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    Dash cam unavailable. Won't save video.

    Since the last update, I believe, the dashcam sometimes will not be available. I've found. and others here, that doing a two thumb wheel restart gets it going again. Over the past few weeks, mine has not been available a few times, but the reset has got it going again. Hopefully, the next...
  2. 5150

    Charging port door doesn't auto open

    Not sure if this will help, but just hitting the button doesn't work for me. I need to hold the button for a second or two, to wake the car up and then it opens.
  3. 5150

    Sentry USB Disconnected

    Mine disconnected once yesterday, for the first time in I don't know how long. I unplugged and back in but that didn't do anything for me. I then did a two wheel reset and it was back on track.
  4. 5150

    Traffic info disappeared from navigation

    I do not have premium connectivity, but was unaware of this. Nice!
  5. 5150

    Every time I get into my new M3 music doesn’t autoplay and it tells me to “Choose Media Source”

    Had this problem for a while with no solution, until this. Works like a charm. Crazy. Thanks!
  6. 5150

    Bug? USB player goes silent in the middle of the track

    Mine has always done something similar to this. It goes silent in the middle of whatever, making me press a button or something, and it starts again but on the next song (I don't recall what I press, just wanting it to get going again). I'm guessing it still thinks its playing and I don't do...
  7. 5150

    How long should I expect to wait for a base Model 3?

    Take a look at this thread to get an idea: Wiki - Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet and then the spreadsheet to see too: Teslike Model 3 Survey & Order Tracker #1
  8. 5150

    Complaint about shipping time from RPM Tesla

    They're legit, and still there as of last week anyway. They are a small shop though, and having visited their office they seem a bit unorganized. We did have our center console charger go a bit wacky on us a couple weeks ago (difficulties charging two phones at once), and called them up and they...
  9. 5150

    256 GB USB - Any Luck?

    I did my 256GB a while ago and don't recall the exact specifics. You need to format using exFat, on your PC. And then create the Teslacam folder and another for music.
  10. 5150

    Premium Connectivity Message When Starting Car

    I'm in the same boat with you. USB music, doesn't seem to automatically start once car has slept (it will if it hasn't slept), and now I too get that Premium Connectivity message with the latest update, and I too don't want connectivity or the message. Would be nice if I only would have to...
  11. 5150

    Heated Wipers (I Think)

    I was wondering what this was about. Heated wipers? what? Then saw this explanation: https://driveteslacanada.ca/model-3/how-to-tell-if-you-have-heated-wipers-on-your-tesla-model-3-y-if-you-dont-have-2022-4-5-yet/
  12. 5150

    Self adhesive number plates.

    Not sure if you're talking about the license plate wraps. I bought mine from https://licenseplatewrap.com/ . Very easy to install this. They have a video tutorial on their home page that shows how to apply.
  13. 5150

    Model 3 Performance Accident

    Your videos show as private for me. Can you change access?
  14. 5150

    folding mirrors

    This is how mine react, pre and post update, as I have my home location saved to fold mirrors. And, I want/need them too as I reverse out of my garage. You may need to unsave/delete your location if you do not want them folding.
  15. 5150

    Radio silences when I open the door

    For me, the sound drops by 50% or so. I like it most of the times doing this, but would prefer it to be adjustable/toggled should I want it to be louder.
  16. 5150

    Poll on V11 interface

    Exactly. My son had his heat seat on when we went for a drive and didn't turn it off. Then, my wife and I go for a drive and she's wondering why her seat is cooking her. Yep, my son left the heat on, and had to go in to see that.
  17. 5150

    Mirrors Unfolded = Car Not Locked?

    I have mine set to fold, but you don't need to (or I think so):
  18. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    And, possibly an important item I forgot to mention. When getting into the car for my drive yesterday, the car was completely dead. I've not had this happen before, and wasn't quite sure what to do, although I frequently read the forums and should know. No screen, nothing happened when...
  19. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    For today's drive the seat heat decided to act as is was supposed to, and NOT heat. I tried all sorts of things yesterday without any luck, and today I went back to my normal manual settings, and the seats didn't heat, as normally expected. Not interested in auto heating seats, so them not...
  20. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    Agree as that is what I've read too. Unfortunately, mine decided to heat, but the lighting didn't come on.
  21. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    Thank you all for the suggestions! But, no luck. For whatever reason, it seems to be on low heat (with no indication). It takes about 5 minutes or so to get extra warm. Like on level 1? I've tried main or AC auto on/off(whatever it is called), manually going through the bacon strips, phone app...
  22. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    Strange. If I enable the master auto, then I can turn auto seat heat on or off, but if I turn the overall auto off then seat auto greyed out but heats. No red bacon lights either, unless I manually turn on. I'll give the reboot a try prior to heading back home.
  23. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    Unfortunately, the auto is grayed out. Which would make me think it shouldn't be on... but is heating. (and, not using auto overall either)
  24. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    I'll give that a try on my way back but it was showing off, but was heating still. Never had this issue prior to version 11.
  25. 5150

    Version 11, how to turn off auto seat heaters?

