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  1. JCB_Arizona

    Slacker login invalid?

    I honestly think Tesla didn’t pay the yearly Slacker fee. My login credentials list the Basic plan instead of the Plus plan in Slacker. Maybe the department who oversees that bill got furloughed. both your car and my car were made/delivered april 2018, so I think we are experiencing the same...
  2. JCB_Arizona

    Slacker login invalid?

    Yeah. I have no idea. I actually have my Tesla slacker login username and password. Tesla gave it to me a year ago. I used that info to log into Slacker on a computer and was allowed access. The account has my favorites, my recently played channels, etc, but when I used those same...
  3. JCB_Arizona

    Slacker login invalid?

    Hey guys/gals, I have MX100, 2018 MCU2, HW3... My streaming no longer works as of 2 days ago. I click on Streaming, and it loads up a windows-type log in screen with slacker login/authentication. I click on the "Tesla Login" button, but it tells me that the account is invalid...
  4. JCB_Arizona

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    Here in Arizona, I simply put in a service request for my MX100 ( 2018, MCU2, AP2.5) upgrade to FSD computer. It was completed today in about 90 minutes. I just waited.
  5. JCB_Arizona

    Elon: "Feature complete for full self driving this year"

    I’m actually a little less confident with the recent developments. If FSD was feature complete (or soon to be), why the sudden and urgent rush to hire people.
  6. JCB_Arizona

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I hear you!! I totally agree. I do think people who have leased their vehicles and paid for “FSD” deserve some sort of good will discount on a future Tesla, should they want another one.
  7. JCB_Arizona

    Anyone got HW3 retrofit yet?

    I just put in a request for service for a HW3 installation. I have a 2018, MCU2, ap2.5 MX I’m getting rather impatient as Tesla hasn’t emailed or told me anything, yet they were more than happy to take my money for the FSD. they need to massively increase the installation rate of these...
  8. JCB_Arizona

    News for Model X owners with the dreaded shudder

    Yep. My service center in Tucson changed an “engine mount” which is much stiffer and the shafts. After, much smoother. Any vibration is imperceptible and whatever may be there is likely me thinking something is there. Definitely a 99% improvement. So,I think most service centers know about...
  9. JCB_Arizona

    V10 on the Model X

    We already use Hulu with LiveTV at home, so being able to use this in the car to watch shows or LiveTV (like MNF tonight) is truly mind blowing. Strong work, Tesla. Totally beyond my expectations.
  10. JCB_Arizona

    V10 on the Model X

    I have Mx 100, mcu 2, ap2.5, FSD the download started this morning. It kept stopping. Then it disappeared. About 4pm, a notification for installation. I got the new update. Totally impressed with the update so far. In love with the in car Netflix and Hulu/LiveTV. Kids loved this already as...
  11. JCB_Arizona

    V10 on the Model X

    May be something is wrong—like mine? Three times now, the blue download bar goes all the way across. Thrn, it immediately goes to the middle and starts over. Each half distance is about 1.2 gb. Maybe that keeps happening to you and there’s an error in the download application? Mx100, mcu 2, ap2.5
  12. JCB_Arizona

    Model X : Need help with Decision

    bigger battery.
  13. JCB_Arizona

    Stuck on 2018.49.20

    Yep. Less than 1 year old MX-100. Still on 3 month old software while I read about updates every other day for M3. Is Tesla sure that MS/MX are the best?
  14. JCB_Arizona

    USA S/W 42.2 19e7e44 but no NoA

    I think it’s only activated for highways.
  15. JCB_Arizona

    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    It's great that we have the option for both!
  16. JCB_Arizona

    Do you prefer Creep On or Off?

    I find when you want to go slowly, it's much better to be feathering the brake than featheingr the accelerator.
  17. JCB_Arizona

    Anyone with an S/X still waiting for V9?

    According to Teslafi's data, It looks like most AP 2.5 cars are still on 2018.36. (I'm still waiting, too) The upgrades to 2018.39 now seem to be those who jumped over .36 and went straight to .39. This is a terribly slow rollout--I wish they would speed it up somewhat. I have a road trip...
  18. JCB_Arizona

    V9 Dash Cam Footage

    So, how does this record? Only one 10 min continuous clip and I need to hit the button to SAVE the 10 min? Ugh. Am I understanding that correctly?
  19. JCB_Arizona

    Why we finally pulled the trigger on the X...

