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  1. jtpassat

    When will you upgrade?

    Keeping my 2018 but buying the Cybertruck when it comes out.
  2. jtpassat

    Park Assist Unavailable

    Yes under warranty. I’m the original owner. If they don’t cover it, I would fight it. It’s not right if they don’t since it was working prior to the firmware upgrade and then broken immediately after.
  3. jtpassat

    Park Assist Unavailable

    Not an engineer but this happens to other hardware where if right conditions are met, the hardware being upgraded ends up getting bricked. I would hope Tesla is working out what is the root cause of why it’s happening but only to a subset of cars.
  4. jtpassat

    Park Assist Unavailable

    Just got my car fixed. Like everyone else, the module was replaced. What I was told was that it broke as a result of the firmware. Which is true because I had no problems with park assist until version .18.1
  5. jtpassat

    Park Assist Unavailable

    Sounds like a hardware issue. I’m up to .18.3 and still not fixed.
  6. jtpassat

    Park Assist Unavailable

    yup - I went to the SC for the same thing and they said it's a firmware issue.
  7. jtpassat

    [multiple reports of ] Park assist unavailable [on 2021 model 3s?]

    Just got back from the SC because of this very problem with my 2018 Model 3 LR. I was told it's a issue with the current firmware (2021.4.18) and the next version will fix it.
  8. jtpassat

    Charge Speed Reduced, unplug and try again

    Just happened to me. Charging is limited to 16 amps vs the usual 32. Scheduled for service on Wed so let’s see if it’s the same power conversion fix.
  9. jtpassat

    Xbox One & PS4 Controller Support

    I read from another forum that this controller works https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003VAHYQY/ref=ox_sc_act_title_2?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&psc=1
  10. jtpassat

    Tesla V10 software update rollout: post here if you are still waiting

    Based on the release notes, nothing to get excited about unless you really wanted cuphead or Netflix.
  11. jtpassat

    Autopilot - Start / Stop

    I take the same route to work all the time with the same stop and go and it's never gone into hold mode before. I don't consider any parts of my highway commute to be in such an incline/decline that it needs to go into hold mode. Let's see how it does on my commute back.
  12. jtpassat

    Autopilot - Start / Stop

    It happens when it goes into hold mode. It puts up a message that says "Press the accelerator" or something like that. I came from 2019.20.4 so this didn't happen when I had that version.
  13. jtpassat

    Autopilot - Start / Stop

    Just upgraded to 2019.32.1 and noticed when I was in traffic today, while autopilot was engaged, that when the car comes to a complete stop, I now have to step on the accelerator to get it moving again. Before upgrading firmware, the car would just go on its own, which was wonderful for dealing...
  14. jtpassat

    Shocked! Model 3 has no blind spot detection [Update: yes, it does]

    The blind spot detection is less than ideal. I wish it would at least make an audible noise when you hit the turn signal and there is someone in your blind spot. Looking at the screen or initiating the lane change is not good.
  15. jtpassat

    Tesla Truck vs other Trucks? Which would you get and why?

    I'm more of a weekend warrior when it comes to my needs of a pickup truck so a Tesla truck would fit the bill nicely.
  16. jtpassat

    Powerwall Financing

    Anyone aware of any banks or CU that offers special financing for Powerwalls? Telsa offers financing starting at 3.9% according to their rep, which seems a bit high for me. I might be spoiled from low interest rates in general.
  17. jtpassat

    Software Update 2019.20.2.5

    Thank you - back on topic. Did you get release notes with this upgrade?
  18. jtpassat

    Tesla expanding to Rhode Island

    Tesla got around the manufacturer's selling direct is that it only applies to manufacturer's that already have dealerships in place. Since Tesla doesn't have that, they can sell direct.
  19. jtpassat

    Tesla expanding to Rhode Island

    awesome. I've been holding off on getting minor service done cause I don't want to drive to Dedham. LOL - typical RI'er.
  20. jtpassat

    Early Access Program Invite

    I got an invite this morning. So did a co-worker. I'm a 1st day line waiter and he was a 1st day online reservation. Both RWD
  21. jtpassat

    Winter Wheel Ideas?

    http://discounttiredirect.com/ Is having their Labor Day sale with up to 20% off your order. I ended up buying 18” wheels and falken eurowinter tires for $1500 not including the rebates.
  22. jtpassat

