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  1. Alan J

    Brain fart

    Probably best to do a Reboot as a first step hold both scroll wheels and the brake pedal for 30 seconds.
  2. Alan J

    Tessie App

    I also get excellent Customer Support from Tessie which these days is unfortunately uncommon.
  3. Alan J

    Charge Place Scotland Tariffs by Council

    I completely agree it's a fantastic idea but falls badly short on Maintenance, as almost all the Chargers are out of Warranty repairs are chargeable and need to be approved by Hosts typically Local Authorities and we all know how they operate. I wrote to the Scottish Transport Secretary months...
  4. Alan J

    Options for Tesla repairs in Glasgow?

    I had similar damage to my M3 from a collision with a Deer also by Mitchell and Inglis, as others have said Spares lead time is the biggest factor in my case 3-4 Months.
  5. Alan J

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    Yes he has Performance Battery Plus which I understand provides this capability. The car is in Frozen Berry which to most people is Metallic Pink, a £104K car in Pink. I tell him people will think he's a Hairdresser a very successful Hairdresser !
  6. Alan J

    Tesla open up the SuC network [in UK]

    One of my pals has a Porsche Taycan and charged successfully at Manchester last week, seems very straightforward.
  7. Alan J

    2 Year Checkup

    I contacted Tesla when my car was 2 year old and they confirmed there was no required service, they didn't even suggest the filter or wiper changes others have suggested.
  8. Alan J

    Electric car rapid charging costs soar, says RAC

    If you study the Article closely it looks to me like 2 of the 3 pictures show Type 2 Slow DC Charging. I have pointed that out to the BBC, not holding my breath for a reply.
  9. Alan J

    High Pitched Whistle / Wail

    Thanks very much UkNorthampton I'll get that checked out. Alan
  10. Alan J

    High Pitched Whistle / Wail

    Hi, Recently I've noticed a High Pitched Whistle / Wail from my August 19 SR+ with 17,000 Miles it's only noticeable because the car is essentially so quiet but it offends my OCD. The car has been flawless (apart from the Deer Incident) but it definitely didn't do this until recently so I'm...
  11. Alan J

    Can Teslas track activity?

    Tessie is another Tesla Tracker App.
  12. Alan J

    Cost for Supercharging Increased ? Where to find prices?

    There's actually 70+ Chargers there although the majority are slow given that it's a Park and Ride Site but a fantastic facility if you live locally or regularly drive thru as an EV Owner.
  13. Alan J

    Octopus GO beware!

    My Go Faster has also been rolled over on the existing rates, long may it last.
  14. Alan J

    Changing electricity supplier

    I've been with Octopus for many months and I do find that they are one of the best / fairest Suppliers around. If you request their Go Faster Tariff then you can choose the 4 Hour overnight period we have 20:30 - 00:30 which is handy for the Dishwasher etc. so you save even more. If you are...
  15. Alan J

    Buying a Model 3 privately.... what should I look out for?

    Usual checks on Bodywork as for any make of Car. If possible check the State of Charge to Mileage Displayed and extrapolate to Max Range. Be very clear about the Sellers reason for selling. Check Charging Cables etc. are present. There may be a fuller Checklist on this Forum so I suggest you...
  16. Alan J

    Rear Spoiler - Carbon Fibre (matte or polished)

    I bought the one from SSDD Motorsports which is Matte and a perfect copy of the OEM Spoiler, when parked beside a Performance I can't tell the difference.
  17. Alan J

    Rear Spoiler - Carbon Fibre (matte or polished)

    The OEM Spoiler is Matte.
  18. Alan J

    Charging cost per Kwh

    If you switch to the Octopus Go Faster Tariff you can choose your slot we have 20:30 - 00:30 which is handy for Dishwasher, Tumble Drier etc.
  19. Alan J

    New MY Efficiency Question

    Temperature is one of the things that really hurts EV Range and combined with shortish journeys will really, really impact. Pre-heating the car while plugged in is a good idea, there are differing views about doing so when not plugged in, personally I only warm the Cabin for 10 Mins if not...
  20. Alan J

    Top up charging on route

    You may get some unhelpful / unkind responses so in the spirit of 'we all need to learn' here is a helpful / kind one to balance the equation. Tesla has a unique advantage in it's Supercharger Network, if you download the 'Supercharged' App you will find that there's a Supercharger Site in...
  21. Alan J

    30 hour wait for recovery. Lessons learnt.

    Given your Horrendous Experience I wonder if there's any logic in proactively replacing the 12V Battery after 2-3 years. My Car is tha same age as yours and the thought of this scenario with Wife etc. in the Car doesn't bear thinking about, any views people ?
  22. Alan J

    Which charging cable?

