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  1. MaskedRacerX

    Seriously. What is your max amount you'd pay for EAP?

    With a fixed price and the inability to move these packages between cars, it's very dependant on ownership duration. I'd pay $99/month, which would put the cost, if we kept it continuously over the next 24 months at $2,376.00 For $6K, I'd be spending $250/month, that's too much for a...
  2. MaskedRacerX

    Bring back EAP (to USA)

    I'm pretty much the same way, could do it purely from the perspective of spending $6K, but I'm just a little too frugal for something that has pretty vague "value" and doesn't move with the account owner. Our M3P works terrific, as is, this would be just a little extra potential improvement...
  3. MaskedRacerX

    EAP Return to US

    Is there a monthly option? Checking ... Well, first, yes, I see it too, cool - but no, there's not a monthly option. For $99/month, I'd do it, with right at about 24 months left before we're done with this car, that would come to ~$2400.
  4. MaskedRacerX

    We have 'vent' for windows. But can we have 'auto-close in the evening' please!

    There are a number of 3rd party options for this, Tessie for example, can connect to all sorts of automation services, it's super easy to setup a shortcut (on iOS) with a day/time trigger and connect that to the Tessie "Close Windows" hook. Sure, it's $4.99/month, but it's a solution.
  5. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance...Plaid [speculation]

    Not for me. Yet. :D So far, Tesla has the edge on the EV part of the equation, the SuC is such a major factor, like we were just in The Keys, our destination (unlike pretty much all our other trips over the last year), didn't have any options, and there's only a SuC in Marathon and in Florida...
  6. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance...Plaid [speculation]

    That is true, and as someone who's been involved in the logistics sector, I probably should've known better - my expertise was overridden by my desire for a more potent Performance Model ;) Apologies :D I hope Tesla offers something a little more between the current P and the Plaids in the...
  7. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance...Plaid [speculation]

    Yeah, I think the idea of a "Plaid" version may imply some additional complexity, but a higher performance Performance Model, maybe not. Different motors/batteries aren't really "more complex", you're swapping parts. Wheels? A swap. The M3P should really have gotten more stout rubber like...
  8. MaskedRacerX

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    Wow, yeah, I bet being an early adopter, you've probably heard so much - before people knew what a Tesla was, before most people knew about battery power vehicles - though I've had some of the same conversation (as above) with folks around here in the last year ... "What happens when it runs...
  9. MaskedRacerX

    Vendor BASENOR Custom Tesla Sunshade

    I got the front window shade a few weeks ago, from Amazon: It's pretty solid, the fitment is reasonably precise (given what it is), covers edge to edge all the way around, has a cutout with velcro to attach to the rear view mirror - then the sun visors flip up to hold it in place - it stays...
  10. MaskedRacerX

    Going to order a new Model 3 performance. Should I consider the long range AWD?

    I'm one of those type of people where I rarely, if ever, regret spending a little more on more major purchases, because I know the "... should've / what if ..." that I will obsess over (for years) is more costly in terms of head space. So for me, the initial purchasing anxiety, and long term...
  11. MaskedRacerX

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    Underlined = I guess it must've been based on these posts :) As expected based on other reports, I did not get the brake feature. I am re-stuck at the date/time of the 16.1.2 update, so that's showing June 20 / 8:xx, and as another interesting date related behavior: My initial, free...
  12. MaskedRacerX

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    I just did a "vehicle reset" vs. a "display reset", not sure if there's really any difference but I tried the button only/display reset a few times without fixing this - or if this was just coincidence (i.e., the update just happen to occur when I did this), but the behavior was a touch...
  13. MaskedRacerX

    Software update - Stuck on last check date

    I'm also on x.12.3.12, my recent updates look like this: I'm also stuck on an older date, June 13, 2022 at 8:32a: I've done all the tricks, reboot, forget and reconnect to WiFi, and a guy I know who had been on the same update schedule as me has been on x.16.2 for a few days. 😑
  14. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    There's a lot of good info in the Model 3 Driving Dynamics area: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/forums/model-3-driving-dynamics.281/
  15. MaskedRacerX

    Meross Garage opener

    You can setup an automation with that opener, and do a geolocation based open/close, or even a voice activated trigger (if you got the HomeKit compatible version, it allows for all sorts of neat automations). Basically the Tesla OS is closed, so it does what it does OOTB, and there are no apps...
  16. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    Yeah, it's hard to describe, the closest thing is a roller coaster with magnetic acceleration (like Velocicoaster or Hagrid's at Universal). No shifting adds to it too, there's no interruption of power, or change, it's just a continuous, smooth surge of power.
  17. MaskedRacerX