    3D Maxpider Kagu Mats for Model 3

    Just got mine today as well. Looks and fits great! Best $$$ spent.
  23. jtpassat

    Taking first delivery of P3D in New England tomorrow at Mount Kisco

    I live in RI and yes. You definitely have to pick up in Mt Kisco to make the entire process easier if your home state doesn’t have a service center. With that said congrats!!!
  24. jtpassat

    Model 3 suspension & kids

    I have a 4 and a 2 year old in car seats and they LOVE the car. The suspension is fine. It’s not a Cadillac and if that’s the ride you want then get a Cadillac. This car is meant to be a rival to be the BMW 3 series and Audi A4 and is tuned as such.
  25. jtpassat

    1:48 at Laguna Seca - Light mods to Model 3 for track work

    This and how did you find out which size hawk pad fits?
  26. jtpassat

    Model 3 | Installing Aluminum Performance Pedals

    done - ordered from Hong Kong. Thanks @Kenriko
  27. jtpassat

    300 spot welds removed from Model 3 design to meet production target

    Phew. Good thing I got mine before these spot welds got removed. You guys think pre-spot weld removed cars will be more valuable? I bet they will be cause I like to make assumptions.
  28. jtpassat

    VMR V710FF 19" Wheels

    which vendor did you buy from? Link??
  29. jtpassat

    Keeping car on while loading up the family

    This is what I do as well and works perfectly.
  30. jtpassat

    Tesla's in transit - rail hub in Birmingham, AL

    Nice. My car went through there
  31. jtpassat

    What Should I Tell the Tint Installer re: the Automatic Window Movements ?

    frameless doors aren't unique to Tesla. My 2002 BMW M3 had it. If they are a professional shop, the windows are nothing for them. The giant rear window, they might have a little struggle with that.
  32. jtpassat

    Montreal Road Trip

    Another question. WHere can I get a SIM card for data use while I’m in Canada? ATT charges $10 per day but there has to be cheaper options.
  33. jtpassat

    Little black "piece" fell out of my charge port?

    mine fell off and I didn't even notice. It's what allows you to push the charge port and it automatically opens. I have it on my SC's list of to do the next time I go in. For now I just open using the display or app.
  34. jtpassat

    Finally wrapped my interior

    Harder than it looks but I love how it came out. Thanks to @AMIYY4YOU for cutting the material for me.
  35. jtpassat

    Autopilot during rush hour traffic .... a parting of the seas occurs .....

    Heres a video of what I was describing as “slight of hand” This car is on Autopilot. What happens next?
  36. jtpassat

    Autopilot during rush hour traffic .... a parting of the seas occurs .....

    This is EXACTLY how the last two infamous Tesla crashes into the median and the fire truck happened since the car ignores stationary objects. The phenomenon is being called “slight of hand”
  37. jtpassat

    Mind the Gaps

    That makes the time go by faster :-)
  38. jtpassat

    Mind the Gaps

    3 weeks!!!!! That’s insane. What was your loaner?
  39. jtpassat

    My TM3 doing a salom run

    I’m definitely on the fun side so this car needs to be street drivable and I wouldn’t consider any upgrades to suspension until my driving skills can actually take advantage. That said, brake upgrades is a no brainer and I’ll do that once there is a “favorite” identified for the 3.
  40. jtpassat

    My TM3 doing a salom run

    Any tips since this car is heavier than most you see on the autocross circuit and the effects of regenerative braking?
  41. jtpassat

    Mind the Gaps

    That is what they told me. Dedham doesn’t have a body shop in house.
  42. jtpassat

    Mind the Gaps

    Here are mine.
  43. jtpassat

    MS/MX style aftermarket rear chrome trim for Model 3

    I’d get that and then do a chrome delete. That would look awesome. #imjoking
  44. jtpassat

    My TM3 doing a salom run

    Thanks - the last combined run to have you practice all the excercises, they put the cones closer together. Let’s just say I ate the last couple of cones. LOL Tha
  45. jtpassat

    My TM3 doing a salom run

    It handled well and I wished I was able to make it spin out. I did take out a couple of cones to make sure I was pushing the limit in other runs.
  46. jtpassat

    Montreal Road Trip

    What company runs the majority of the public j-1772 charging stations? Do I need to create an account and get some kind of card?
  47. jtpassat

    New Englanders -- check in!

    that place looks familiar :) Congrats! Red is probably the only color I sometimes wish I picked.

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