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  1. Father Bill

    Supercharger - Paducah, Kentucky

    Aargh, My most recent trip to Florida used the Miner to Matthews Nissan to Nashville Bridge going and used the Lexington to Louisville to Indy bridge on the way back (Nervous Riders wanted a bit more range security and creature comforts than I normally travel with). I had a feeling Kuttawa was...
  2. Father Bill

    Supercharger - Terre Haute, IN

    I am charging at it right now. I was scheduled by the trip planner to stop at Effingham but wanted to check this one out. Managed to pick up something I needed at Meijers so the excursion was worth it. I am charging enough here so I can go straight home, I won't stop in Effingham now. Peace...
  3. Father Bill

    New update for IOS Tesla App (v 2.7.2)

    For automation check out EVmote. I use it and its IFTT integration to automate events based on my calendar and schedule. (IFTT=If This Then That) Peace, Father Bill
  4. Father Bill

    SpaceX Falcon 9 FT launch - SES 9 - SLC-40

    I was there last night just 3.4 miles from the launch site.... Now I am sitting at the airport to return home... oh well, at least I will get to see the webcast. Maybe someday I will get to see one in person :smile:. Peace, Father Bill Here is a picture from the LC-39 Launch Observation Gantry
  5. Father Bill

    Spotify in the United States

    A blogger on cleantechnica took a screen shot of a couple of service screens while a ranger was doing a repair at his house. In one of the screens it had a Spotify test app. Maybe it will be coming to US soon... Peace, Father Bill
  6. Father Bill

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    MC Red 2013 MS... From MS Gundam... get it "MS"... "The Red Comet". Peace, Father Bill
  7. Father Bill

    Lost J1772 adapter. Anybody selling?

    I have a spare PM me. Looking for $55 plus shipping. Peace, Father Bill
  8. Father Bill

    Winter Storm Nick Jonas - What if your Model S was on one of the closed roads?

    I carry with me the following articles just in case of an extended stay in the MS due to inclement weather AAA Roadside Emergency Kit w/ Compact Shovel ($42.89 Amazon) 12 Volt Electric Blanket ($21.45 Amazon) Having been stuck a couple of times in an ICE these seemed a good idea then. Even...
  9. Father Bill

    BMW i3 with electric plates

    The I3 comes in both BEV and Rex Electric. I am not sure if the Rex gets the EL plate but the BEV(Battery Electric Vehicle) version is absolutely eligible for the EL plate. Peace, Father Bill
  10. Father Bill

    New Aftermarket Spoiler Install Advice?

    I used the double sided tape for the initial install. It looked pretty good but the left corner was up just a bit letting water under the spoiler and negatively affecting my sense of aesthetics. I read that someone had used silicone sealant to supplement the tape and got this from amazon. I used...
  11. Father Bill

    I love electric car so much, But how it comes without a center console

    At this site it shows a number of different options for a Center Console storage solution. You might find something in your price range and aesthetic standards. There is another one I think I found here at TMC, If I find it I will post back here. Just for full disclosure I am very happy with the...
  12. Father Bill

    EVmote App

    Hi, If this has already been adressed please ignore. I have scanned the thread but haven't seen anything about putting a label on each trip. I hope to use this for Work Mileage and having a field that I can fill in for each trip would be very useful. I can always do that with the .csv but having...
  13. Father Bill

    Unloading of First Model X in Saint Louis, MO

    I happened to be at the Saint Louis SC yesterday for some warranty work when a delivery truck came in. I went out to see what new vehicles would be coming in. It just so happened that the first one off the truck was a Signature Red Model X. I snagged about a minute of it coming off the truck...
  14. Father Bill

    Weird Bluetooth Issues....

