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  1. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    And mine has started to part-open again. I'm on my third strut since December. What a POS!
  2. Zakalwe

    PCN in electric car bay

    I agree that many people just cough up. Then again, many people park incorrectly, just as the OP's daughter in this case. Regarding court cases it's not correct to assume that they dont actively pursue cases. A Freedom of Information request was lodged with the Ministry of Justice in 2014. Of...
  3. Zakalwe

    PCN in electric car bay

    They can be beaten (I've done it myself three times so far) but just ignoring their BS is a dangerous tactic. IIRC, they send out tens of thousands of court notices per year. There's a reason why Capita bought ParkingEye in 2013 for £57.5M and then found a buyer 5 years later that paid £235M to...
  4. Zakalwe

    PCN in electric car bay

    Do you know how many thousands that Parking Eye, in particular, take to court every year?
  5. Zakalwe

    My mate's car coming soon, which wall charger should he buy?

    I chose the Andersen for the aesthetics. Just about every other charger that I looked at looked a bit naff and not something that I wanted on the front of my house, especially with the cables draped everywhere. Most look cheap and plasticky and many have the scourge of bright LEDs like a...
  6. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Thanks dude, but I'll spend my money how I see with without worrying too much if some random on a forum has a fit of the vapours. I'll also not require lecturing on my "fiducary obligations". Once you fulfil the base level of Maslow's hierarchy, everything that you purchase is an emotional...
  7. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Grey is so last year, dahling. Mine are off-white, dontchaknow 🤩
  8. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    I bought a new kitchen. (Response) Wow, love the marble counter tops. I bought a new car (Response) Love the colour. I bought a heat pump/house battery/solar panels (Response) How long is the payback? 😘 For many (me included) reducing CO2 footprint and hedging against energy costs rising is...
  9. Zakalwe

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Mine stopped this evening. Satellite images and Spotify now not available. Ah well....another tenner per month gone!
  10. Zakalwe

    Wiki Restricted UK Supercharger sites - parking restrictions / registering / pay to park etc

    Please do not refer to these spurious and speculative invoices as "fines". They are not fines as no private companies can issue fines to individuals. In relation to parking, only councils can issue fines. It might seem like a slight difference, but it is an important one. At best, the paperwork...
  11. Zakalwe

    PCN at supercharger Kings Lynn despite reasonable efforts

    The contract normally exists between the parking company and the hotel. Part of the hotel carpark (or use of it) will be leased to Tesla. I doubt if Tesla holds any sway whatsoever.
  12. Zakalwe

    Tesla Screen (Dangerous)

    Classic! ^^^
  13. Zakalwe

    Adding batteries to 12 year old solar system (and considering heat source pump)

    Also, supplying the house during a power cut requires a very specific setup. AFAIK, the Powerwall does it as part of the package. Other systems will require a method of "islanding" the house during a powercut to prevent the battery from feeding power into the grid and frying a line worker...
  14. Zakalwe

    Adding batteries to 12 year old solar system (and considering heat source pump)

    Im not an expert on this, but my understanding is that you will need a hybrid inverter to allow the batteries to work and making a change like that will invalidate the FIT payment. You will also need DNO agreement (the installer will apply for this).
  15. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    Yeah, it's not really acceptable though, is it? 10 service repairs in 15 months. A boot strut that failed in that time, repaired, along with other warranty work that had the car off-road for a week. A software update that broke it 4 weeks later and a promise of a fix at some undefined time in...
  16. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    2022.8.2 It's surely not too much to ask for the motherf&*%ing boot to open when I press that damn button though?? Especially when it was repaired 4 weeks earlier. 😡 😡
  17. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    Unfortunately my crystal ball is out of action, otherwise I wouldn't have placed the order in August 2020 had it told me that Musk would be making that pronouncement 5 months later.... ;)
  18. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    I had the strut replaced in mid-Feb. It's started to double-beep and open less than half-way. Some repair that! In 15 months of ownership I have had a total of 10 service repairs. That's shockingly bad.
  19. Zakalwe

    Octopus Go tariff billing

    I hadn't had a bill from them since the beginning of January. A quick DM on Twitter and they responded in less than 10 minutes. I had updated bills 10 minutes after that. Don't bother emailing or ringing them as they take ages. Go via Twatter and they respond much more quickly.
  20. Zakalwe

    Unable to delete on board sentry clip

    Format the USB drive.
  21. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    If they maintain near the same prices then that really is a win:win. Two inverters and two batteries could really be a winner.
  22. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Supply will be a problem, I guess along with everything else. Both products have gone live on the GE website this week with no prices or supply dates.
  23. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Best ask that on the GivEnergy forum, to be honest: https://community.givenergy.cloud/
  24. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Its worth pointing out that GivEnergy are refreshing their product line. They've launched a new 9.5kWh battery and a new hybrid inverter with a higher 3.6kW output. No idea on prices, but if they are priced somewhere near the current prices then 2 x 2nd generation inverters and 2 x 9.5kWh...
  25. Zakalwe

    Any advice for Ireland Roadtrip?