    Updated to version 11, and took a drive to relatives for the evening. The auto heat seats are cooking us. I believe they are automatic depending on temperature setting now? Is there some way to disable the seat heaters, unless I want them on? The 1,2,3 red bacon isn't on etc. Would love to...
  26. 5150

    USB music - shuffle vs. playing folder contents in oder

    I'm guessing the default is not to shuffle. When selecting music to play, if you select a folder/album it will play just that folder/album. You can select to shuffle or not. If you select from a list of all songs it will play through those, again select to shuffle if desired. It retains what...
  27. 5150

    SSD Music Not Automatically Continuing

    Ah! Thanks both for your replies. It is good, sort of I guess, that this isn't only happening to me and it is more wide spread. I guess I just deal with it until it gets fixed sometime. Just seems like an odd bug. Thanks again!
  28. 5150

    SSD Music Not Automatically Continuing

    I have an SSD with a few hundred songs. I have it set to random play. What is strange is that if I take a drive from my house the music doesn't start automatically. I need to go in and select the USB again and a song. Then it goes along happily. If I do nothing, no music plays. BUT, if I stop...
  29. 5150

    Front license plate holder

    I received a fix it ticket years ago for no front plate, and from then on my wife wants us to have a front plate. Since I wasn't thrilled with the Tesla approach we with with https://licenseplatewrap.com/ We both like it and very easy to apply.
  30. 5150

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Just checked mine, via app. 2020 SR+, 12k miles. Shows 194 miles at 90%. No idea if normal/low/high, but thought I would share.
  31. 5150

    Disconnecting Charging Cable Delay

    Happy to report that holding the button down worked nicely. It took under two seconds to disengage. And, no more opening the rear passenger door to wake up the car to disengage, which was hokey.
  32. 5150

    Disconnecting Charging Cable Delay

    I'll give that a whirl. Thanks! Will be a few days until I try.
  33. 5150

    Disconnecting Charging Cable Delay

    After charging overnight, I want to disconnect the charging cable the next day. I push the button on the connector, and then have to wait for, what seems like forever, about 15 or so seconds for the car to disengage and let me remove the connector. Recently, I've found that if I quickly...
  34. 5150

    4.2.2-737 [problems logging into app on android]

    Not sure what may be going on, but I'm also on 4.2.2-737 and no issues. I think I upgraded last week or so to this. On a Samsung S20 FE
  35. 5150

    How to contact Tesla Online store?

    If you're unable to get any responses, especially after 3 weeks, then doing a credit card dispute may get their attention.
  36. 5150

    carbon fiber panels for front dash and doors

    I've bought other things from here: Model 3 Interior Parts
  37. 5150

    Calendar not updating

    Not sure if this would do the trick or not, but I would delete/disconnect my phone from the Tesla and then re-connect.
  38. 5150


    Purchase price, $39.9k. Government wants their cut first!
  39. 5150

    Tesla navigation history

    I thought the navigation history wasn't where the car actually went, but there from searching for a place, or sending a location from your phone. Could you or someone have searched?
  40. 5150

    PG&E bill significantly higher, is it my Model 3?

    You moving from colder SF (where it is always winter) to Los Gatos, and a 3 story house, and PG&E not seeing anything (like the spike times while charging) would really point to the big(ger) house, warmer Los Gatos (and hotter than normal), with much more A/C use. Three floors is killer for A/C...
  41. 5150

    Question about driver profiles and recordings

    No, everything under TelsaCam folder only.
  42. 5150

    Vehicle visualizations not showing up on screen

    Mine did that once about a year ago, I did a reboot and it all started showing again. May want to try a reboot?
  43. 5150

    Highway Driving - FSD vs Autopilot [operation question - resolved]

    I find that if I use the blinker and turn the wheel enough to make the lane change the disengagement is less jerky than if I do not use the blinker.
  44. 5150

    Charge *except* during a certain range of time?

    If you don't care when it charges, besides those times, and you leave it plugged in why not just set it to charge after 9:00pm. This is what I do, as I am on TOU2. I plug it in whenever, and it won't charge until the night.
  45. 5150

    What is the thin line above the speed on the Model 3 display

    Ha! Well, I've been driving much more than 30 years and I'm in the same category of not knowing either. If I get back into an ICE car I need to check that out.
  46. 5150

    Frozen Touch Screen

    First time I had to reboot today. I think it was because I read this thread! The screen was displaying okay, but I was unable to selecting anything (music, A/C, etc.). Touching any of the icons would do nothing. So, pulled over and rebooted. Then all was okay again. ( I have rebooted...
  47. 5150

    Brake Hold - How does it work if hit from behind?

    I've wondered the same thing. I've been assuming or hoping, it would remain in hold/brake on if hit. Maybe someone in the know will chime in!
  48. 5150

    Display stuck at 74mph, while car drove just fine

    Reboot and reset instructions for your Tesla - Tesla Info Option 1 should do it for you, otherwise 3.
  49. 5150

    Car won’t wake up from app. Have to open door

    Here are some instructions (since you did option 1, try option 3): Reboot and reset instructions for your Tesla - Tesla Info
  50. 5150

    Car won’t wake up from app. Have to open door

    Not sure, but I would first try a scroll wheel reboot, and if that doesn't do it a full reboot. And, maybe reboot phone too.

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