    That's a Type 2.
  23. Alan J


    The UI is far too prescriptive Users should be able to exercise much more choice over what is where and what size things are. Whatever became of the User Defined UI for sizing the Car side of the screen rumoured a number of months ago ?
  24. Alan J

    Winter Range

    I've had my M3 SR+ for over 2 years so I consider myself a fairly experienced Tesla Driver or at least I did until today. We took a drive from Glasgow to St. Andrews but on the way back hit heavy rain, wind and 2C Temperature. Result dramatic Range loss and we only got Home with 6% so pretty...
  25. Alan J

    How dangerous to leave house with only phone key?

    You'll be OK the majority of the time but when you get caught out it will hurt, personally I always carry a key card.
  26. Alan J

    Model Y - OEM Look Spoiler UK Source?

    I got one for my Model 3 which is excellent and easy to fit, I got it from SSDD Motorsport so you might want to try them.
  27. Alan J

    Wing mirror heaters

    He's probably in a Works Drinks Meeting.
  28. Alan J

    Octopus go - Still available?

    You might want to consider the Go faster Tariff which gives you an Off Peak Period between 20:30-00:30 which lets you move some household consumption Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Tumble Drier etc. into this period.
  29. Alan J


    Thanks for pointing that out it is definitely not intuitive on the App there's zero indication that there are other Options below the main Climate Screen.
  30. Alan J

    Tesla buying money guilt :-(

    I've got Amazon Blink Video Cameras covering my Driveway and they are excellent, recommended.
  31. Alan J

    Tesla buying money guilt :-(

    I've had a SR+ for almost 30 Months and have used the Chargeplace Scotland Network for charging which is still free where I live. I've saved £3,000 in petrol and the car has literally cost me nothing in Maintenance and little in Depreciation and you will be in a similar position. It also...
  32. Alan J


    Try Direct Line they have a Dedicated Tesla Team, when I was organising Insurance for my M3 in August 2019 they were the only Insurer who knew what they were talking about.
  33. Alan J

    Updated model 3s feeding in to circulation ETA

    I'll let others reply to your main question but bear in mind that if you decide to delay it's likely to be May or June before you get a Car due to the UK Shipping Regime.
  34. Alan J

    Lorry smash

    Oh dear that looks pretty bad glad you are OK. Tesla Parts take forever as I found to my cost after an Incident with a Deer so sadly expect this to take Months not Weeks.
  35. Alan J

    Do dealership reps know much about EVs?

    Most Dealerships are pretty ignorant about EV's and there is a lot of misinformation around. Which did a Mystery Shopper Survey of VW Dealerships in Germany and most Salespeople actively steered Customers away from their iD3 EV despite the Which People presenting an EV Friendly Profile. This...
  36. Alan J

    Upgrading from a 2019 M3 SR+ to 2021/22 model

    I think most of your statements are correct, I've been offered £36K by WBAC for my August 19 SR+ with 15,000 miles so if they're making a profit the numbers you mentioned might be about right but I'll let others with real life experience comment further Bear in mind that you won't get the UK...
  37. Alan J

    App notifications - is it me?

    Very helpful allowed me to turn off the slightly annoying notifications, thanks.
  38. Alan J

    Window issue

    If you were running climate in the Car from the App and then switched Climate off via the App it will remain off until you enable it in the Car, could it be this ?
  39. Alan J

    Preconditioning without charging

    What I meant was to pre-heat the Cabin from the Remote App and don't worry about pre-conditioning the Battery as that uses a lot more power / much longer as others have commented.
  40. Alan J

    Charging with no home charger is just as expensive as petrol?

    Been a Tessie user for a few weeks now and am absolutely loving it.
  41. Alan J

    Charging with no home charger is just as expensive as petrol?

    The way to go is little and often, if you can combine Charging with say a twice a week Shop, Lunch, Movie etc. then that will really help.
  42. Alan J

    Charging with no home charger is just as expensive as petrol?

    Have a search in your local area on Zap Map and see if there are any cheaper options around, some Supermarkets offer free charging.
  43. Alan J

    545 mile day tomorrow

    If you have a Home Charger and leave with a 90% full Battery the first 200 - 300 Miles will be extremely cheap.
  44. Alan J

    V11 - what’s your verdict?

    I think it would be good if we had the ability to have the Controls we each value most in the bottom bar, how hard would that be to achieve Tesla ?
  45. Alan J

    Moral Maze

    Maybe call the Auction House and give them some advice ?
  46. Alan J

    Model 3 Build Timelines

    Tesla historically had a mad End of Quarter Delivery Push but apparently this cost them a lot of money with Temporary Staff etc. Elon has said that this will no longer be the case going forward so some Deliveries may spill over into January. VINs are allocated once the Car is on a ship so as...
  47. Alan J

    [Poll] M3 SR+ Heated Read Seats

    I think this is good value for money, I'm in Still too expensive, I'm out Rear Seat Passengers, what are they ?
  48. Alan J

    [Poll] M3 SR+ Heated Read Seats

    I've voted Vanilla and thanks for adding the humour, very funny !

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