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  1. BigMskiman

    Does a Refreshed Model X Dance?

    Let me know if you get that hot rod, and the show stops early in the show. My buddy found a fix (workaround) that we both use to always impress!
  2. BigMskiman

    bike hitch advice please for X

    I went with this bad boy, not outta the box yet. https://www.thule.com/en-us/bike-rack/hitch-bike-racks/thule-t2-pro-xtr-2---2-_-9034XTR
  3. BigMskiman

    2017 model X HW3 and MCU2 upgrade

    I did not notice smoother lane change (it was already fine) or improved cruise control (TACC). But agree fully with @Emanmdphd on the rest of the MCU2 functionality & bonus
  4. BigMskiman

    Best wireless game controller for Tesla games

    Me too. And into the tiny 4 port hub is my PureTesla USB dashcam drive
  5. BigMskiman

    MCU Failure Poll

    Do your blinkers work? In my case, once it they knew blinkers were not functional, car was not safe to drive, so that accelerated things.
  6. BigMskiman

    MCU Failure Poll

    Visualizations on Instrument cluster, dash-cam, browser works (not great though), games, viewing maps in satellite mode much more responsive. I'm sure there are more reasons.
  7. BigMskiman

    MCU Failure Poll

    I was outta warranty. But MCU2 is rocking it, just do it.
  8. BigMskiman

    Tesla ContiSilent tire quote

    Sorry that happened. I'm on OEM Conti-silent 80k miles (two MX cars) and only had a nail or screws or a rock loss of pressure. Fixed by local shops. You are un-lucky, bot don't blame the OEM pal.
  9. BigMskiman

    Full self driving versus enhanced autopilot

    Thanks George, I mean Art. I'm the EAP path and watching when/if to go FSD. To infinity and beyond!
  10. BigMskiman

    Best Bike Rack for Model X

    Clean looking setup & secure, thks for those pics. I need to get a hitch installed next and follow you.
  11. BigMskiman

    Long Range Plus or Performance X

    I agree with the "not enough to skip a supercharger" statement, and travel to Phoenix & Mendocino from SF. Had a 90D and now the P100DL, worlds of difference, I understand more than the difference OP is asking. But still, I vote "Go P"
  12. BigMskiman

    Got the X detailed before the fall hits.

    I'm wanting that chrome-delete like you have, it looks full, pls tell us what method(s) you had done. Sweet ride:)
  13. BigMskiman

    Lost “low Regen” and “range” modes

    Oh I see. The site is not a fully mobile friendly setup, thks! Enjoy yer 2020 MX, lucky you:D
  14. BigMskiman

    Lost “low Regen” and “range” modes

    Read my signature Del. 12/31/16 VIN 28xxx It's an old buggy. But still rocks it.
  15. BigMskiman

    Lost “low Regen” and “range” modes

    I still have "Low & Standard Regen" as well as "Range Mode". Wife uses low regen. old |v2020.36.3.1|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.36.11|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  16. BigMskiman

    Self Built Spare Tire Compartment

    Picture shows it fitting. And adapter needed for rear. Thanks to those who posted on this thread, I've not had a total tire failure yet in 5 yrs, but close to it, and will implement this measure in my 5 seater. Booya!
  17. BigMskiman

    Personal experiences/stories with aggressive drivers in this season

    My issue with these guys are non-highway, like tailgating on a two lane road, or racing up to a stoplight next to me and making engine noise. I'm confident I can be outta their space or thru the intersection every time they ask for it. Normal drivers I'm fine with, and I accelerate gently.
  18. BigMskiman

    Which is the best App to use for remotely accessing the Tesla?

    Good tip, I Installed Watch for Tesla. Nice to have SOC as a complication......
  19. BigMskiman

    Tesla ContiSilent tire quote

  20. BigMskiman

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    No, at 60k miles
  21. BigMskiman

    Looking for model Y

    Demo that car, then take-off :confused:
  22. BigMskiman

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    When my MCU1 black screened, it could still charge, but blinkers non-functional. This made the car un-safe, so I got put to the front of the line for infotainment MCU2, and got it. Just do this if you wanna put your problems behind you.
  23. BigMskiman

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    Agree with all 20" fans, I am one for same reasons. But it still happens if you mess up......not as bad though.
  24. BigMskiman

    Curb rash. Ouch.

    That's magic, way to go:D
  25. BigMskiman

    MCU Failure Poll

    I had navigation, location and mobile app connection (smart summons) issues prior to my black screen death.
  26. BigMskiman

    Date my Model 3 was built?

    Pick the 15th, you can't be more than 2 weeks off :rolleyes:
  27. BigMskiman

    Oregon Wildfires and Biohazard Defense Mode

    Best car on the planet. Thanks for posting the heroic work with MX helping you out. Stay safe!
  28. BigMskiman

    12/2016 MCU1/AP2 MX can't see latest update.

    Yes, now I'm watching them fly by on the right of IC, then the normal speed sign either updates or not. So if I'm in AP @+5mph for example, then my car speed will be adjusting better. Cheers
  29. BigMskiman

    12/2016 MCU1/AP2 MX can't see latest update.

