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  1. DopeGhoti

    Music Volume fades away …

    This is by design, so that you don't share your music/podcast with the entire neighborhood when you open your door, and so that you don't get your ears blown out when you first sit down in the car. I don't mind so much, but of course whether or not this is good design is subjective.
  2. DopeGhoti

    Pixel 6 Pro Wireless Charging

    The Taptes Qi charger is working for my 6 Pro - but only on the right side; the left has no charging point that seems to work for me.
  3. DopeGhoti

    Funniest Tesla Question Thread

    I still get asked "Don't they all cost hundreds of thousands of dollars?" "No, the Model 3 was the one that was planned to be affordable by mere mortals like myself." Of course, this was first asked back when a $35K Model 3 was still theoretically available for purchase.
  4. DopeGhoti

    Pedestrian Warning System

    Some folks think it's reasonable to have one? I actually like the reversing noise because let's be honest, the rear visibility from the driver's seat is terrible. The "white noise" of the PWS when moving forward I have only ever been able to hear when it's reflected back to me, so I'm always...
  5. DopeGhoti

    How low are you comfortable going on range estimator on a trip?

    It depends on available charger density at the charge location. If the place is lousy with them, planning for 10% SoC works for me; otherwise I try not to get below 20%.
  6. DopeGhoti

    How bad is this tire damage?

    I concur with the consensus- too close to the sidewall to likely be repairable and if it's not deep enough to cause a leak it's certainly deep enough to impair structural integrity and potentially blow out at some point.
  7. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    There's always room for improvement. Looking for these ways is what engineering is (or should be). Upthread you specifically asked (paraphrased) 'why not put a yellow indicator on the MFD?' (though the term you used was "'virtual' mirror"). Given the yellow cast that the repeater cameras...
  8. DopeGhoti

    Double Tap Park Autopark

    Worked this morning on my Three. Put in Park, remove foot from brake, touble-tap Park button.
  9. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    You mean like how when a car is detected and the turning indicator is on, the lane and detected car and lane turn bright red on the MFD and the car chimes like crazy as you approach the lane line? Because that's a thing. Hence my earlier post about the lack of credibility I lend people saying...
  10. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    I do agree that the mirrors are too limited in their range of possible configurations to accommodate people of tall stature. The repeater cameras more than make up for this however, at least for me. There is nothing wrong whatsoever for deciding that a Tesla is not for you given its feature...
  11. DopeGhoti

    Losing power when parked [sentry mode is on]

    I live in Phoenix, and have never been notified by the app that overheat protection has kicked in. Are you certain about this?
  12. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    I will cheerfully concede that there are better-sourced histories than Wikipedia.
  13. DopeGhoti

    No speed control, autopilot, car only sees paint line

    Ideally, but I'd suspect it's a software issue rather than hardware. In my case at least it's impossible to reproduce on demand and very intermittent, which makes it nigh-impossible to troubleshoot.
  14. DopeGhoti

    No speed control, autopilot, car only sees paint line

    I have seen this happen, but generally quite rarely (twice in the two years I have had the car). But a fortnight or so ago it happened every day for three days running; I was about to open a service request when it suddenly self-resolved on the fourth day. Losing all of the automation really...
  15. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    I'm not. Seat belts were first offered as an option by Ford in the mid-1950s. They were exceedingly unpopular. It was several years before another manufacturer (Saab) started including them as standard equipment. The first compulsory seat belt law wasn't in the books until Australia did so...
  16. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot [I want a chime for blind spot warning]

    I find it fascinating that so many people in this thread are equating "the blind spot monitoring is not presented in the way I would like" with "there is no blind spot monitoring". This is a distinction that is important to keep in mind - one loses credibility with one's valid complaints when...
  17. DopeGhoti

    FSD on dealership car question

    Did you get anything in writing declaring FSD to be a feature on the vehicle you were purchasing?
  18. DopeGhoti

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    I believe a poll can only be posted as part of the OP of an entirely new thread, which would probably be perceived as a form of 'forum pollution'.
  19. DopeGhoti

    Lane Keep Assist stopped working

    If the car detects that you are actively steering to cross the line as you describe, the car assumes that you know what you are doing (i. e. avoiding a pothole or road debris or somesuch) and won't trigger LDA. If the drift is too fast laterally the car also seems to presume intent. I can...
  20. DopeGhoti

