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  1. FielderJones

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Chevron appears to be the only component of the DJIA 30 in the petroleum industry. Dow Jones Industrial Average - Wikipedia
  2. FielderJones

    Illinois EV Plates

    Which type of vanity plate? I was unable to renew my old plate and they forced the EL plate on me.
  3. FielderJones

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Someone should have explained MMT to Elon. Other than that, good start.
  4. FielderJones

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    SP bounced right off your $1010 purchase into the $1020s. ;)
  5. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Elkhart, IN - George Craig & Henry Schricker Travel Plazas

    Probably need some photos to verify. @Chuq @corywright @MarcoRP
  6. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    That was really fast, because I drove by there on Sunday and there was still a bunch of construction equipment on site. I tested voice command "Navigate to Oak Brook Supercharger" this morning, and it gave me a choice of the library, the bath and tennis club, and a couple other destination...
  7. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Bolingbrook, IL

    I charged here today, and as I drove in I thought a pickup truck was ICEing some of the 150kW stalls. As I turned in, I saw orange cones in front of those stalls, and a guy from the truck working on something. Maybe an upgrade to the older stalls, or fixing some intermittent power problem with...
  8. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    Work continues apace at the Oak Brook SC. I dropped by this morning and talked to the guys installing the panel from ComEd and the transformers. They had no target date of availability. "We tell Tesla the work is done, they turn it on when they're ready."
  9. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    Maybe the traffic analysis shows more southbound Teslas in this part of DuPage County than northbound, hence an easier right turn in / right turn out after charging.
  10. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    Okay, the name of the strip mall is The Oaks of Oak Brook. There is a Panera for food, drink, bathroom, and wifi. The lat/long is 41.854716667 / -87.9583277778. I didn't see any transformer. The layout is two rows of four back-to-back. Here are some photos.
  11. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Oak Brook, IL

    I just saw the pedestals today with orange construction fence around them. The site is in the little strip mall on 16th Street on the west side of Route 83 across from the Oak Brook Mall. I'll get some pictures tomorrow morning.
  12. FielderJones

    Recall: Model 3 and Model Y Front Suspension Lateral Link Inspection

    My wife received a similar email at 02:00 CDT today.
  13. FielderJones

    Supercharger - Normal, IL - East College Avenue

    Seems like a ways from all the interstates. Too bad they couldn't swing a deal with Schnucks.
  14. FielderJones

    Pick up in Bay Area Only, I live in DC

    Seems like it might be cheaper to fly DCA to SJC and drive the car home.
  15. FielderJones


    I fixed this by navigating to Home while parked in my garage. I think the car forgot where home was after the update. Walk away lock works normally now.
  16. FielderJones

    Car Locks at Home

    This started happening to my 2019 Model 3 after I updated to 2021.32.10. Like you I've gone through all the steps of changing the settings, but the UI seems to be ignoring the checkbox. Now I have to turn walkaway lock off when I get home, and back on when I go for a ride somewhere.
  17. FielderJones


    2019 3 SR+ — 2021.32.10 broke the walkaway lock exception for home. Car automatically locks even at home. :(
  18. FielderJones

    Illinois Tollway doesn’t recognize EL plate

    Wanted: Illinois lawyer who drives a Tesla.
  19. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    For considerably less than $2000 you could fly to the west coast and drive the car home. Could be an excellent road adventure.
  20. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    I don't know what happened to your loot box, but I just got referral miles after my wife took delivery today.
  21. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    Back from delivery and a drive! Delivery was smooth with no drama. Wifey a bit overwhelmed by the technology but had fun driving around. Sorry no pics as the weather in the Chicago area is bad. Feeling bad for Suds as he is picking up now and the weather is worse than when we picked up. Good...
  22. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    So I went over to the Westmont delivery center this morning before they opened up, drove to the back lot, and the first white Model Y was my wife's! Built on May 12, all panels and glass looked good. Came home and tried to pay online but Plaid didn't like the access code from our bank. So we...
  23. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    When I bought my Model 3 in April 2019, they took a personal check from me at the Westmont SC. Wife will try personal check tomorrow.
  24. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    Last night the website was sketchy, but finally managed to get through and eventually schedule delivery on Friday at the Westmont store. Accepted Tesla's offer for the old car which was $76 more than Carvana. The Tesla site does not like scanned PDFs of your title, but will take scanned JPEGs...
  25. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    When this place lit up about 90 minutes ago, I checked my wife's account. From 6-9 weeks this morning, to VIN and EDD May 25-28!! No email from SA yet. She has the default configuration, ordered Apr 29. VIN 193xxx. Picking up in Westmont. Since that's about 2 miles from us, we went over and...
  26. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    I just drove by the Westmont store. There were about 25 Model Ys in the back without license plates, some with shipping wrap still on. Every color except red. Didn't get out and look at decals, but I would bet that some of you will be matched to a VIN once those cars get updated.
  27. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    It's not totally hacked, because the red Model 3 in my account shows the correct VIN. Wife's white Model Y has turned into a blue Model 3 like everyone else here.
  28. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    My account is down, and I own a Model 3. Something is up with the Tesla database. Maybe good things for prospective Model Y owners. 😍
  29. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    Today is three weeks since my wife ordered the default Model Y (White/19/Black/5/NoTow/AP). On order day she was estimated 6-9 weeks from order date. The estimate has remained the same since then, except for May 12, when it was listed as Jun 17 - 30. On May 13 it went back to 6-9 weeks from...
  30. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    The very rich are different from you and me.
  31. FielderJones

    My First Service Visit...