    Yeah! You’ll be a dead for a realllllly long time. As long as you can afford it, why not!
  20. JCB_Arizona

    Three Months Waiting - Still No Referral Reward E-mail

    You guys can check at least! I’ve had Solarcity solar panels for 7 years. They then became Tesla, and I was able to refer. I referred myself for a Model X in 2/18. I want the wall charger, but there is NO option to even see my referral since it was through my Solarcity account. I...
  21. JCB_Arizona

    500 referral credit

    I called the Tempe AZ service center. I told them I wanted a Frunk mat and to deduct it from my $500 credit. He typed some things. He saw the credit and said no problem. It arrived at the service center a little after that.
  22. JCB_Arizona

    500 referral credit

    When I bought something, I ordered through my local service center. I don't think there's a way to do it online.
  23. JCB_Arizona

    Picking up inventory MX soon. Should I pay for FSD?

    Sure, you’re right. But it’s thousands of dollars that was never utilized once. And what does Full self driving features really mean? I think we are just doing “super really extended autopilot.” Until the car can drive itself, full self driving is a misnomer. I still love my Tesla, awesome...
  24. JCB_Arizona

    Picking up inventory MX soon. Should I pay for FSD?

    I’m in the camp of nope. I’m all for Tesla, own an MX 100. But, they haven’t even given any sort of demonstration as promised by end of 2017. If you pay now, you are awaiting features. Does that mean it’ll stop at Stop Signs and Stop lights? You’ll likely still need to be behind the...
  25. JCB_Arizona

    Please Wait Vehicle Powering Up

    I have 3/18 build, new MCU2 This “system powering up” message appeared fairly commonly for me since 2018.24 update. Sometimes I’d have to wait less than a second, other times 10-15 seconds. Since the new update a few days ago, I haven’t seen it once.
  26. JCB_Arizona

    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    Ah, new MCU 3/18 build. Happy to report that this new update fixed the browser and the owner manual guide-so far! Well, at least for the past 3 days! It used to only work for a few hours. Then it would revert to a white screen, unresponsive. The only issue is google.com. Website is telling...
  27. JCB_Arizona

    The option to purchase FSD disappeared in MyTesla

    Yep, I agree. Just a website bug. It’ll be fixed in a few days.
  28. JCB_Arizona

    Premium seat material change?

    3/18 build. New MCU. I wasn’t sure if anybody else noticed if the white is now also a different texture.
  29. JCB_Arizona

    Premium seat material change?

    I have MX100. Super happy. Delivered 2-3 months ago. I ordered the cream seats, which I love. They’re the “premium seats” and clean easily. What I didn’t realize is that they aren’t exactly the same material that the white seats used to be. The white seats, or ones I’ve been in, have felt...
  30. JCB_Arizona

    Connectivity Bug (I Think)

    Yep. Common problem among those with new deliveries (I think). I have 100x delivered late March with same issues. I’m just waiting for a future update to fix. I’ve stopped rebooting the vehicle because I know it’s not really a solution.
  31. JCB_Arizona

    Browser Frozen?????

    My browser hasn't worked for about a month now. I'm just used to it giving me a white screen. I used to reboot every day or two to get the browser to work, but I don't bother anymore. I figure it'll be fixed in upcoming releases. The only issue I have is that the Owners Manual can't be read...
  32. JCB_Arizona

    Browser won’t load any websites after car wakes up

    Yes! I have the same issue here, too. MX2018 build, new MCU. Does anybody have any solution? My browser screen turns all white and nothing works. I have to reboot for it to work. I'm wondering if this has to do with switching on/off Wifi/LTE. Do you guys have WIFI at home and connect to...
  33. JCB_Arizona

    LTE connection almost completely unreliable lately

    Yes, I have a 2018 MX MCU2 with severe LTE issues. Do you happen to have an Apple Watch? Mine is/was Intermittent. Zero bars with lines through them. Then a reboot would fix it. I pretty much narrowed it down to my Apple Watch Cellular connection. As long as the LTE Cellular is "OFF"...
  34. JCB_Arizona