    Do you have a smartwatch? I used to have a pebble and it's Bluetooth would interfere with my iPhone's connection with the car. It exhibited almost exactly the same behavior that you are describing. Once I sent back the pebble and switched to another smartwatch the intermittent Bluetooth issues...
  15. Father Bill

    Evannex CCI front console

    The Phone caddy will fit the 6 plus easily if inserted vertically oriented. I don't use the caddy in that way (it is the place I stash pocket change) but I am certain the 6 plus will fit. I actually mount my 6 plus with a different system extending off the central stack. I love my CCI and...
  16. Father Bill

    Triple Upgrade -- One Happy Camper

    It cast me $1000 for the TPMS upgrade.
  17. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    +1 Peace, Father Bill
  18. Father Bill

    Painting brakes what color?

    I really think that I will go with Red if I do it, you can never have to much red...:cool: Peace, Father Bill
  19. Father Bill

    Painting brakes what color?

    Where would one go to have their calipers painted? Also does the lettering look like Tesla's, is there some template out there they can use? Also how long would it take? This thread gets me thinking that painting the calipers may be my next upgrade to my MS. Thanks in advance! Peace, Father Bill
  20. Father Bill

    I-44 Superchargers in Missouri-maybe talked to the right person finally

    Where did you find info on the new SC? Thanks for any info! Peace, Father Bill
  21. Father Bill

    Should I or should I not cover my car with XPel Clear Bra?

    I live in a semi rural part of southern IL. The first couple of weeks that I owned my MS it got a whole bunch of gravel dings on the paint. The first time I went to wash the car I was more than a little bit distressed. I called the Service Center and acquired MC Red touch up paint and then Clear...
  22. Father Bill

    Interior Cleaning

    Huh? Nope, eyes are just fine (minus the astigmatism).
  23. Father Bill

    Interior Cleaning

    Hi, I got some suggestions from this site about what to touch up the interior with. 1. http://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B000AMLWH8?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_search_detailpage (Meguiar's Quik Interior Detailer) 2...
  24. Father Bill

    Charging in Champaign, IL?

    I look forward to hearing your success!:)
  25. Father Bill

    LTE upgrade is on the way

    Yep, I went from 5 bars in town down to 3. That being said the service seems to be working the same. Peace, Father Bill
  26. Father Bill

    Charging interrupted, restarts after update to 6.2 (v2.5.21)

    I just started getting this behavior yesterday. It first happened when I was charging at 80 Amps. I got the message Charging Interrupted at X time, 89% charge. Charging Completed at X time, 90% charge. The second time was last night after I got home. Charging was set at 32 Amps. The behavior was...
  27. Father Bill

    Fobo Tire Pressure monitor for smart phones

    The TPMS system app in V7.0 will only work in Tesla's with the Continental TPMS sensors. These went into cars about the same time as the Autopilot sensors (VIN 55000 or so). Classic MS can have the Conti TPMS sensors retrofitted at the cost of $1000. You can find more info on that here...
  28. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    Refer them to this thread. They should find the parts list and figure out what needs to happen from there. Peace, Father Bill
  29. Father Bill

    Tsportline nose cone thoughts

    I much prefer the stock nose, yes it is simple but it also sets the car apart.
  30. Father Bill

    How much has your Model S cost you out of warranty?

    Huh? Where from, when and why not me... :crying: Just curious :tongue: Peace, Father Bill
  31. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    My Super SA Cameron, St. Louis SC called his regional engineering contact. After that conversation he called me and let me know that the retrofit would work and that it would cost $1000. I can only assume that there may be some SC that don't want to go through the process and are blaming "The...
  32. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    $1000 + tax, I also had the 2 year service done at the same time so I am not sure what the taxes were but somewhere in that range. Peace, Father Bill
  33. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    Well, just got my car back from the SC. I went ahead and did the upgrade and... I now have a classic S85 with TPMS monitoring. If you want it you can get it! I am not sure it is worth the money, but YOLO :biggrin:! Peace, Father Bill
  34. Father Bill

    WISN missing from TuneIn

    It is entirely possible that WISN does not have a tunein channel. I thought terrestrial radio stations have to create a feed for tunein. I could be wrong but that is my understanding. Peace, Father Bill
  35. Father Bill

    Woman and child saved by the Model S in a landslide

    Well, as I see it the safety glass of the windshield held up, and I have to imagine that the Pano is made of the same material. Also there is steel (aluminum?) reinforcement at the front and middle and rear panels of the Pano roof. I suspect that would have offered the same protection as the...
  36. Father Bill

    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    On the trip home tonight with similar conditions to the morning I used 5% of the battery. Not sure if it means anything but that is 2% better from previous trips home. Father Bill
  37. Father Bill

    How do you charge at home? HPWC or UMC?

