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    I hate to admit this .. but ..

    the only way I see the Model 3 being nicer is if you can't afford a Model S.
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    Got my Red protected with Opti-Coat....

    In the San Francisco By Area to Xpel ultimate paint protection film covering the full front end with edges wrapped, hood, bumper, nose cone, fenders, lights, mirrors, bottom of doors, area behind rear door, and complete rear bumper is $2400.
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    Which Portable Compressor to Buy?

    I know their are owners out there with compressors.....a little feedback would be appreciated!
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    Black Onyx Wheels

    I had my silver rims powder coated on my Model S and they turned out perfect. They have been on just over one year and look as good as day one. The total cost including R&R of the tires was $1000. Hope this helps, good luck...
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    Ludicrous update part update?

    Looks like it's the fuse & fuse bolts. I had the Ludicrous upgrade performed in Dec 2015. I recently had my Annual check-up and here is a copy of part of my recent Invoice. looks like mine was OK, but they had to pull the battery to check. Concern: Update Ludicrous Speed Retrofit Components...
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    Which Portable Compressor to Buy?

    I decided to purchase a portable air compressor for my Model S in the chance I get a flat on the road. I already have the Safety Seal Auto/Light Truck kit. I looked at many compressors and believe I’ve narrowed it down to the VIAIR models 70P, 77P or 85P but open to other suggestions. All...
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    Suggested Tire Repair Policy for Tesla

    I would plug the tire in a heart beat and just keep an eye on it
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    P85D Ludicrous Problems?

    My P85D was delivered February 2015. Had the Ludicrous Mode done end of December. The upgrade is amazing, would do it again in a heart beat. The only thing I noticed was my 100% charge before the upgrade was 256 miles (and before 7.1) and now it's 249 miles. I don't know if 7.1 has anything...
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    Just put 300 freeway miles on 7.1 autopilot

    Sounds like an easy trip. 1) What route did you take? 2) What speed did you have TACC set at? 3) How often did AP Nag? 4) Any AP incidents?
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    Performance of P85D with Ludicrous upgrade review

    Question for those P85D owners that upgraded to the Ludicrous mode. Prior to the upgrade my 100% charge was 256 miles. After the Ludicrous upgrade, my 100% charge is 249 miles. Has anyone else seen a decrease in their 100% charge.
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    XPEL Ultimate, OptiCoat Pro, cQuartz, Oh My!

    on my Model S I went with front and rear XPEL and CQuartz Finest. Like CHG-ON said, the car is as smooth as glass and a breeze to wash. CQuartz Finest also brings out a superior shine and water beads off nicely. I will, without a doubt, do XPEL and CQuartz Finest on my next new vehicle...
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    LTE wait list duration?

    for my P85D delivered 2/15 the LTE upgrade cost me $456.34
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    LTE wait list duration?

    I waited one week for my appointment, I had the LTE upgrade done at the Fremont SC
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    Anyone apply Opticoat Plus or protective films on the X yet?

    I also had my Model S paint corrected, Xpel full front and CQuartz Finest. It's amazing how it brought out the shine.
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    Paintless Dent Removal -- Any Recommendations in NJ?

    sorry to hear, can you post a picture. like to see a before and after.
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    LTE Upgrade, Did YOU Do It?

    I did it and would do it again in a heart beat. sooner or later your going to do it so why not now and enjoy
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    To P or NOT to P...

    It's not only 0-60 but acceleration from 20, 40, 60 and 80 up... Look at the Thread "Performance of P85D with Ludicrous upgrade review" In part it states: "The P85D with ludicrous upgrade is significantly faster than without. There is 19% more power above 30 mph, 0-60 time drops from 3.2 to...
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    Autopilot: Do you LOVE it?

    yes, I love it...I use it ALL the time almost flawlessly
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    Hello from Santa Clara, CA

    welcome from San Jose...
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    To P or NOT to P...

    funny how you can have two opposite opinions from two different P85D owners. I don't do launches but I love the power at my fingertips. My car stays in Insane mode all the time. I'm also upgrading to the Ludicrous next week and can't wait. If I was to buy now I'd go with the P90D.
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    Claying before waxing?