    Yes, Ireland uses exactly the same 13A plug and voltage as the UK
  26. Zakalwe

    Dynamic Supercharger Pricing

    20p/kWh???? That sounds incredibly low. Are you sure about that price? Site: Washington Services Date:16/03 Start: 09:30 Occupancy: 50% Price: 40p/kWh Site: Scotch Corner Date:16/03 Start: 16:30 Occupancy: 90% Price: 40p/kWh
  27. Zakalwe

    Boot strut recall

    Same here. Had the strut replaced along with yet another pile of warranty work (a total of 9 services in 14 months). The new strut is silent compared to the old one that groaned like an old man getting up out of a chair.
  28. Zakalwe

    Bi directional charging

    Thanks for that. Quite a clever system!
  29. Zakalwe

    Bi directional charging

    Does the house wiring need alteration? How does it "island" the house from the grid?
  30. Zakalwe

    Bi directional charging

    Be aware that the throughput on the GivEnergy is limited to 2.6kWh. So even if your battery is full it will only discharge at that level. Also, most of this systems will not power the house during a blackout. There an emergancy power outlet in the GE system, but it is not installed by default...
  31. Zakalwe

    Octopus Energy Free Electricity

    Count yourself lucky. I have to reduce my normal usage by 0.11 kWh from normal usage of 0.27 kWh. If I do so then I will get up to 0.16kWh totally free. A whole 2.5 pence to spend as I see fit....
  32. Zakalwe


    Maybe the problem is with you rather than Tesla. You are trying to make a complaint where no real complaint exists. Try buying a Merc. You'll get a delivery date at least 6 months ion advance and then nothing. Radio silence for the next 5.5 months. Take a chill pill as all you are doing is...
  33. Zakalwe

    Map stays zoomed out

    I found the solution on mine. Select the destination then wait for the intersection changes list to appear. The map is zoomed out at this point. Tap once on the destination at the bottom of the screen. After a second or two the screen will zoom in and you get the car icon in the centre of the...
  34. Zakalwe

    Heated windscreen wipers on new models

    A heater for the washer jets and associated plumbing would be better. Once the pipes freeze then they stay frozen for ages. Unlike an ICE there is no source of tonnes of waste heat under the bonnet to thaw the washers out. I drove for 30 miles this morning with no washers....low sun and a messy...
  35. Zakalwe

    Auto Wipers are awful

    AutoWipers, AutoHeadlamps and standing water are a match made in hell. I regularly drive on unlit rural roads. Hit any amount of standing water coming into a turn and you get: A huge amount of water thrown up ointo the windscreen (I've never driven a car that throws so much water up onto the...
  36. Zakalwe

    Supercharger Scotch Corner Fine!

    It hasn't been like this since the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012. It's amazing that this "advice" is still being bandied about. Some PPCs are extremley litigious- Parking Eye for example. They WILL take you through the courts for breach of contract. Some are much less so and are happy with...
  37. Zakalwe

    Supercharger Scotch Corner Fine!

    Very dangerous advice. The law was changed a whole decade ago with the introduction of POFA 2012.
  38. Zakalwe

    The benefit of Brexit

    The Irish Amazon page redirects to the .co.uk one. No way round it for that particular route.
  39. Zakalwe

    The benefit of Brexit

    Only fools run towards a cliff not knowing how big the drop is.
  40. Zakalwe

    The benefit of Brexit

    I have family in two seperate EU countries. I have had to stop sending them stuff and vice versa. Even ordering off Amazon they add £40 to pay for additional unknown costs. I did sent a bottle of gin to my brother. It took 4 weeks to arrive and he was charged slightly more in costs than the...
  41. Zakalwe

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    Pp In comparison I have fitted a 5.18 kWh system (14 x 370 Watt panels integrated into the roof, so the panels are flush with the tiles), a 5kWh hybrid inverter, an 8.2kWh battery and all the various isolators, EM115 and assorted gubbins. The panels are JA Mono MBB, the inverter and battery...
  42. Zakalwe

    Headlamps not working.

    Oh, and the front fog lamp that was replaced at the end of November has fogged up and is full of droplets again. And the powered boot is intermittently not working. FFS
  43. Zakalwe

    Headlamps not working.

    Failed again Friday morning.
  44. Zakalwe

    Three weeks in and a puncture experience

    Ordinary air is 78% nitrogen.
  45. Zakalwe

    Tesla Eco-System Saving me money

    You are including the capital cost of the car purchase into that. Presumably, if you opted to buy an ICE car then you would have spent an equivalent amount, which you haven't factored in. This is massively skewing your figures, Secondly, what was the point of buying the car? If it was to purely...
  46. Zakalwe

    Speeding Fine!

    Indeed. Not naming or being unable to name the driver leaves the registered keeper open to a Section 172 offence which can carry 6 points and £1000 fine. You would have to show that you had carried out reasonable diligence in trying to identify the driver or that it was not practicable to name...
  47. Zakalwe

    Tesla buying money guilt :-(

    No point being the richest man in the graveyard.
  48. Zakalwe

    Tesla driving telemetry and legal jurisdiction WRT local TeslaMate servers

    The old adage applies- if you don't want to do the time then don't do the crime.

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