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  1. GMan324

    Installing wall charger with take-up reel

    In our area there is code that dictates the installation height, which is a range, so installing it on the ceiling would not be allowed.
  2. GMan324


    Can we all just agree to ban the word “unicorn” from the forum? 😅 If I see one more person saying they have a unicorn, I am going to lose it! Tesla makes so many changes so often that there are hundreds of thousands of “unicorns” out there, thus meaning there are no unicorns out there. Maybe...
  3. GMan324

    Where can I buy a Twitter badge that matches the Tesla font?

    I love the idea, but I am going to wait to make sure he fixes it before I fly that little birdie on my car.
  4. GMan324

    Strap a weight onto the steering wheel

    Tesla is now using eye tracking also, so the car won't just keep going. Even with a heavy hand on the wheel, if you look away very long it will beep at you, and don't even get me started on the construction zones. When I am 100% looking at the road with a heavy hand on the wheel it still beeps...
  5. GMan324

    I traded in my Model S for a Prius Prime

    That didn’t age well. 😂
  6. GMan324

    Wait times at Super chargers?

    I would think twice about that. Watch a few videos about people that try and travel on EA chargers. Many are broken, slow, or take a long time to start charging. They don’t have any incentive to keep them working at peak performance since it was just a punishment for Volkswagen to install...
  7. GMan324

    Buying a reservation - help!

    Tesla does not allow reservations to be sold/transferred between parties, but somehow there are so many listed for sale here, so it is buy at your own risk. People sometimes have found a way around it. I just bought a new MY and ApplePay provided Tesla my wrong email address for the order and...
  8. GMan324

    What is the REAL time to delivery?

    I didn’t take that vehicle when it was offered because I needed to sell my current Tesla. Before I placed the order, the SA and I discussed that I may be offered a vehicle early and would be under no penalty if I didn’t accept. I have sold my vehicle and have cash now, so we will see if the...
  9. GMan324

    What is the REAL time to delivery?

    I ordered a MY a few weeks ago with the only upgrades as paint color and hitch. Estimated delivery was Oct. They called me 2 days later and offered me a MY. Many people are not taking deliveries now (hoping for new tax rebate, waiting for 4680s, or ordering and trying to sell reservation for...
  10. GMan324

    Charging at Tesla service center..

    Many service centers also have free level 2 chargers, but people wouldn’t be hanging out there during level 2 charging since that is way slower than SC
  11. GMan324

    Mobile Charger no longer included

    CSS is a completely different thing, that won’t help you charging at home or places without level 2 chargers. It’s sad they are nickel and diming us on a $63k car. My 2020 M3 didn’t include a Frunk mat and they even stopped putting in the Frunk bag clips. Not acceptable to me.
  12. GMan324

    2019 Model S LR (Raven) FSD, Warranty, Extras, Pics!

    Looks great! What is the range at 100%? GLWS
  13. GMan324

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    Updating the posting for anyone using this as a comparison for pricing their vehicle... Sold for $30,000. I hate to see it go, but it went to a very nice couple that live locally. I had two offers for full price and another one over asking. Actually, I had many offers, but these were the...
  14. GMan324

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    I haven't had any issues with the battery or power band. Strange that it limits your power. It has been such a good car, I hate to sell it. P.S. This vehicle also comes with the good (Gen 1) mobile charger that goes up to 40A with both the 110V 15A and 14-50 adaptor. It also has the Tesla...
  15. GMan324

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    Update: I had a lot of interest on other platforms, so to be fair I am dropping the price here to match what I have offered to others on those platforms. New price $30,000 Also, it comes with Tesla all weather mats and 2 key fobs.
  16. GMan324

    FS: Items for sales from Model 3

    I will take the 14-50 adaptor if you will ship it. It would probably fit in the USPS flat rate box.
  17. GMan324

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    Here are the pictures of the wheels and Tesla app showing the 100% range.
  18. GMan324

    2014 Model S 60 AP1

    Up for sale is my personal 2014 MS60. I bought it as a CPO from Tesla in January of 2018 with 46k miles. This was back when they still refurbished CPO vehicles to like new condition. It is one of the earliest Auto Pilot vehicles and probably one of the least expensive AP vehicles you will see...
  19. GMan324

    FS: Winter Model 3 tires 19"

    You selling a set of those 19” sport wheels?
  20. GMan324

    19in wheels for sale

    Are these Model 3 Sport Wheels? Condition? Are you willing to ship?
  21. GMan324

    For Sale: 2021 Model 3 19'' Sport Rims (set of 4)

    I’m interested in having them shipped to Fishers, IN. DM me your best price including shipping.
  22. GMan324

    Enhanced Autopilot Vs. FSD

    That is strange. It should be state dependent. My state, Indiana, does not require sales tax on Software-as-a-Service, but Tesla lists tax for me if I select the option too.
  23. GMan324

    J1772 Adapter For Sale

    How about $75 for one shipped to Indianapolis?
  24. GMan324

    H&R Block 2019 missing form 8911, again (EV Charger Credit)

    TaxAct still has not updated their software to include form 8911. I just emailed them to get an ETA since the IRS form was released some time ago.
  25. GMan324

    Model S seat parts

    OK. So this part $10 including shipping. Message with your address if you want it and I will send you my email for PayPal.
  26. GMan324

