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  1. Jmp123

    2022 MXP White on white for sale

    Sadly yes
  2. Jmp123

    Preselling 2022 MYP Uberturbines Boston, MA

    What are you putting on instead?
  3. Jmp123

    21” Uberturbine Wheels With OEM Pirelli Pzero Tires - Mint condition

    Looks good together. I was at a volleyball tournament a few weeks back and there was a guy charging next to me that had these same wheels. His MY was blue but hard to even tell with all the snow and salt we had in the area that day.
  4. Jmp123

    At Home Charging costs vs. Superchargers

    Really? Where are you located?
  5. Jmp123

    2022 Model Y Reservation White on black

    done deal yet?
  6. Jmp123

    FS: 2021 (refresh) Model S Long Range $93k

    Seems like a solid deal. Congrats!
  7. Jmp123

    21” Uberturbine Wheels With OEM Pirelli Pzero Tires - Mint condition

    Out of curiosity what are all of you guys putting on your MYP as replacement wheels?
  8. Jmp123

    Employee-owned MX P90DL Debating Selling

    What do you tow?
  9. Jmp123

    P85D for sale: $49,000

    Pics? Any warranty?
  10. Jmp123

    Model X,Y,3 and CT Reservations

    That's an amazing perk in NJ. I think a couple other states as well.
  11. Jmp123

    Tesla Belt Buckles

    And my buckle shipped 😁. Should be here early next week.
  12. Jmp123

    Tesla Belt Buckles

    These ones on eBay must be from the folks at the plant. I believe they were passed out at giga Texas. I ordered one from Tesla but it's not arrived yet and no confirmation of shipping as of yet either.
  13. Jmp123

    Model X,Y,3 and CT Reservations

    Imo it's best to sell the reservations at a price you are comfortable with. I think people underestimate the cost and pain of taking delivery, taxes, and selling the car. There is an inherent risk, but potentially more upside in doing so. But selling a reservation is cash in hand, no hassle, you...
  14. Jmp123

    FS: 2020 Model Y Performance w/FSD Midnight Silver Metallic w/white interior 17k miles

    Nice car, sadly I can't do white interior. GLWS!
  15. Jmp123

    Selling Y LR FSD 7 seat, silver / white 20’ wheels

    What's the interior color? Assuming this vehicle is in California? Miles?
  16. Jmp123

    Looking to buy a MY or MX reservation

    I am looking to buy a reservation for preferably a MY, MX, or even a MS. I want to get a reservation so I can trade my current car (Honda Clarity) to Tesla. This purchase would be for me as my personal car, not some kind of flip. If you are interested in working a deal and doing the transfer...
  17. Jmp123

    Tesla Model X - Sell my reservation - I have a VIN Assigned

    Hell someone is either rich enough or crazy enough 😎
  18. Jmp123

    Potential tax credit impact on prices

    Tesla will raise the price commensurate with the tax credit. They lowered prices when the tax credit went away, expect the opposite when/if a new credit passes. Anyone who thinks Elon is just going to pass that money to the consumer is smoking something.
  19. Jmp123

    FS: 2020 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD

    I am a little ignorant to the details of wraps. But is the ceramic coat for this vehicle on the factory paint? Or has the ceramic coat been applied to the wrap? Wasn't sure I understood based on the original post.
  20. Jmp123

    EAP to FSD upgrade down to $5,000 again

    Is EAP still available for MY? Or is it only AP or FSD at this point?
  21. Jmp123

    Y test drives in Pittsburgh

    Just got back from the Tesla store. Process was super easy, all the normal test drive paperwork (typically done in store on a tablet) was done online ahead of time. When I arrived, I called the employee and he met me out front at the Y. Vehicle was fully cleaned and I saw the process after my...
  22. Jmp123

    Y test drives in Pittsburgh

    Tomorrow (Tuesday) I'm scheduled to test drive.
  23. Jmp123

    2020 Model Y PUP - 450 miles - Deep Blue

    This is the new high water mark. But I'm still waiting for six digits!!
  24. Jmp123

    Y test drives in Pittsburgh

    Will let you know what I find.
  25. Jmp123

    Looking to buy a new or used Y

    There was one in Eastern PA on cargurus but seems to be gone now. I'm going to the Pittsburgh store Tuesday for a Y test drive and I've heard from others that there has been a few cancelled order deliveries coming available. I'd get in contact with a Tesla associate who can keep a look out for you.
  26. Jmp123

    Tesla Model 3 AWD Long Range for sale -46k

    Solid deal. GLWS!
  27. Jmp123

    Y test drives in Pittsburgh

    Got a txt today from my local tesla associate letting me know they have a Model Y in for test drives at the Pittsburgh-Wexford store. I've scheduled a test drive for Tuesday. Didn't get the details on performance vs long range but will find out Tuesday. Anyone interested should check it out.
  28. Jmp123

    2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance

    Congrats! Great car!
  29. Jmp123

    2019 Performance Model 3

  30. Jmp123

    2019 Performance Model 3

  31. Jmp123

    2020 Model 3 Performance w/PUP (P3D+) 58-61k w/Options

    Great ride. Little too far for me.
  32. Jmp123

    Tesla P90DL with Ludicrous

    Is this a 2016? AP1?
  33. Jmp123

    Selling Model S P90DL for $72k - OBO Low Miles

    You may want to look at the similar models tesla has for sale now as CPO some even with less miles. Market is a bit brutal right now. GLWS
  34. Jmp123

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Sadly I'm in agreement. If not for the virus this would be a very different scenario.
  35. Jmp123

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Auction just ended at $68.1k. Reserve not met :(
  36. Jmp123

    2019 Performance Model 3

    You might want to include a couple pictures of the car. Is this a sleeper or a full performance package?
  37. Jmp123

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Also buy it now price dropped a few thousand.
  38. Jmp123

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Looks like it's a new auction at a higher starting price. Note the number of bids and time remaining.
  39. Jmp123

    Selling Tesla Model Y

    Feels like part of the charm of TMC. I've received some really good advice/help from the community. I've also seen the underbelly in some instances. It's one thing to help police pricing of used teslas. Sometimes it's a misinformed seller (Lifetime supercharging, AP version, etc...). But...
  40. Jmp123

    WTB Model 3 LR White/Black Int. Help.

    Well you are 100% right about the off base pricing in the used car market. It's silly and of course non of the Used dealers understand the features. Sadly this is also driven by uninformed buyers as well. My Advice, take your time and shop around.
  41. Jmp123

    WTB Model 3 LR White/Black Int. Help.

    Little over your price but tesla has a bunch of new inventory hanging around all over the country 2020 Model 3 | Tesla Check out ev-cpo.com for full listings
  42. Jmp123

    I'm in the minority, I like the 19" naked Gemini wheels better

    I'm not a fan of any of the model Y wheels to be honest. I'm sure that will change a bit when I see them in person. I'm planning to get a White or Gray and i think a darker aftermarket wheel is where I'll land.
  43. Jmp123

    Model Y Video Review with Measurements

    Thanks for the posting I'll check that out. Would definitely address my concern!
  44. Jmp123

    Getting in and out

    For me it's the clearance for my knees and legs. Height would be nice. But I need just a little more clearance between the seat and wheel. I always knock into the wheel on the 3.
  45. Jmp123

    Model Y Video Review with Measurements

    Me too!!! That's the one thing I'm trying to understand. I like the Model 3 but it's a little cramped for me (legs hit the wheel getting in and out). I'm hoping Model Y gives just a bit more space. I'll be a buyer for sure.
  46. Jmp123

    2017 100D S

    So what's the asking price?

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