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  1. Jedi2155

    PowerWall / Gateway Trip Settings for Off Grid?

    Thanks! The sub-thread in the thread you linked was even more helpful. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/powerwall-2-ups-connundrum-and-solution.130085/
  2. Jedi2155

    Powerwall 2 + UPS Connundrum - and solution

    My oven clock reset last time I tried Off Grid
  3. Jedi2155

    PSA, big recall for Schneider Electric (includes Square D and QO load centers)

    I just checked my recently installed (4/29/22) and they gave me an outdoor Homeline subpanel and not the QO (which is a higher end sub-panel). I had my builder put a sub-panel as well and it was a Homeline as well.
  4. Jedi2155

    PowerWall / Gateway Trip Settings for Off Grid?

    I was wondering if anyone had detailed information on what would cause a Powerwall to enter off-grid / backup mode. I recently experienced some lightning strikes that my IT equipment UPS went into backup and I received notifications on my NAS server, but my Powerwalls rode through it and it got...
  5. Jedi2155

    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    Looks like i'm on 22.18.3 now too. start_time":"2022-06-16 11:42:39 +0800 <---- That looks like the last reboot time when I got mine.
  6. Jedi2155

    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    Check your DM
  7. Jedi2155

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    I think that's the first time I've seen a a 6-15R/6-20R receptacle on the right! I took me a while to figure out what that was. Am I right?
  8. Jedi2155

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    Funny enough, upon further study: Basically, there needs to be the potential for the circuit to be overloaded for the oversizing of the circuit to occur. More fun, is that this is not allowed in Canada, where the receptacle HAS to match the circuit rating. My understanding here is that at no...
  9. Jedi2155

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    Could you explain why it was allowed and why the latter is not allowed? I mean I see this happen with 5-15 circuits/receptacles all the time too, so it does make sense.
  10. Jedi2155

    14-50 on 100 amp breaker? Ok to use?

    I'm an EE and I'm a power engineer. As long as the wiring is appropriate, you can put a 14-50R on a 100A Circuit and Protection. The protection should be from the outlet itself where the outlet cannot take a load greater than 50A. The following is also true, and commonly installed in home...
  11. Jedi2155

    Just had 9.8kw Solar+2PW installed, have some noob questions.

    Its actually hard/annoying enough that many electrical engineers fail to do it right. Configuring the CTs correctly require thorough understanding of the home's single line diagram which I don't think everyone is good enough at doing. The main thing is double checking the actual energy flow to...
  12. Jedi2155

    Can Powerwall contribute to homes amperage?

    I'll put up a disclaimer that before I wrote the things below, I didn't read the original post clear enough, that since you're building a whole new ADU, I'm sure there's a lot of code limits and reasons probably would be a good idea to upgrade whole service to meet code etc...
  13. Jedi2155

    Powerwall 22.18 Firmware

    I'm still on 22.9.2 on my Powerwall Gateway so it has not been a wide-roll out yet.
  14. Jedi2155

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    I haven't had issues with my WiFi so far *knock on wood*, but wireless was definitely better in my situation given that the ethernet would have to go outside, the house based on how it was configured.
  15. Jedi2155

    More than 20% decrease in solar output in 1 year

    Long runs of wire will definitely degrade performance (this is call voltage drop which is essentially the resistance of the wire changing that energy into heat thus losses).
  16. Jedi2155

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    I saw this referenced as well, and while I have ethernet everywhere as well (I've somehow filled up a 24 port switch in my 4 bed home....), I also have really strong WiFi (2x UniFi 6 LR's) so I didn't bother with it. That being said I couldn't see a RJ-45 jack anyone on the inverter or power...
  17. Jedi2155

    FS: 20” Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM Sport wheels (silver)

    How much for the complete set?
  18. Jedi2155

    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    I have a set of aero cover caps from the original aero kit if anyone is interested. I only used the lug-nut covers for my car, and would be happy to sell the cover caps.
  19. Jedi2155

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    I had a similar scenario between the design team and installers. Design team no secondary panel was needed (I was thinking I could use my existing sub-panel) but the installers insisted on moving everything to a new subpanel (Main Panel -> Tesla Gateway -> New Tesla Subpanel -> Existing...
  20. Jedi2155

