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  1. Bulletproof

    1997 Toyota Supra Turbo - Immaculate!

    Beautiful car GLWS!
  2. Bulletproof

    Vendor Bulletproof Automotive: 15% Off Wheel and Tire Package

    Bump 15% off wheel and tire package deal is back! Michelin's in stock and ready to go!
  3. Bulletproof

    Random Model X sightings

    Not so random. Our customer recently brought us his Model X for a full 3M Crystalline tint job
  4. Bulletproof

    Midnight Silver Metallic Model X Photos

    Glad you like it! We are loving the X but funny you should say that. His 20's won't be there for long we are actually in the process of upgrading him to a custom set of 22's!
  5. Bulletproof

    Midnight Silver Metallic Model X Photos

    Our customer brought us his Model X for a full 3M Crystalline tint job. We love the results and managed to snap a few pics at the Supercharger by the Tesla Design Studio next door!
  6. Bulletproof

    Blacking Out Chrome moldings

    We offer chrome delete services. It's a time consuming and meticulous process to do correctly but once done it holds up well if quality materials are used. In our case we offer a one year warranty on the work and the vinyl used comes with it's own warranty as well
  7. Bulletproof

    Vendor Bulletproof Automotive: 15% Off Wheel and Tire Package

    Bulletproof Automotive is happy to announce we are currently having a tax time wheel and tire package special. For a limited time only we are offering 15% off retail on any wheel and Michelin or Toyo tire package. That’s any wheel including BBS, ADV1, HRE or any other Authentic wheel...
  8. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    All the colors of the rainbow. Here's an idea of what colors we can do here at Bulletproof Automotive. If anyone has color requests let me know and I can try to post clear pictures of specific vinyl chips
  9. Bulletproof

    WWYD: De-Chroming

    The entire handle is wrapped. Typically we will either wrap the entire handle in black or the inner part to match the color of the car depending on customer preference - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the kind words :cool:
  10. Bulletproof

    WWYD: De-Chroming

    Thank you! You could always have it shipped here :biggrin: the white Model S is a customer from Northern California and we're in LA :cool: - - - Updated - - - Yes the white car is all vinyl. The car car has the Unplugged Performance Front Fascia, Side Skirt Set, complete vinyl wrap and chrome...
  11. Bulletproof

    WWYD: De-Chroming

    We recommend vinyl wrap. We use vinyl in our chrome delete applications. Quality vinyl is important as it will last for years and avoid peeling if done correctly. Here are a few images of chrome delete on several of our customer's cars. Hope this helps. Feel free to message me with any questions.
  12. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Looks great!! - - - Updated - - - Here's a few shots of a Model S getting wrapped in Satin Pearl White by one of our in house Vinyl installers
  13. Bulletproof

    The Official Bulletproof Automotive Thread

    Around the office today. A beautiful set of ADV1s. ADV1 is a high end wheel manufacturer that makes wheels for a variety of applications including Tesla and others. They come in a variety of custom finishes and sizes making just about any combination possible
  14. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Wanted to show an example of subtle Vinyl. You don't necessarily have to wrap the entire car. In addition to wrapping the entire car we can also wrap just the accents. Here's an example of the Unplugged Performance Stormtrooper with some blacked out pieces that we recently completed.
  15. Bulletproof

    Let's see your white Model S

    Unplugged Performance Stormtrooper Model S in our parking lot. The Dark side is calling
  16. Bulletproof

    What would you change about your model S?

    Would like to hear what if anything you guys and gals would change about the looks of your model S if you could. Would you change anything about the interior or exterior or do you love it the way it is? I'm partial to the removal and black out of all the chrome pieces but that's just me. Would...
  17. Bulletproof

    how to best sell my Model S

    Have you thought about selling it online using a service like Ebay Motors? on the positive side you have a large audience and buyer protection. On the other hand there are listing Fees associated with the transaction. I have always been a big fan of using Craigslist as it's a free service...
  18. Bulletproof

    A fixation with tech is distracting everyone from what Tesla actually needs to do

    A fixation with tech is distracting everyone from what Tesla actually needs to do A fixation with tech is distracting everyone from what Tesla actually needs to do - Business Insider Thoughts on this? TLDR: Tesla is a pioneer in tech and enabling cars to update themselves via software which...
  19. Bulletproof

    The Official Bulletproof Automotive Thread

    Hi All. Some of you might have seen some of my other posts in the past. For those of you that haven’t I wanted to create this thread to introduce myself and Bulletproof Automotive. We are an Importer/distributor of high end performance parts as well as a complete car customization shop based...
  20. Bulletproof

    New Launch Mode - firmware 2.9.40

    Here's a another clip of the launch mode. A lot of talking. Actual test starts at 3:02 and its very brief then pauses so you can read the numbers. You still get a sense of how insanely fast it is though
  21. Bulletproof

    Let's see your black Model S

    Nope, you're not seeing things. It has a set of headlights from Unplugged Performance :wink:
  22. Bulletproof

    Model S Wagon?