    Yer right. It shows in my release notes but I have no FSD. Today, (Saturday), I (on a 35mph road) went thru a school section and my car IC did not display/capture the school-time 25mph shown on sign. Everywhere today, my IC displayed what were on the signs rather than what was prior (GPS...
  30. BigMskiman

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    Same here, and it's been a great investment.
  31. BigMskiman

    12/2016 MCU1/AP2 MX can't see latest update.

    Did not buy FSD yet, so EAP I have. Bought entertainment upgrade MCU2 and that was a huge improvement. I'll check speed limit signs next, I guess you mean the GPS info is overwritten on IC as we pass a readable sign with different posted speed?
  32. BigMskiman

    MX Holiday easter egg not starting

    I was scheduled for SC next week, but got new software last night. My xmas show is 2/2 so far today. It might be luck, but perhaps there is a hardware/software relation going on. Mobile ranger replace my driver-side FWD obstacle sensor a few weeks ago, but it did not fix the show for long...
  33. BigMskiman

    12/2016 MCU1/AP2 MX can't see latest update.

    I have a similar build, and no FSD yet, but got the 2020.36.3.1 and seeing more than before in IC. Chime on signal lights and other features, I'll be shy of for now. old |v2020.32.3|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.36.3.1|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  34. BigMskiman

    Last few miles per hour do not regen so well

    Not for parking lots, residential street stop lights & signs I mean.
  35. BigMskiman

    Last few miles per hour do not regen so well

    That's common, low regen while at a few mph. Also, with a full (not empty) battery State of Charge (SOC), regen is low. You can go totally pedal free by using your AP Cruise control, tap the speed down to 15,10,5,0 right up to and at the stop sign. Then tap back up after.
  36. BigMskiman

    Unlocking door via app?

    Nope, I walked out to car w/o fob, unlocked via app., and it asked if I was sure, clicked yes, then opened the passenger door. Is your app asking you if you are sure? If not, it might take twice to get that to happen. old |v2020.28.5|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.32.3|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  37. BigMskiman

    So much fun!

    Now your are doing something with your life.......kidding, Jerry Seinfeld line..... That's some kicking fun pal, keep going :D I just do it on the way skiing on a straight road with nobody near. My ski buddy forces me to engage L+ battery temp. etc.
  38. BigMskiman

    Best wireless game controller for Tesla games

    Got the F710, plug & played it. My favs Missile Command & Tempest all good. Do not see my bullets shooting in Astroids.
  39. BigMskiman

    MCU/FSD Upgrade, 12V Battery Dying Repeatedly in 2017 Model X

    I did 4.5yrs and original 12V battery, ~60k miles. MCU1 black screen death, got MCU2/AP2.5 infotainment upgrade. Three weeks later, got the 12V warning, had the ranger come and replace. Ranger says you have about 2 weeks after the warning, for full death to happen. All is good so far. Sorry...
  40. BigMskiman

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    Since my MCU2, the Instrument Cluster (IC) reboot is tied to the Main Screen thumbwheel reboot, that's a welcome change.
  41. BigMskiman

    v. 2020.32.3 - Model X Close Windows

    App store has it: Remote-S or TeslaRemote is the new name.
  42. BigMskiman

    Sync Messages option keeps turning off

    I also did thumb wheel reset, no problem. So let's see if overnight sleep is the root cause.
  43. BigMskiman

    Does anyone think MCU1 is fine?

    Good luck, but I suggest $2500 upgrade will make you VERY happy, it's not that hard of time on the MX you own. Just do it.
  44. BigMskiman

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    Dead MCU1 is a known issue, many threads on it. Same black screen of death happen to me last month. Don't mess around, just order/schedule the infotainment MCU2 and be done with it. old |v2020.28.5|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.32.3|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  45. BigMskiman

    Sync Messages option keeps turning off

    Yes, I think it's getting shut off. But need "next day" testing to confirm if same as @beachsidev old |v2020.28.5|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.32.3|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  46. BigMskiman

    v. 2020.32.3 - Model X Close Windows

    New though, is my car notifies me if one or more windows was left open. I simply reach to my watch, and close them using "Remote" app. old |v2020.28.5|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP| new |v2020.32.3|AP2.5,MCU2,PUP|
  47. BigMskiman

    Tesla ContiSilent tire quote

    I use independent shop, and repairs are free. This shop also took car of other car tire marginal warranty situation in my favor. SC or ranger is probably more a hassel than my local guy.
  48. BigMskiman

    Since my MC2/HW3 upgrade, the car will not sleep when plugged in

    I got the similar, but older car, 2016 X MC2/HW3 version 2020.32. Not having this, except when my wife left her fob in the kitchen close to the garage, car would not sleep. I suspect the range of bluetooth is longer distance now and before it was just outta range. Donno if you have any fobs...
  49. BigMskiman

    Are folks getting a car to use while their car in for service?

    In Dublin CA, MCU1 toasted and infotainment ordered. Uber to home one day, then a loaner MX P90D happened. Parts delivery took 5 days, but installation just 1 day. So it depends........
  50. BigMskiman

    MCU Failure Poll

    My MCU1 lasted 60k miles, then went black

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