    More than 20% decrease in solar output in 1 year

    The crazy thing is I only have 10.4 kW of inverter capacity and generated 87.5 kWh yesterday that means I'm getting close to 8.4 hours of 100% nameplate capacity. The amount is still rising daily.
  21. Jedi2155

    More than 20% decrease in solar output in 1 year

    Jeez, my solar system is being a b0ss right now generating about 86 kWH+ /daily with South AND north facing panels (~24 Tesla panels, 9 SunPower panels).
  22. Jedi2155

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    I wonder if the reason you didn't get a Powerwall+ in your case is due to the fact that your inverters and powerwalls are in separate areas. The PW+ has to be next to where the solar install is. The only real benefit of the PW+ over the PW2 greater backup power output during whole house backup...
  23. Jedi2155

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    What's the size of your existing home loads? I believe the difference between PW2 and PW+ is just the output power, it should work the same way whether its PW+ or PW2. I had a 200A main panel, and a PW+ would be needed to backup my 5 ton home AC unit while a standard PW would not be powerful...
  24. Jedi2155

    Tesla 4.8kW + 2x PW Expansion

    You have a similar situation with me where I added a Tesla array + 2 PW's to an existing home with an existing array. On the Power Gateway 2 (PG2), there is space for 6 breakers, or 2x3 240v breakers. What will happen is the following: PG2 will contain the following: Breaker for existing PV...
  25. Jedi2155

    Using a Credit Card or Paypal to pay for TESLA Solar

    So I just finished my Tesla Energy product installation and I did the financing option, unfortunately Tesla Financing refused to accept credit cards for the down-payment and said Bank payment is the only acceptable form of payment. The number posted previously is for Tesla CASH payments only...
  26. Jedi2155

    FS: Tesla Powerwall 2 Red

    I'm only 2 months in on my design / approval process for my solar + storage system so this could be done with the original Tesla install. That's a good perspective though.
  27. Jedi2155

    FS: Tesla Powerwall 2 Red

    I added 2 powerwalls+ to my solar installation, wondering if I can ask Tesla to install a 3rd one as well to my installation and if there are compatibility inssues with PW2 vs PW2+
  28. Jedi2155

    Does a Model 3 first production with low VIN (#567) increase value?

    The only real benefit of the low VIN Model 3's are: 1-2000: Alcantera Interior (As much as a $2,000 value - Alcantara Headliner Upgrade Kit for Tesla Model 3 - Unplugged Performance) 2000-50,000 or so: Orange Thermal Glass And Free Premium Connectivity. Other than that, most of the car is...
  29. Jedi2155

    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    Would it not make sense if that was the case to install a surge protection system in front of the gateway so as to protect that? Even Tesla does not provide the design, I would find a way to put the Tesla system behind a whole home surge protector especially if you expect regular lightning...
  30. Jedi2155

    Should Tesla buy First Solar?

    Might be a low cost here, but the raw materials bother me since cadmium is quite toxic, and telluride is a rare element. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cadmium_telluride#Availability Low cost now, but if you scale up, will it remain low costs?
  31. Jedi2155

    Poor initial solar panel design (1/2 of requested size). Recommended next steps?

    Sounds like it takes a LONG time to review design changes. Submitted my order in last Friday before the price changes and hope it goes well. Tesla sent out an email earlier today with the following article attached. In terms of grandfathering in, I think as long as your ACCEPT the final site...
  32. Jedi2155

    Supercharger - Yucca Valley, CA (pre-application Nov 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    Apologies, I was indeed referring to the 29 Palms supercharger. The V11 software update got me confused about available superchargers since I couldn't find it on the map anymore. This was the correct location :( https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/supercharger-twentynine-palms-ca.82096/page-3
  33. Jedi2155

    [Feature Request] Turn off Auto-Dimming Mirrors

    Yep, so happy Tesla finally added this a few months ago. Been a feature request for YEARS as you've seen.
  34. Jedi2155

    Supercharger - Yucca Valley, CA (pre-application Nov 2021, 16 V3 stalls)

