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  1. lottadot

    FSD slow to slow

    I've experienced it. Sometimes it's good in that it's not a problem to slow down gracefully - especially if someone is riding the car's a__ too closely, I'd rather not be driven into. Sometimes the beta picks a good speed limit to change to. Sometimes, not so much. It's beta, you have to watch...
  2. lottadot

    Friend ready to give up on FSD Beta Safety Score

    Given how you stated that, my assumption is your friend is the type of person they would not want in the beta program. They open the beta, when they open the beta. It happens occasionally. One has to be patient. Otherwise, why bother trying to be a beta tester? The point is you'll drive it for...
  3. lottadot

    Any FSD beta NEW installs in the last four weeks?

    It was first pushed/enabled for me December 30th.
  4. lottadot

    44.30.5 Standard Morning Run Experience

    I took 44.30.5 out for my normal test drive yesterday once it installed. It had some: * improved behaviors: * got a tight round-about-correct this time. * our side streets are tight. sometimes big vehicles (pickup trucks) will park across from each other and too far from the curb. Sometimes...
  5. lottadot

    Will the cybertruck be able to haul motorcycles in the bed.

    Could something like a tailgate support bar work? This is what I use with my F150
  6. lottadot

    Talk me down...

    I've not seen many Super charger's that even had space for a pull-through for a non-hitched CT. Those that are in Olive Garden (as an example) parking lots and the such, could never support it. I am more hopeful that Tesla will partner with more truck stops across the country. Those stops...
  7. lottadot

    Nice to have...wish list...Tesla design please read thx

    Interior storage. Everywhere it can be created. Give me more than an F150. More LED’s in the ceiling for lighting than you’d think you’d need. My F-150’s cabin on a moon-less night is _dark_ even with the interior light on. Put more around the inside so we can find things when we’re trying to...
  8. lottadot

    Blog Musk Says Cybertruck Updates Coming Soon

    I'm eager to see if they've figured out the camera-mirror-system and towing.
  9. lottadot

    V11 is going to be HUGE!

    I don't see this ever happening. Apple & Google did it & it took a lot of work to "make it secure". They didn't have to worry about the security of a heavy vehicle moving and security. That said, if they release an SDK I'll grab it off Github.
  10. lottadot

    Supercharging COVID-19 Restroom Availability

    We encountered this problem going from Dallas to Little Rock. I wasn't surprised with the local business's being shutdown/no-in-{bar/restaurant}-traffic (just curb pickup) but the public restrooms in Sulphur Springs were shut down too. :( Up until Covid shutting things down, this was never an...
  11. lottadot

    Supercharger - Lowell, AR

    Anyone by chance have any information about the "Target opening in 2020" Arkadelphia super charger? Find Us | Tesla
  12. lottadot

    Corrective Steering Applied For Your Safety!!!!

    I have been seeing this very often since the recent firmware update, on the same stretch of pavement. Every time I drive it, it does this. The pavement is crap, it's very uneven. The surface is concrete but they've added multiple "fixes" of asphalt... all they do is make sure your tires don't...
  13. lottadot

    30% tint all around, too light, too dark, or just enough for the back?

    I went with clear U/V on the front, 30% the rest. Which I'd gone darker to 25% or even 20%. RedRocket-30-tint by lottadot posted Feb 29, 2020 at 10:49 AM
  14. lottadot

    Performance vs. Performance Upgrade - Confused

    I think this is Tesla's way of expiring the Stealth build. My assumption is the profit margin on the full Performance model was significantly above the rest. And they're figuring most people will just purchase the full Performance now.
  15. lottadot

    I'm fairly certain I don't have lowered front suspension on my P3D

    Can you do the photo on a flat concrete slab? Seems like that could simply be the difference from a non-level-gravel lot.
  16. lottadot

    Would you buy a "higher end" Model 3?

    i don’t think I would. I would *like* it to have a quieter ride, but I would not want to suffer less range from add’l weight. I do miss the heated steaming wheel. Carpet’s... fine, it’s just carpet. The wood, meh. I’ve seen worse. I might be inclined to upgrade if they released one with a far...
  17. lottadot

    Delivered With a Dozen Paint Defects...Am I Being Unreasonable?

    I picked up a red recently. Didn’t really see anything, but it was a downpour. Once I got it home I still didn’t see anything. I am going to take another look tomorrow because of your post. all that said, you pay an add’l $1k for red, I expect it to be flawless. Yours is definitely not that...
  18. lottadot

    Dash Cam -BlackVue DR900S-2CH [email protected]

    I'm in Texas, have a Blackvue DR900S in my Focus RS since ~07/2018. I've never had a problem with it. Works like a champ.
  19. lottadot

    "Thunk" sound while supercharging while cold and changing altitude

    My made-in-November 2020 was thunking when supercharging in the cold this past weekend.
  20. lottadot

    Help me track down a stealth

    I highly recommend holding out for it. I just picked up my red stealth! The red's a beautiful color. Just wish it wasn't extra $, but that's what my wife chose so... :)
  21. lottadot

    Help me track down a stealth

    My co-worker was contacted yesterday, DFW area is getting some Stealths supposedly w/ in the next week or two. SA was offering to switch orders to any one of a number of them. $.02.
  22. lottadot

    Dedham, MA Tesla woes... "Hugh"

    Last week I was in a similar situation as OP. Was told last week they were switching to a new backend system. Then Friday it went down. Currently waiting for an updated MVPA so I can provide it to the bank so I can pick the car up. Currently if I try to view the MVPA the requests timeout, or a...
  23. lottadot

    Flat Tire & Roadside Experience and Tesla Service.

    While I don't have a M3 yet (soon... maybe this week) I picked up one of these for my Focus RS Oasser Air Compressor Portable Mini Air Inflator Hand Held Tire Pump 2000mAh with Digital LCD LED Light 12V AC DC Lithium Battery 120PSI 20Litres/Min for Car Bicycle Tires and Other...
  24. lottadot

    Cut throat safety belt

    For those of you having this problem, did any of the seat-belt-adapters (etc) solve the situation for you? We were well on our way to ordering this weekend, until my wife's driving session. The belt cuts right across her neck. I spent an inordinate amount of time adjusting the seat...

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