    Did you take it to Hoffman Estates or Naperville?
  32. FielderJones

    Current Delivery Times

    Wifey ordered Model Y on Apr 29, had generic "6-9 weeks from order date" listed since then until today. Now has date range Jun 17 - Jun 30. Config is LR White 19 NoTow Black 5 AP. I am a Model 3 owner since April 2019. I convinced her to give up her 8 year old CR/V after the AWD light started...
  33. FielderJones

    Delivery Success Stories

    Bought my Model 3 in April 2019 out of inventory at the Westmont IL store. Ordered on Monday, picked up on Thursday. Panel gaps perfect, interior perfect, no issues at all. Two years later it's still the best car I've ever owned.
  34. FielderJones

    2018 vs 2020 quality?

    My April 2019 SR+ still charges to 216 miles indicated at the top of the Daily battery range limit, exactly 90% of 240 miles. As far as I know the 2019s never got a boost to 250 miles.
  35. FielderJones

    Got screwed by Tesla's terrible customer service again

    Apples and oranges. Once the F-150 is out of the Ford factory it is no longer Ford's problem, it is some dealership's problem. There are no dealerships involved with Tesla.
  36. FielderJones

    Anyone reconsidering their order after seeing how Elon is reacting to COVID-19?

    Probably saved 8-9 million USA lives, vs doing nothing and just letting people spread the virus to everyone in the country. How bad do you think the economy would have been after that, never mind all the sick people who would have been unable to do their jobs. Doing nothing would have been...
  37. FielderJones

    Can you choose your delivery location?

    With Chicago as a major rail hub, I think you're more likely to get the car in a more timely fashion if you take delivery at one of the Chicago stores. You could take delivery in Westmont if you don't want to deal with city traffic. That store also seems to get a good number of inventory cars.
  38. FielderJones

    Not sure if its an error, but the site shows 100+ model 3's within 100 miles of me.

    The 26 LR AWDs and Ps that were up this morning in the Chicago area are gone, but there are now 2 SR+ in Highland Park, and a LR AWD in the BNSF Logistics Park. New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla
  39. FielderJones

    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    You should make a service appointment. My non-FSD SR+ follows curves like a champ on AutoSteer.
  40. FielderJones

    Not sure if its an error, but the site shows 100+ model 3's within 100 miles of me.

    26 LR AWDs and Ps (+ and -) just showed up in the Chicago area today. It looks like the factory just finished a huge batch of white cars and they've been shipped off to high sales hubs. New & Used Electric Cars | Tesla
  41. FielderJones

    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    There's a red/white/19 in the Chicago area. 2020 Model 3 | Tesla
  42. FielderJones

    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    There were three SR+ in the Chicago area yesterday — two of them on a train in the BNSF Elwood Logistics Park south of Joliet. Those are gone, only one car in Westmont now. 2020 Model 3 | Tesla So, SR+ are being produced.
  43. FielderJones

    Can I/Should I Buy LR AWD

    It's the fastest car I've ever owned. At age 65, it's got all the acceleration my reaction time can handle, and much more than my wife wants. I have plenty of fun with the car when I'm alone in it, or with a guy friend. Wonderful car.
  44. FielderJones

    Model 3 resale value

    I've had my SR+ since April 2019 and 4400 miles. I charge to 90% every night and the car displays 216, 215, or 214 miles range, almost exactly 90% of 240. Following the Tesla recommendation has worked well for me.
  45. FielderJones

    Help find Sleeper with white interior

    There is no ordering a stealth online. You must ask a sales advisor to find you one.
  46. FielderJones

    Why the obsession with deleting chrome?

    I'm a mid-boom baby boomer and I've always liked chrome — it's what I grew up with. I never really noticed chrome delete on the streets, and only found out it was a thing on these boards. For that reason, I thought chrome delete was a GenXer / Millennial fashion statement.
  47. FielderJones

    $1,875 rebate sounds likely

    No, they'll just sell the car to someone else..
  48. FielderJones

    OK, so...did everyone get their cars by the end of 2019?

    Good luck with that. There are probably a dozen people in the SR+ waiting room thread that will happily take that car off of Tesla's hands at the Carlsbad store and be happy to take the $1875.
  49. FielderJones

    2019.40.50.7 Strange bug: need card next to cup holder

    This always works for me if the car starts demanding the key card. Somehow the bluetooth connection has a glitch. Happens to me most often after a car software update or a phone software update.

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