    Question about model X Premium Package

    Good questions! I have the PUP with my MX. Is the PUP overpriced? Sure, but I'm sure glad I got it because of the doors/sound/cold weather. I *think* the front doors will not open/close with the key control while walking to/from the car. Without the PUP, I believe only the frunk, FWD, and...
  35. JCB_Arizona

    Premium Upgrades Package

    I went back and forth with this question, too. I felt 5k was a bit high. But, on the flip side, I could not add this package after the fact, and I may get upset I didn't add it. Now that I have it, the stereo is fantastic. It's loud, smooth, clear, bass, fills the MX evenly. The automatic...
  36. JCB_Arizona

    Why do people really want Tesla to fail?

    I sorta feel the way this thread is titled. It seems like Tesla has to fight for every Inch. Sure, EM sets big goals, but aiming high has been a hallmark of American entrepreneurs. (Look at Amazon). I mean, it’s cars and batteries. Why the hate??? I’ve loved my new MX for last few weeks...
  37. JCB_Arizona

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ at the La Encantada mall!

    I visited over the weekend, and the covers were all there.
  38. JCB_Arizona

    Slacker domain expired?

    I have the same error. I have my Tesla Slacker login credentials. I happened to email Tesla two weeks ago asking for them. I’ll give this a try.
  39. JCB_Arizona

    Software Update 2018.16

    I’m in AZ, so rarely use the heated steering wheel. I have used it occasionally past several weeks, so I know it had been working. I checked tonight for you guys, if definitely is NOT heating up. MCU2, 2018.16
  40. JCB_Arizona

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ at the La Encantada mall!

    Excellent news. Saw the Tesla worked there tonight. He said he Will be burning the midnight oil making sure it’s up and running by late late tonight. He needs to install a few firmware updates tonight and making sure it all works. He said it’ll definitely be working tomorrow!! I’ll be...
  41. JCB_Arizona

    App Connection down?

    This whole app/connectivity issue has been the one annoying “feature” of my new MX. Connecting via the app has been terrible over the past week. Streaming stops working. Maps stop updating. Correcting the problem requires a two wheeled reboot. I have the 2018.16 update, hoping it would fix my...
  42. JCB_Arizona

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ at the La Encantada mall!

    On Tesla’s website, look for the “Test Drive Event” tab and search by your city or zip code.
  43. JCB_Arizona

    Supercharger - Tucson, AZ at the La Encantada mall!

    Ok. Just drove by. I think I’m lucky enough to see a worker each time. TEP is there now. It’ll be powered on today. Then he said it’s just up to Tesla.
  44. JCB_Arizona

    Full Self Driving ability by end of the YEAR ?

    Ok. I've been following Tesla for years. Finally have my MX. The FSD isn't even something I really care about that much, as I do just enjoy driving the car. But... We were supposed to see a demonstration last year. Pushed to first quarter of 2018. We have moved beyond that date and...
  45. JCB_Arizona

    Software Update 2018.16

    My LTE connection was going zero bars to 2 or 3 bars for no reason intermittently. Streaming and anything data related wouldn’t work. It was happening nearly every other day requiring a wheel reboot which would fix.
  46. JCB_Arizona

    Software Update 2018.16

    Me, too. MX100D, MCU2. Installing now. I hope it fixes my LTE issues.
  47. JCB_Arizona

    New MCU model issues, anyone?

    I have 3/18 build MX, new MCU. My LTE connectivity goes in and out. I can’t stream at all. This wasn’t a problem when I first picked up the car. But after some recent updates, it’s getting worse. I find myself doing reboots every few days. But, the frequency of required reboots is...
  48. JCB_Arizona

    Connectivity and Reboot Issues on New 2018 MX

    I'm getting MIDLY frustrated with my LTE connection. Every three or four days, the LTE is having poor connectivity. I can't play any streaming music, the directions/navigation won't work, maps won't load, and the web browser won't browse. So, everything that relies on an active LTE channel...

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