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    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I didn’t realize it was discontinued. I guess we’ll stick with the UMC charger and 14-50 adapter.
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    Tesla Wall connector with 14-50 NEMA plug

    Does anyone know what happened to the Tesla Wall Connector that came with a 14-50 NEMA plug rather than the hardwire version? It was a good solution for someone who already has a 220V 14-50 outlet in their garage. I have a friend moving in to a brand new home that has the 14-50 outlet in place...
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    Solar panels and clay tile roofs

    Tesla determined I did not have enough sun to make the project viable so they canceled the order.
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    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    I ended up ordering 4 Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 tires today from Discount Tire (America’s Tire). I was hoping they would match the Costco discount when the rep I spoke to let me know that American Tire Depot was offering a buy 3 get one free sale and they could match that price, which...
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    I have not purchased them yet. I have a friend who just put these tires on his Model 3 and he said the range loss is between 5-10%. Noise might be a tad higher but nothing really all that noticeable.
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    Correct. It was a good price, but only about $100 less than Costco.
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    They did. But it was “Discount Tire and Service Center”, unrelated to Discount Tire/America’s Tire.
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    I just have the 18” wheels. I’m guessing you have the larger performance wheels?
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    About to order my first Model 3! Which one though?

    You will be fine with either SR+ or LR AWD. But if it were me I would go with the LR. Cold weather is not ideal for EVs. And batteries degrade over time, so the range you start with is not the range you will have after a few years of driving. I don’t like having range anxiety. The price...
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    I took the car in to America’s Tire today and they found a nail in the tire, patched it up and reinflated it. And they did it all for free. I only recently learned that if you want to go to Discount Tire in Southern California they call themselves America’s Tire. The first shop I went to was...
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    I agree. I’m going to America’s Tire tomorrow.
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    Slow tire leak on Model 3

    My right rear tire has developed a slow leak. I seem to be losing around 2-3 psi per day, so every other day or so I have to inflate it back to 45. I took it in to Discount Tire last week. They removed the tire from the vehicle, inspected it visually and found nothing. They sprayed the...
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    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    I’ve had the 4S tires previously on my Lexus so I’m familiar with them. And yes, in So Cal they work fine as year round tires. I might move ahead with them. I’m just wondering if the fact that all of the Tesla specific Michelins tires are out of stock might indicate they are getting ready to...
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    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    The Pilot Sport 4 might be a good option but those are out of stock too. Basically anything that is specifically for the Tesla is out of stock. I just started tracking availability so I don’t have any idea how long this has been an issue for. Costco has a sale on the Michelin line of tires...
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    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    What is the difference in noise level between the MXM4 and the Sport 4s?
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    Michelin MXM4 tires out of stock everywhere

    It’s time for me to replace my 18” tires on the Model 3. I’ve checked all the major tires shops - Tire Rack, America’s Tires, Discount Tires, Costco…all out of stock on the OEM Primacy MXM4. Has anyone else been shopping for these recently and had any success in finding them? Also, I was...
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    M3 recalls?

    I ran both my Model 3’s (2018 and 2019) through this and it said there were no recalls. This seems inconsistent with the statement that “all Model 3’s made between 2017 and 2020“ are affected. Hopefully Tesla will clarify what’s going on here.
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    New 12V Battery

    I‘m curious to know if these batteries can be used in existing Model 3/Y vehicles.
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    Scheduled charging in car does not match app

    My app remains at 12:00am regardless of what I set it to, although it does change to the desired time in the car itself. I’m on 36.5.1. I thought I must be doing something wrong but it sounds like I’m not the only one. Both my Ipad and Iphone are running the latest version of the app and are...
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    Another Price Increase [Oct 2021 & Nov 2021]

    It may be because they don’t really want to sell the SR+ any more. The lead time to get one is June when the AWD and Performance models are still available by end of year. And now the price gap between SR+ and AWD is only $6,000. Between the 8 month lead time and $6K price difference it...
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    just got this alert, not sure what it means

    The error came back for me too. A car reboot solved it for now but it sounds like we have to live with it until we get a firmware update to fix it.
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    just got this alert, not sure what it means

    I was able to make the error go away by rebooting the car.
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    just got this alert, not sure what it means

    I'm having the same problem. "USB drive has no filesystem. Drive will not mount and should be unplugged". I've tried multiple readers and multiple Tesla approved SD cards. Oddly, if I plug in a 32GB Sandisk SD card, I don't get this error, although I do get a warning that the drive is too...
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    UGH - The smell of it. [AC Smell]

    I have the sweaty sneaker smell in my car now that it’s summer and I’m using the A/C a lot but I find that after about five minutes of driving it goes away. So I have just learned to live with it. I did change the cabin filter last year and it fixed the problem for a while but I’m not inclined...
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    I would be reluctant to move forward with a vehicle until more information is made available. I feel like this is Tesla spinning their story to make it sound like a feature when in reality they don’t have the parts they need to deliver cars and they don’t want to have a bad quarter. It may all...
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    No more radar in Model Y/3

    It will be interesting to see how many people cancel or delay their deliveries once they find out that new cars no longer have radar.
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    Containment Hold

    Here’s an article on the latest containment hold: https://electrek.co/2021/05/18/tesla-stuck-with-over-10000-cars-factory-hold-resulting-logistical-nightmare/
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    Make the audio volume not decrease when the door opens.