    all great advice, I also use Griots clay and speed shine for lubricate....can't go wrong and you will achieve a real smooth finish
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    Ludicrous mode: is it worth it?

    thank you, now it makes sense to me...
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    Ludicrous mode: is it worth it?

    just wondering, if 1) you seldom drive freeways and the speed limits are mostly 50 MPH and lower in the Napa Valley 2) you've probably needed that (0-60 in about 6 seconds) acceleration 20 times in 20 years...why in the world would you have spent the extra money for Insane mode in the first...
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    Any hints on 7.1 interface changes?

    take a look at this: Tesla starts testing software v7.1 with an updated UI, a new self-parking feature, and Autopilot restrictions | Electrek
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    PG&E TOU Customers: Charge nightly to reduce cost?

    has anyone followed PG&E's Submetering Pilot Program (registration for phase 1 is closed) Interesting program and if adopted can benefit us all in the future. Here is some information: Electric Vehicle Submetering Pilot | PG&E Electric Motor Werks, Inc. - JuiceBoxâ„¢ PEV Pilot Offer -...
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    Ticket While Using AUTO-PILOT " Failure To Stay In Lane" "Reckless"

    all incorrect! an office does not have to cite a person just because he pulls you over.
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    So do you leave a note for an ICEd charging spot?

    I don't see how lifting a windshield wiper to place a note under it qualifies for vandalism. The definition of "vandalism" is: "action involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property." No deliberate destruction in placing a note under the wiper.
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    Proud Texan Tesla owner

    congrats on your new toy
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    Tesla Unplugged Body kit installed!

    I think it all looks great!!
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    Retrofitting NextGen Seats

    I also have front and back NG seats and don't notice that it's, "ugly on its back side. It does not sit flush and you can see metal supports from the behind and a large gap". Like sandpiper said, "They certainly don't lay quite as flat as the prior seats but that doesn't bother me. I still...
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    A 10 minute Survey of Tesla Model S Owners

    I tried completing your survey but it requires an answer to, "Which of the following best describes your household’s total annual income before taxes? (Select one) *" I never disclose financial data, you should have a option to not answer.
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    Best tire dressing

    my vote is for CarPro PERL
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    Loaner car experience at various Bay Area SCs?

    I went to the Fremont SC in early October 2015 and was given a P85D loaner
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    Demonstration of Garage Self Parking

    I second that!!
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    New red P90D in Frisco area (Dallas, TX)

    looks great.....what do you think of the power compared to your previous cars??
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    Do you let your Tesla service center wash your car?

    The detailer I use and did my XPel told me NOT to have Tesla wash my car when it's in for service....I take his advise...
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    Hail Damage Repair Wyoming?

    I can't help you with a repair shop but I feel you pain...22 dents, unbelievable. Good luck with the repair.
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    P85D motor hp controversy starts also to show in U.S. media

    you're missing the whole point.....Tesla advertises the P85D has X, I purchased the vehicle based on Tesla's representation but the vehicle only produces Y. This has nothing to do with, "cars is that they poison life on Earth and dangerously" or "criminally warm the atmosphere"
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    P85D Ludicrous Pre-Order Upgrade Available 9/25/15

    I have the 4G coming next week and now the Ludicrous upgrade in 4Q....it gets better and better!!
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    Best way to dust between washes

    if you like CarPro products and Reload then you probably would like CarPro Ultima Waterless Wash Plus Ultima Waterless Wash Concentrate 16 oz. Bundle w/Bottle and Sprayer - www.CarPro-US.com
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    2015 Tesla Model S 85D - No Longer Available

    I don't understand, the OP puts his car for sale and names a price. Then Forum Members tell him his new car is not worth what he's asking and rip him up. If your not interested in the car move on, why do you have to crap on his thread. Good luck on your sale swillett06!!
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    Blacking out the chrome trim: A trial of various options

    very nice, wonder how long it will hold up
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    Best way to dust between washes

    I alternate between a California car duster and Griots Speed Shine...both work great
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    Anyone with Lloyd Luxe mats in a recent MS?

    I also have Lloyd Luxe Mats. I placed the mats in and ended up not using the hooks, they stay in place just fine.
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    To Pano or Not To Pano?

    couldn't have said it better

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