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  1. forkee

    Garage door replacement suggestions

    We paid around 3k for our aluminum/glass garage door about 3 years ago. No regrets. I set up an LED light strip inside to light it up at night, plus additional decoration during the holidays.
  2. forkee

    Kids Cybertrucks

    got this a month ago "for the kids"..... 😉 (we even vinyl wrapped it with stainless steel) definitely makes me look forward to the daily walk, unless the kids want to take their bike or scooter, then I have no excuse, lol
  3. forkee

    Model X Tesla Window Shades!

    very happy. still use them! we just lay them flat in the trunk or frunk lol. i hate folding those type of shades and i dont remember if these even do that
  4. forkee

    Model X - Baby Mirror - How?!?

  5. forkee

    FS: 20" Silver Slipstreams & Tires (good tread) for Model X - So Cal

    holy cow, forgot i had these in the back. moving to another house. take these off my hands please price lowered to $1,000
  6. forkee

    How is the rear trunk logo secured?

    double sided tape
  7. forkee

    Schedule charge then recharge

    from my experience, it charges to the set limit at the scheduled time and stops once reached. it doesn't make another attempt to top off until the next day at the scheduled time. for example: friday 9pm - plug in at 80% 10pm - starts charging (scheduled charging set at 10pm and 90% limit)...
  8. forkee

    Supercharger stopped charging before set limit, then got charged idle fees?

    every few months I drain it down low and bring it to max. by the time i get home, it's drains to about 90% anyways. That first drive out of the supercharger is about the only time i slide it over to ludicrous plus since the battery is already warmed up and ready to go :cool:
  9. forkee

    Supercharger stopped charging before set limit, then got charged idle fees?

    I know some superchargers automatically change the max to 80% when you first plug in, and you can always change it to higher after the notice. This particular one does not have the auto 80% and let me set it to any number. Even when it stopped prematurely, I tried to restart charging by bringing...
  10. forkee

    Supercharger stopped charging before set limit, then got charged idle fees?

    Hey guys, I had a question. Sorry if it's been asked before, I usually post in the X forums..... Anyways, today I brought the X to supercharge to 100% (from 3%). After 2 hours, it stopped automatically at 204 mi (95%) even though it can go up to 217 mi. It was saying 20 minutes remaining and...
  11. forkee

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    wow, i can't believe you beat me. i thought i had it the worst up until now. I also got my P90DL direct from Tesla with 49k. It's at 60k now with 100% at 216 and 90% at 198. I have been almost exclusively supercharging because it's free. The service center also failed to do anything about it...
  12. forkee

    Infotainment Upgrade

    Your X only has AP1 and can never be upgraded to AP2. They should have told you this. FSD is not even an option for AP1. I don't know how you even paid for it in 2019 and you should get your money back if you are expecting FSD. You are limited to "Autopilot with convenience features" which...
  13. forkee

    Snow chains?

    500 Inland Center Drive San Bernardino, CA 92408 Nice little mall to stop by for a pit stop and grab a bite. The chargers are right outside the parking structure. There's also an RV park but I did not go there 398 Edgemoor Road, Big Bear Lake CA 92315 Our airbnb had an exterior 120v so I...
  14. forkee

    Snow chains?

    Yes! We took the X to big bear. It made it all the way there without, as well as around town, but finally had to throw them on going up the steep driveway of the airbnb. Get it just in case.
  15. forkee

    AP1 MCU2 Upgrade?

    screen response time quicker maps load faster AP1 sensors seem to respond faster on 2nd screen netflix and youtube more games it was worth it for me
  16. forkee

    Can someone explain this passage in the Owners Manual?

    This^^^ Videos saved from sentry or manually saved start taking up space for looping (because those do not get recorded over). Eventually you won't have enough space for the loop recording and you get the red X.
  17. forkee

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    That's on a good day for me. I average 500+ wh/mi. I only commute 3 miles/day so I like to stretch my legs during the 5 minutes to work.
  18. forkee

    2021 Model X Pedestrian Warning Sound?

    yep, white noise hardly noticeable unless you're unfortunate like me and have it piped through the internal speakers LOL
  19. forkee

    Vendor Tesla Model X tire service jack pad adapter

    just saw you had blue ones! got a full set and two more red ones :)
  20. forkee

    Where is the Plaid Model X?

    they need to solidify their fix on acceleration shudder, otherwise car would just about rattle to pieces in 2.4 seconds
  21. forkee

    New Model X LR+ or used P90DL

    My battery degradation is horrible in my 2016 MXP90DL+. Straight driving I might get about 180. Short commuting will bring it down to 90 if I don't charge it every day and let it run down. Last about 6 days with 10 miles of use per day. Quality is good. Haven't had any major issues. My spoiler...
  22. forkee

    Backup Camera “Logic”

    i think if you tap on it while in reverse (the backup cam image) it will stay on when you shift in drive
  23. forkee

    My Car Thinks I Live at Home Depot

    Time to switch to Lowes :p
  24. forkee

    Plugging in every day

    Plugging in every night masks phantom drain. I once made the analogy of range loss due to phantom drain akin to an ICE car losing half a gallon of gas per day. I have no reservations of utilizing my unlimited supercharging to offset this. I will top off every now and then during the week but...
  25. forkee