    This supercharger is operational!!!! Saved my butt yesterday due to a V11 glitch and bad trip planning. I thought i missed an essential Cabazon supercharge stop, and ended up getting to Joshua tree around 25% SOC, this gave me the juice to drive the 40+ miles through Joshua Tree NP (this drive...
  35. Jedi2155

    Model 3 20" Zero-G Performance Wheels & Tires - $3000

    Direct from Tesla these rims are $750/each so $3000 + Tires/TPMS which puts it to $4500 for the rims and tires alone from Tesla.
  36. Jedi2155

    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    I tinted my mine with ceramic tint. My front windshield has 70% tint as well so you can't see the tint but still provides 50-70% heat rejection.
  37. Jedi2155

    Ventilation fan is on at odd Times

    My ventilation fan was actually defective in my 2018 Model 3. I noticed the front vents were stuck closed while it was running and it would run at odd times of the night as well. I was able to get resolved through warranty service visit and they replaced the vent assembly...
  38. Jedi2155

    How many will look into the F-150 Lightning?

    Tesla does not do limited production designs. Its too expensive to design something like that. Tesla's engineering is far more limited and it would sooner be canceled than a limited production run.
  39. Jedi2155

    Web App for Viewing TeslaCam Videos

    This is due to Chrome and Edge not supporting the H265 codec and no fault of the sentry viewer web app. Blame microsoft / chrome for not supporting H265.
  40. Jedi2155

    Cybertruck production likely delayed....Post your best guess of WHEN for the record!

    I'm going to guess 2023 Q2 given the delays related with 4680 production and priority on the Y. We might see some deliveries in Q4 2022 as you guessed, but Q2 2023 is my pessimistic view. I suspect the engineering is mostly done except for the batteries but at this point they're waiting for...
  41. Jedi2155

    2018 Model 3 Performance Dual Motor Long Range with Full Self-Driving Included! Must see!

    I'm not understanding why you think selling private party would save on sales tax/fees. You still have to pay sales tax on used cars private party when the other party goes to register the vehicle which is the same amount as buying new. 7-10% depending on where they register. I'm considering...
  42. Jedi2155

    WTB: Blue Model 3 Performance

    38k miles always garaged, emergent's value is probably better (saw his post), but just in case, I'm considering putting my car up for sale.
  43. Jedi2155

    Downsides of Performance vs Long Range?

    980 uses Silicon Carbide FETs as part of the power electronics (more durable, higher current capability) and has only been around in the past decade. 970 uses traditional MOSFET IGBTs which have been around since the late 80s. Very different technology and capability. Software flashing won't get...
  44. Jedi2155

    why are Tesla charge connectors so much smaller than CCS etc.

    Old thread but still wondering on the superiority of the Tesla connector vs. CCS. What is the maximum power capacity of CCS (500A x 1000v = 500 kW?). Tesla has clearly made it possible to do 250 kW (500v x 500A ?) even if it is just for short periods of time. I don't see much value going higher...
  45. Jedi2155

    20” Tesla model 3 Zero G Performance wheels

    Do you still have the lug-nu hub covers?
  46. Jedi2155

    Poll: Will we see the FSD button in June?

    Elon time....probably end of Q3 2021 or Q4 (Sept-Nov. time frame is my bet).
  47. Jedi2155

    Choosing Pressure Washer

    Any one have a copy of that spreadsheet? It seems to be down :(
  48. Jedi2155

    Aero Wheel cap kit - updated 2021

    Here you go: https://tsportline.com/products/tesla-wheel-lug-nut-cover-set-model-3
  49. Jedi2155

    So That's Where They Hid the Model 3 Subwoofer...

    The real question is whether they fixed the acoustics in the new Model S interior refresh. From my time in Model S/X the 3 has far superior sound system as it was tuned much better.
  50. Jedi2155

    Does the 2021 18" Aero Wheels fit on Model 3 Performance?

    There's been quite bit a changes on the Tesla tires/wheels front since I last checked and wondering if Tesla has done anything to make the 2021 aero rims different from the earlier models or is it just a different hub cap?

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