's, at least I'd hope the heat pump would get up to temperature at relatively the same speed as PTC did.
  38. Z

    Decision to keep or not to keep my 2013 Model S

    Tesla Value = Original Price * ((19/20)^AgeInQuarters) Has to be that easy, right?
  39. Z

    Big Snow Storm coming in NE USA! What to Do?

    We were supposed to miss the majority of the storm or just get ice in this part of Ohio but ended up with 4 inches of wet snow. Perfect snowball snow for sure. Heavy wet snow is exactly the kind that should have easily/quickly melted off the newly heated charge port. I'm curious to see if...
  40. Z

    All batteries dead, can’t unlock car.

    Was just looking for a post to verify the 9V battery trick still works with a dead 12V to open the frunk and saw this. Hoping you've got your problem resolved after all this time. Did you disconnect the main battery harness under rear seat when swapping out 12V batteries? Did you verify...
  41. Z

    Question on charging with Nema 6-50

    LOL - this is why it was $400 for electrician advice.
  42. Z

    Question on charging with Nema 6-50

    The wire coming from your 70A breaker is definitely not larger than the wire in your 50A breaker. Everything else is just arguing semantics. It should have been 4AWG copper and hardwired if it was for a welder requiring that much. At most the yellow breaker should be changed to 50A for your...
  43. Z

    Question on charging with Nema 6-50

    Welders would be a common reason to have a 6-50 instead of 14-50. The 70A breaker appears to be way oversized for the wire you have though. If you were to have an electrical fault, the wire would burn up and be your "fuse" before blowing the breaker. That's why you should downsize the breaker.
  44. Z

    Question on charging with Nema 6-50

    An electrician will check your wire gauge, which from your picture looks like it could be 8AWG, as well as the distance to the breaker box, breaker size, safety of run among other things. That may or may not be worth the money to you. Personally I'd just go with it. At the 32A a mobile...
  45. Z

    Third party charger vs nema outlet

    The mobile connector will be limited to 32A. If you choose any other J1772 EVSE as a secondary, it will also be limited to that. Only the wall connector can charge at 48A on a 60A circuit. Some may also mention an additional failure point in the 14-50 plug/outlet that you have to monitor...
  46. Z

    Big Snow Storm coming in NE USA! What to Do?

    I haven't used this since getting the Tesla, but in previous plug-in vehicles I put a plastic grocery bag on the charge handle to try and shield away some of the snow/ice from forming near charge port. I really don't think it matters what you choose as far as charging (or no), especially since...
  47. Z

    Love my 21 X but no 14-50 adapter is ridiculous

    Did you list your unused NEMA adapter for sale? I was similarly frustrated when I bought in 2019 because the 14-50 (and 6-50) adapter was out of stock for a long period of time. I have a feeling that most who have them and don't use them STILL want to hold on to them just in case they're...
  48. Z

    Big Snow Storm coming in NE USA! What to Do?

    If you have time to plan a little, get some Gummi Pfledge for your window seals. Leave a snowbrush/scraper/broom somewhere outside the car so you don't have to open it to clean it off. I'd leave it plugged in. Enjoy the snow - it's ice you have to worry about.
  49. Z

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Don't get me wrong - I believe cars need mudflaps in northern climates unless they're very lifted. My post was regarding timing. I did all my research in early 2019 and it just wasn't mentioned at that time. Note the dates on this article - mid 2020 and the Tesla weather package (no cost...

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