    Pixel 6 Pro Wireless Charging

    Trip report. Took the Jeda v1 wireless charger inside to test, the Pixel 6 Pro will not charge on it at all. The Taptes v4 charger does work. I'd rather have a Jeda due to it being a domestic company, but I had a less-than-stellar experience with responsiveness to shipping delays last time...
  21. DopeGhoti

    Pixel 6 Pro Wireless Charging

    I have the first-gen Jeda Qi charger and it worked perfectly for my Pixel 3XL; also running it into not charging the 6 Pro. Much as I hate to, I have seen reviews of the 4th gen Taptes stating it works with the 6 Pro, so I'm going to give that a shot.
  22. DopeGhoti

    My first Model 3 tire rotation experience at 28,000 Miles

    If this is not an exaggeration, you either seriously need to get your alignment checked, or you need to perhaps stop treating every intersection with a red light like a drag strip (:
  23. DopeGhoti

    Extension Cord Sidewalk Push Back

    I would imagine the argument could be made that using cable-routing mats as demonstrated upthread is evidence of a good-faith effort to not create a hazard or obstacle.
  24. DopeGhoti

    J1772 Adapter Storage?

    The door pocket bottle holder was the first place I thought to store mine too, but the rattling irked me. If I used it more often than once in a blue moon, I'd probably make a Nerf "sock" for it to drop into, but as it is I'm happy with it quietly sitting in the glove compartment, its rolling...
  25. DopeGhoti

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    Honestly I would have given up the ability to set the wiper speed manually entirely in favor of an actuated rear windscreen wiper blade if I had the option.
  26. DopeGhoti

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    I thought you wanted an auto-wiper sensitivity setting? But either way, I don't work at Tesla, so I'll have to decline. I would if I could, but I can't so I won't.
  27. DopeGhoti

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    You realize that this is not a "zero-sum game", right? It's highly likely that the person tuning the sensitivity of the auto-wipers; the person in charge of determining whether or not that bunch of pixels is an elk and if so whether it's prancing laneward; and the person in charge of...
  28. DopeGhoti

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    For every "they're terrible" post, there's another "they're fine" post. Different persons have different tolerances for how many fluid droplets accumulate on the windscreen before wiping is perceived to be necessary. Some people will let water accumulate to a degree that others consider...
  29. DopeGhoti

    All of a sudden lost my navigation, cruise , FSD , back up camera

    If the computer is in such a bad way that it's not able to communicate with other parts of the car on the same physical network, it makes sense to not entrust a firmware update (which could turn said computer into an expensive paperweight if it goes sideways) to be successfully delivered...
  30. DopeGhoti

    Question re: FSD Beta feature parity with public build

    I'm not sure if many folks here have access to the limited Beta of the upcoming FSD capability update, but I have seen many videos showing it off none of which appear to answer this question: On the current public build, if I am toodling along the surface streets on Autopilot, I can use the...
  31. DopeGhoti

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    Once the taxes are on a level playing field with ICE cars, there is still an incentive. Just not a particularly eye-popping one- the 'blue sky' plate which is a pass into the HOV lane when there is one.
  32. DopeGhoti

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    Honestly that was more of a dig at the perpetually ongoing nature of the project itself than anything resembling a prediction. (:
  33. DopeGhoti

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    Yes, paying more dollars in taxes than before hurts in the wallet, but they're not raising the VLT. They're reducing a reduction of VLT so that we with EV/AFV cars pay the same tax rate as everyone else. Sure it's a distinction without a financial difference, but it's an important semantic...
  34. DopeGhoti

    Teslas are welcome in Arizona

    They're still welcome; the state is just rescinding an incentive to purchase (or more specifically, register) them: they're not going to be more welcome than other cars for the purposes of registration taxes. Fortunately for folks who already have AFVs such as Teslas, those bought before the...
  35. DopeGhoti

    I wish the Model 3 had the new Model S steering wheel

    It's so that they don't have to maintain two separate versions of the UI (one with the swipe-to-drive, and one without) at the same time. It's easier to maintain one UI version that works on all Teslas than to have to keep four (or more) (by my count we'd then have at least: yoke, wheel...
  36. DopeGhoti