    Model S seat parts

    I assume you want the entire lumbar switch. $20 plus shipping
  27. GMan324

    Model S seat parts

    2014 Model S driver’s seat, Gen 2, textile for parts. The textile material has several tears and I replaced the entire seat. All other parts are working and for sale. Memory seat module works but has one broke clip which does not affect anything. If you want to purchase any parts from this...
  28. GMan324

    WTT: 18" Aeros for 19" Sport

    Thanks for the wheel suggestions and interest in purchasing, but I am only looking to trade now.
  29. GMan324

    WTT: 18" Aeros for 19" Sport

    I just took delivery of my stealth Model 3 with 18" Aero wheels and tires, less than 500 miles. Perfect condition. No damage. I am looking to trade for 19" Sport wheels and tires in good condition. I am located in Indiana. Depending on the condition, I will add some cash to the trade.
  30. GMan324

    2018 Tesla Model 3 Part Out

    Do you have a frunk mat? How much shipped to 46038?
  31. GMan324

    WTT: 19" M3 wheels and tires for 18" aero(SoCal)

    I have 18" aeros with under 500 miles. I'm interested in the swap, but not sure if shipping would make it worth while DM me with your thoughts.
  32. GMan324

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    Don’t worry, we will have FSD by the end of the year. ;) Every time AP does something crazy, I say “and that why FSD won’t work anytime soon”. AP is a great step forward and I use it constantly, but it is just one step. We will get there, but it will be many steps.
  33. GMan324

    Tesla model 3 police car

    Great idea! Hope more departments follow suit. They also need to add the surveillance system to each Tesla. It has LPRs and facial recognition from the onboard cameras. This Tesla surveillance hack can tell you if you're being followed
  34. GMan324

    Current Free Supercharging Promo follow the car or owner?

    Tesla appears to be trying to hide this information. Your Tesla account always used to explicitly say whether the FUSC was transferable or not, but now that information has been removed from the account page. I have a 2014 with FUSC under the old program that is transferable to a new owner...
  35. GMan324

    It’s happening... used market price adjustments

    AP1 vehicles cannot be upgrade at all (No EAP, No FSD) If you want EAP, which is the best and Tesla should never have gotten rid of, you have to purchase a used vehicle (not from Tesla) with AP 2.0 or higher hardware. PS AP1 is still great and has more features than what Tesla is including on...
  36. GMan324

    Model S OEM Center Console, NJ

    I have a drop in from Taptes for my 2014. It took a long time to get, and is typical Chinese quality. That said and considering Tesla doesn’t sell it anymore and used ones go quickly and are very expensive, I am happy with it and it does the job. I would rather have had an OEM for a similar...
  37. GMan324

    Tesla Owners That Hog Supercharger Spaces

    So only two options you can think of are don’t install a supercharger, or allow half the stalls to be used for general parking? Seems like you left out a lot of reasonable options any good lawyer could easily negotiate. Why waste the time installing expensive hardware that can’t be used a...
  38. GMan324

    Tesla Owners That Hog Supercharger Spaces

    The lease that Tesla lawyers wrote and agreed to. Big mistake
  39. GMan324

    Tesla Owners That Hog Supercharger Spaces

    Yes, these people could legitimately be parking according to Tesla’s rules, since most SC locations have half the spots available for 30 minute general parking. Tesla needs to change this rule. It is crazy to give away needed SC spots, and any Tesla owner knows better. The ones that do this...
  40. GMan324

    Tesla Owners That Hog Supercharger Spaces

    You definitely can plug in at least some locked Tesla’s. I do it all the time on my wife’s 2014 MS.
  41. GMan324

    AP2.X/3 *STILL* hasn't surpassed AP1.0 for lane changes

    “Can’t we all just get along” -name that quote Hint: you young folks won’t get it
  42. GMan324

    AP2.X/3 *STILL* hasn't surpassed AP1.0 for lane changes

    AP1 does check for vehicles when you tell it to change lanes on AP. It just doesn’t have the range of AP2 because it uses sensors not a camera. I have told it to change lanes when a car was there to test it, and it won’t move until the car gets into view of the front camera, so saying it will...
  43. GMan324

    We should be expecting used Tesla model S and X prices to go down

    He didn't say they only have 10 months of cash left, this is the false narrative the media is putting forward that is driving down the stock. He said the capital raise would be used up in 10 months if they kept burning money at the rate the did during the 1st quarter. What you are missing is...
  44. GMan324

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Moderators: Can we get this forum under control? Constant posting of WTB in For Sale thread not WTB thread and people are constantly commenting on sellers asking price, which is against forum rules. This is getting out of control.
  45. GMan324

    Don’t think much of these new stall designs

    Did you see the pic that started this post? We must
  46. GMan324

    Don’t think much of these new stall designs

    Now your on to something. An arrow painted on the ground facing in or out would make the direction to park easy to identify quickly!
  47. GMan324

    Don’t think much of these new stall designs

    Not all SCs have bump stops, so people were probably hitting the SC when backing in, which is why they moved it to the side. Either way it's pretty easy. If the SC is at the back --> back in. If it's in the front --> nose in. Either way it you get out of your car and have to think about it...

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