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  1. DrGuest

    Supercharger - Superior, MT

    I'll be checking it out on Friday and Monday this Memorial Day weekend on our way to and from Lake Coeur d'Alene.
  2. DrGuest

    VW, still high on diesel fumes, thinks snowball EV can beat Model 3

    I think these "Tesla Killers" are really a competitor for the Nisson Leaf and not the Model 3. My neighbor just traded his Leaf for a Chevy Bolt for the increased mileage. I think Nisson is the one that is going to lose when other car OEM's come out with 200+ miles of charge.
  3. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    For any of you that are "A River Runs Through It" fans, this section of the Gallatin river and the Storm Castle geologic feature seen in the back ground were in the movie.
  4. DrGuest

    How is Tesla going to meet 2017 goals for service centers and superchargers

    I asked a Service Center Technician how many cars are needed in a city to get a Service Center and the answer was roughly 150 Cars/city. I am hoping that when we get 150 cars in the whole State of Montana, which has the population of some cities, Tesla might put a Service Center in Bozeman or...
  5. DrGuest

    Reading Speed Limit Signs

    I Have a 90 D with AP1 and it will occasionally limit my speed by recording the speed limit for trucks which is 65 while car speed limit is 80. I have to disengage My auto steering because it limits me to 65. It used to do this more often, so it's getting better and is a minor inconvenience so far.
  6. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    I took a Sunday drive last weekend up Spanish Creek to see the Spanish Peaks and take advantage of how the normally dusty gravel road in the Summer has now become smooth and snow packed this Winter. Ted Turner owns this ranch, which has about 10,000 head of Bison on about 113,613 acres. There is...
  7. DrGuest

    I just configured a Chevy Bolt. How much does yours cost?

    How many cars can GM afford to sell if this is true? Report: GM will lose ~$9,000 for every Chevy Bolt EV it sells before ZEV credit
  8. DrGuest

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    My first Model S and now my second are the only physical objects that I have ever loved.
  9. DrGuest

    Dashcam video bucket

    Here is a Bison doing what bison do in Yellowstone National Park on the Firehole Lake Drive. A Coyote in Yellowstone at night and 4 deer at night.
  10. DrGuest

    Supercharger - Jackson WY

    I charged here yesterday (10/23/16) and had a really good burrito at the Hot food/deli department and some great coffee to go at Jackson's Whole Grocery and Cafe where the Tesla Superchargers are. They have a pretty nice area to eat with windows and a fireplace. Three of 8 chargers were ICE'd...
  11. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Yesterday I drove thru Yellowstone on my way to check out the new Supercharger in Jackson Hole and the Tetons, of course. Yellowstone is a very strange place with very unusual Beauty. This is on Firehole Lake Drive.
  12. DrGuest

    Supercharger - Jackson WY

    I got the ones in Montana that Bighorn didn't. :) Heading to Jackson in the morning. :)
  13. DrGuest

    Event moved to Wednesday the 19th

    I'm not sure about this article, the date is wrong, saying the event is on the 20th? Tesla Model Y Crossover revealing on October 20th! | Opptrends
  14. DrGuest

    Tesla moments

    Does your wife have anything professional to say about the reduced noise in the Tesla being more healthy for kids hearing?
  15. DrGuest

    Hurricane Matthew

    What would happen if superchargers were submerged in deep water?
  16. DrGuest

    8.0 Music Player Unusable

    In the streaming of Slacker I am losing the last 45 seconds of 90% of the songs played. Pretty annoying losing the ending of my favorite tunes. The icons disappearing in Navigation could be an option instead of default. And I don't like tesla choosing my default screen positions, It takes extra...
  17. DrGuest

    The end of "Autopilot" (term)

    I think auto pilot is a totally appropriate name for this suite of safety features and Tesla has done a great job describing what it can and cannot do. However, the viral videos of people pushing it way beyond how it should be used is what is setting a dangerous expectation of full autonomy and...
  18. DrGuest

    Was the initial 7.0 release "this bad"

    58 sun revolutions . On 8.0 I've noticed a few songs on Slacker cutting off with10-15 seconds of play and my 17 Inch display rebooted spontaneously yesterday. When I'm locked onto a car in front of me with TACC and they slow and then turn out of my lane, I really like that there is less of a...
  19. DrGuest

    Well me and my Wife have been thinking...........................

    Make sure you check in with how you feel, thinking can only take one so far. ;)
  20. DrGuest

    Firmware 8.0

    I got the notification this morning here in Bozeman, MT. and downloaded it before breakfast. I was having trouble with getting any music to play and did a reboot of the central display and all is groovy! My car detected a bicyclist for the first time, the bike was riding on the right side of a...
  21. DrGuest

    New Tesla owner

    Welcome to TMC, and the world of Tesla. I loved my S85 I bought in 2013 and then I traded it in for a S90D and still am the happiest man on the planet!
  22. DrGuest

    What will you do if 8.0 delivers tomorrow?

    Two nights ago I was half way home from a trip and got the OTA update notification and sat in the hotel parking lot only to get my S90D updated to 2.36.31. Excited to see 8.0 when it gets here. Btw, have you ever sat thru an install? It's wild all the flashing lights , whirling fans, screens...
  23. DrGuest

    8.0 world wide next wendsday?

    Last night, 7.1 (2.36.31) installed here in Montana. S90D 2016 vin 1324xx
  24. DrGuest

    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2016

    "Chevrolet provided airfare, lodging, and meals to enable High Gear Media to bring you this first-person report."
  25. DrGuest

    Auto Pilot V8.x - When is database created?