    Day 1 impressions

    Yes, you can use the app to 'start' the car to allow it to be driven. However, in order to add a new key (card or phone) you need a keycard.
  37. DopeGhoti

    Can Rangers do two year maintenance checks

    The consensus seems to be that the most arduous task would be maintenance on the brake calipres. I have had the tire rotation done by Tesla for me once before (cheaply and conveniently!) and it was no issue. I'd just ask in the app when making the appointment whether a mobile tech can handle...
  38. DopeGhoti

    Day 1 impressions

    I seem to recall seeing an interview where someone from Tesla said that the Model 3 Frunk was designed to at the very least be able to stow one FAA carry-on bag per then-current FAA regulation. I don't know if the 2019+ frunk got smaller when they took away the take-out-bag hooks, but I don't...
  39. DopeGhoti

    Brake failed and almost crashed

    I can assure you from firsthand experience thanks to a pedestrian with questionable timing and 'look-both-ways' skills that AEB absolutely does engage without AutoPilot (or even TACC) being engaged. (No one was injured, thankfully) They absolutely are. If you are feeling experimental, slip...
  40. DopeGhoti

    I have no keycards and phone disconnected ://

    My phone-key started acting up the other day, and it was resolved by turning Bluetooth off and on in the phone. I would strongly suggest you get in touch with Tesla to get new keycards in case your phone gets lost or broken.
  41. DopeGhoti

    Should I have my 2021 M3 SR+ looked at before 2500 mile road trip?

    It can't hurt (other than your wallet) to give your car a once-over before an extended trip, but this would not be covered under warranty unless something is found - itself thus covered - that needs mending.
  42. DopeGhoti

    PSA: Don't use third-party apps and services, period.

    You could, but you can in ABRP, for instance, say "route me from Los Angeles, CA to Miama, FL. I don't want my SoC to be expected to get below 15%." Usually the Tesla's built in router will try to get just about the very last free electron out of the battery before you coast into the...
  43. DopeGhoti

    Integration with Google Home / Google Assistant - Now available for general use

    Also, in your defense, that's not "how things work". When a breaking API change is put forward, it is (generally) published ahead of time and implemented in parallel with the existing system so that the transition can be seamless to the end-users. Google's beleagured CSRs are uttering nonsense.
  44. DopeGhoti

    Model 3 rolling away on door opening?

    The presumption, faulty as it may be, is that the large nut behind the steering wheel is what should be in control of everything, no matter how much adjustment it may need. If the calibration of that nut is such that it commands the car to drive through a garage door or nearby stand of trees...
  45. DopeGhoti

    Stopping mode and very tight space

    Worse come to worst, dangle a tennis ball from the ceiling.
  46. DopeGhoti

    Stopping mode and very tight space

    While I do not part into a carage, I currently have an outdoor carport, and I'm 'lucky' enough to have a spot with a support pillar on one side. I have no probems whatsoever with the accuracy of the guidance lines on the main rear camera (though I do like having the confirmation of the...
  47. DopeGhoti

    Highway speed limit issue with 40.4 update

    Interestingly, someone vandalized a Speed Limit sign near where I live a couple weeks ago, and so for a short while it was detecting the speed limit on a surface street at 85MPH for a couple weeks when I drove by a specific sign.
  48. DopeGhoti

    MASTER THREAD: Auto Wiper functionality, complaints, praise, etc.

    It pumps fluid for as long as you hold the button down to the second detent. If you're just "tapping" the button you get a wee squirt. Hold that sucker down and you'll be complaining about bug juice streaming onto the driver's side window.
  49. DopeGhoti

    Blind Spot Monitoring

    Turn on signal. Mirror check. Screen check. Head check. Execute lane change. Turn off signal. Your mirrors should be configured to minimize the blind spot rather than to replicate the center rear-view mirror. Checking the screen while the blinker is on will show a red lane line or red car...
  50. DopeGhoti

    Cannot login to YouTube using Tesla Browser

    New thread, so new PSA: Be aware that being logged into YouTube means you're logged into all of Google. This means that anyone who sits in your car if you've logged in has access to your Gmail account, and therefore anything that is associated with it.

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