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    Binghamton, NY Supercharger

    Stopped here on Jan 2, 2020 and 3 out of 8 charging stations are out of service. this place needs repair ASAP!
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    Model X Rear-ended but trailer hitch saves the day

    in certain states it is illegal to drive with the hitch, unless you are actually towing something. I read that in some states you might actually be on the hook for damages on the other car (even if they hit you). However, I feel very strongly against this last part. If someone gets so close to...
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    Help - Questions on how to proceed after accident

    Thank you for the feedback. I will get an estimate on Monday and I will update the post. Alessandro
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    Help - Questions on how to proceed after accident

    Hi, last night I was coming back home from the gym and while pulling in my driveway I lost control of the car (driveway is packed with snow/ice) and I hit the fence. It was a low speed impact but the damage seems to be pretty involving. The car is a 2015 Model S 70D with 99'000 miles (Pano...
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    Can charge but cannot supercharge

    It happened to me too. The in car charger has two separate wiring one for ac charging and one for dc charging. It was approx $3000 to replace the charger.
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    Dropping $973.36 for a new charge port tomorrow.

    But I still love the car. They have goodwilled several “big” repairs even if my warranty expired 45k miles ago. I can not complain. I might get a new model in a couple of years.
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    Dropping $973.36 for a new charge port tomorrow.

    The “Teslas have less moving parts will need less maintenance” “ICE have hundreds of moving parts! So many failure points!” was a well designed marketing prompt. Although it does not hold true in reality. My Model S has needed way more repairs and service center visits than any other car I...
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    WTB Passenger Side View Mirror Glass

    Hi, I'm looking for a Passenger Sideview Mirror Glass. I need the glass only (mirror unit is fine) but if not available I would be willing to buy the entire unit in Basic White Color.
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    Parting out 2014 Tesla Model S 85kw. No Auto pilot.

    Let me know if the deal does not go through. Thanks
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    Parting out 2014 Tesla Model S 85kw. No Auto pilot.

    Hi. I'm interested in the glass for passenger side view mirror. Thanks
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    Parting out a 70 D 2015

    Thanks anyway
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    Parting out a 70 D 2015

    Hi. I'm interested in the glass for passenger side view mirror. Thanks
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    Tesla Wall Connector Charger HPWC Gen 1

    I'll keep it then. Moderator you can delete/close the post as needed. Thanks
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    Tesla Wall Connector Charger HPWC Gen 1

    Hi Moving to new house. Today I'm taking down the Tesla HPWC and I'm thinking that at the new place I will just setup a NEMA 14-50. My car has a single charger so I'm not really using all of its potential. But I like the convenience of the HPWC versus having to plug and unplug the mobile...
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    Come on everybody! How come you don't know what the green snake is for... it's to keep the cold wind drafts out!
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    Sunday Update
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    Are current new ICE car buyers in for a huge depreciation surprise?

    Used iPhones have a huge market and are sold for a high price compared to others (LG, Samsung, etc)
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    My CPO experience is already awful.

    How about getting an Audi instead?
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    Tesla Supercharger Iphone Android Smartphone Dock Charger

    I ended up putting it on eBay if interested you can post your bid there. Thanks!
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    Tesla Supercharger Iphone Android Smartphone Dock Charger

    I uploaded the pictures as "private" but I now changed them to "public" do they show?
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    Tesla Supercharger Iphone Android Smartphone Dock Charger

    Hi, I've a Tesla Superchager phone charger left over from a series of gifts I purchased from my clients. I already have one for myself and this is extra. If needed I can include the micro-USB wire. $45 (Paypal donation) free shipping. Reasonable offers considered. PM for info. Thanks...
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    AutoX Professor X Business Insider

    Has anyone read the article on Business Insider about AutoX. An AI self driving company that just came out of stealth-mode. Their self driving technology seems pretty interesting and is based only on cameras. Here is a link to the business insider article.
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    Rochester, NY - today?

    I went to the Brighton Public Library. They had power. Two charging station up to 8kW
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    Vendor New Cubby Drawer

    Hi. I would like one of these. How do I order?
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    Fiat 500e EV

    Does anybody has experience with a FIAT 500e in winter weather? in particular range loss I am considering buying a used one off ebay and get it shipped to upstate NY
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    New York just announced tax credit for EV !

    There is also an article on Electrek.co but it does not seem to add much to what we already know.
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    Thanks for the link. I joined!
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    Good news. But Corning NY would be an even better news
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    New York just announced tax credit for EV !

    The program is being preparred by NYSERDA and should be available by April 2017.
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    Dark morning in America - talk of Model S seems - frivolous

    This sounds like BS to me. If it was true it would be horrible and violation of human rights... Do you have proof supporting your claim?
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    Tesla Needs a Service Center in Syracuse, NY

    I'm in. We do need a service center in upstate NY.
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    OEM Looking Dashcam

    that's interesting. Did anybody pull the trigger on this? the title says tesla but the photo shows pretty much a different item
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    awesome Documentary on YouTube.com

    Very inspirational. Thanks for posting.
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    OEM Looking Dashcam

    do you know how to set it up so it's always on?
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    That must be with dual charger. Single charger goes up to 40amp 230v. I think "newer" car have a 48amp charger but i'm not 100% sure
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    New York just announced tax credit for EV !

    is that correct? You can use a federal tax credit ($7500) every 30 months? I don't seem to find that info on the IRS website...
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    New York just announced tax credit for EV !

    Still no update on this...? any news on when it's going to be in effect?
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    Best Trip Logger?

    Try Everlance
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    Conservatives should be big fans of Tesla

    It makes perfect sense, unfortunately several voters decide based on "emotional" or "economical" (read money in their pockets) reasons.
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    Supercharger - Victor, NY

    You should be able to make it with a 90D in the summer. in the winter I don't think so... I could not make it with my 70D, I had to go to Binghamton
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    The "Is Tesla Going Bankrupt?" thread

    It's funny because less then 2 minutes before reading this thread I saw a Fisker Karma driving just in front of me. Beautiful blue color like the one in this picture. The driver did not look worried at all.
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    I-86 Needed Supercharger Erie,PA -Binghamton, NY

    Painted Post seems to be a very look location
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    I-86 Needed Supercharger Erie,PA -Binghamton, NY

    for example bath ny? 180 miles from harrisburgh,pa that would work
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    I-86 Needed Supercharger Erie,PA -Binghamton, NY

    We definitely need a supercharger on the I-86 corridor between Erie,PA and Binghamton,NY. Near Corning, NY seems to be the best spot. Who is in favor?
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    Hidden costs behind the Model S ?

    change 12v battery every 12 months? who said that... change tires every 10k Km (?) (6k miles ?) who said that... In my experience (14 months of ownership and 40k miles (65k km) this is a relatively maintenance free car. If any you might have reduced cost of ownership compared to a gas/diesel...

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