    I just want to point out that Montana roads were never designed to go over 80 MPH so curves will often deactivate AP, we have guard rails that are very close to the road so I often deactivate AP when I move to where I am comfortable. We have many narrow bridges that often make me take control...
  26. DrGuest

    Auto Pilot V8.x - When is database created?

    So take care here in Montana, It will take a while for our roads to get covered and so keep both hands on the wheel and enjoy the views.
  27. DrGuest

    Tesla moments

    Bozeman is a relatively small western college town and so I was surprised to see another Model S parked at a spot I often go to for lunch. The blue P85D parked behind me was playing music as I approached and it turned out to be another Bozemanite that got his car about a year ago. We visited and...
  28. DrGuest

    Just picked up my car today!

    I love midnight silver!
  29. DrGuest

    -What will be the 1st song you play in your Model 3-

    Bruce Lee by Marcus Miller, bassist extraordinaire at 11! Bruce Lee Bass Tab by Marcus Miller | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm
  30. DrGuest

    Tesla Product Announcement at noon

    Model 3 part II?
  31. DrGuest

    Tesla moments

    My sixteen year old son is in Driver's Education class, and today I was invited to bring my 90D to his class. I spoke for an hour about all the benefits of EV vs. ICE and how supporting Tesla helps support something bigger than all of us, the transition away from fossil fuels. Then I showed the...
  32. DrGuest

    Planning trip to Yellowstone in 2016, trying to work out charging

    Red Lodge is a nice little town and is worth an overnight. I've done the Beartooth Highway from West Yellowstone to Canyon to Tower, Cooke- City to Red Lodge to Roscoe, Absarokee, to Columbus and finally to Big Timber, in my 90 D but it takes 12 hours or more to cover that much territory and the...
  33. DrGuest

    Tesla moments

    I was at the West Yellowstone Super Charger, yesterday when another Model S backed in and plugged in. The next thing I saw was the mother opened the Frunk, laid her baby down inside and did a diaper change. The whole time, another mom in an ICE car, with a baby strapped on her chest, was...
  34. DrGuest

    Cleaning kit for time @ SC

    I have put a wet, soapy sponge in triple ziplock bags and have a water bottle filled with just tap water and use it to clean the bugs off my nosecone and front licence plate, and front lights. Soap it up and rinse it off and dry with micro fiber clothes. Windex and micro clothes are always with...
  35. DrGuest

    Gigafactory July 29 event thread for posting attendees photos and reports

    AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicle ) designed to transport 2 rolls of anode/cathode foil, it plays the Theme music from Indiana Jones for fun and let people know its coming, it's guided by magnetic tape on the floor, racks carried by robots to the "Aging Room" where the batteries cells age, like...
  36. DrGuest

    Gigafactory July 29 event thread for posting attendees photos and reports

    Party Tent, Happy Engineer, Power Walls, 2 days of erecting steel for Section E.
  37. DrGuest

    Tesla Gigafactory

    I'll check it out, however I'm at Dos Amigos with Live Mexically Blues!
  38. DrGuest

    Tesla Gigafactory

    I'm in Elko on my way to the Gigafactory Event, my First, of 200! ;) as a +1 of a dear friend.
  39. DrGuest

    Tesla Gigafactory

    A Tesla Gigafactory is a Tesla Product that can be duplicated and sold to meet OEM's needs, making This Gigafactory #1, one of at least 200.
  40. DrGuest

    How many people here got selected to visit the Gigafactory grand opening this weekend?

    I was not selected to go, however, a Tesla buddy has invited me as his +1 so I'll be driving to Elko, NV tomorrow and then on to The Gigafactory Friday. I must say I am very excited to attend my very first Tesla Event while being an investor and owner since 2013.
  41. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    Here is an image from the West Side of the Bridger Mountains here in Bozeman, MT. That is Ross Pass in the background.
  42. DrGuest

    Please chime in if in agreement so that AP is not disabled...

    Call me unusual, I love AP but I have one or two hands on the steering wheel at all times and use it only on boring, straight sections of freeway driving. I hold the wheel firmly when passing cars, trucks, cross an overpass and around curves. I use AP to reduce fatigue and not for multi-tasking...
  43. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    My 2016 Model S90D up Bridger Canyon on July 12th after a July 11th snow storm above 6000 feet.
  44. DrGuest

    Model S Nature Pictures

    A Montana sunset reflected on the hood of my Midnight Silver Model S 90D
  45. DrGuest

    What is the best way to cool the battery in extreme heat?

    wow 118, 125, these temps are really high and are sounding way to common!
  46. DrGuest

    Post a picture of your facelifted Model S

    The "bars' are chrome and reflect the body color and shadow sometimes so they seem like they are not there, however I am sure all cars have them.
  47. DrGuest

    I give this an 8 out of 7

    and the stereo system volume goes to 11 instead of 10. Both, ordering or Driving a Tesla is a +1 type of experience all the way round! :)
  48. DrGuest

    So im obsessed

    I traded in my 2013 S85 for a 2016 90D so I've gone thru this Twice! The second time I ordered and confirmed and then went on vacation. Tesla then started calling me, to find out when I would be home so they could get it to me. Then I just could not get home fast enough! 2 days later it was in...
  49. DrGuest

    Planning trip to Yellowstone in 2016, trying to work out charging

    I have a 4 month old 90D and get 285 miles per full charge. I left Bozeman Friday afternoon with a full charge and made it to West Yellowstone Super Charger in the Grizzly Bear and Wolf Discovery center. Public restrooms are about 2 blocks away on the East Side of the Visitor Center. I had...

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