    I don’t believe there is any setting to do what you are asking about.
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    Soft reboot = Factory reset, what?

    I’ve never heard of having to exit the car before you can get the computer to reboot. I don’t think that has anything to do with your firmware version. I would make a service appointment so they can look at the log files. This does not sound normal to me.
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    We took delivery of our white/black/18 SR+ last night. We spent about 45 minutes looking over the car before accepting it. The car was in nearly perfect condition. We found one microscopic chip on the lower bumper and a little bit of missing paint on one of the door hinges (on the interior)...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    Thanks. I wonder how they will handle charging the car before delivery since they obviously won’t have any wall connectors in the parking lot. We requested they change the location to the Costa Mesa delivery center but I’m anticipating they will say no. Every delivery I’ve done so far has...
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    SR/SR+ (Model 3 RWD) Waiting Room

    I’m scheduled to help a friend pick up their SR+ in Orange County tomorrow. They are directing us to pick it up at 1905 Main Street in Irvine. Has anyone else gone there to pick up their car? Is it just a parking lot that Tesla is renting out? I’ve only picked up my cars at the Costa Mesa...
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    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    Wow, that's crazy. Who carries only $25K of liability insurance. That should be illegal.
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    Just got notified my Blue M3 LR RWD is totaled

    I’m assuming this was entirely the other driver’s fault, in which case you should be able to go after their insurance company for the full value of the car and FSD. It should not matter whether your insurance company would cover it since it was the other driver’s fault. Hopefully your...
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    FSD and capabilities of a

    I also live in California (Southern) and for all of the reasons you cited I rarely find myself even using basic autopilot. I don’t want to drive over potholes or other random items on the road. We have poorly marked lane dividers and other odd configurations that constantly confuse my car and...
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    Is it totaled?

    Tesla will not build a LR RWD car, not even off menu.
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    Paying for your car........

    They can’t confirm immediate receipt of funds with online bill pay. Use their ACH system. It’s the same as online bill pay except it pulls the money from your bank account using their website so they receive immediate confirmation.
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    Ordered my first Tesla

    You will receive a text when your car Is ready to be delivered. You generally don’t receive phone calls from Tesla.
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    Can I get my Deposit back?

    How would one go about ”proving” financial hardship?
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    Having trouble getting anyone to follow up with me...

    Yes, it’s normal for reps to not follow up on their voicemails and emails. It’s a rare exception when they do. And it’s end of quarter, so they are likely slammed with deliveries and are focused on delivering as many cars as possible to people who have already placed orders. You will likely...
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    Ready to Purchase - Almost

    All Model 3’s are built in batches based on forecasts for demand of different trim and options. Once they are built they are assigned to existing orders that match the spec. In many cases you will see a car “in inventory” that really has not been built yet. A VIN has been assigned and it has...
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    Charging my model 3 in Hawaii with an hoa

    Is there any chance you could install the outlet inside your home and then just run the cord out when you need to charge. If you install it inside the home you should not need any HOA approval.
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    Amazon delivery van backed into my parked car, advice appreciated

    What caused the Amazon driver to get belligerent? If they backed up into a parked car they have nobody to blame but themself. Did you get into an altercation with the driver after the accident? The guy sounds like he could be a bit dangerous.
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    Costco Michelin Wiper Blades

    https://www.costco.com/michelin-guardian-hybrid-wiper-blade.product.100454345.html I went with one 18” and one 28”.
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    Costco Michelin Wiper Blades

    I picked up the Michelin wiper blades at Costco today. They work fine on the Model 3. They sell for $5.99 each while the Tesla OEM blade is $25. As far as I can tell they work just as well although I haven’t gone driving in the rain yet. A couple of things to note if you decide to buy these...
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    Can I get my Deposit back?

    You can ask Tesla for a refund but it’s up to them whether they give it to you. The deposit is clearly spelled out as non-refundable when you placed the order.
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    Best way to keep heat from coming through the sunroof?

    I have the Tesla sun shade and while it makes a big difference, it still allows some sun in. When the sun is really bright I still find it bothersome even with the sun shade installed. So I would either look to add some tinting or look for a sunshade that completely blocks the sun out.
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    Picking up Model 3 Today - What is worthy of a reject?

    No. You just need to wait until another VIN with the same configuration becomes available. If there is another car in inventory that has not been assigned, they can make the change right away. However, if there is no other car available, then it’s possible that you may have to wait until they...
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    Picking up Model 3 Today - What is worthy of a reject?

    My advice is to avoid situations where you are accepting a car that needs to be “fixed”. Either it’s in acceptable condition or it’s not. If it’s not, don’t accept the car and then waste your time hoping that Tesla will get around to fixing it. They may or may not, and you will likely waste a...

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