    Model 3 Performance Waiting Room

    The Tesla is fun in a different way, obviously the acceleration is insanely quick, but the whole experience is totally different (and never going to gas station again is a bit surreal). I've had a pretty wide array of vehicles: Z06, Supra, S2000, BMWs, Mustang GTs (did a decent amount of track...
  18. MaskedRacerX

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Yeah, I was bummed we didn't get it before our trip to the Keys, that would've been ~950 miles (round trip) of analytics!
  19. MaskedRacerX

    Where is the "For Sale" area

    There's not dedicated model for sale areas, there's a global area under marketplace: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/forums/-/list#marketplace.69
  20. MaskedRacerX

    software update 2022.16.1.1

    Were you / have you, been getting the wrong (delayed) date for "Your software is up to date as of ..." ? Like this is me today (June 18): I've done the forget / reconnect to WiFi as well as soft reset (wheel buttons) and it's kind of stuck.
  21. MaskedRacerX

    How can I permanently remove the browser from my Tesla

    Hahaha, I'm sure there's a new user over at GirlFriendTroubles.com asking a version of this question ...
  22. MaskedRacerX

    Enhanced autopilot released for Australia and New Zealand

    I just want straight forward or backward "summon", just to deal with other cars who park close, puddles, etc. I just need about 10 feet :D
  23. MaskedRacerX

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    *bulge* *snicker* I'm actually wanting a little more sidewall height over the OEM tires, for me, a 265/30 goes the wrong way, I really like the idea of the __slight__ increase with the 255/35. I'm looking at performance all seasons too, like you, I feel like that's plenty for the street (in...
  24. MaskedRacerX

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Looks great! I’m thinking about doing the same: 14mm rear spacers with extended shank lugs, 5mm front slip over - and swap the 235/35 for some 255/35 for a better fitment on the 9” stock wheels. Did you paint them yourself? What tire did you go with? I was considering the Pilot Sport AS4 or...
  25. MaskedRacerX

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    Sure thing. :cool: Also, I didn't mention, that you can build automations, and Siri (IFTTT, etc.), like I can open and close my trunk, from my Apple Watch, through Siri/voice, by way of Tessie. You really get a ton of slick improvements for the fairly low monthly price.
  26. MaskedRacerX

    Vendor Official Tessie app talk

    It's pretty awesome. I'm generally on a computer all day (software dev), and so I love having car info right through a browser interface. Definitely setup a free trial yourself, but just to give you an idea, here's a few shots right from my account (I subscribe). You have this nice dashboard...
  27. MaskedRacerX

    Unplugged Performance takes both Podium Spots

    Wow, yeah, hahaha, I kind of "tightened up" sitting here at my desk :D
  28. MaskedRacerX

    Trade Rivian R1T for Plaid Model X/S

    Well, I loaded one up with the 400 mile battery, quad motors, all the highest cost color/wheel/intererior options - plus just about every accessory and did get it up to $116K :D I was going to say "Everything but the kitchen sink", but, umm, it has a kitchen sink :D
  29. MaskedRacerX

    Vendor BC Forged - Fully Forged Lightweight Wheels / Custom Spec / Quick Lead Times / MANY Designs

    Wow, that's fantastic. I think I've cover any white interior panels with carbon fiber and then get some red seat covers. :D
  30. MaskedRacerX

    Finished custom audio

    I'm not a huge car audio guy, but dang, that's nice execution. I do/did enough home audio to follow most of the specs, I bet that sounds pretty spectacular. BTW, that flat black wrap looks killer, I want to do something like that with our M3P.
  31. MaskedRacerX


    I'm certainly going to try it both ways. Since we only go to full charge (and reduced regen) for infrequent longer-ish trips, it does catch me off guard a little, I'm thinking I'll leave it on, unless it feels intrusive and not smooth like a regen slowdown.
  32. MaskedRacerX


    I wave at just about everyone, mostly they wave back, but oddly, it's just with a single finger ... So I had a run of x.12.3, just went to 12.3.12 The new x.16 features sound neat, hopefully that's on deck :D
  33. MaskedRacerX

    Goodbye Camaro, Hello M3P!