    Bump for another awesome render. Thoughts?
  23. Bulletproof

    Model S - Window Tinting

    For anyone in SoCal who's interested we are offering deals on window tint. PM me for details.
  24. Bulletproof

    Let's see your black Model S

    Two customer cars waiting for additional work An example of our chrome delete option
  25. Bulletproof

    Bulletproof Automotive offering tint/vinyl wrap/ chrome delete in SoCal

    If you're thinking about wrapping your Tesla PM me now. We are offering special pricing from now through the end of the month. Message me for details!
  26. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    PM Sent. 3M Atlantis Blue 3M Blue Raspberry 3M Brushed Gold 3M Satin Battleship Gray Chameleon 3M Brushed Titanium
  27. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Vinyl wrap wears similar to paint. It will get rock chips but you can always replace it if need be. You can bring a vinyl wrapped car through an automatic brushless car wash although hand washing is better. As with paint, exposure to the elements and things like tree sap and bird droppings...
  28. Bulletproof

    OWNING A MODEL X: Mark Templeton's impressions!

    Owning a model x: Mark templeton’s impressions! Mark Templeton Gives his first impressions of owning a Model X. OWNING A MODEL X: Mark Templetons impressions! | EV And More What do you guys think?
  29. Bulletproof

    Water Transfer Printing!

    Explanation of the process from Wikipedia The water transfer printing process is extensively used to decorate items that range from entire all-terrain vehicles and car dashboards, to small items like bike helmets or other automotive trim. Films can be applied to all types of substrates...
  30. Bulletproof

    Water Transfer Printing!

    I'm sure it would last on interior pieces but it would be interesting to see how long it would last on wheels and other parts exposed to the elements
  31. Bulletproof

    Water Transfer Printing!

    Not sure if this has been shared before but I thought it was pretty cool! What do you guys think? Yay or Nay?
  32. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    We can wrap using any brand if the customer requests it but we prefer to use high quality brands like 3M and Avery. We used Avery to wrap the Unplugged Tesla. Before After Some of our recent work. Both done in 3M
  33. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    3M Intense Blue 3M Matte Blue Metallic 3M Matte Dark Gray 3M Matte Orange 3M Matte Pine Green Metallic 3M Satin Ocean Shimmer 3M Sky Blue Mirror Chrome Silver
  34. Bulletproof

    My other car is a...

    Bumping this thread. Some cool stuff here! would love to see more. Just a few of ours :wink:
  35. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Ask and you shall receive 3M Matte Green Apple 3M Satin Bitter Yellow Brushed Black Metallic Midnight Blue Metallic 3M Cosmic Blue 3M Gloos Green Envy
  36. Bulletproof

    Carbon Fiber Rims

    I'd highly recommend looking into actual strength testing numbers whenever purchasing aftermarket wheels for a Tesla. The Tesla has special load requirements as its a 2+ ton vehicle. Many manufacturers don't factor that into the equation. The BBS wheels we use on our Teslas are rated...
  37. Bulletproof

    Two Thirds of Early Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60,000miles

    Thoughts on this? It would be interesting to know how many members have run into drivetrain problems. Report: Two-Thirds Of Early Tesla Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60,000 Miles
  38. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    3M Black Rose 3M Carbon Fiber 3M Gloss Hot Rod Red 3M Gloss Raspberry Fizz 3M Lemon Sting 3M Light Ivory 3M Liquid Copper 3M Satin Canyon Copper
  39. Bulletproof

    Los Angeles folks....

    As someone who is friends with a bunch of the Valets at one of the nicer hotels in LA. They will know how to drive your Tesla. That being said...Never valet if you have the option. I've seen fist hand what happens when things go wrong :cursing: . If the place is busy or has an event going on...
  40. Bulletproof

    The Official Vinyl Wrap Color Thread

    Hi All. As many members have vinyl wrapped their Teslas I thought it would be a good idea to make a thread showing color options. As only a limited number of Teslas have been wrapped this will most likely be comprised of other makes and models but again its just to show what options exist. If...
  41. Bulletproof

    Picture request: Any Model S with a nice wheels/rims set up?

    BBS Wheels - - - Updated - - - Adv1
  42. Bulletproof

    another aluminum blue wrap

    Nice color choice :cool:
  43. Bulletproof

    Bulletproof Automotive offering tint/vinyl wrap/ chrome delete in SoCal

    We wanted to create a thread showcasing some of our work. Based in Hawthorne California, conveniently located next to the Supercharger and Tesla Design Center, we are now offering a range of services Including: window tint, vinyl wrap and chrome delete. With 15 years of experience within the...
  44. Bulletproof

    Adding gloss to the carbon fiber trim

    Adding a gloss finish to the CF pieces will most likely not be possible without removing dash pieces and repainting them with some sort of clear coat or gel coat. The Shiny appearance of carbon fiber is usually a result of the manufacturing process. Usually wet carbon fiber has the appearance...
  45. Bulletproof

    Vendor Model S wheel packages available from BBS, ADV1, HRE and more

    Bulletproof Automotive is currently offering a wide range of wheels in sizes and offsets that perfectly fit the Model S. With over 15 years in the automotive industry and having modified many Teslas we know what it takes to get the fitment right the first time. We thoroughly understand the...
  46. Bulletproof

    Let's see your Vinyl-wrapped/Plasti-dipped/Painted Model S

    Thank you. It's Avery Gloss Blue. Great color.
  47. Bulletproof

    How did you protect your cars paint & why?

    Paint protection film or vinyl wrap is a good way to protect your paint. Here’s an example of a wrap we did for our partners at Unplugged Performance.
  48. Bulletproof

    Trusted professionals for tinting, rim protectors, repairs etc in Los Angeles

    Bumping this thread. For anyone in the Socal area interested in window tint, Vinyl Wrap, wheels or other customization, please feel free to contact us. We have 15 years of experience in the automotive industry, offer only the highest quality work and are located directly next to the Tesla...

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