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  1. HaroldC

    Tesla Body Work / Paint in Westchester, NY

    Gabriel SportsCar in Yonkers. I have had great experiences with Frank and he was one of the first certified Tesla body shops in the area.
  2. HaroldC

    Separate wheels or seasonal tire swap?

    I would second this. Every time you mount and dismount tires, you are risking damage to the rims. Even the most experienced mechanic will slip up on the steel pry bar and mar the finish on the rim. It only takes less than half and hour to perform the swap and that's without power tools and just...
  3. HaroldC

    Should I get PPF on my new midnight silver Model 3?

    I had the front clip and rockers wrapped in PPF. Like you, I live in the northeast and they use a liberal amount of salt in the winter on the roads. Every car I have had, has been riddled with chips in the paint from the salt, not rocks or other debris. It gives me peace of mind when driving...
  4. HaroldC

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Awesome! Any issues? I've got a set of SeaSuckers and am afraid of using them. There are a few horror stories of cracking roofs.....
  5. HaroldC

    Driving in Mendocino, Gualala to ukiah charging help

    You should be able to make both of those. It really depends on where your final destination is. The route to Ukiah is all downhill for the second part of the trip, so you would regen all the way down. I‘ve done the Ukiah to Mendocino round trip on an LR without any issues.
  6. HaroldC

    Euro taillights

    Interested if they are direct plug and play.
  7. HaroldC

    MASTER THREAD: Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Range Tips - Tesla Directly from Tesla: Maintain a regular, every-day charging routine using a low-voltage charger. It’s best to rely on high-voltage charging (i.e. Supercharging) only when necessary. Whenever possible, don’t let the battery go above 90% or below 20%.
  8. HaroldC

    Torn Between Dual Motor LR and Performance [resolved]

    OP - Good decision. I had the same dilemma and originally ordered a LR and then switched to the P. Like you, I am coming from years of BMW ownership (E46 M3, E60 M5 and E90 M3 - all manuals). I knew I would always regret not getting the P and am so glad I did. The performance of the P is truly...
  9. HaroldC

    BMW / Merc / VW alloys [rims] on M3?

    There's nothing inherently incorrect or technically flawed about using wheels with ring adapters. BBS forges centers in specific bolt patterns but uses ring adapters to fit the wheels to specific car model. I have never heard of an issue with any wheel that used a ring adapter to fit the wheel...
  10. HaroldC

    FS: Vorsteiner VFF 107 wheels w/ Michelin Pilot 4S tires

    Pics of the damage to the rear wheels?
  11. HaroldC

    New M3P feels slow

    Wow! Thanks @JulienW for that data. I didn’t think the power would make such a dramatic falloff, even at high SOCs.
  12. HaroldC

    Roof rack with PPF

    Thank you for the answer I was looking for. I’d like to carry my bike but sounds like people have had problems with cracking the glass with the roof rack installed, even if it’s installed properly.
  13. HaroldC

    Roof rack with PPF

    Also interested in this question. Like Ofarlig, I have PPF on the metal roof panel. I would also worry that the pads of the rack would also deform and stretch the PPF.
  14. HaroldC

    Tire Totes M3 Alternatives?

    I’ve been using those tire totes for years and they’re great.
  15. HaroldC

    Tire Totes M3 Alternatives?

    There are plenty of them on Amazon. Tire Totes Wheel Felt
  16. HaroldC

    Any Model 3 Performance Package Owners Switch from 20" Wheels to 19"?

    I did...... for my snow tires. The ride is definitely "squishier" with the snows compared to the PS4S and most of that is from the taller and softer tread blocks. Still running them at 42 psi. I plan on running 20s when not on the winter setup. Might splurge and get some forged wheels, but...
  17. HaroldC

    Why is insurance so high?!?

    I switched from Geico to State Farm because of the exact same reason. Call the local agent and get a quote. I’ve got both my homeowners and auto insurance bundled together. State Farm not only matched my coverage, but was cheaper too!
  18. HaroldC

    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

  19. HaroldC

    Insurance Tripled after adding Tesla

    Similar experience with Geico here. They wanted to triple my monthly. Shopped around and I got great quotes from Progressive and State Farm. Went with State Farm on the recommendation of my preferred body shop.
  20. HaroldC

    Auto dimming mirrors

    Unfortunately, my Aug build does not have them. It seems as though it was reintroduced sometime in late Aug.
  21. HaroldC

    Prepping for the colder months – New Comers...

    That's a great idea. Going to use this!
  22. HaroldC

    Lowering the Model 3

    That stance looks great. Any rub on front or rears with the spacers and drop?
  23. HaroldC

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Took delivery last Wednesday and just had PPF installed.
  24. HaroldC

    Repainting vs replacing front bumper

    Unfortunately, it sounds like the bodyshop is trying to up sell you the more expensive repair to make more profit for themselves. Based on your photo, it looks like the damage is just to the paint and not the actual bumper. That's an easy respray job that is only going to add a 4-5 mils...
  25. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Congrats! Same configuration as me.......and that blows that theory out of the water. Not linked to white interior.
  26. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Congrats! I wonder if my car even has the wiring for the auto-dimming side mirrors.... not holding my breath for it.
  27. HaroldC

    Taking delivery in a week, best insurance company?

    Like many here, I was insured with Geico. I've been a long time customer (11 yrs) and bundled both homeowners and auto insurance with them. Then, when I was about to take delivery of the M3P, they increased my rate over $1000 for 6-months! No reason, super clean driving record. I spoke with...
  28. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Michael - Are you also picking up at Mt. Kisco?
  29. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Doesn’t look like I have auto-dim side mirrors. Don’t know production date, but it’s sometime in late Aug. Black interior and no FSD here, wonder what the magical order is to get them?
  30. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Mine didn't show up until after I took delivery. The SA needs to change something on their end to specify ownership.
  31. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Thanks! Saturday is just around the corner. Good luck!!
  32. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Thank you! It was an amazing drive home!
  33. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Delivery is tonight at 5pm. Very excited and fingers crossed that there is nothing wrong with the car...
  34. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Received a text that the car is on its way to the pickup location and scheduled delivery for Wed, Sept 16.
  35. HaroldC

    Performance Waiting Room

    Originally ordered a LR M3 7/30 and changed my order to a M3P 8/24. Got a text yesterday saying my car is 2-4 weeks from delivery. Should have just ordered the Performance initially....

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