    Howdy! Our M3P replaced a Mustang GT convertible (which replaced a different GT convertible :D), and I've got a number of Vettes, other performance cars, a long run of manuals and the Tesla is insanely fun, even without gears :D, while also being incredibly roomy, handy, low cost to operate...
  34. MaskedRacerX

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Here's what I do like on the i4 M50 (and I'd only consider the M50 variant): Adaptive suspension Hatch type trunk (with slightly more room in the main area) Car Play Get a bespoke platform developed from the ground up for EVs (including a few interior details), drop 800+ lbs, keep everything...
  35. MaskedRacerX

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Yeah, I think the CarWow video above does a good job of showing how this car is a bit of a transition product. We've owned 4 BMWs, the Tesla is something totally different. The i4 design looks like all the other ICE 3/4 series including weirdly unnecessary ICE design elements like exhaust...
  36. MaskedRacerX

    Hit by an 18 wheeler [is my car totaled]

    Holy *sugar*, glad you're OK!
  37. MaskedRacerX

    M3P VS BMW I4 M50

    Interesting. I've owned and tracked several cars, a Z06, a 750HP Supra, owned a number of makes like BMW, Lexus, had a setup S2K, 3 other Vettes besides the Z06 (the latter picked up as an NCM delivery), I've done shows, extensive modifications, helped to prototype track components, I've run...
  38. MaskedRacerX

    Losing power when parked [sentry mode is on]

    Yeah, that sounds like you've got a notable difference between home vs. "not home". Sentry active/inactive can be set to a location (like @E90alex pointed out). I'd also check for things like Cabin Overheat Protection that probably wouldn't kick in if you're parked in a garage (at home), but...
  39. MaskedRacerX

    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    If I don't have a pump and plug kit, then I absolutely will have to depend on roadside service / a tow truck, so for me, it's to have the potential for a self-fix, it might not be possible, but I'd hate for to have been a 15 minute quick fix, get back on the road vs. a 2-3 hour (or longer) wait...
  40. MaskedRacerX

    Took my 2021 SR+ on a 3000 mile road trip from LA to Denver and back!

    Great story, some AMAZING photos!
  41. MaskedRacerX

    do you really need a portable air compressor?

    I have this in my cart right now, for a little peace-of-mind for a trip next month. Mostly just I95 (down to the Keys), but having the option (if possible) for a quick roadside repair vs. waiting for Tesla/tow truck for under $100 and very little space taken up, makes me feel better ...
  42. MaskedRacerX

    Is this loose rubbery thing a problem?

    Where do you get the arrows? Amazon?
  43. MaskedRacerX

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    One thing with the Hybrid system in the Wrangler, I covered it above a bit, but I think it's worth emphasizing: it's NOT designed like many hybrids in that the primary goal isn't to simply augment the ICE to provide better mileage. It's a bit more specific, it's about a quiet, gas-free 20-25...
  44. MaskedRacerX

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    They're both pretty awesome, different ... but also kind of the same :D The Wrangler is super fun, it's is kind of got its own thing going: a boxy throwback, an incredibly capable off road vehicle, a modular LEGO with just an insane amount of parts, configs, options, etc. How we got from a...
  45. MaskedRacerX

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    On any road trip we've ever done in our previous ICE vehicles, the shortest stops were usually around 15 minutes and tended to run more like 20+ minutes (that's not a full on stop-and-eat), and that's a fill up (at the typical flow rate of pumps in the US, which usually isn't the max specified)...
  46. MaskedRacerX

    Spotify loading endlessly

    I have additional debug info: I had a song added to my main playlist that never showed up, I did the logout >> login shuffle, and it showed (everything was refreshed). Then later I deleted it from my playlists on my iPhone, the car, if course, didn't update. This morning I added two new songs...
  47. MaskedRacerX

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    FYI, you can build all sorts of automations with Tessie. I haven't looked into using a Weather app (but it definitely notifies on weather conditions), but a time based automation is super simple: Oh, the developer is right here on TMC, they have a thread here...
  48. MaskedRacerX

    Spotify loading endlessly

    I'm currently on 2022.12.3.2 ('21 M3P) and a recent subscribe to Spotify Premium, went with a Duo account for so the Daughter would have her own (I even asked if she's prefer Spotify or Apple Music, she greatly prefer the former, which was a perk for me with the Tesla not having the latter)...
  49. MaskedRacerX

    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    I think you're onto something ...

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