    Summon using keyfob only works < 5 feet (after MCU2/AP3 update)

    have you tried checking the summon distance in the car settings. maybe it was changed
  26. forkee

    2021 Model X Long Range + Has Pedestrian Warning

    welcome to the club, lol. i posted it last month with my 2016 :p Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?
  27. forkee

    Raven X 0-60 P100D w/o warmup time

    2.6 is 100% ideal environment 2.8-2.9 is more realistic under warmup 3.0 to 3.2 would be my guess my P90DL+ is 3.0 rated 3.2 warmed up realistic number 3.4 is the fastest i could actually get
  28. forkee

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    Happened again tonight. Decided to see if it worked during summon and it does :p I also confirmed it is not audible outside the car and only plays from the middle of the dash. Is there even a speaker there?
  29. forkee

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    yep! same here. the garage door hinges dug right into the bottom lip of the trunk. that was the first instance of owner error. after "fixing" it with touch up paint, we backed into the garage from that point on.
  30. forkee

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    yes but not sure if it was heard at the time. it also became an arbitrary sound because the garage door would not activate every time. sometimes on approach the chime would go off but the door didn't move. we'd have to tap the house icon to manually open it. or we would drive off and hear the...
  31. forkee

    First day problems cost me a garage door and sheet metal damage

    Its dumb. All it does is function as a garage remote button pressor. Here marks the moment we stopped using auto open/close We had pulled the car out to move it closer to the side for another car but i guess it was far enough away for HomeLink to activate automatically and the door started...
  32. forkee

    not plugged in for 6 months?

    your neighbor obviously knows nothing about their car. 2 weeks (3 at the max) and phantom drain would have killed it. 6 months?? no way anything is alive at that point. that is going to be one pricey fix
  33. forkee

    Tesla 2016 model x versus 2020 model X

    not to divert away from the original topic (we already know the newer is better) but the real elephant in the room is phantom drain. free supercharging is the only real way to take advantage of electric car range. losing 10-15 miles of range due to phantom drain is like an ICE car dripping half...
  34. forkee

    Getting my Model X into a parking space

    i try to back into every spot i find and I hardly ever need to adjust. i find it immensely easier than pulling into a spot. the logistics of centering the back wheels is better when you have lateral space for the front wheels such as when backing in.
  35. forkee

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    i think the 12v has it's own warranty, not covered by the 2 or 4 year bumper to bumper. if you purchased your car within a year or just had it replaced less than a year ago, they will not charge you for a new one they are pretty lazy sometimes. they will look for the cheapest, fastest, and...
  36. forkee

    We have "Close All Doors"...How about "Open All Doors"?

    until you accidentally activate it in your pocket while it's long pressed and you come back to all the doors and trunk open. mind you, the sensors don't pick up everything. long single roof press is the summon prompt.
  37. forkee

    We have "Close All Doors"...How about "Open All Doors"?

    if you have butler mode, you can also double tap middle fob button to open the passenger side
  38. forkee

    We have "Close All Doors"...How about "Open All Doors"?

    no. other than for looks, you wouldn't want each door to all open at the same time anyways (cept maybe the back two in a few instances). plus the trunk is in the mix. you want all 4 doors and the trunk to open when it's raining? just press the buttons really fast and you could get them to...
  39. forkee

    MCU1 crashes - bad MX day

    good luck!
  40. forkee

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    so just to follow up on this... i rebooted and it went away but every now and then it pops back up. i've chalked it up as a glitch that unlocks the sound. it is entirely internal as the sound is piped through the internal audio speakers (useless right?). adjusting the speakers does nothing, it...
  41. forkee

    What is this plastic piece in the front trunk?

    but a little lighter :p
  42. forkee

    Battery Degradation: Tale of Two Teslas

    Let me know when you reach 219 :p
  43. forkee

    Replacing Rear Camera on 2016 Model X

    does the replacement camera have the same specs as your old one, or is it the upgraded resolution of the newer ones? and do you need to do any wirecutting, splicing or tapping? or is there a connection that you just unplug and plug in the new one?
  44. forkee


    Nice! we're almost twinning. Are your emblems glow in the dark? We did our wrap ourselves a couple of weekends ago. The wrap itself was about 700. Getting it professionally done would have been 2,000 more, so I forgave my amateur mistakes since I saved so much and learned while doing it. I...
  45. forkee

    Tesla courtesy cars

    just got a loaner S today when i dropped off my X. They had to drive me to enterprise offsite (1 mile away) but at least I have something to get around.
  46. forkee

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    haven't had a chance to hear it from the outside. The tones resonate throughout the cabin making it hard to locate exactly where, but it sounds like it is coming from in back of the screen (weird, right?) the forward driving "whooshing" sound gets louder up to about 25 mph then softens up until...
  47. forkee

    Pedestrian Warning Sound now in X? Wait, what?

    Woke up this morning to this. Thought I had a leak in the A/C Anyone else unfortunate to this :oops:
  48. forkee

    Lost 18 miles just sitting in Garage for 1 hour.

    where have you read that. i always immediately plug it in, especially if it's low. i would think it's designed to be plugged in right away. it should know to throttle up/down as tolerable

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