    I have an HPWC on a 100 amp circuit in my garage, and in my belt and suspenders method I also have a 14-30 outlet for the UMC if the HPWC doesn't work. Peace, Father Bill
  38. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    [/FONT] My DU replacement does not match what that post lists. I am not sure if the 00-K is a later DU than the 00-P DU I have now. On the face of it I am not sure a retrofit is possible. Peace, Father Bill
  39. Father Bill

    Better range after 7.0 upgrade?

    I never really paid attention to per trip Wh/M before v7.0 but I did track battery %. Prior to the update I would use about 6% on my way(downhill) to work and 7-8% on the way home. Today I paid attention to my trip in and it was at 5%. I will monitor the trip home and post my results here. The...
  40. Father Bill

    Paducah is off for 2015

    I had a feeling it was going to get delayed... I go to Florida a couple of times a year. I did it following the SC route St. Louis, Indianapolis, Lexington, Knoxville etc. and would not like to do it again, added way to many miles and to much time as well. So much so, for my December trip, I...
  41. Father Bill

    Hold me!

    I have had mine for just over 5 months and it has had to overnight at the SC 3 times. The first was to repair issues that occurred prior to delivery (mine is a CPO). The second time to work out issues with the AC(low level of refrigerant) and replacing the Drive Unit proactively. The third time...
  42. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Personally when I take a long trip I plug in the route using the GPS. Then I use the energy tab / trip monitor. This way I can get the projected surplus/deficit battery left at the end of the journey. I find that this projection has been very accurate. I like the way it constantly updates along...
  43. Father Bill

    WANTED : SAE J1772 adapter. Thank you

    I have the model s adapter, if you are nterested please pm me. Peace, Father Bill
  44. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    Well, I just got back from my SC and set an appointment for next Tuesday to do the retrofit. It is gonna cost me around 1200 after tax for 5 tires (I carry a spare in my frunk). I will let you know after that if it works. The Engineering folks at TMC said it will, so I will be the SC's guinea...
  45. Father Bill

    Service TPMS

    I had the Service TPMS alert as well, I rebooted the Dash Screen and it went away. Not sure if you tried that Saber, but that's what I did. Peace, Father Bill
  46. Father Bill

    TPMS display in V7.0 with older sensors?

    Hi all, I talked with my SC and they said they are working on a retrofit that will give the TPMS dash widget info. They are working now with engineering to verify that the retrofit will work. The catch, $1000 for parts and installation. The service adviser stated there were 8 parts that need to...
  47. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Here are my first thoughts on V7.0. I just finished a drive to a weekly meeting I have about 50 miles from home. The new UI was better than I thought. I do miss the old trip counter with trip a and b on the dash. The little car on the dash is not as distracting as I thought. One thing about it...
  48. Father Bill

    Which center console, Tesla or EVAnnex?

    I love my CCI by Evannex. It is wrapped in Carbon Fiber, has the storage I need, and a very usable cup holder. Just from what I have read it seems a better value and of more utility and mobility(can be easily user removed to be used in a new car). Just my 2 cents, YMMV. Peace, Father Bill
  49. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Got 2.7.56 installed about 11:30 last night. I will take her for a first V7.0 ride this AM. I am sorry to hear that Alysashley79 did not get the TPMS dash widget :crying:. I am still going to drop by my SC today and see if an upgrade is possible. As far as usability I won't really know until I...
  50. Father Bill

    Firmware 7.0 - For Classic Model S

    Alysashley79, did you check to see if you had the TPMS dash widget? Thanks for any info. I have an email into my SC to get info on a TPMS upgrade but your experience may give me better guidance. Peace, Father Bill

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